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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
03 Apr 2010 lexa im 13 and i tried to kill myself by overdose of excedrin. very painful. i didnt want to cut myself because people say it hurts but so does this way because it destroys your liver. you vomit a lot, dizzy, weak, cold, SO MUCH pain in my stomach. just dont try it this way
01 Apr 2010 CiCi I wish I knew. That's what I was looking for when I found this site. The easiest most painless way to die.
I thought about an anti-depressant overdose, but have found that it rarely works. You just get really sick. I'm trying to end the suffering not add to it.
30 Mar 2010 Stephanie nobodys life sould end when your lil. people are going to say bad things about you all the time and you will mess up i did all the time i messed up in school. because people talked crap but i did nothing till thay steped and then thats when you deal with things but you should not just find the right person to talk to someone you dont know or someone nobody knows. when i found the school that was right for me i tried to make my life better i tried rode 3 hours one the bus to school and 3 hours back home and if i mist the bus i was stuck if you think im lieing e-mail me and i will have some my teacher tell you but no move bout me back to you. just look at the good things when you do good in life you can look back at the bad and look at how far you came in life. you know life is not all colm waters some times a big ass wave comes and distoys every thing so you have to rebild. if you dont under stand sorry you wasted your time reading and pleas lisen to somebody luv all e-mail me at bye
24 Mar 2010 Adiekay1787 The truth is I have no answer. It's a battle and debate I have almost daily now. I'm married with 2 very young children who need me. I've been at the very heights of happiness. Felt my heart and soul so full of life that I'd might burst. I've been to the very depth of despair and soulache. Lately I feel as though my situation and circumstance is something I cannot live to see myself pass it. I do know that the words and the people here probably saved my life today and for another day I survived.
22 Mar 2010 Andre I am 21 and the thought of killing myself enters my mind everyday as I can't seem to find a job, I am near homeless because I will not accept help from my parents... even tho my parents love for me has been the only thing keeping me alive. I have gone from suicidal to loving life so much I thought I was crazy for thinking of suicide and now back to suicidal again. It is these extreme thoughts that make us so quick to commit suicide when really life is a roller coaster you must ride to reach the end. Anyone reading this please think about your family, think about your friends, and think about what your life could be before you commit. It can be tough for anyone, rich, poor, healthy, unhealthy but understand life can change for better at any given moment. I am far from religious but I do believe there is a plan for all of us and suicide is not it. It may be hard, and may sound cliche but just try to think of everything as a positive reflection on your life. This philosophy got me thru jail.... Everything that happens in life good or bad is motivation to make you a better human being. Jail made me so motivated that when I got out I did everything I could to make my life better. We do not live in paradise, and life is hard but use that as motivation to be the best human you can be, before you end your chances to better yourself and the people you love.
22 Mar 2010 Gosaku well this isnt really an answer to that question cause I'm older than 13 and I have other options so if thats what you're looking for stop reading this one. I think suicide cannot be over one event. it shouldnt be just something like "fuck lost my girlfriend for a year, gotta die now" or "oh no, my life isnt great at the moment." If its just something like that I donno. I think people can look for better things to do or better reasons. I want to die. Its not even that I want control over my death; I dont care if its suicide or not. I hate the hypocrisy and bullshit of life. that is unbearable. I dont even know if Im a hypocrite because I know there is one person that could change my desire, but I dont want them to be the main reason for wanting it to be that person. It'd make me a hypocrite. But I'd be happy if death just hit my by surprise. And I dont agree that Im brave for admitting the want of death and not doing it. Its fear of death preventing be continued another time. no time now
21 Mar 2010 deykamol I can't believe this is 13 years old. That means you're 26. You must be alive, because websites don't pay for themselves.
This is such a bizarre website.

I attempted an overdose once. My doctor told my mother I had an ear infection and prescribed more drugs. I laughed at her idiocy, which is the only reason I'm still alive. The need to prove people wrong. I told her her diagnosis was wrong, I was dying, and I knew why.
I should be dead.
I wish I were.
20 Mar 2010 Tony Intro: Male turned 46 on March 18 2010. History: Parents committed me in psych ward age 14? diagnosis skizzo. symptoms: I wouldn't talk to them or the doctors they took me to. Oh and the kicker my mother asked me if I heard voices and I answered yes because I thought she meant do I think to myself (vocalise internally). Stupid answer. Anyway I wasn't talking to anyone cause I was pissed that Dad wasn't talking to Mum and that was after I attempted to act as some sort of intermediary conciliator. Dad wouldn't have a bar of it and told me to mind my own business. I shut down after that (too sensitive I believe, taking things personally) when really I just shouldn't have given a stuff about my parents relationship. Cause I had everything else going for myself - third in class, great at athletics. One day at school I was simply told to come to the office and that's when they took me away to the psych ward. Some youth counsellor was the one who told me the news about my pending lock down. After I did a couple of weeks or more I'm not too clear on time frame, the same youth counsellor asked if I wanted to come and live with him and his family? I agreed. Thats when he started sexually abusing me from aged 14 - 20 when I finally left my hometown for the city. He and his wife, on the first nights stay, offered me their bed and they'd sleep in the lounge. ??? Anyway whatever, he slipped into his be, with me there, did his thing while I froze like a rabbit caught in lights.
Skip forward 10 years: First wife. Aaagghhh. Fighting all the time. My wife was my first ever girlfriend who broke my virginity. Ha. She picked me up while cheating on her then fiancée. I was totally girl innocent and all. Anyway I thought this was what 'love is'. pathetic and hopelessly naive. skip forward she got pregnant to me and took off. I bumped into her when she was showing and of course I forgot all about the pain and we were back on again. Skip forward 20 years and five kids later and all the hell in between I left her and the kids who I hoped would forgive me. They kinda have - we facebook and I'm on their friends list. I'm with another who I thought 'this is it'. Oh my god do I have a big sign attached to my back that says 'kick me'?
Bottom line: I'm so looking forward to my death. I won't commit suicide but with each birthday I am eagerly closer and closer to finally finishing with my life. I know I'm not the only person who has had a crap life. I read about crap lives in the paper every day and my heart goes out to everyone living with huge pain and suffering.
Lesson learned: key decisions along the way have determined the course of pain in my life. Trouble is your only wise after the fact. Luck plays a part.
19 Mar 2010 leftbehind Well for me it was har to deal with me bff killing herself. mainly becaust she did it in frount of me, slit her throat, and i think to myself everyday what could i have done to save her and relized i could have done anything but i was to scared i rembember saying you wont do it your to pussy ans that was the last thing i said to her that she could hear... i think back to that day all the time and if you are trying to kill yourself plz dont baceausw you leave behind friends family and loveones.
17 Mar 2010 Lue Sipher There are over 6 billion ways to choose, yet at the age of 13 or under.
You are emotionally and physically too young to really choose one. You have not yet lived a full life, and there will be better times. All things pass after time.
Get professional help by checking yourself into a psychiatric ward, and getting on some medications that help out the bad thoughts.
I at 28 years old, wake up daily with suicidal idealation.. Everything can be going great, yet I'll still feel suicidal. Though I ignore it and dont go on my feelings. Its all a game your mind plays with you.
Suicide is the permanant solution, definitely not worth it as there is no coming back, and those you hurt even if you meant to hurt them will hurt for a good portion of their lifes. Some never get over the loss of a loved one, especially a child.
To answer what the best way to kill yourself is however, I can only hope that you'll come to the realization that life is what you make of it, and you have much more to live for. Sure life may suck now, but give it a little while and things will get better. Its all in what you do, maybe try moving away, or finding new hobbies, something to take your mind away from whatever is bothering you.
I'd help assist you in finding a way, but I am sorry.. Maybe if you where over the age of 50, or terminally ill and did not want to bear the pain of suffering a painful death then maybe, but from just what youve asked.. Its a stupid question, with which you have many other options and abilities. Find something that occupys your thoughts and to get you away from it all. Dont kill yourself, it is not worth it.
17 Mar 2010 reaper my parents split when i was 10 then my mum died of cancer when i was 13, after i made it through all that there was a car accident in australia where 6 teens were run over by a drunk driver, 2 were my friends and the driver got 7yrs jail before parol, 9 months later my best friend was killed in a car accident, everyone surved but him. 2 months ago my workmate committed suicide after 2 previous attempts he posted that he was dead on facebook and shot himself, he was alive when his mother found him, he had cut the phone lines so she couldnt call for help, i was talking to him 2hours before he did it and i always wonder if i could have said somthing to change his thoughts, suicide impacts everybody, but even after seeing the pain it causes others im so jealous of him, he doesnt have to live with the pain and he is in a better place, i jus dont see why im here anymore, whats the point of life? why is everyone around me dying? and to make things even greater while dealing with all this ive lost my girlfried who id been with for 4 yrs, can anyone tell me how the fuck i get through all this cos i jus wanna go
17 Mar 2010 Blake Winders Simply dont. i have thought about it all the time i have been called a gay mother fucking fag and many other things every day on my way to school i think about jumping in front of the train i have tried to kill my self many a time but im glad i did not kill myself in the end. i find the best thing for me is to sit in my room and do stuff i like (i play pokemon (im 13) and watch manga also i listen to my fav song) then i think i could not be doing this if i was dead.
email any time to talk

16 Mar 2010 R.S. Hardeman My father died when I was nine years old. He suffered from depression and an on and off again battle with drugs. Friends and family tell me that I was his world, however, I fail to believe so because of his selfish act. When he past I was told that he had died in a car accident. But just like a yesterday, I remember the night before his funeral his car was in perfect shape sitting at my aunts house. For some reason their was always something wrong with that picture but I never put much thought into it. It was a humid summer weekend I was at my bestfriend house and confided in her grandmother about the way I was feeling about my dads death. There was something in me (maybe God) saying that something was not right. She told me to pray and if God thought it was time he would reveal the truth to me. Well, that very next day I was at home my mother had called and asked me to look for some papers, and it was then I came across my fathers death certificate. Only with curiosity as I read it to my surprise there it was. It stated that he indeed did committ suicide. Emotions feel me with angry, guilt, sadness I felt it all. I later found out that everyone knew but me. I pushed myself away from his family feeling so hurt. I always asked my self Why? I was turning 16 that year and now at the age of 19 I can really say that was not a sweet sixteen. I've always had thought of killing myself. I've tried once and thought about it over a million times. After trying my mom told me I was throwing a temper tantrum and honestly that really hurt. Afterwards I tried a therapist and during one session my step-dad was invited in and he of course agreed with my mother. This was like a slap in the face cause at that very moment I was screaming out for help. I felt alone and that everything I did or every answer I wanted was pushed away. I needed so desperate affection but it wasn't offered. People just looked at me like I was sick and treated me like I was a mental patient. Now I'm at a different place in my life. Im still sort of angry because I felt like my dad was being very selfish and missed out on the essentials of my life. At my lowest moments I still think about killing myself but Ive found something that keeps me going. So for those that are thinking about it I think you should find something that you look forward to. Me, myself it was my neice. Being my first neice its something about that little girl that keeps me going. I'm anxious about my future and I try to find something big or small to atleast make me smile everyday. I wrote on my mirror words and phrases of encouragement. The other day I was very upset and now for some reason I hardly ever just cry or let the pain out. With me being a very sensitive and emotional person this is strange to me but I had a break down. And, for some reason I looked up at the mirror and I seen the words I had written (smile) and I smile there I was smiling because I made it another day here at peace. Had I killed myself I never would have made it there...simply happy
11 Mar 2010 AG TO ANYONE WHOS ABOUT TO KILL THEMSELVES DONT DO IT,THINK OF ALL THE PEOPLE YOUR HURTING INCLUDING YOURSELF depressions just a feeling everyone gets, it doesn't mean you have to go to the extreme and do anything drastic its basically a part of being a teenager, as a matter of fact being a teen are some of the stressful years of your life
10 Mar 2010 Jungle I have to agree with Mr. Survivor down there. We are indeed more powerful because we made thoughts that the "normal" person have never done. We made those thoughts and we are still in this world fighting to achieve the aim that everyone have set for his life. And even moments of suicide when we feel like we don`t have any aim, we do, we just don`t know it yet but we have to go on to find what is the aim of life. It`s funny though that people around us have no idea how we feel inside and even if you try to share your feelings they think is a joke. But this doesn`t mean that they are any better, it just means that they are living a routine without any problem which involve spirit or heart.
03 Mar 2010 Survivor There is no best way to kill yourself. There is only one way, and that road will always lead to death (obviously). But none of us who ADMIT to want to commit suicide will or should take that road. We are stronger than that; those of us who admit to it, admit to a problem we have: We admit that we are too courageous to do it (and thats why we havent done it, those of us who are on this page have decided not to kill ourselves yet). Death is so welcome, and so easy. Its been more than 9 years since these thoughts of suicide entered my mind, and Im still alive. Its because I cant do it, because I wont, because even though its the easy way out, its not the road I wish to take. We are proud, we who admit to the desire of surrenderring our souls; we are stronger than death itself because not only do we admit to giving in, but we understand the pain that brings living with this burden. Every single day that we live is a day survived, a day of pain, of hurt and of thinking we are undeserving of anything that is good. And yet, we are survivors, we are stronger than your average person who lives their life as a fairytale, or as a "normal" person. We overcome much more than anyone else; and this makes us stronger, it makes us more powerful, it makes us smarter and more perceptive of life, of love, of happiness. Each smile is more appreciated by us, even if no one else knows. It makes us special, because we feel more than people without those feelings (the negative side effect is that we have to live through pain, but trust me when I say no one knows the happiness we know, even if it was just for a second, in a dream, no one normal will come even close to this feeling; how do I know? because Ive seen "happy" people, and they know not what happiness is, what pain is, what sadness is; they are dead in the face of feelings, which is why they dont understand us or care to understand us or the idea of them its a taboo, to us its a reality that eats away at us). Regardless, We are lost souls, but we are so many, just read what people have had the courage to confess in this website. Its not about family, its not about friends or boyfriends or even God; its about you, or in my case, me and my willing and ability to survive in a world that wants me to die or commit suicide. They say, kill yourself, I say, make me; and everyday they try to but I will damn well laugh in their faces and say: if you were me, you would kill yourself, but I will survive whatever challenge you force upon me, not even your evil will of self destruction will murder me for I will overpower my self hatred, my own desire to die, my incapacity of dealing with the pain in this world. I will survive, even if I dont want to, only to prove to myself and the world that these feelings of self loathing will not overcome my desire to defeat them. Its so easy to die, its harder to live with the desire, and YES, that does make us better people. Are you a survivor or another statistic? Because, believe it or not, its your choice. You can choose to be better than everyone else or be just who they expect you to be.
27 Feb 2010 BuffyDecember I hope you don't figure out how to succeed at rendering yourself extinct. There can't be anything that is so bad or a life that is so awful that this is the fix. Trust me, I have tried twice and I am glad I didn't get it right.
17 Feb 2010 Matt I'll be honest, I found this because once again I find life a battle. But to be honest I found this a little shocking that we're talking about someone who's thirteen. I'm thirty nine and have batttled depression from when I was thirteen or fourteen. I still fight now and some days are a constant struggle.

But all I know is this: This life is a wonderous experience and along the way you will meet beautiful people (as well as the ugly) and you will see amazing days and dark days. Some days you will feel dead to the world and others will feel as vital as any spring day.

I'm a photographer now and though depression is still a batttle I wouldn't change it for the world.

Don't worry, life will grow around you, the impossible will feel possible and most of the people you hate will vanish.

Live because that's all we have. Every minute of every day.
07 Feb 2010 almost there the best way to kill yourself is to drink yourself to death. I mean, fuck, you'll have some good times, right? you'll go nuts at the bar and dance on tables and get into fist fights and crash your car (if you're lucky you might even kill yourself in a car crash) you'll have sex in stinking toliet cubicles and you'll try to kill your best friends for no reason. well, i know i did. and guess what? if you're hanging around piss heads no one will even raise an eyebrow! hooray for uncontrolled alcoholism! as they say drink until you can't feel feelings anymore!
i mean, life can suck balls... hell, i know. i won't go into it, my point is that the best way to make things better is to make a change in lifestyle. no one said it had to be a change for the better.....
02 Feb 2010 cancerofhehead pills: 1,8% chances of success. worst choice. you d have to spend 6 years of your life in the warp trying in average 50 times to not even hope of succeeding. flying from 12 meter up: 65% of surviving. train: 10% of all attempts ended in survival. germany, that s where i live is the country where people commit suicide the most using train crashes, collision or decapitation, in worst case one in ten, integral amputation. that s how i dreamt MY future. who knows how body react when confronted with high speed train at 10m, 1m i suspect even 30 sec are enough for lethal reflex, the one that makes conscience jump for stupid will of specie to survive, and fail. amputation of both arms, one leg, the head has been sawnd back in place to the head, disjoined to 2/3rd, that s enough saving YOUR life a jugular and a carotidiss have remained intact, your BRAIN DAMAGE noone s bothered, anyway didn t you prefer life with all your limbs, or brain, hi ! hanging. noone knows, it all depends how you plan in, how much noise you make falling down the rope, and with whon you live. neighbours might be enough to save you even if you live alone you ve just borrowed a ladder from them. and EVERYONE knows you re a psycho in the neighbourhood.
stop, that s enough
i ve been watching this site again from work since experiencing drug induced suicide psychosis in deed. it s over now, let me just warn all about ABILIFY ARIPRIPAZOLE take it maybe if you re feeling low, anhedonic, catatonic, year after you quit, suicide story turns in quick. all effects in all users. i lasted only 2-3 weeks in my case, it can strech over 1-2 months never feel so low in hell, something hits you in the head, dopamine flux in the wrong place do it do it d o it now, quit murder then the voices, not like you hear them i just heard them think, "kill yourself", "etc etc", sorry that s just not when i feel like doing it, i d not end it that way in any case proving them right, i just want to act like death when i DON T CARE, even the pain, i m a medic, i know what it takes, pills dont work , never, in 98.2% of cases they don t, you just vomit in your lungs, whether 50 pills, 100, 200 (i ve not been further), sleeping pills, antidepressants, tranquilizersa, antipsychotics, even mixes won t do.

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