Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
23 Jan 2002 CoW pAt Overdose on milk. You stupid cow!
17 Jan 2002 Lahash What is light without darkness, joy without pain? Life is a series of ups and downs. We may be on top of a mountain one day and deep in a valley the next. Anyone can tell you it takes a lot less effort to get down into that valley. You have to work hard to get to the summit of a mountain, but sinking low is easy. When we feel good it's hardly noticed by our little brain. There is a reason we have the saying "Time flies when you're having fun". But when we don't feel so good time is an eternity. Every second stretches on into hours and the very experience of feeling such a black mood quickens our path down the spiral. We forget what it was like to be happy, even start to think we never were. Eventually you get so emotionally, mentally, and physically tired that you just want it all to end. But it won't. No matter how much you wish, no matter how much you pray (and you will pray for death, pray hard, before you try to help it along) it isn't going to happen. And in your heart you know that things will get better. You know that, eventually, you will find something to place you back on that mountain. You may not believe what you know, but it is how life works. Unfortunately you also know that waiting is its own form of torture. Is it worth spending 5, 10 ,15 years waiting for a purpose? I don't know. But I'm at 5 years now. Life is still bleak. I still pray for death everyday. But I also add a little prayer for hapiness. I figure I have a better chance getting an answer if I provide a list of options ;-) And after all, isn't that what life is? Not that B.S. about "oppurtunity". Oppurtunity denotes getting something you want - and you may have noticed life ain't exactly a great provider. It's always been about options. A or B. C or All the above. Too bad you can't turn back the pages when you choose a wrong answer! And once you die you're not going to be making a whole lotta choices are you? As I said "life" is about options. And, as a gambler at heart, I like to keep mine open...
16 Jan 2002 Noelle Dawson I typed in "How to Commit Suicide' into and this was the best it came up with. There's a few good ideas here once you weed out all the bullshit (some of which I found VERY amusing--seriously I was laughing my ass off) and the goody-goody-bitches who want to save our asses by saying they love us. Seriously, this is a suicide page, so if you aren't suicidal then fucking press the 'back' button and leave. please. I was really disappointed in this site though. There aren't very many good ideas on here. Oh well. Humanity will get more creative next generation huh? Well, good shot though anyway. I admire you for making out this page--it was the only half-way helpful thing on this damned inter-fucking-net. Stay sweet, y'all...
03 Jan 2002 angry fucker who is pissed off!!! You shouldn't ever kill yourself. Rather, you should kill everybody else. Don't take the kind of shit from everybody who tells you that you are worthless. Don't even tell yourself that!

Are you fucking worthless if you can kill somebody. What if it's somebody you hate. Shoot your fucking parents, shoot your classmates and rape your fucking cute teacher!!! You are the master of your own fucking life and the least you could do to take that responsibility is by making sure you can fuck over anybody you fucking want!

This isn't a joke. I know a girl who is suicidal and I keep telling her that if she can kill someone that she isn't worthless!

Don't numb the pain! Don't revel in it!! Just make other people suffer the same way you do, it's the only way to live.
22 Dec 2001 Titney Spears If you are like me, turn up at the MTV awards with a snake round your neck, and suffocate in front of all those famous people. If you have plastic tits then thats a bonus, cos all you need to do is stand near the heating system, and wait for the tits to explode. Wow! Then all those lusty guys can all have a piece of you!
If none of these apply then you could always listen to me singing "Stronger" on repeat!
14 Nov 2001 eenis penis find something to do, kid, before it finds you.
14 Oct 2001 rhatch join al-Qaeda and volunteer to crash a plane into a building, no one will suspect if you are under 13
06 Oct 2001 Andronicus Write your entire life story in your body with a knive, and then just wait until you bleed to death. Most original suicide note ever...
18 Sep 2001 firehead Go to New York city... jump off the Twin Tower B of the World Trace Center.... oh, I forgot... they're GONE!!!!
08 Sep 2001 Enzo Being trapped in your site, feeling at the same time dazzled and confused, I must confess, and admiring your ability to surprise me with almost every click, it finally dawned on me that if you could create the ultimate virtual experience, one a zillion times more engaging than this one, you could have people like me stay here forever, as it could be more entertaining than life itself. Forever? That is until we die, there is no forever for our awareness of being, at least so I am afraid.

Maybe we are living inside a suicide kit already. We are probably reluctant to accept it that way, at least I am.

Some solutions in the kit may be faster than others, but I am not going to give you a faster one than continuing to push the envelope while waiting for your time. You have a lot to offer.
29 Aug 2001 Azariel Abernathy A REAL suicide kit
I recently got to visit MassMoCA, or the Massachussets Museum of Contemporary Art. There, in an exibit on FLUXUS, an art movement that flourished and faded in the '60s and '70s. In one display case, there was a dark wooden box, labeled in in black paint as a Suicide kit. The contents included 2 shotgun shells, a razor blade wrapped in tissue paper, and best of all, a plug with a 2 conductor cord coming out of it. Attached to the cord were two alligator clips, one on each wire. In short, it was a finely crafted, well aged, autoelectrocution device! What fun...
20 Aug 2001   What's with everyone's attitude here. Doesn't it say above that this is meant as a TOY so you can PRETEND to kill yourself? Can't you self-rightous morons READ? Man, just mention the word "suicide" and watch a million peoples faces go blank as they mutter some inane platitude about how sacred life is and how it would hurt everyone else and how selfish you are and...


But, let's play devil's advocate, shall we..?

If you want to commit suicide, it's out of pain and the lack of hope that things will improve. Are you selfish to kill yourself without regard for how your family will feel? OR PERHAPS your family are the selfish ones for not being able to accept that you were subject to such a level of pain and hopelessness. Perhaps they're guilty of expecting you to soldier on despite a deep, overwhelming pain that's consuming you - a pain that, presumably, they are not subject to.

Perhaps suicide is a personal choice.

Oh yeah, best way? Carbon monoxide poisoning. Turn on car while still in garage. Go to sleep. Don't wake up.
18 Aug 2001 Tom Bush I always thought the best way to kill myself would be to hide in the back yard in the long grass and wait till my dad comes out to cut the lawn. He would run over me with the lawnmower and cut me to ribbons hence loss of blood
26 Jul 2001 jean I would put on my best dress, makeup, favorite high heels and paint my toes with sinful colours... go to my bedroom, stand on a chair, get my neck rounded by a rope, take a deep breath, look at my sexy feet and kick the chair off..

I love the feeling of hanging in the air and kicking my sexy feet struggling for air... but no one can help me! I will be dancing with the rope in the air till the very last moment.. all my pain will be gone..

I tried once but was saved... I gonna do it later tonite. Wish me success...
25 Jun 2001 barry ask your mother
20 Jun 2001   commit suicide is a good way to kill yourself!!
12 May 2001 lili You know, this could have saved my life. I was so serious and desparate until I read the pathetic, self-centered, self-pitying, agonisingly IDIOTIC DRIVLE that I would hate to be included in. It IS hard, and IT DOES only get worse. And what clear-ish person can participate in a world like this-- meaningfully and without eye-patches? But I just can't. Because it is distastefull and so stupid. At least here it is.
27 Apr 2001 Pepsi Suicide A bunch of people suggest aspirin or tylenol, or any painkillers with a bottle of alcohol will do. It works most of the time... but a lot of times it leaves you it the hospital for days of exscrutiating pain... sometimes it doesn't work, and then you'll regret you tried that method in the first place. (Did i spell exscrutiating right? O well... I don't give a shit. Hey, that's why I'm on this site in the first place!) L8ter. Have fun!!
19 Apr 2001 Sandra Slitting wrists doesn't work. I've been trying for ages. Taking pills even sucks more. I find the best way to commit suicide is to twist your neck so it faces the back and you hair is facing the front of you. I've known people who tried that. And I've never known anyone on who it failed. You need a great deal of strength though. But if you place your hands in the right way (just between the insides you your neck) and twist suddenly in one direction it works easily. Hope it helps. I have way more ideas. E-mail me for more if you want.
18 Apr 2001 Miranda The Best Way is to hang yourself in your laundry room so your parents will find you hanging. I'm going to do it May 1st 2001, that's in 15 days.

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