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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
16 Dec 2008 Cog First get some fine wire mesh and construct a giant plastic funnel about 4 feet in diameter and put the mesh over the top of the human sized funnel then place the funnel into a open manhole into the sewer, then jump off a building into the funnel.
30 Nov 2008 Erwan HI there instead i suggest the beauty-kit for little girl from pleix, if it doesn't work, then kill yourself with a spoon
26 Nov 2008 Marie-Aimee Pretend to be a flying superhero, and jump off a building!
17 Nov 2008 bob squashed by a fat guy on the bus
09 Nov 2008   Oh, what a plan, suicide...

Unless your killing yourself out of PURE boredom and apathy I doubt you have indubitable reason to die. I'm not saying this because I care for your well being, I'm saying this because I'm sick of the cliche of teenage suicide. Where's the art? Where's the irony? God dammit, wheres the creativity!? So much wasted potential with us kids, do we not see the huge opportunity a death wish gives us? Not caring about your life makes your life better, you can smoke, you can drink, you can kill people, all without the slightest notion of being a fuck up. Become an artist, travel the world, escape from the mundane of our society! You can do it, and for fucks sake if you get bored you can always blow your brains out (just do it in avant garde fashion so people have something nice to hear about on the evening news)
09 Nov 2008 Corkie The best way to kill yourself when you are 13, is to force yourself to forget what you FEEL and hang on to what you KNOW to be true. "Feelings" are very strange and can lead you down the wrong road. We call this process "dying to self". If you don't exist (as if you are already dead) you feel nothing. Dead people don't listen to music, they don't eat, they don't hang out with their friends, they don't talk to any one, they say nothing, they think nothing. Most of all, be true to yourself. Do what you KNOW to be true. You KNOW that the teacher is there to teach you how to get through school. You KNOW that your parents are there to help you learn how to be a productive adult some day. They're most likely trying to be someone to make you proud.
So if you want to die,
don't eat your favorite food, maggots and popcorn should be good since you don't care. "Living" involves liking things to be a certain way, they way you like things, when things happen the way you like them, thats a good part of "living". When you "die to self", it doesn't matter what is going on around you, you don't care, dead people don't care. If you are getting angry and sad, you are not dead and you don't want to be dead, if you want things the way you want them, you have the desire to live.
There is a medical school in Miami, Florida, where you can donate your body for medical study, if you are dead, you don't need your body parts, at least give them to someone who might be happy to have a chance at a life.
If you really want to be dead, practice for a year or so, see how you like it first. Dead people don't go to the mall, they don't care what they wear, don't care how their hair looks. Always try things out before you make a choice in life that you can't go back to change.
Dry bones, HAVE LIFE!
Jesus said, "choose life". So when the sun comes up and when you feel a little better about yourself, you might just have a little talk with God and tell him you are not being treated fair and ask him to help you find the answer. At 13 years old, you really don't have many of the answers, you only know what some of the questions are.
Be Blessed Kiddo... God don't make no junk. There is a purpose for your life, stick around long enough to find out what it is.
06 Nov 2008 fraser a box full of angry anacondas so when you open it the just unleash on you
27 Oct 2008 Smiley Fold a frisbee, flip out, and swallow it.
Then just to make sure, eat a lot of mentos and drink a lot of diet coke.
Easy Solution :]
Happy huntings.
20 Oct 2008 simon drink all of the poison under the sink.
08 Oct 2008 Camilo Vargas choking on a waffle.
30 Sep 2008 beto well not so sure but u can always lick as much frogs as u can
14 Aug 2008 JESUS CHRIST ATTORNEY AT LAW smoke cigarettes, it's common sense.

25 Jul 2008 Rick(HRO) go swimming with concrete floaties!
or try and swallow an entire collection of hotwheels cars! ^.^
17 Jul 2008 Andrej To eat too much puding.
15 Jul 2008 zacarias zuax eating glue
08 Jul 2008 brittany zientek jump off a 56 story building and before you do it,make a fake note that says you tried to get away from your sister then forge your sisters name on it
27 May 2008 sénateur Dupont sucking on "made in china" toys, you'll get intoxicated by lead and you will die slowly
01 Apr 2008 mimi crawl into the oven its cosy and warm and i love it in there
20 Mar 2008 janey how? well, if i could kill myself i think i would probably do it some way that is not the common like jumping off of a bridge or shotting myself in the head. no. if i wanted to kill myself why not just make it messy.

in my science class there was an experiment we did on the body and how it produces gasses. well it was kind of cool.

if you consume coke (the drink) in large amounts, say by drinking half or more of a 2L and the take some MENTOS right away your stomach wont be able to handle the chemical reaction. this will cause your stomach to explode and a burst of air to go to your heart. this will kill you, but if you are wanting that effect and for it to happen quick, drink alot of pop. drink so much that you cant drink anymore, then take the MENTOS. (you must take them right away)

thats the best advice i can give.
but honestly before it gets this bad, please speak with someone. kids help phone, anyone. the people you turn to the least can become the biggest help.

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