Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
01 Jul 2010 Kelli Listen young man i know its hard and its tough...but life is too precious to do something sooo stupid. I am 19 divorced, and have no relatonship with my mother by choice now. When i was 9 months old my mom left my dad, my older sister, and me. She was 19 and partying was her life for the next 6 years. My dad remarried a Bitch that beat me, her dad raped me, beat me and cheated on my front of me many times. My mom tried to come back to save me but only to hurt me when i was 7 when my dad remarried. Later to find out that she was a drug addicted and try to get me to turn against my dad. I chose to stop talking to her for 6 more years because she was allowing my 6 year old little sister to do drugs and drink with her. When i was 15 my dad finally believed me about the woman he was married to that she was cheating. We left, and my dad went down the deep end. Im 15 a freshman in high school working 3 jobs raising my self. After 2 years i couldnt do it and i turned to my mom. Again..i was hurt by her, her abusive, perverted hustband and was back on my own. 6 months later a guy i had know my whole life asked me to marry him. i said yes. I was working 50 hours a week a senior in high school taking care of both him and i. I couldnt tell you how many times i have been baker acted, how many different guns i tried to use, or how many times i would sleep wishing i would never wake up. 4 months after i got married, i graduated high school with a 3.6 by my self working...just to proove to people that there is hope in some people...a month later my husband beat the hell out of me...that when i still look in the mirror i dont see myself the same i still see the horror that he did for 6 hours and he locked me in our house for 3 days before finally turning himself in for what he had done. I had the same job for 3 years and quit because it was all the same. I drank, and drove, took pill cut myself. I have tried it all been through a lot and still walk around with a smile on my face.
Sometimes its better to kill others...with kindness than it is to kill your self...because once you have done that you have prooved to all those bad and mean people...that you let them choose your path instead of making your own.
26 Jun 2010 the one who deserves death Whats the Best way to kill yourself when you are 13?

Here is the Answer, there is no best way it all hurts very painfully.

you have alot to live for and trust me you really do... i wish i had chosen the right path when i was around that age but depression got the better of me and i continued my ways.

i say dont do it, there is no need live your life and grow old and then die of natural causes.
04 Jun 2010 Christopher It makes me quite sad to read this (I found this page by accident. I know how some of you feel. Ok Im lucky enough to say I've never been abused and i will never be able to understand the kind of pain that must cause but I know what it's like to look on the mirror and completely despise what is looking back and feel like erasing myself off the face of the planet. I spent 3 years desperately depressed and ended up in hospital more times than I care to remember. I took overdoses of sleeping pills, painkillers and a huge amount of alcohol. I've cut myself so bad that i've lost some movement in my rift hand. There is no way to properly describe fully the pain that I felt. Right now I'm trapped in a loveless relationship with a man that openly cheats on me constantly. I can't find work so I can't get out. At least work was an escape for me. My family has disowned me because a while back when he started cheating I forgave him and refused to leave him. I spend every day being told I'm worthless and a waste of space. But I know that if I kill myself I will only prove the world right so I vow to somehow pull myself out of this rut and make something of myself. I know what it's like to not be able to sink any lower and be gripped by complete desperation but no matter how desperate you are everyone is unique and special. I know you probably don't feel it but I promise that each and every one of you has a valuable place in life. It may take time to see it but I swear it's true. There is nothing so cruel as false hope so I whole hearted swear that every person on earth is amazing and beautiful in their own way. I love you all and I hope one day you can see the strength in the mirror and love yourself for having the strength to overcome your pain.
31 May 2010 Alyx. Personally, I think the best way to kill yourself is to take a little bit of alcohol, and mix it with a certain dosage of aspirin. (you will fall asleep, and you will die painlessly).

If you take too many pills and drink too much alcohol, you will throw it all back up. Or, you could sleep for a couple of days, and awake with liver problems.

However... you're thirteen. I wouldn't do it if I were you.

I've tried it - once when I was eleven, and the next at 15. I failed each time.

I think I tried it a second time because, well, what - I'm such a failure at life that I can't even kill myself correctly the first time around!?

But you...

I've learned the hard way, that through all the mucky shit and bile-filled people in this world, there are actually a few decent ones out there.

I'm not saying I'm better - or that you'll be feeling better with a snap of your fingers. I don't think the people who truly do want to die, or have attempted it, ever feel any semblance to normal again.

I know that if I would have succeeded in ending my life, I would never have met my baby brother, who's life I want nothing but the best for, and my baby nephew, who I want nothing but smiles and laughs for.

It's bitter sweet. It's hard.

I never thought I'd make it past 18. I KNOW I won't make it past 23.

Really, the only reason I'm around is because of the new, innocent lives that have entered my life.

But for anyone reading this, you don't NEED new lives to better yours. You need to find something that you hold a passion for, something that might spark and hold your interest and (dare I say it) hope.

I don't think people need a handful of pharmaceutical x to feel better about themselves and their lives. I think people just need someone to listen and care.
26 May 2010   I have been visiting this site for years although I have never posted and im doing so now just to say that reading some of the stories on here has helped me and brought me comfort as it has made me feel less alone when dealing with difficult emotions. I hope that everyone comes out the other side of whatever it is you're going through.
24 May 2010 Niclaeus It's hard to justify suicide when you're just 13. So little to complain about, so much to live for and still allowed to make so many mistakes.

I feel for so many of the people who have posted on this site. Little snippets of their lives, small but genuine cries for help. I see so many of my own problems dotted throughout the posts and strangely I feel welcome here. If anything I have found inspiration, and take heart in the fact that I still care - if not for myself then at least for others. My thanks to those who have opened your hearts.

If I have any advice to give, this is it: Don't give up. The darkness is that by which to measure the light. Only if you've experienced true suffering can you appreciate true happyness. A lot of people go through life experiencing neither. Also, try not predicting the future. That's a mistake I keep making. I'm not religious, nor do I believe in fate, but you cannot deny chance. Well, unless you commit suicide that is..
21 May 2010 Gabriel DUDE, PLEASE DON'T! This may sound insane, but I hanged myself and was dead for 5 minutes. I was lucky to have my entire brain intact...I then went to the crazy house and learned coping skills. The first thought I had when I woke up in the hospital was, Praise God I'm alive." I have rapic cycling bipolar, so I truly understand what you're going through...I just would hate for you to die. Suicide seems like an option...but it will only cause more pain for everyone else. My mom found me in my room and was so freaked you really want to put your family through that? They love you whether you believe it or not. And you have others that love you. Please seek help. There is to much death already...please don't add to it...I don't know you nut I do know that you are worth living, no matter how it feels right now. Don't turn out like me...
14 May 2010 sean Better not. I have seen death, it is not pretty, and when you are close, you will wish you were far away again. There are better ways to deal with your pain and loneliness, or whatever it is that makes you consider killing yourself. And if you are young, consider this; school sucks for many of us. And things just get better once you have left. There are so many interesting things in the world, and so many people who need help. If you can't enjoy the beauty of it yourself, use your energy to help others who could were they not dying of starvation or sickness in some 3rd world country. The joy of helping others alone will fill the hole.
12 May 2010 grey tears. they come and go. like storms. the raindrops. the falling water. the sorrow in the sky. the wail in the wind. the fierce emotion of storms very much alive. when i storm. i am alive. is that why. i cry. is sadness. a reminder of life. or. life a reminder of sadness. does sadness go away. with the tears. like the storm. it can only cry so much. til it gets worn out. crying. the clouds. the clouds you see. they still want to cry. and cant. is that not sad. am i like that. why can't i cry. has the storm passed. or. have i run out of rain. storming. where is cover. i am soaked in tears. no shelter. i must endure. why. cold. so cold. why not end and give. why live. so cold. so wet. the storm only lets when it has no tears. its emotion still roars in its belly. why live. storm seems like only weather. why go on. is there more. where is she. the sun. my promise. my. my. emotion. my other emotion. where is she. an end is not physical. the mind. it wont let go. instinct is a second person. i am gray. like the storm. transitory. not dark. not light. in transiton. mixed state. i am. both. live and dead.
03 May 2010 Auriol There is no best way to kill yourself! Why would you want to anyway? You might feel miserable at the moment, but you don't have a crystal ball, you can't see into the future. How do you know you don't have a very happy future ahead of you?

When I was in my early teens I was unhappy for various reasons (I won't bore you with the details). I remember feeling that nothing would change, that I had years of feeling unhappy ahead of me, that life sucked. But you know what? Time moves on and things change - things ALWAYS change and life gets more interesting and more enjoyable again. You'll meet someone special one day and wonder why on earth you ever even thought of killing yourself.

Another thing: I won't bring God into this because you may not believe in God; instead I'll just say the universe has a way of evening things up, of getting a balance. So this is your unhappy time, but that will balance out - this is the way things work. Plus some day the very fact that you're alive may be very important to someone else - you might save someone's life or be able to help someone in some other way, you might be the one person who somebody else trusts or loves or looks up to. Do you want to miss that chance?

Please, anyone contemplating suicide, don't do it. People care, well, most people anyway. There is always a reason to live, it's just sometimes not immediately obvious.
30 Apr 2010 ... am a 17 year old girl in fostercare i took an overdose in november not to die but to take the pain i have a way it didnt work i just ended up in hospital when i got out i made an impulsive decision to join the army i signed up got frew my barb test and interveiw but failed my medical because of the over dose just think if i didnt do that i could have been in the army by now i regret it every day i am now on prozac and get counciling it helps but i live with the pain every day and think of my past its hard and everyone is the same i want to help other people in the futre who are just like my self i am going to become a nurse i hope thoughs who go on this padge read this and really think about why they came on this page every one has a chance i hope yous will do the right thing and seek help x
28 Apr 2010 Elsey Whenever I hear about people committing suicide i feel extremely saddened,(not saying that i think it's ok) but, i realize that that person is no longer in pain anymore and it's weird I almost feel a relief for them. as much as i can feel extremely emotional and unstable the thought of killing myself never crosses my mind so this makes me think that although i feel like sometimes things are out of control and i'm by myself and crying alone that someone else has to be feeling worse than me or has more emotional pain than me which is hard to fathom but obviously that's because I haven't felt that kind of pain before. All i can say is that it's never too late to make yourself better even if you can't see the light. Happiness comes from within your mind and i can understand that some people have depression or other chemical imbalances that are different than mine and it makes them unable to control their thoughts or how they feel, but atleast you are aware of it. Although i can never understand completely how it feels to be so depressed you can't even really live, what always makes me come back to myself is meditation/yoga/reading/writing poetry. If you have nothing else and you feel like you have no one, why not learn about everything in the world or universe (cosmos), it makes you more knowledgeable and more understanding of everything that surrounds you, maybe even takes your mind off of unhappiness?
17 Apr 2010 Sapph0 Hi! I've read some of the stories here and believe me it's not worth it. Whatever your problems are, look around, there are more people having greater problems than you do. I thought about it before but maybe because I wasn't thinking of anything nor anyone but myself. I love my parents, my relatives and friends that's why I didn't do it. You have to be strong and prove to everyone that you can make it. If you have to fake your happiness, fake it till its real. You guys are still young, you will soon encounter so many great things as you go on with your life. Sometimes you stumble but it is a good thing because you learn through experiences and you become stronger. Whoever or whatever is the reason that you want to commit suicide is not worth it. You are far more greater than them. If its about your boyfriend/girlfriend, believe me you'll find greater someone in your life as you go on. If its about your family, so what? You have your own life. Don't mind them and do the things that you should do. If your parents think that you're a mistake then prove it to them and soon they will be proud of you. You just proved to them that you're wrong. It doesn't have to be the reason that you are doing it is for them but its for you alone. No one can drive your life but you. Mingle with friends to have an outlet! Go out! There are lots of things to do. Go on dating but be sure not to fall in love at the wrong person and number one rule for girls NEVER GET PREGNANT or else you won't enjoy life anymore. If you did, then go date again till you have overcome it. But if you get pregnant, do not commit abortion. Because then its just the same thing as going to hell. Come out of the gray area and see the world as black and white. God gave us our life and we do not have a right to take it away. Just abide in him and he will abide in you. Pray to him and whatever you ask, it will be done to you. I thought to myself when I want to commit suicide, I could encounter greater people, I could be someone. I'd like to see myself successful. I would like to prove to everyone that I am someone whom they could be proud of. That I am someone that no one can reach. Finish your studies and have a degree because that's what you need in life. Find a job, do business till you become rich and I tell you, life is so much fun! I've had problems and I sometimes think of taking my life away. I had taken pills the next day, I wake up again and life seems to be the same. I get myself drunk but the next day, same thing. It went on and on, and time will tell when you're sober. Life is not easy, but you can make it easy. It is still up to you. Until now, I still have problems.. problems come and go.. once you solve a problem here comes another. But you learn and sometimes your heart gets hard that you can't feel anything anymore. You become insensitive. Though you are still young and there will be greater problems that will tag along as you grow old. Be strong. Look up to God and pray to him that he may help you. There are times that you are sad, but cheer up. There's a long road ahead that you will be happy of. Wake up! Maybe your prince charming is just to see you. Life is also full of "WHAT IF's". I do have those issues, like what if I have talked to this guy, what if I did this and did that? Would life be easier? I tell you the answer, it is still you who can solve things. So what is the best way to kill yourself??? Look at around you, the people who will be left when you're gone, you will hurt them. And do not tell me that no one loves you because there is someone who loves all of us. GOD!!! When you kill yourself, it will just be worst because you will be in hell. So if you think the world that we live in is already hell. Think again, how worst will it be if you go to hell and there's no turning back. Life is a game. Life is unfair. Just go on, play the game. Hate the game and not the player. In short, life is not easy but life is worth living. Good luck guys! If I was able to overcome it, so do you. Who am I to be successful. Be a winner!! God Bless you all!
16 Apr 2010 Donte Not to. Get help. There is so much help available today. I too thought of suicide at probably about the age of 13. Throughout my 30 plus years since, I've often continued to think about it. I've had good days and bad days, I never sought the professional help I really needed for this issue and I guess I am really here today because it still plays on mind. With the help of our Higher Power we can see this through. Someone mentioned that life is a roller-coaster ride. Well, I happen to agree. Let's just keep riding it out, doing self help, getting professional help, helping each other to move on to whatever our next mission of the moment or day will be. Good times do not last but neither do Bad times. Even though they (bad times) seem to linger, lets not put our focus there, lets press on to make tomorrow a better day for ourselves, if we do that, surely it will be better for someone else. Blessings to all this comment reaches.
09 Apr 2010 cancerofthehead hello. I droped something like a hundred pills 2 days ago (second overdose. two days after first od). abilify, leponex, prozac, lyrica on 6g/L alcohol intoxication. I m scared I will die of kidney failure. I woke up last night at 7.00 sh I was fine. I know that in hospital they give strict instructions for the patient not to move and stay in bed. I ve been through overdosing at hospital once, now I live alone with my dog, noone cares, noone s checking if i m still alive (my phoneline s still not working, and second day only with internet since bills had not been paid). Waking up I felt so dizzy, I could n t walk the line litteraly, I d constantyl be falling on the left or the right, back or front, my inner balance had been disrupted so violentyl I could not walk anymore. I thought I d stay like that all my life, I wonder if that s normal, even though I almost became a doctor, I was expelled from medical school in 3rd year because I prefered to get high on the tuition fees and did not pay on time. I used to be an amphetamine addict. Now I fucked up on my entire life for the rest of my life I ll become the madman of the neighborhood. I considered hanging but don t do that, the pain is so excruciating it s not even human, never give in I failed to attempt, was scared. 1,8% success for pills. that s low. Anyway I m scared I might die in the next hour because I know that kidney failure can occur 48 hours or more after intoxication. Patients are not supposed to move. "don t move": been there already, from now on I ll overdose at home. Know? then they send you to the warp for 6 weeks. I don t want that.
05 Apr 2010 stuart overdozes dont work i have tried cleaning chemicals along with vodka and whisky,and every single pill i could get my hands on ,including my exes hormone tablets!,but im still ere with scarred arms sittin ere terrified of other ppl an their opinions and im even iller,wahey!! NOT!! so anyway im reckonin on a train or somethin next time maybe that will wipe me out eh? or maybe not knowin my luck i wudn die ,probli end up in a wheelchair disabled im guessin the only way is to start on a gang of "chavs" maybe ,them and their sick ways would almost certainly leave me dead?
03 Apr 2010 lexa im 13 and i tried to kill myself by overdose of excedrin. very painful. i didnt want to cut myself because people say it hurts but so does this way because it destroys your liver. you vomit a lot, dizzy, weak, cold, SO MUCH pain in my stomach. just dont try it this way
01 Apr 2010 CiCi I wish I knew. That's what I was looking for when I found this site. The easiest most painless way to die.
I thought about an anti-depressant overdose, but have found that it rarely works. You just get really sick. I'm trying to end the suffering not add to it.
30 Mar 2010 Stephanie nobodys life sould end when your lil. people are going to say bad things about you all the time and you will mess up i did all the time i messed up in school. because people talked crap but i did nothing till thay steped and then thats when you deal with things but you should not just find the right person to talk to someone you dont know or someone nobody knows. when i found the school that was right for me i tried to make my life better i tried rode 3 hours one the bus to school and 3 hours back home and if i mist the bus i was stuck if you think im lieing e-mail me and i will have some my teacher tell you but no move bout me back to you. just look at the good things when you do good in life you can look back at the bad and look at how far you came in life. you know life is not all colm waters some times a big ass wave comes and distoys every thing so you have to rebild. if you dont under stand sorry you wasted your time reading and pleas lisen to somebody luv all e-mail me at bye
24 Mar 2010 Adiekay1787 The truth is I have no answer. It's a battle and debate I have almost daily now. I'm married with 2 very young children who need me. I've been at the very heights of happiness. Felt my heart and soul so full of life that I'd might burst. I've been to the very depth of despair and soulache. Lately I feel as though my situation and circumstance is something I cannot live to see myself pass it. I do know that the words and the people here probably saved my life today and for another day I survived.

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