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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
21 Jun 2001 suicidegentleman sauter d'une falaise en sautant a la corde
19 Jun 2001 Moore-Bid The best way to kill yourself when you are under 13 is to go to a laundry mat, crawl into a heavy duty washing machine and tape a note and some quarters to the door asking for someone to please deposit coins for wash. Make sure you remind them to shut the door tight and to add fabric softner during the second rinse. Now you will be dead and squeaky clean.
04 Jun 2001 Velvet Live until you get into high school. Then, let the teachers, cool kids, your parents, and the guidance counselors slowly kill your soul. As you get horrible grades and your parents keep on harrassing you about how you are "ruining your future," you will be alive, but not actually living. Pretty soon, you'll go insane and shove hot burning coals into your eyes at Christmas.

Another way you could die would be to work yourself to death. Never have fun, just work, work, work, work, etc.

Finally, (this is my favorite way) you could walk into school one day, get on the intercom and request that everybody come to the auditorium, proceed to tell everybody that they suck, and then shove two sharpened number two pencils up your nostrils. They must be number two or else it won't work right.
27 May 2001 hell's devil get a lollipop and swallow it. it's not your fault cause your parents are letting you have candy. :) also why you're brushing your teeth swallow the toothpaste and toothbrush. it's not really a suicide cause you wouldn't have done it if your parents didn't make you brush your teeth! :)
07 Apr 2001 jorgen eating your toy train might be a good start
07 Apr 2001 todd eat barbie dolls untill you choke
12 Feb 2001 bodrell spicer the kit contains a bracelet made of razor blades, which you can secure on your wrist and spin it around, so make a nice clean cut all the way around. Or the blade could be spun with a motor.
08 Feb 2001 Twist of Faith Get yourself a Knife and have your friend jump on your back and slit your throat ear to ear then stick a CO2 cartridge in your sternum then stick little bars or soap down your throat so that when they pop you head back a bar of soap comes out. HUMAN PEZ DISPENSER
05 Jan 2001 melo jouer à cache-cache avec son petit frère et se cacher dans le lave-linge (si on est pas trop gros), attendre qu'il arrive, comme il est petit, il ne sait pas ouvrir la machine à laver alors il appuie sur le bouton qui la met en marche, si les parents ne sont pas là il y a des chances de succès.
08 Dec 2000 Jay Fill your pockets with candy and jump off of a building... that way not only do you die, but the kids at the bottom get a nice little treat.
24 Nov 2000 gm9 Are the ways are supposed to be different for a 13 years old? But maybe you could commit suicide in a Toys-R-us, by a bloody way, like making a deep cut in your neck from one ear to the other with a razorblade (or a very sharp knife). With this way, they would speak of you on CNN.
22 Nov 2000 hasbro well..i would try toys. they all seem to be pretty deadly. you could ride one of those hip new scooters around for a while until you hit a curb making the scooter spark which ignites your pants. .. maybe you could buy a nintendo and have a fatal seizure.
if i were you... i would buy all the legos i could afford, get some strong glue, and build a fortress around yourself. then you can starve to death, or , if you built it really well, you can suffocate. in the end you also have a nifty mausoleum. have a happy suicide!!
19 Nov 2000 Melody Lovejoy With the Christmas season arriving, you could create a memorable holiday by hanging yourself from the tree. Maybe tie a card around your wrist, and hang mistletoe from your mouth? Your mom won't forget this one!
17 Nov 2000 nitesurf Put a plastic bag over your head & tell your little brother that you want to show him the greatest magic trick. Then tell him to wrap your head in duct tape. Tell him to keep wrapping no matter how silly you act. Tell him to leave you in his closet for an hour & then get your parents to see his cool trick! Have a great life, Kiddo!
17 Nov 2000 Focht Why not put on a nice white summer dress with a nice white wide brimmed hat in July, then jump out in front of a speeding ice cream truck? Just think how of the contrast of red blood and white tattered dress? The bright blood of innocents and the innocence represented by the white of the dress so crudely torn and voilated will make a bold statement. And do it in in front of people, that will make it extra tragic because you can scar them for life as well.
Try to make every day an interesting one
06 Nov 2000 mercredi décide de faire absolument ce que tu veux et n'écoute personne. Cours avec des ciseaux. Met plein de trucs dans ton nez, des crayons, des punaises, et aussi dans les prises électriques. Garde toujours un sac en plastoc sur la tête. Fais-toi des super flashs, fume la moquette, des bouts de plastique, gargarise-toi à l'ajax, ne regarde plus jamais avant de traverser la route, dors toute nue dans le jardin au mois de décembre, essaie de sauter de toît en toît comme dans Matrix...
Mais j'éviterais le flingue, on se rate trop souvent. Les médics pareil, sauf si tu prends 20 extas, alors là ça peut aller. Le cutter c'est bien, mais coupe pas les veines dans la largeur si tu veux pas que ça se referme. Et en fait je trouve ça assez dégueu. Préfère tous les trucs qu'on t'interdit quand t'es gosse. Réfléchis avant de faire des conneries, quand on se marre bien, la vie c'est quand même cool...
03 Nov 2000 éléonore Un étouffage à l'aide d'une grosse peluche. Il suffit d'ouvrir la peluche à l'aide d'un cutter de glisser sa tête dedans et d'attendre.
16 Oct 2000 Urotsukidoji Well I think the best way to go when your under the age of 13 would have to be the electric chair. Why? Well, because who else under the age of 13 has been in the chair? See, you would be the coolest cat on the block all strapped down and ready to go to the spirit in the sky. I think if this is included in maybe a deluxe kit, it would sell.
01 Oct 2000 Candice Since one of 13 is still in school, one way is soak yourself with water with the emergency shower in the science room or just the tap located in that same room, find a high voltage socket, which can be found in science rooms, stick copper wires into it and bam! you are now an amazing conductor of electricity and now, consequently, fried to death. There are more clever ways however. Little kids like apples, and apple seeds contain cyanide. Why not spend your time attaining about 2 cups of apple seeds, ground them up, ingest them and wait until the sweet poision kills you? oh, I have many ideas.
08 Aug 2000 Crista Hang yourself from a swingset.

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