Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
31 Aug 2007 Champagne To all the posters - this website is a performnce art website created 12 years ago based on a fictional French character named Mouchette who is abused, raped, neglected and finally kills herself at the end of the book to escape her hard life - she was 13 years old at the time. There was a very famous French film by Robert Bresson out in the 50s or 60s based on the book.
24 Aug 2007 blythe I've been where you're at. Please read this entire entry.

Five years ago, at 3 a.m., I was moments away from taking my life. At that moment I called a friend, his name was Ryan. Over the next few vital minutes, he spoke to me of my worth to him. He helped me through it. (This is the condensed version of the story, as there is a much greater story I have to tell you).

On July 6, 2007, a little over five years from the night I almost took my life, Ryan took his own life. He walked into a wooded area just outside of Washington, D.C., and hung himself. He was 25-years-old.

Ryan was the closest person to me in my entire life. No one, not friends or family knew me like he knew me. No one accepted me as he did. No one let me know how important I was to them like he did. He was my rock and my strength. He was the person I turned to. I've cursed God that he's taken him away from me, but somehow I understand. Somehow I understand that Ryan was only meant to live this life for 25 years. I understand what he did because I too was there.

So, what is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13? Or, what is the best way to kill yourself? If that's the only way you see out of what ever dark hole you're in, ask yourself who your Ryan is. Ask yourself what your Ryan would think, how he would feel. Is your Ryan your mother? Your dad? Maybe a sibling? A teacher? Maybe, like me, a friend.

Please know that there is someone, if not many people, that wouldn't be able to live their lives they way they do if you're not a part of it.

Every hour I think of him. Everyday I cry. Every hour I ask myself why he would take his life? I ask myself why he didn't turn to me to help him the way he helped me. He is the reason why I am still here, so why I couldn't be his?

You're too young.
He was too young.

Ryan had a lot of mental issues he was struggling with that no one knew about. If we would have known about them (he shut a lot of family/friends out of his life over the past 10 months), then we would have done EVERYTHING in our power to help him. Why? Because we loved him. I loved him. Now, I sit alone writing this to you in hopes that you never do what Ryan has done to me.

Life is a struggle.
It's a bitch.
You're probably sick of people saying, "Think positively," or, "It'll get better."
That's the last thing you want to hear.
Well, the last thing I ever want to hear is that another friend selfishly took their life. Find your Ryan.
02 Aug 2007 noppers Is this part of an Art/thesis class/es?
30 Jun 2007 Just trying to help To those that need a lift....

One night I dreamed I was walking along the beach with the Lord.
Many scenes from my life flashed across the sky.
In each scene I noticed footprints in the sand.
Sometimes there were two sets of footprints,
other times there were one set of footprints.

This bothered me because I noticed
that during the low periods of my life,
when I was suffering from
anguish, sorrow or defeat,
I could see only one set of footprints.

So I said to the Lord,
“You promised me Lord,
that if I followed you,
you would walk with me always.
But I have noticed that during the most trying periods of my life
there have only been one set of footprints in the sand.
Why, when I needed you most, you have not been there for me?”

The Lord replied,
“The times when you have seen only one set of footprints in the sand,
is when I carried you.”
25 Jun 2007   I can't understand why such idiotic answers like "commit suicide is a good way to kill yourself!!" are among Mouchette's favorites.
24 Jun 2007 JKate It's realy odd since you know, if you find so many people giving tips on how to kill yourself, you'd think that it'll make you more depressed or more inclined to attemping suicide. But even though I thought that's what it was going to do to me, instead, I have somehow been empowered by this site. I have never seen so many people, not complaining like you see everywhere else, but leaving comments that are really raw, without any regulations to limit them. It's somehow eased my pain.
15 Jun 2007 Justin In the words of my father:

"No one's better off dead, they're just gone."
01 Jun 2007 kim1122 Dead inside

do u realize u cared about another person but urself?

Now think about it for a bit n u will soon come to notice that is how many ppl feel about u.

U wanna die, yet, u dont want others to. Is a good thing, hope u the best, think about it n keep it up.
24 May 2007 dead inside. this is to "truly alone."

There's a special place inside my skull
Where your DNA it codes my cerebrum
In full stuttering and drooling
My shredded throat will try to sing for you

What do you say? Would you marry me today?
The moon would gush all inside out
and my nightmares would go away
What do you say? Would you devote yourself today?
Like riding out a sinking ship as it lowers into the bay
Please stay.

The blood collects and flushes out your cheek bones
I've got this secret garden and you are the only one who knows
I'm stuttering and drooling
My shredded throat will try to sing for you

What do you say? Would you marry me today?
The moon would gush all inside out
and my nightmares would go away
What do you say? Would you devote yourself today?
Like riding out a sinking ship as it lowers into the bay
Please stay

I'm cutting ties with all the jealous zombies
I need to feel your warm body on me

When the sun goes down and the shadows grow
Just trust in us and forever know

Please keep holding on to me
Please keep holding on to me
15 May 2007 The Bitter End Terry, you make a good point. There is no point in suicide because you, you epitome of experience, have been "thru it all". I'm so glad that, in my darkest hour, I can comfort myself with the knowledge, Terry, that you exist.

Psychiatrists should prescribe you.
15 May 2007 Globalization Je veux me tuer.
Voglio uccidermie.
Quiero matarme.
Ich will mich selbst töten.
Ik wil mezelf doden.
Quero matar me.
Jeg dreper meg selv.
11 May 2007 Scors-b I have been coming to this site for 2 years. I have seen SO much in those 2 years of my life. So many things. So many websites. And I have still always come back here. I guess the good things in life you don't let go of. And this website might not seem a good thing at first, but you've just got to look deeper.

I met my most serious girlfriend on here. I have spoken to so many people via email... had my mind broadened by reading so many posts about things that boys and girls go through. Many many good things have been spawned as a result of for me, and for that reason, I want to thank the creator. It gave me the opportunity to have experience in so many helpful things, and I have met so many great people. This website helped to make me who I am today! And, it helped to keep me ALIVE!

THANK YOU "Mouchette"
24 Apr 2007 Scott Wow i find this odd and interesting being an artist myself. As an artist i see that this is attempting to make people think. I find it sad to read the posts where people blindly throw up an answer and i also find it sad to see people takeing it for truth and ranting about not doing it. In both cases you are all missing the point and not thinking. which in turn makes this whole thing a waste. As an artist our goal in life is to analyze everything and make people see what they normaly wouldn't, or what they try to ignore. and that is all i will say about that. from here on out it's time for you to change your view and open your own eyes.

So my suicide kit is just an empty box. because all i need to kill myself is in my head and not using it to speed up my death.
19 Apr 2007 BEKON the best way to kill yourself if your under 13? Start watching television. It will take your life away from you one episode at a time.
15 Apr 2007 dead inside. you exist behind your keyboard and then your gone in a flash....
05 Apr 2007 koen hi, i'm just mailing to say one thing.
it never was the intention of the creator of the website to convince people to kill themselves... if you (the people who blame the creator for convincing) think about it (why create such a website), you'll realise that it wasn't the intention... this is just a site where you can post you're problems, and to get help (it really helps sometimes, believe me) without being judged. although some get judged... all the people who go trough what they're going through, find it mostly hard to talk about, that's why mouchette created this site. it's a sensitive subject, and it's also hard to bring this up, and what's the best way to bring this up? yes, she did use the right line to provoke responses. don't blame her, but try to understand...
24 Feb 2007 Stephen Borgovini As an "artist" you have to be responsible for your creations. I work with "Artists" everyday and they are by far the most self centered, judgmental people ive ever met. The truely creative never label themselves and approach all things with love, sympathy and understanding.
18 Feb 2007 nRu Does it matter whether you're under 13 or older? Anything could kill you. A pencil jabbed into your ear could kill you. A paperclip through a vein or an airbubble. What do you mean by best way? Do you mean the fastest way, the clenest way or the surest way? Do you mean the way that will definitely ensure everyone will remember you, or the way no one will even notice you've gone?

Because there is no such thing as the best way to kill yourself. Under 13, or not, it doesn't matter when you want to die.

If you come here looking, means you don't really want to die yet. you're hesitating for a reason. Stop lying to yourself. it's bad enough to see everyone else doing it, the last person who should be lying to you, is you.

If you really wanted to die, you would have just done the 1st thing that came to your mind. if you've tried but failed, don't you think it's a sign? there is no such thing as coincidence. everything happpens for a reason.

i hate how i fucked up my life is, and i hate how i feel every day. but i've seen what suicide leaves behind. and i don't want to cause people pain. i don't want people to know the pain that i feel. i can barely bear mine. i don't want others to suffer.

and i don't want my life to be dictated by those who cause me strife. i hate those who cause me pain. but i hate myself more for allowing them to affect me so. because assholes like them only make you feel like shit to make themselves feel better. and they aren't worth your time or feelings. don't let them get to you. do your best to ignore them and move on. the world is large and there are many people out there who will understand and can help you deal.

i can't tell you for real that life will get better because the world will always be fucked up. the world is not perfect. people can't stay happy. and most of the time people are so involved in their own lives that they can't be bothered with yours. so you should never depend on others to make you feel happy. it's all up to you. you make your own choices. you make your own life.

and i tell you now to stick to it. if you're at the end of your line, just tie a knot and hold on. because you will get stronger, you will meet more people, and you will get closer to making the best friends you will ever have.

i came across this page a few years ago. wishinig i was dead and looking for ways how. but it seemed like there wasn't a surefire way to help me go the exact way i wanted to. so i didn't do anything. i just lived my fucked up life and chose not to say anything to anyone. i met a lot of people. slowly started telling about my life, and there were many that left, and few that stayed. but those that stayed have on the rare occasion, made me feel some happiness. bits. but i'm glad to have some. cus i refuse to live a life 100% miserable by fucktards.

life is a battle everyday. it will never let up. but it's like the longer you live, the more experience and strenght you get. and some days the battles will be easy. some days the battles will be tough. most days it will be hell in the beginning. but i'm telling you to stay on. because the days when the battles are easier, they're worth it. they really are.

have more faith in yourself. you just haven't realized yet how strong you are. don't go down the hole now.
19 Jan 2007 Joey Hey everyone. This may seem long, but take the time to read this and bear with me..My name is Joey and I'm 16 years old. I have been depressed for some time now.

The medicine, talking to friends, family, doctors ect. it's all bullshit. Nothing has worked for me.

My life is slipping away from me everyday. I'm failing school, my best friend that I have known for years betrayed me, my luck with girls? hah..they're all fake bitches.

So basically latley I've had the urge to kill myself, just end this shit. I'm tired of comming home from school everyday and just crying myself to sleep. Whenever something slightly starts to get better, reality comes crashing back down on me.

I've tried drugs, marijuana ect. It makes me feel happy but reality sets in after your not high anymore. I want this without drugs.

And God? I don't know what to think anymore. I've been praying for years for something reasonable. Not a million dollars or to have a dream car, but to just be HAPPY. Is that too much to ask for? HAHA I guess so.

I know and understand that my parents do love me, and that my hardships dont compare to most on this site, but I can almost guarantee that I feel the same way inside. I am emotionally torn, and don't give my trust to anyone because of past experiences. Sure all you anti-suicide faggots that come to this site and call us selfish and fucked up for thinking or commiting suicide, shut the fuck up. You don't know shit. It's not something we choose to be. It's how our brain and emotions work through past experiences. Why am I alive now? Basically because I have a feeling inside me telling me not to make this life taking decision. Why? I don't know. I always try to think about the future and that things will get better, hell I have nothing else better to do! Everyone says that things will get better, so I might as well try. I have no idea who is reading this now, and I can't gurantee that "someone loves you", but truthfully I care. I know there is someone reading this now going through what I have or worse. You don't know me, and you've never met me, but to everyone that feels what I have I do care. I wouldn't want anyone to feel this way and it makes me sad to think there are millions just like me. I've tried not to give my life story or make this a sob one, but i thought i should share this with you all, even though some is still missing. I've never opened up like this, but were all the same and I believe that for every hard time we have, there has to be atleast some good ones for the future. Well I'm done. If you want to chat, my email is Peace guys. And here's a tip. Set goals of what you would like to be and what you want in the future. You CAN have it if you helps for me. Bye all and stay safe.. =)
02 Jan 2007 elaine I used to come here years ago and spend hours reading responses here. I was in high school, alone, and scared, like so many others out there. I moved on though, and I'm happy with my life and love who I've become. My little brother is sick now too, and feeling the same alienation and hopelessness i once felt, I think. I don't know how to help him, but I'm scared again. Scared to death for him.
Look out for those around you, and remember everyday that someone loves you even if they don't know how to say or show it.

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