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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
28 Apr 2002 Ildiko Sera I would kill myself, if I would be under 13, through picking the needles of my mother into my eyes&heart. So I think, some sewing tools could fit into your box.
25 Apr 2002 Heather To take a knife and carve pretty little designs in your skin then, as you cut go deeper and deeper until the last petal on the flower means the last of you.
20 Apr 2002 Dumb_AND_Dumber run up to a bee hive or even a wasp nest then scream BLA BLA BLA and then start to kick, punch or even eat the nest/hive. If the bee's are poisonous to u well that is even better, they will sting u to death and u will look like a pin cushion
18 Apr 2002 p. premièrement-avalez 5 billes de plomb de 3 kilos chacune enduites de cyanure
deuxièment-sauter du 15ème étages d'un immeuble dans une piscine avec un sechoir électrique dans chaque main.
11 Apr 2002 CircusClown Sit on an elephant's stool at a circus and wait for the trick where the elephant sits down, then you'll be stuck up its ass where a stupid fuck belongs.
10 Apr 2002 Noelle Eat those little packets of that grainy stuff that comes with various things that says "Do not ingest"
02 Apr 2002 scott drink the medecine you use on your zits
31 Mar 2002 Nick put yerself in tha microwave and put it on....
18 Mar 2002 cyrielle vexenat avaler son nounours et s'etouffer
18 Mar 2002 GaëtaN, Jenny, Thomas se suicider avec un yaourt périmé ou encore se jeter sous une tondeuse à gazon
10 Mar 2002 ben Choke on some Play-doh
08 Mar 2002 Masterpiece first, tattoo the words 'Let Me Rot Where I Die, This Is All I Ask' Fill a large garbage can with superglue and climb on the roof of a large, and popular museum full of rich snobby christians. Locate the glass top (there is always one, accept it) coat yourself with the superglue and jump through the glass. You will fall and stick to the ground, probably horrifying a ton of people... and will stay there, perfectly preserved for all to see. (be sure to land on something expensive, ex. hope diamond, mona lisa, etc) You will freak out a bunch of people in the process, plus have a really neat exibit made out of your superglue-statue, and probably dubbed an amazing artist. Too bad you won't get to have all that money they make off of you. you will become quite an exhibit...
03 Mar 2002 Sob Hang yourself with a yo yo. Play cowboys and indians with real guns. And take a death leap off the monkey bars.
01 Mar 2002 greg eat lots and lots of candy till your teeth rot out then, refuse to eat anything but potatoes (mashed) and drink only coca-cola.
26 Feb 2002 latatia a nutella overdose looking at britney's tour and dreaming about prince William
25 Feb 2002 Yashiro The best way to kill yourself when you're under 13 is to eat something delicious and toxic. Why don't you try to put a poisoned chocolate chip cookie on your suicide kit?
22 Feb 2002 Misskathyx Pour les moins de 13 ans, je conseille le bain chaud car les enfants aiment bien prendre des bains chauds, puis de cette manière ce n'est pas très douloureux et puis c'est amusant de se baigner dans de l'eau colorée en rouge... il suffit de te faire couler un bon bain très chaud, puis tu prends une lame de rasoir à ton papa, tu t'ouvres les veines des deux bras... attention ! tu ne te coupes pas dans les sens de la largeur, c'est pas pour des vrais suicides, de cette manière ça foire une fois sur deux, tu ouvres ton bras dans le sens de la longueur, comme ça tu saignes beaucoup plus... deux trois ouverture de 10 cm de long sur chaque bras et tu plonge ceux-ci dans l'eau chaude, avec la chaleur les veines vont se dilater, les blessures aussi et le sang sortira beaucoup plus vite de tes veines, et tu te sentiras partir lentement, en douceur... en plus, l'avantage du bain, c'est que si l'on te retrouve avant que tu aies perdu trop de sang, il y a des chances que tu te soit quand même évanouie avant et donc noyée... voilà, bonne chance... bisette petite...
20 Feb 2002 R. Rodabaugh Suvorov Ask your mother for a postpartum abortion.
18 Feb 2002 Bick Make a giant sling shot out of your dad's bras (yes you heard me correctly) and fire yourself out the window onto the pavement. If it doesn't work the first time, you'll be forced to try it again because it's so damn fun.
12 Feb 2002 emy falling down from your kitchen window with a multicolor open umbrella in your hand.

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