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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
13 May 2009 Shilova I've had fourpeople in my life commit suicide. The first was when I was in middle school. He was a regular sort of guy. Older than me. Second was my high school band teacher, severa years after I graduated school. He was accused of having sex with a minor. The other two were my age, close to 30. Friends. One did it out of rage, his fiancé decided she wanted someone else. The other was accused of raping a woman. He was a policeman about to go into FBI Academy and engaged to be married. Anyone considering suicide at any age needs to realize that the isolation you feel is part of being. It's normal. All people, to some extent, are isolated. Only through communication do we truly know each other, but that is limited. No one knows your private thoughts, knows the person you are inside. This all being said. Suicide is a selfish and cowardly act. The pain and anger I felt that these people in my life gave up, not realizing how their death would effect others. One, there sister found him; the other two, their best friends; another, his wife of many years. No one is worth killing yourself, no event so tragic to give up on the gift life is to all. How about stop watching tv, the news especially. Stop hating yourself. I've been there personally. But life is exactly what you make it. Realize that no one is perfect, and people love you. Life isn't just today. Life is you being kind to yourself. To others. Looking at the sky at night. Seeing the trees sway in the wind. Stop with all the hateful thoughts in your head, put as much importance on the good in yourself and others instead of tearing yourself up. Life is hard. It will be, but you mean a great deal to people, even if you don't see it. Take one step, one day at a time. If you still feel you have no hope, TELL SOMEONE. Talk to a good counselor. I don't know about if a person goes to hell once they commit suicide. But I know that a person that takes his or her own life should have to endure the agony and heartbreak for those left behind, wondering what could have been done. PS. Insurance does NOT cover suicide.
06 May 2009 Les I am 35 years old. married, 3 children, a cat and a dog. I do not believe in god or any religious icons. All I know is everyday is surrounded by a big black cloud and a stomach full of anger. What would be worse for my family? me being me in a shitty in-sensitive mood or me being dead? This is what I am wondering. Life at 13 seemed so ..... Fucking stress free compared to now. kid if life is that bad at 13, things don't get any easier. make your choice for you and not for anyone else. Ultimately it is our decision. writing this makes things seem so clear.A moment of clarity in a world gone mad! Why am I thinking of a painless end, after all everyday that I remain breathing; is just the most intense pain I have ever felt. I don't need help, I need.... I need an end to it all!
01 May 2009 skidmark8 ok, i am not 13, i an actually 31. these problems come and go throughout life. i have been wanting death since i was around 12 or 13. i was too weak to do anything about it. i bought a house when i was 22, and lost my job a year later. imagine the stress that creates. i made it through that. i recently got married, and went on the honeymoon in cancun, and now my wife of 2 months says that she is not happy anymore, and hasn't been for 8 months. now we have to divide everything, and go through this whole ordeal. i have a 1.2 million dollar life insurance policy, and my wife and sister would be grateful i am sure. it's just so frustrating knowing the one person you let get so close you is not the person you should have let in.
01 May 2009   I wish I was pretty, I wish I was skinny, I wish he loved me, I wish I was good enough, I wish I was smart, I wish they cared about me, I wish I had the courage, I wish I had the strength to keep fighting, I wish I had the will to end it all, I wish I had money, I wish I had power, I wish I had parents, I wish I had friends, I wish I was funny, I wish I was cool, I wish I had a boyfriend, I wish I had a girlfriend, I wish I had a family, I wish, I wish, I wish I wish, I wish, I wish, I wish, I wish, I wish....

it never ends.

You'll always be trying to be something your not. Why not just be yourself. Life is too short. The tragedy of life is not that we die, but what die's inside us as we live. With each year, with each day, we make decisions, take actions, learn to live with things, and underneath all the skin and bones, we are dying. We are dying the day we are born. And each second after that we get closer and closer to death. We are all dying, the sick, the healthy, the rich, the poor.

What makes a story, what makes one eternal, is what we do in our short time on this planet. Things are being asked from us that we don't want to do. Being pulled in every directions. Being drowned in pressure, to be something, to be someone, to do good, to do bad, to be big. Just be you. That's all you can do. So what if your not pretty enough? So what if he looks at other women? So what if he mentions the hot college girls and all the pretty women So what? I can't change. I am not them. I can never be them. I am just me. I will never be thin enough. Never be pretty enough. Never be smart enough. Never be good enough. Never be the right skin color. Never be the right religion. Never be the right nationality. Never be tall enough. Never funny enough. Never be serious enough. Never be happy enough. Never be sad enough. Never smile enough. Never frown enough. Never cry enough. Never be quiet enough.

So many nevers. So many wishes. There isn't time. All you have time to do is be you. Stop and realize that everyone who you think your trying to be good enough for, doesn't really care whether you change or not. If they are still in your life, then they are there for a reason. Your already enough. You may not see it, but they are there for a reason. Because in their own way they care. But we are all people. Therefore we are all flawed. You can never be good enough for anyone, especially for yourself. It's impossible.

Just be glad you have arms.
and legs.
and you can walk.
and you can see.
and you can smell.
you can taste.
you can think.
you can write.
you can read.
you can go to the bathroom.
you have food.
you have clothes (so what if they're from walmart or the thrift store???)

little things. simple pleasures. we take advantage of them. even if the whole world is falling apart, at least you can still see the beauty of the sun setting and rising. or how the stars twinkle up in the dark sky. be glad that your mum is there, or your dad is there. just be happy to be you.

I know it's hard. I'm still learning to do it myself. But you know what? I am tired of trying to become what I think people want me to be. Because its too hard. And the harder I try, the more quicker I reach my grave. Because years pass by, and I'm still not what I think they want me to be, and I haven't been able to enjoy my youth, I've just been slaving away, trying to be something unachievable.

Fuck what you see on tv.
Fuck the magazines.
Fuck the celebrities.

Fuck them.

They are who they are. And you just need to be who you are. That's all I can say. And if what you are is not enough for someone, then tell them to fuck off too.

The one thing that is certain about life is death. Every thing else is a gamble. Take chances, take risks. And try to live. Your already dying. We all are. So just live. Whether you want to die or not, it will still happen one day. So quit worrying about death. It's coming. Life is what we're running out of. Life is what's going to go away and never come back. Death is eternal. Life can be anywhere from 1 hour to 100 years. Maybe 110 if your lucky.

We are all dead inside.

Just live. Honestly. Death is coming. So just live.
30 Apr 2009 Dianita My name is Diana, I am 20 years old.
I know it is hard to talk about physically abuses (rape) and few times I have try commit suicide, as well.

About 5 years ago, I was 15 years old, I went back home to El Salvador for summer vacation with my family, during the ending of vacation it turn out to be living nightmare, I was rape by my closest cousin best friend. After the trip, I came back to Canada, I was afraid to tell my mother or anyone for many years...And there were many time I tried to commit suicide to end my nightmare for many issues going on with my household of my parents fought, rape, aloneness, lost of yourself, and noone love me.

I was so lost, and alone for many years, I was acting like I careless and pretend nothing happen, but deep down I was broken, fear of men and fear to be in love or physically touch. As Result, there were so many task that I never suspect that I have changes my life, such as my friend never once met him, have into my life, and understand my pain and sadness, because he have similar suffering. Then slowly he have fought with me for internal issues to let free my pain and sorrow to move on forward in life.

And he have open my eyes to better view of the world for no Negative around me, and he have taught me that my family might have their rough path that have effect into my life but it is important that your sibling are following my pathway because I am older and they look up to me for the strength and wisdom and courage to better future.

If you wonder that I am afraid of men still? Yes, I am afraid to physically touch, but I am still learning my comfort zone, I know you can find the answer to your pain and sorrow. But I telling you that you don’t have to look, that someday a person will come to ease your pain and suffering to lighten your heart to better life.
29 Apr 2009 Alissa Close your eyes and imagine the things that you'll never get to do. You'll never get to open your own store, or have that baby boy. You'll never get to kiss your hubby/or gf as your child gets married. hell, you might not even get married at all. You will rip your soul mates one chance at true love away and you'll be letting those asses who mess with you win. Dont. You have the power to control your own life and mold it into what you want to be. Want to move out as soon as you can? Then pull up your grades, talk to your guidance counselor about scholarships and about how your parents treat you. They Are There For A Reason. I know, it seems stupid, but listen to me. My sister-in-law who ive known for over 13 years killed herself jan. 2009, now my bro is on the verge of doing it too. Please please, think.
25 Mar 2009 Lindsey Suicide is not the answer. At 13, I know that you may feel that life is over and some of you may be experiencing painful and undeserving problems in life, but trust me... as my great grandma used to say, "This too shall pass" Life will get better. I used to be depressed and suicidal as a teenager. I had a lot of issues, but as I grew older things got better. Trust me you have not found your true meaning in life and experienced true joy until you have had a child. I hate to say it, but at 13, you have not experienced even a fracture of what life has to offer you. Dont give that up... suicide is forever. That may sound like what everybody says, but think of the magnitude of what forever really means.
25 Mar 2009 Jennifer The best way to kill yourself when you're 13 is to believe that you've already lived a life. You're 13!!!! Your life is barely starting. You're not even afforded the awesome freedoms of adulthood. Wait till you have lived. If you're being abused, raped or experiencing true horrid pain, just cling to hope. There is always hope. I was suicidal when I was a teen. I tried to kill myself but failed. Then, slowly over time 3 of my close friends commit suicide. Seeing what happens after suicide was so excruciatingly painful that I would never hate anyone enough to do that to them. My best friend killed herself while abroad 6 years ago and it still tears me up inside. The part that really pisses me off though is that I'm older than her now and she was still really young. Life is about living as long as you can. Yes it sucks many many many times but in the end, fuck em all. Just be yourself. Instead of giving up, think of clever ways to be indifferent to the pain till you can address it later.
24 Mar 2009 Joseph There is no "Best Way " to kill yourself.
It might end for you , but for other it just keeps going, they're hurt, everyone else is hurt, Hell I wanna kill myself right now too, but Im here for my family and friends.

You Kill More Souls Than People when you commit suicide.
23 Mar 2009 FantasyChica Ive been reading a lot of the things on this site, I found it while looking for the bets way to kill myself on Google. To start, I am 13 though to some I seem older. I have thought about suicide many times, and I have cut myself before. Both my parents are alcoholics, though theyd hide it well if you ever met them. My dad abuses me, verbally and physically. My mother sits by and watches. Im not depressed... but im hurt. I write poetry and thought the audiences reading this would enjoy it... so here it goes
Im dieing here in this spot at this moment Im falling apart and ripping my hair out and spinning in circles and falling to the floor. I cant think anymore I cant write and I cant see the tears are blinding me I want to give up but some wont let go Theyre holding my hand and begging me please theyre saying no. I try to scream but no sound comes out No one would miss me I dont really count I cant hold onto anything Im tied with ropes they wont let me float its likes im in jail handcuffs and all they point and laugh they push me I fall theres no getting up theyre keeping me down My entire life, a smile, turned into a frown.
I hope anybody reading this enjoyed it, and if you wish to contact me and talk, id enjoy it.
23 Mar 2009 Soph I don't want to sound preachy by saying i know how you must be feeling but i do. Over the last year i myself have tried to kill myself about 7 times. Trust me it's not the best way to deal with whatever problems you might be having, it makes them 10 times worse. Its the same with self harming, that doesn't help the issues although it might seem so at the time.
22 Mar 2009 jj I dont know,when I was 13 ,I tried soap thinking it will kill.
I think another way to put it is that we are tired of living-living is tough,demanding and stressful and often does not work out well.
We look back and we look like fools,most of our life we made fools of ourselves.
How do we end this life as we lose interest in living?
My father said he wants to die,he is old and his friends are either dead or sick or senile,younger folks dont want to be with him and he is lonely and he is tired,same old same old thing every day,try reading?he has read so much he does not want to know anything anymore,he has lived thru it all,so why is he still alive?as he is healthy.and thats a punishment if you are healthy and last man left standing.
21 Mar 2009 diana I had a friend who saved my life.
When I was 13 I tried stabbing myself.
I was lucky enough to have this friend stop me.
He made my life worthy of living.
I was happy.
This friend is now gone.
19 Mar 2009 dan Isnt it funny that i would discourage you to find an alternative to suicide , find something to live for , yet i spend most of my time wishing it for myself. im 34
14 Mar 2009 Hunter this is an amazing site. I knew there were a lot of those out there with these feelings, but to see it up close and personal is an eye opener. I had feelings about suicide when i was about 13, and now at 40 I'm truly haunted by the "what if's". I owed it to a broken family, drug use, and hormonal teen angst I guess. I breathe a big sigh now with 3 kids, a great wife, and a nice life, but it breaks my heart to read these passages. There are a lot of cries for help out there that go unheard. I'm afraid some of these people will follow through with what they are saying. Living's a good thing- and YES, life keeps getting better as you continue down the road. It's getting over the teen hump, though, where there is often no light at the end of the tunnel.
08 Mar 2009 Macen Look, your 13 and have hardly lived, maybe your going through some undeniable pain, im not sure i can tell just yet, but killing your self is not going to make your situation better, when i was 15 my grandfather died of cancer, i was his caretaker, he was like my father, when he passed away i was shattered because he was the ONLY one who ever treated me like i was important, the rest of my family always found a way to put me down, and it worked, i started cutting when i found he only had three months left to live the day he died i was a complete mess, i dont think i spoke a word. after a few weeks of feeling nothing but utter pain from the loss, i went into his room and grabbed the hydro and oxcy, took what was left and slit my wrist, my best friend found me. after some hard talking and seeing that someone else truely cared i realized my grandfather would be angry if i showed up where ever it is he may be. im 19 now, and when i think back on this i wonder how i could have been so blind. all im saying is that your young and just because something seems so horrible so unbearable, its no means to end your life, because im sure weather you know it or not someone, wants you alive. if you ever need to talk you can call hotlines or contact me
06 Mar 2009 Hal Hey, i had bin here b4, nw after several yrs am posting bak. Itz rilly gud 2 see that people are advising, telling their stories, and discouraging those who want to commit suicide. Suicide is the end of all hopes.

I've jus cried, talkin 2 God abt wotz hapenin in my life- coz derz no1 2 listen 2 me. oh, am 21, going for my post-graduate studies. Yea, after all the hell i've bin fru, i hav bin able 2 study. I wud stay in my room, cry for hours and sleep in my wet bed-not coz of pee, but my own tears.. :) Well, I've encouraged myself, helped manyyyy people 2 overcome their probs throughout my life... I know wot it is 2feel left out. Yet, now I want to achieve somefin in my life, and some more sadness popping in.

I dunt want to giv up. I wunt list down the probs I've bin fru, but I can say wotever post i've read so far remind me bits and pieces of wot I've lived since early age.

WOT DID I DO? : I withdrew from my family, from people I dont trust, made friends, but kept my mouth shut on criticisms, secrets, and dint reveal anyfin on me. I study hard, and want to work 2 help more people..basically, am a professional social worker- I chose this profession coz I want 2 help people as far as I can. I dont want people to die, to b in probs, 2 b abused.. I no wot itz abt.

So my msg is: ur in shit, use ur experiences for good purpose. am helping, living for my self, ignoring barking dogs..

Suicide sux..lie down or take a bath, watch a nice comedy movie, let ur tears flow, pray by lookin at the sky, without mentionin any name..jus address urself to God..fings will change, God will help u. dunt let Satan make victory on u, he sux.

Hope it helps,
do contact me if u want.
cheers, be alive!!
17 Feb 2009 B Think of someone you know and how it will affect that person. Go for a run - a long long run so that you can't think about anything except your breathing. Write a few paragraphs on a page about how you feel. Take every opportunity you get to be around people acting and living normal happy lives - it is contagious. Do NOT isolate yourself from those around you. Don't give up on anything going on in your life (like, learning an instrument, a project for school, a job, or a relationship). I know I've thought of suicide so much lately it's crazy (many times daily, now). Not in the dark emotional way, but in a cold and calculated rational way. What's saving me right now is someone who recently came into my life, about 6 months ago. I think if it weren't for her, I wouldn't have a reason to go on right now. I can't advise someone to "find" that person. I feel really lucky to have found her. What's bad is that I can't tell her all that. That's another thing: you can't hold someone hostage with your thoughts of suicide. It is not a tool of leverage. But knowing that someone out there sees things the way you do, no matter how bizarre and crazy you think you are, someone out there is your match.
12 Feb 2009 Sasha a girl in my school hanged herself just last week. her little sister found her. it was unbelievable. i just couldnt believe she would do that. no one knows why she did it, but of course everyone is blaming her mum. i think suicide really leaves parents and family feeling guilty. but then again who gives a flying fuck about them. i wish i had the guts to do what she did.
01 Feb 2009 Mike Hey, Ok this hard for me to read this.Oh ok i am 14 i try to kill myself about 2 times a year.I started at age 8.Yea my life is that fucked up i havnt tryed for 2008 you know why,cuz ONE girl i never known found out i tryed to kill myself.She ran upto me crying,she yelled "Please... stop... i need you with me!Stop hurting your self... I love you mike... I Love you" I stop and looked at her... i asked her to stand.I seen her tears... I know she ment it i huged her kissed her and told her stay with me

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