Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
24 May 2011 paige Im not totally sure the best way to kill urself because ever since i was six yrs old my cousin molested me for 4straight yrs. I became so depressed and kept to myself. Ive tried killing myself over and over agin. And yet im. Still hereive always felt lik no one ever understands wat im going through.wheneveranything gets rough i run away and wantto hurt myself. I always dream about wat my life would b like once i got older but how would i know the answer to tht if i want to kill myself again..
18 May 2011 Tise im not sure i tried once last year but my boyfran calld the ambulance and i ended up going to the hospital and a mental complex!!! it was terible. at that time ii was constantly fighting my mothers husband and just unhappy with life in general and i got fed up and tried to OD on pills but my angel saved me! :)
15 May 2011 Miriam Suicide is a horrible thing. I just put my 22 year old sister in the ground. She was so smart and pretty. She graduated from college with honors. Please if you are considering this, call someone. There is always someone who cares. You may not feel like it but there is. My sister left behind my mother, father, and a devestated boyfriend. The pain that this leaves with the ones you left behind is the worst pain imagineable. Please do not do it.
01 May 2011 Haylee Please dont kill yourself, please. I was 13 when i wanted to kill myself too, but now im 14 and im happier now.
29 Apr 2011 emma my sister hates me and g want to kill my self but i really love my sister to bits i cutt my wrists thinking that i would die but my mum quickly took me to hospital .
19 Apr 2011 una i. by thinking about the absurd after reading camus and drawing tender hearts with ones own breath on the bell jar keeping you detached from the outside.

a more pragmatic approach to it, just taking a deep breath while isolating the kitchen from the outside word.

if all this should fail, you my dear, ought to stay alive.

by una
10 Apr 2011 Jamie Ok my daughters sister googled how to kill herself, and found the way to do it, as of now she is fighting for her life in ICU, I do not want this to happen to my daughter, her sister is her heart, and I want to know how in the world how to kill ur self is on the internet, she did not succeed, and may be perminently damaged for the rest of her life, not counting the huge scares up and down her wrist for the rest f her life, its NOT WORTH IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
14 Mar 2011 justin suicide is rude, you end your problems knowing its going to cause others problems. Life is a bitch, and then you die, why shorten it, everyone has shitty times, some worse than others. but we all deal with shit. some things take longer than others to fade away, but eventually thought of suicide will go away if you want them too.
13 Mar 2011 hurt foreva I lost my boyfriend of 5 yrs to suicide to say 4 yrs later im still devastated and left with alot of what ifs you have no idea how my heart is and will always ache foor the person i loved soo much people think its a joke.... no its the hurt n pain within them to kill need to know the crushed feelings of those who lose someone to suicide it never never gos away pls think about it its not a fuckin game or joke sit back n seriously think that u r better than that n u r perfect jus
24 Feb 2011 trevor im 13 years old and i took my friends dads 22. pistol and aimed at my head and the bullet passed my brain stem and stopped on the other side of my head. so if you try gunning your self, aim better than me.oh ya hospital and a surgen pulling a bullet out of you ear hurts!!!!!
25 Jan 2011 gabby honestly there is none. i have tryed evry way and i am stil here. i havent had the best life n have had depression since i was 2. i am now 16 and stil having suicidal thoughts. its just best to not try. ull ruin ur life tryin to end it. ive lost many friends from tryin. in the end its not worth ruining evrythin.
21 Jan 2011 singh Suggestion please do not commit suicide wait for some days & everything will be all right.I was also going through same phase
11 Jan 2011 fate decides your life , you dont im a thirteen year old boy , my mother and father died in a car crash when i was only five years of age , i was then orphaned for three years and teased by all the other kids , when i was nine , i was finaly adopted by two drunk assholes who no longer want me because i do better at school than they did , i was beaten almost every night and now i was on the verge of ending my life at the age twelve one year ago . thankfully my best friend and teacher had called child services and i was out of the house within one day , i got my final beating but that didnt matter because my life would finaly change , i now live with my best friends parents and i am happy . Nothing bad enough to end your life over
09 Dec 2010 jb I think I know well how everyone in here feel. I was going to shoot my self about 2 month ago when my life got so bad. If I was adopted I would had pull the trigger the only thing that stop me was that I could not put my nieces and nephew through the after math. To this day I still have the round that was in the chamber on top of my tv stand.
29 Nov 2010 melissa No one needs to kill themselves. think of your family and friends and the devistation you will cause them. seek God and he will help you through anything. My life has been a mess. molested beaten and i have thought about killing my self but that is not the answer. you are worth so much more. God loves each of you so much.
11 Nov 2010 Enoch161 Im tired of it. ever since i was in 5th grade i wanted to kill myself. now im in 9th and the feeling is getting worse. just last year i would do ANYTHING to stay out of school. now i want to stay in school for as long as i possibly can. i hate my house. my dad loves her 2 daughters more than me. he tells me to do all the work with him and if i do something wrong i get the blame. the dont do NOTHING AT ALL and no matter what i do im wrong. my family is dying slowly and so am i. ive tried numerous suicide attempts. banging my head on the wall of my house on basketball poles and even on concrete. i only have reason to be hear today and thats my best friend. shes the only reason y i want to go to school. ive also tried killing myself over certain things such as mee getting yelled at ,beat, even for liking a girl that didnt like me. my dad just gave me a 10 min speech on why im in school and all of that and that just motivates me more to die because its just telling me that im close to entering this thing we call life. sure i have my brothers and parents and sisters and stuff unlike some children but they dont care so y should i. i dont want to kills myself yet cuz of my best friend and whether heaven or hell is real and if so will i go to hell. the more i think about it the more i want to find out. a whole lot of people have it worse than me physically, but mentally im just a 5% charged laptop without a charger. of all the time ive attempted suicide ive only have 1 effect twice. i have pneumonia twice but i didnt die. i get a severe sickness every winter and hope to die from one of them. im almost done...1 last thing...if my dad dies...i have no reason left to live...then i die...
11 Nov 2010 coryyy im exactly 13 and 1/2 right now. ive been contemplating suicide for many years. and heres my story. it all started when i was 6 and 1/2. i was raped by my sisters ex boyfriend when he was supposed to be giving me a bath. ever scince ive ben plotting revenge. starting with him and ending in myself. then my mom just recently threw a ceramike plate that she split in half on the counter. it left a huge scar.... my bestest friend in the whole wide world nate said that it gets better. im starting to scrutinize if thats true. my parents treat me like dirt. and for a while school was the only way out. until recently. ive ben called every name in the fucken book..whore..lesbian..freak...weirdo...useless. and worst of all....."it". i want to just shoot myself right now but i cant.. i got the gun in my hand right now and i just cant...does anybody hear me??? no nobody does... im all alone in this world.. the only thing keeping me from my destiny on the other side is......nathan.... i love you..ill try to never leave you
09 Nov 2010 greg im 29. it doesnt get better unless u lie 2 yourself or get drugs. my plan was to just run my body and brain into chemical oblivion. but the memories hurt me EVERY DAY. they say u only remember the good times. THATS A LIE! EVERYDAY MY MEMORIES ARE ONLY PAIN AND SADDNESS. life bad when people say "dont worry, things will get better" and when u dont "get better"? its worse... they dont say anything at all. TRANSLATION: YOU FAILED AT LIFE and p.s. dont depress your nieces and nephews
28 Oct 2010 loquita drugs and alcohol.(if you take this seriously, read all of this, if you arent willing to do that, read the last few paragraphs)
i say this because i have spent the last four years of my life killing myself slowly with these tools.
i was fifteen when i started to drink "socially". also the same age i tried marijuana for the first time.
i found a great escape in these things. when i was drunk and high i could forget about how worthless, insecure, disgusted with myself and depressed i was. i thought i had found a savior in these things.
i speak from experience, and it can be debated all day whether pot is a gateway drug, but for myself, and many my friends it was. pot lead to coke, then to mushrooms and lsd, then to ecstasy then to pills, and not to mention the array of drugs that the pot was laced with out of my 4 years i spent wasting myself.
at first it started out doing these things in the summer. but when school started back up, i needed an escape from the pressure and stress of highschool and the troubles i was having at home. my parents have been divorced since i was 1 and i didnt get along with the stepfather. so drinking and drugging became a weekend hobby.
i graduated from hs a semester early and started college. i found many of kids with the same habits of me and the drinking and drugs became almost an everyday activity. pot and alcohol became my life. i lived to get high and drunk. so much that i quit going to school. then on st. patricks day of this last year i got a wake up call. i was arrested with a dui, and spent 7 hours in jail. i realized i was spinning out of control. but what was i supposed to do, its hard to stop spinning once you start. i tried to quit, but i had addictions rooted for 4 years. i stayed off drink for about 3 weeks, saying if i just smoke ill be alright. but it didnt last, pot alters perceptions until it was clear to me, as long as im not driving i am alright to go on as i please.
i spent april through august in a drunken stupor until i got another wake up call. i had been on a two week straight drinking binge, every single day from the time i woke up til i past out the next morning, fucked up. a friend i hadnt seen in awhile came to pick me up to hang out from this house i was staying at. i was still drunk when she got me at 9 in the morning. i passed out in her car on the 2 hour drive to her house, and when i woke up i couldnt remember where i was or why. i kept trying to cover up what i was feeling, that i was out of control, with pot. but it didnt work anymore. i didnt forget the things that bothered me when i was high anymore. then something happened. what i can only explain as a spiritual awakening.
later that day, by the grace of god, i found some kind of strength from with in to ask my mother to take me to rehab. now, today ive been clean for 2 months after completing a rehab program that has given me much information and support.
maybe ive rambled, but i just wanted to say all this in some attempt that maybe someone feels similar to me. and cos i know that many kids younger than 15 get into these things.
i found this site by accident, not intentional. but lately i have come to believe that nothing is accidental.
all i want to say to wrap this up is i know what its like to not want to live, to try to do anything to stop everything that is going on around me. i know what its like to completely hate the person you see in the mirror. i know what its like to want to die. and i found some earthly ways to kill myself slowly. but out of all this, what ive realized that death wouldnt of solved anything, death would have been giving up. i know at times it seems thats all we can do, but that just simply is not true. youve got to find something in life that makes you genuinely happy and hold on to that.
when youre 13 years old, you havent the ability to see very far into the future. but im telling you, if you just find that something and hold on to it, you will see better days.
and that drugs and alcohol are not the answer, the only thing they will bring is an empty band and a world full of hurt, and addictions. ive learned from my experiences, but you dont have to. you cant become an addict if you never pick up the drugs and drink. dont waste your life like i did. cos for the short time when it made me feel okay with myself, allowing me to forget, using these things. that all was a lie. it was just a cover up cos all the problems were still there. the problems in life dont go away until you stand up to them and start dealing with the demons, before they deal with you.
dont be afraid child, you are loved. by at least one person on this earth. me!
and by someone that isnt on this earth.
god is love.
stay strong, live long.

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