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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
23 Jul 2002 jack meoff it will be fun and entertaining for your friends. first take some gas and a lighter. pour the gas on you and light it up and if u can drink some and light a match in your mouth.
22 Jul 2002 Amethyst Go to school, sharpen up 2 pencils really sharp and go back to your desk stick them up your nose and slam the pencils on the desk, so the pencils go into your brain and puncture it:)
17 Jul 2002 SplitLip The best way to kill yourself when you're under thirteen would be to eat three tubes of toothpaste - and I'm not talking about trial size.
Or you could Roll around nude in the street at noon.
16 Jul 2002 Nurse Betty Use paper maché and wrap your head in it. Let it dry and suffocate. Make sure you leave no holes to breathe through. You might need a friend to help with the fun. Think of all the designs the friend can paint on your soon to be death mask?!
06 Jul 2002 Drew well, Q-tips miht be a fun way to go. Filling ones oesophagus with a handful might be slow, but fun. more entertaining way could be.........

Taking a fork with a grounded handle, and a long wire hanging from the end, opposite the points, you plug the wire into an electrical socket, and stab yourself in the heart, the shock would most likely stop your heart.

Flavoured bleach, plain and simple, include a bottle flavoured bleach that has a sweet flavor to it.

Walk out to the railroad tracks right when the 5:30 express train is coming and lay your head right on the track as it's comming. ::SNAP!:: Lights out.

the simple hair drier, and bath.

getting piss drunk and before sleeping take a whole other bottle and sleep on your back.

your dad's shotgun.

leaping in front of a speeding truck on the high way.

offer yourself to a stranger on the side of the road, they'll kill you, and you'll loose your virginity on the way out.

but me, I'd prefer playing russian roulette with a magnum 5-8 chamber

19 Jun 2002 katz sophocating in a giant burst bubblegum bubble
16 Jun 2002 Lisa AKA Sevin most definitely playing 'cowboys and indians' with daddy's shotgun... and if you're looking to do it on purpose... make it look like you were playing 'cowboys and indians' with daddy's shotgun...
12 Jun 2002 Michael V Take a bath and blow-dry your hair at the same time... eventually it's gonna slip out of your slippery small hands and end up giving you a happy ending... So it's a clean death and a very nice light show...
04 Jun 2002 Azul Sedante consume as much candy given to you by as many creepy old men you can. and always say thank you.
29 May 2002 jesus christ Take a big canvas place it in front of a wood chipper and jump in (head first for painless, but if you want the full experience feet first). Now the world can see perfect art. Or wait until you can buy a gun and: Write a piece of modern music entited "machine gun sonata" during the performance empty it all in the audience with one left for you.
27 May 2002 mayaspider arsenic is also a good choice. it would be much more humorous if you did it to yourself. just put some in the sugar jar and forget about. that way you don't have to worry about the guilt. you could also convince yourself that your mother is doing it and lock yourself up in an attic.
26 May 2002 S.A.D. eat all the pills you can find in your medicine cabinet while pretending they are candy.
22 May 2002 Keith Attain a bow used to play the violin. Replace the usual horsehair cord with an industrial grade steel cord. Then put some classical music on as you play along on your wrists
20 May 2002 mouchettelicker tub and/or kiddie pool; qwick drying cement; pepermint schnapps
20 May 2002 lucie de boutiny Take a Barbie, spread ketchup on the two inner sides of a burger and eat it slowly while watching TV advertisements for children.
20 May 2002 Avec modération alors... Je pense qu'il faut aller dans la forêt dans la maison des ours alors qu'il ne sont pas là avec une perruque de boucles blondes, manger dans leurs plats, dormir dans leurs lits, et attendre qu'ils reviennent. Après ils te donneront une télécommande pour changer de dimension et tu pourras alors marcher de biais avec Jean-Hugo le patron du grand baton. Du suicide? Jamais voyons, à part si on est atteint d'une maladie quelconque, dans ce cas c'est de l'euthanasie, mais ailleurs, jamais. Ca serait du gaspillage de sensations haha!
20 May 2002 Bobo Playing on the freeway.
17 May 2002 person the best way to kill yourself is to let mr. fork "meet" mrs. electrical socket
15 May 2002 Adam To go the George Washington bridge and pretend that your back pack, that you are wearing from school, is a parachute. Then leap off the the brige and pull the string when you hit the water.
14 May 2002 shit head02 1)climb to top of slide tie the swing rope around neck the go for a "Swing"

2)take a beer bottle drink all the beer then make a cherry bomb in the can and count to ten on your fingers, best place to hold can between legs.

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