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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
14 Dec 2002 Heather The best way to kill yourself is to drink a bottle of bleach and then put yourself in the dryer.
09 Dec 2002 Felicia Well, I know a good way you can kill yourself. Get into some hobby like me.
1.) Take surfing lessons. You have a great chance of hitting a rock or getting eaten by a shark.
2.) Go bungie jumping. Have a nice fall over a bridge somewhere.
3.) Go skydiving and forget your parachute.
4.) Go to East Palo Alto and wear a shirt saying you hate black people.
5.) Listen to Marilyn Manson's "Beautiful People" song and head bob till your neck falls off.

If all else fails begin a life as a writer. They are very dramatic people.
04 Dec 2002 reeta eat moth balls. pretend that it's just candies
29 Nov 2002 firehead mix your hairgel with gasoline... put some of that mix on your hair.. turn it on... be like me :)
15 Nov 2002 marie avaler une Barbie
06 Nov 2002 Olivier Oswald LE KIT proposé :
Crayons de couleur empoisonnés (qui tuent quand on les suce).
Pétards surdosés (auto-attentat kamikaze).
Alcool à 150 000 degré pour mourir d'une cirrhose en quelques jours seulement.
La casserole (pour faire les pâtes) qui fuit, à remplir d'eau et à mettre immédiatement sur le gaz (pour être sûr de l'éteindre). Asphyxie ou explosion, au choix. Générateur d'étincelle et minuteur aléatoire incorporé.
Puisqu'on est dans la cuisine : les pâtes ciments à prise rapide.
Un CD-ROM pour apprendre le cri qui tue. Avantageux pour un suicide collectif.
Une tenue de BARBAPAPA en caoutchouc hérmétique. Suffocation douce garantie.
Etc. On va arrêter là pour aujourd'hui
03 Nov 2002 Unda_dog Eat a Spice Girls CD
19 Oct 2002 stacy eat their toys and then jump around trying to scream "look mommy i'm a human toy" then they should end up dying or choking on them.....
18 Oct 2002 Johnny X-ray antifreeze-coated lollipops. you always hear about how sweet antifreeze is supposed to be, so why wouldn't a young child want to ingest such a sweet morsel to end their life?
17 Oct 2002 potryx the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13 is... say the magic words "pouet prout zigounette..." If you say this when you are young, an evil spirit comes from hell's kingdom, called "the very very bad monster who comes from an evil kingdom".so, he takes you, and, a time later, he asks you to be his wife... and if you answer him "no"... he could kill you, and drinks ALL of your blood!. then, it's a kind of " suicide", which is a very easy way to die when you are 13.
and excuse my english level, i'm just a poor french guy who does not know engish very well... boooo !
15 Oct 2002 T-Bonius I think the best way to kill yourself is to let be skullfucked by superman until he nuts and blows the other side off your head off like a shotgun.
10 Oct 2002 chris eat hot sauce and set yourself on fire and run through town while screaming "WALLA WALLA" until some one shoots you
09 Oct 2002 The ZAApperr Best Suicide kit? A wooden box. Open it up and inside is a big red button on a velvet cushion. Push the button and you are gone, just dissapear.
05 Oct 2002 Carolyne Do-it-yourself crucifixion? Make a face and it'll freeze that way...? Maybe it'll be YOU they find under the Christmas Tree this year...
21 Sep 2002 billy-jeana sharp kitchen knives, just tell mom that your learning to cook.
17 Sep 2002 jose iscaya LSD and superman-comics
15 Sep 2002 Lylie jouer au ballon sur l'autoroute
du saut à l'élastique du haut d'1 pont sans élastique
jouer à la bagarre avec un pitt bull
17 Aug 2002 shaun yates Trap yourself in a room full of dangerous things and blind yourself by pouring dish detergent in your eyes then run around until something drastic happens!!!
06 Aug 2002 Six Foot Under Let your friends or someone get a big box to put ya in, dig a hole about 6 foot deep, you get inside the box, let em throw ya in the hole and then bury.
All supplies needed and necessary:
1. you and someone
2.a shovel
3.a boxx
4.a hole
Have fun!
23 Jul 2002 jack meoff it will be fun and entertaining for your friends. first take some gas and a lighter. pour the gas on you and light it up and if u can drink some and light a match in your mouth.

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