Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
15 Apr 2007 dead inside. you exist behind your keyboard and then your gone in a flash....
05 Apr 2007 koen hi, i'm just mailing to say one thing.
it never was the intention of the creator of the website to convince people to kill themselves... if you (the people who blame the creator for convincing) think about it (why create such a website), you'll realise that it wasn't the intention... this is just a site where you can post you're problems, and to get help (it really helps sometimes, believe me) without being judged. although some get judged... all the people who go trough what they're going through, find it mostly hard to talk about, that's why mouchette created this site. it's a sensitive subject, and it's also hard to bring this up, and what's the best way to bring this up? yes, she did use the right line to provoke responses. don't blame her, but try to understand...
24 Feb 2007 Stephen Borgovini As an "artist" you have to be responsible for your creations. I work with "Artists" everyday and they are by far the most self centered, judgmental people ive ever met. The truely creative never label themselves and approach all things with love, sympathy and understanding.
18 Feb 2007 nRu Does it matter whether you're under 13 or older? Anything could kill you. A pencil jabbed into your ear could kill you. A paperclip through a vein or an airbubble. What do you mean by best way? Do you mean the fastest way, the clenest way or the surest way? Do you mean the way that will definitely ensure everyone will remember you, or the way no one will even notice you've gone?

Because there is no such thing as the best way to kill yourself. Under 13, or not, it doesn't matter when you want to die.

If you come here looking, means you don't really want to die yet. you're hesitating for a reason. Stop lying to yourself. it's bad enough to see everyone else doing it, the last person who should be lying to you, is you.

If you really wanted to die, you would have just done the 1st thing that came to your mind. if you've tried but failed, don't you think it's a sign? there is no such thing as coincidence. everything happpens for a reason.

i hate how i fucked up my life is, and i hate how i feel every day. but i've seen what suicide leaves behind. and i don't want to cause people pain. i don't want people to know the pain that i feel. i can barely bear mine. i don't want others to suffer.

and i don't want my life to be dictated by those who cause me strife. i hate those who cause me pain. but i hate myself more for allowing them to affect me so. because assholes like them only make you feel like shit to make themselves feel better. and they aren't worth your time or feelings. don't let them get to you. do your best to ignore them and move on. the world is large and there are many people out there who will understand and can help you deal.

i can't tell you for real that life will get better because the world will always be fucked up. the world is not perfect. people can't stay happy. and most of the time people are so involved in their own lives that they can't be bothered with yours. so you should never depend on others to make you feel happy. it's all up to you. you make your own choices. you make your own life.

and i tell you now to stick to it. if you're at the end of your line, just tie a knot and hold on. because you will get stronger, you will meet more people, and you will get closer to making the best friends you will ever have.

i came across this page a few years ago. wishinig i was dead and looking for ways how. but it seemed like there wasn't a surefire way to help me go the exact way i wanted to. so i didn't do anything. i just lived my fucked up life and chose not to say anything to anyone. i met a lot of people. slowly started telling about my life, and there were many that left, and few that stayed. but those that stayed have on the rare occasion, made me feel some happiness. bits. but i'm glad to have some. cus i refuse to live a life 100% miserable by fucktards.

life is a battle everyday. it will never let up. but it's like the longer you live, the more experience and strenght you get. and some days the battles will be easy. some days the battles will be tough. most days it will be hell in the beginning. but i'm telling you to stay on. because the days when the battles are easier, they're worth it. they really are.

have more faith in yourself. you just haven't realized yet how strong you are. don't go down the hole now.
19 Jan 2007 Joey Hey everyone. This may seem long, but take the time to read this and bear with me..My name is Joey and I'm 16 years old. I have been depressed for some time now.

The medicine, talking to friends, family, doctors ect. it's all bullshit. Nothing has worked for me.

My life is slipping away from me everyday. I'm failing school, my best friend that I have known for years betrayed me, my luck with girls? hah..they're all fake bitches.

So basically latley I've had the urge to kill myself, just end this shit. I'm tired of comming home from school everyday and just crying myself to sleep. Whenever something slightly starts to get better, reality comes crashing back down on me.

I've tried drugs, marijuana ect. It makes me feel happy but reality sets in after your not high anymore. I want this without drugs.

And God? I don't know what to think anymore. I've been praying for years for something reasonable. Not a million dollars or to have a dream car, but to just be HAPPY. Is that too much to ask for? HAHA I guess so.

I know and understand that my parents do love me, and that my hardships dont compare to most on this site, but I can almost guarantee that I feel the same way inside. I am emotionally torn, and don't give my trust to anyone because of past experiences. Sure all you anti-suicide faggots that come to this site and call us selfish and fucked up for thinking or commiting suicide, shut the fuck up. You don't know shit. It's not something we choose to be. It's how our brain and emotions work through past experiences. Why am I alive now? Basically because I have a feeling inside me telling me not to make this life taking decision. Why? I don't know. I always try to think about the future and that things will get better, hell I have nothing else better to do! Everyone says that things will get better, so I might as well try. I have no idea who is reading this now, and I can't gurantee that "someone loves you", but truthfully I care. I know there is someone reading this now going through what I have or worse. You don't know me, and you've never met me, but to everyone that feels what I have I do care. I wouldn't want anyone to feel this way and it makes me sad to think there are millions just like me. I've tried not to give my life story or make this a sob one, but i thought i should share this with you all, even though some is still missing. I've never opened up like this, but were all the same and I believe that for every hard time we have, there has to be atleast some good ones for the future. Well I'm done. If you want to chat, my email is Peace guys. And here's a tip. Set goals of what you would like to be and what you want in the future. You CAN have it if you helps for me. Bye all and stay safe.. =)
02 Jan 2007 elaine I used to come here years ago and spend hours reading responses here. I was in high school, alone, and scared, like so many others out there. I moved on though, and I'm happy with my life and love who I've become. My little brother is sick now too, and feeling the same alienation and hopelessness i once felt, I think. I don't know how to help him, but I'm scared again. Scared to death for him.
Look out for those around you, and remember everyday that someone loves you even if they don't know how to say or show it.
23 Dec 2006 dead inside. Well, normally i post on this site offering help, cause when i feel like crap helping others helps me. I guess it gives my life meaning. But when I realize that some people just can't be helped, than I feel like crap again. I hate seeing others hurting. It makes me hurt. This post has no value anyways, please ignore me, I'm just wasting space. I don't know why I felt the need to write. Well, for what its worth, Happy Holidays. Stay strong kids, what doesn't kill you can only make you stronger.
16 Dec 2006 Jeff I am thirteen years old and cannot get a Nintendo Wii due to my fathers old boss who owes him over 5000 dollars. We are almost in debt now and I cant stand this anymore, he expects me to wait another week after christmas for a nintendo wii. I feel like just hanging myself or shooting myself in the face.
I will buy a 360 controller cord and strangle myself or hang myself with it.
13 Nov 2006 Felicia the Great Dear To Whom It May Concern,

There has been a spammer identified as, or It is a malicious email that must be blocked in your account. Do not, I repeat, do not answer any of its emails or open any of its attachments.

Please forward the email to or has no part in sending spam email to you. This is my personal email I had since

Thank you,
Felicia The Great
10:59 pm Pacific time
07 Nov 2006 The Original Felicia The Great Mouchette Is Just A Blog Site

Whatever you may think, this is a blog site. There are volunteers on call reading these emails.

What's even scarier still is there are people who are hired to scan through blogs and billions of emails. Most of it is to scan for company secrets or subliminal messages.

I feel sorry for people who are on the verge of killing themselves though. This site once used to be a haven for us crazy people who want to kill ourselves. Now technology considers this to be a joke.
If you read closely, I have something to disclose to you.

Live the moment of truth and set yourself free from mindless jargon.

Open your heart to new beliefs. Don't limit yourself to one belief. You will lead a stagnant life if you do. But be sure to choose your belief's wisely.

Value your family and friends. Stay away from the wrong influences and cling to positive role models. I am not saying you shouldn't be yourself, but make the most of what you can become by helping others.

Engage in activities that are postitive. Steer clear from sexual immorality because it is tiring. It causes harm to your body and soul. Believe me. A double life is not all fun and games.

Understand that each day is the first day of the rest of your life.
29 Oct 2006 Peace, be with you. you see mouchette i am going to be honest. when i came to your site i was depressed and suicidal. i wanted to kill myself. not anymore. and i would like to offer you some advice. the rudness i encountered could have sent me over the edge. plumiting to my death. so please mouchette listen with an open heart. if i was a different person i might have killed myself. someone else with a different personality. but instead i was deeply angered and wanted revenge. and i feel i have gotten it. but you must make it clear to your mouchette mailers that it is not always a game and someone may be on the edge. in my life i have endured horrific things that you only really hear about on tv. and they have twisted my mind so. but i do forgive you mouchette. not because you asked for it but because even Monsters like me have pity sometimes. i hear voices and desire to shed human blood every day. i hate all people just because they are alive. i am one of the sickest people you will ever encounter on your site. well mouchette this has been going on long enough. if you want peace then please write me an email. if you do this i promise that you will no longer have anything to fear from me. i dont care how you run your site or who you let on it. but i just want you to email me so i can know you got this and you desitre peace. there are no requirements or stipulations i will demand. just a simple yes i want peace. and i do want you to know mouchette that i forgive you and i love you. you know my email. please write me. i just feel like i was wronged mouchette. and i have been wronged all my life by people. and i wasnt about to let you or your mouchette mailers get away with that. and just so you know. i have been coming to your site for many many years. you even have some of my past posts in your favorite section.

ps. i dont know exactly what bisous means. but i know what the gesture of it is. you never would tell me. i found that to be rude as well. i just wanted to know a simple thing. and you didnt want to be my friend. you just ignored me. pushed me off to the side like a piece of trash. but i forgive you mouchette. i forgive you as long as you let me know you desire peace.
27 Oct 2006 The Original Felicia The Great The Call To Jury Duty
(Note: Case will not be disclosed for the protection of the client.)

By The Original Felicia The Great

There I sat on the chair with boring novel in my hand, falling asleep between intervals and restless beyond belief. No iPods were allowed, all cell phones all turned off, the never ending urge to go pee but I couldn't. It took days to be picked as a Juror and finally it was the day.

There I was, poor innocent me, feeling a wee tinge nervous... I, The Original Felicia The Great.. .ready to decide the outcome of one's fate. I, the ninth juror, was the one to say GUILTY or NOT GUILTY.

It is sad to see the jurors, who were excused from the premises, and I was thinking...Oh dear God? Why wasn't it me? One juror,who was so excited to get picked was pardoned. Here I was, with miniscule mind asking that question over and over why I was picked. There I was to be sworn, to speak the truth, to speak the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.... SO HELP ME GOD.

Till next week, same bat time, same bat place, same bat channel.
19 Oct 2006 The Original Felicia The Great There is no such a thing as hogging space here Jacob. You are fine.

It is a post site you see. We all have the enjoyment of posting what we really feel, whether it be factious or non-fictitious.
It’s a site that we choose to lament, patronize, or vent upon. It is a people forum for suicidal folks of all ages, and for people who need entertainment, ideas to put on their twisted movie scripts and cartoons, a mosh pit for people in criticizing our uniqueness. I don’t condone destructive behavior and post full of mean slander.

Jacob, I also want to comment that I didn’t create this website. I had numerous complaint emails about, and some people accusing me of being the suicidal French chick, who gets a kick out of making questioning comments about thirteen year olds killing themselves and this kit thing.

Feel free to comment more often and no I am not picking up on you.

If you are a parent:

I urge the parents reading this site from their child’s add to favorites list, to keep an eye on their kids… get a nanny blocker and banish this site so your children can’t view it. But note that later down the road you can’t shelter your child forever. Seek counseling for them anyways and note that nobody gets over suicide.
09 Oct 2006 Jacob Hey'all. Me again. Sorry to hog all the space in this forum, but I thought i would share my recent experiences in the slightest chance that it may help someone.
When I first posted on this forum I was deep inside the whole suicidal manic depressive state and wrote to abuse someone who I thought was irresponsible about what he/she wrote. In my second post I tried to (more sensibly) explain in better detail what my point was, and not to send out the wrong message (as someone pointed out to me.)
I have since had a handful of people contact me, either to offer support, or to share their story with me. And to be honest, its made a massive difference to both me and them.
I was at the time of the first post taking sleeping pills (as i work at night & sleep in the day). I was warned by the pharmacist that the pills will make me depressed if I use them regularly.. I ignored him. But now I've stopped taking them & realise that those fucking things were only compounding my misery... & now I'm in better control of my feelings.
So i've been emailing a couple of people and it has occured to me that there are people worse off than me.. but they are also facinating people with a world of their own so different from mine, and still have a lot to offer this world.
I have been getting councelling for the first time in my life & to be honest although I like the councellor, it all just seems so obvious... & subsequently a bit pointless.. maybe I need to perservere. BUT, being able to offer my support to others has been the thing that has turned my own struggle around. Contacting someone anonymously over the internet and sharing your deepest most inner thoughts is definately a strange thing to do... but its safe. Some of us have no outlet for our thoughts & our grief. Kids may be too afraid to pick up the phone or talk with their parents.... and anonymous ear over the internet is a safe, anonymous & easily accessible option. I've tried the stupid chat rooms and they're so fast, competitive & stupid, its impossible to stop and really communicate with someone... but here.. there are lots of people, same as us, feeling lost, alone & with no-one to listen.
Well i can tell you from my experience, try it.... connect with someone from this forum, share your story, listen to theirs... you won't feel so alone.. it will make you realise we all suffer from time to time and if we can lean on eachothers shoulders we can make it through to the next great adventure.
Sounds a bit cliche.. but true... from my experience anyway...
29 Sep 2006 The Original Felicia The Great Everybody is claiming they are Felicia The Great, but I am the originator of this name. But nobody cares! Since I started this trend, I am going to change it to "The Original Felicia The Great".

So you are wondering why I am writing in this post. It's for countless reasons. Number one, its for recognition, number two, I'm doing some 15 minute timed writings. And number three, to talk people and myself out of killing ourselves. Literally, everyday we are gradually dying for no unknown cause due to earthly elements beyond our control and stuffing our faces with unhealthy food or barfing it out, whatever turns you on.

But for now, I am going to stop babbling, and get to the heart of the matter in why you are visiting this site.

You are in my situation. You feel that things happened beyond your control. Your self esteem is down the toilet, you have good looks but you don't feel good inside or you have bad looks and feel ugly in the inside. You got rejected or getting ejected. Either way, you feel screwed.

Well, in a nutshell, if you kill yourself, you soon will go into purgatory. That is the place between heaven and hell. If you believe in neither, well, when you do go into purgatory, you will tell yourself in some other realm somewhere that "The Original Felicia The Great, TOLD YOU THERE'S A PURGATORY!" And by the time you are there, its too late. You will be haunting houses, people, and places, only to find out that your haunting tactics will bring in tourist attractions and you will find that you will not share the wealth with these business entrepreneurs making themselves rich off of you. You will be flipping them off and nobody notices. Then your motive is to make objects move around and making things fly accross the room as if some nincompoop in the afterlife didn't attempt to do this. Awwww! Come on!!!

Please send your post immediately on this sight so I can send you some feedback in how to handle this suicidal problem. Probably you and I can talk ourselves out of it.

Don't kill yourself yet, I have more to talk about. If you don't feel like dealing with me, just pretend you are doing a 15 minute timed writing.
29 Sep 2006 natas i killed myself when i was 13 and it wasn't fun. no-one will believe this, but i'm not around anymore.

you might find this difficult to believe, but we just got the Internet here in hell. might have noticed the spike in bestiality porn sites, and general spread of evil online. ;)

i'm sure my punishment for speaking out will be harsh. don't expect to hear from me again in this life time. we are not allowed to speak about being dead here, especially with the living.

i killed myself on a whim one day because i thought my life was horrible.'s been hell ever since.

i don't care what they do to me for saying this, but don't kill yourself. it's not worth it. take my word for it, you can't imagine how much worse things are here then they are there.

if you need to escape from your situation, try running away and seeking sanctuary. churches, half-way houses, government homes, ets. these places seem like heaven compared to where i am.

some things aren't what they seem. others are. don't kill yourself or you'll have hell to pay!
25 Sep 2006 Angi yeah, wow. it's crazy how this site has turned into what it has. a simple question, and then all this complication, the stories of all these hurting people. i have no story to tell, no tragedies or testaments. i just sit here silently and read the posts. If anyone needs someone to talk to, other than the million other people who have offered help, e-mail me

oh yeah, and did mouchette actually make the kit, or is it still just an idea?
09 Sep 2006 Nick <script>document.write("<h2>a")</script>
25 Aug 2006 miss kelli sorry if this isnt the answer you would like, but i work in the youth dept at my church and God has given me an extra special dose of something. i dono what it is...but I'm glad he gave it to me. Its a dose of connecting with kids and letting them know they are loved, by God yes, but by me too! Not just "oh im a sunday school teacher and I love you". its more than that. This may seem egotistical...but try me! You will love being loved by me. i will help you thru hard times and fun times, sad times and scary times...everything!!! I am currently loving on a group of kids who just burried one of their best friends after he hung himself one week ago today. i LOVE teenagers with a passion that I know God has given me. And not a love you if your good enuf for me to love...but love you cuz you are YOU!!! Look at it like this...guns are expensive - I am free :) Guns are cold - I have a warm heart :) Guns are heavy to hold - I will help you lift your burden :) Guns are black - i will show you Light :) Let me love you.
14 Aug 2006 Erica P. I don't really know what to say to people who want to shut down this site. They are obviously people who have not experienced the certain kind of pain that others come across. Instead, they want to direct their anger at a website they don't know the exact effects of. For me to read the stories of so many people (and i know that at least a small fraction of them is truthful) is to look at something completely beautiful. I have no power. I can't express what it really is i need to say. I just hope that people could look a bit deeper. . .

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