Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
30 Apr 2001 Aeon O.K... I seriously am thinking about commiting suicide--but I have very good reasons. I was disowned by my parents for falling in love with a white guy, (I'm a black/indian girl). Not long after my parents disowned me, my boyfriend also left me because he "couldn't deal with the depression I had fallen into as a result of my mom and dad's half-assed parenting." I don't have anyone to talk to, and no one who cares. I thought that my older half sister would be of some comfort to me, but she has dispised me for quite some time now. She believes that since I have both of my real parents that I think I'm special and that I got everything from our parents. Not true. Why would they do this to me if I was the favorite? Anyway, If you are going to commit suicide, please make sure the reason you want to do it is not a stupid one. If it can be fixed by simply pushing your pride aside or talking to someone who wants to listen to you, please do so. On the other hand, if you are like me...
30 Mar 2001 Bombman The 'BEST' way in which to kill yourself is just to get yourself in so much trouble, keep going more and more, hold a knife to you mum's throat and tell her that she doesn't deserve to live. Watch her shit it and say 'NO' and then walk out the house and make sure you have money for a bus pass and then ride the buses all night until 4:30am. Then go to your local 24Hr Supermarket and pretend your waiting for someone until 7am. Then go to McDonalds for breakfast. As you track your way to school make sure you style your hair (Maybe ask your friend to bring in hair-gel). Don't do any work. Sit there and wait... Tell your friend and the school gossip so that the word spreads fast that what you did. Tell everyone that you didn't mean to and that you didn't know what you were doing. Then get called in by your head teacher where he tells you to wait... you don't go. And then your friends tell you to go back and you do, you wait for 25 minutes to find that you have been setup and the police are waiting outside of your school. Try to walk past them as they shout your name. Turn slowly and walk towards them with a straight face, they crowd round you and move there hands closer to their weapons. "I'm arresting you on suspicion of assault, you do not have to say anything..." you get taken to the local police station and are told that your mum has pressed charges and then you end up in a cell where you spend 5 hours. Then you parents come to pick you up as they can't hold under 16 for longer than this time. Then you go home and carry on as normal until you see that life is not worth living. Keep going for more trouble, make it impossible to fix the damage you have created. Make sure that you do some suicidal activity. Jump off the top of your house (on to the grass I suggest) and then walk about until your dad finds you and asks you to come home. Empty your room (even the carpet) and hand it to your Dad. Tell him that you don't want anything anymore. Keep going until finally you realize you can't hack it anymore and you just find some way inside of your head that you want to do it. Everytime you want to do it and then don't make, it is more likely that you are going to build it all up. REFUSE HELP!!!. Choose appropriate times for when you pull these stunts. Make sure that you find a fun way in which to kill yourself. And bridges don't work, I tried it. When you look down it all comes to you. Don't believe the bullshit people say to you "You're selfish". Get drunk at school. Enjoy yourself as it leads up to your death. (All events taken place here I have done. and I am still here now I have not had anything go wrong. I have had time off school etc, and I am getting closer and closer to 'The Day')
20 Feb 2001 a birds eye I can not believe it, this site it is complete bullshit! how can any of you say that it doesn't hurt? if you are alive after trying to commit suicide you would definitely advise a person not to commit suicide. because there is a great deal of pain for yourself and for the rest of your family. "my dad beat me constantly, my mom told my dad to do so and he did". i want so bad to kill them or ( myself ) which i'm certain all of you are or already consider this as an option. Let me tell you when i attempted it i used alcohol {vodka} a hole bottle of codeine tylenol against migraine and windex. When i was found i had already been dead. the doctor almost gave up on me, thank god he didn't! if he did i would not have been able to begin a family. Although I'm only 18 year old i have already begun my journey as a new family. I've got married 14 days after i turned 17 on the 10th of july. after that i had my first child on december 28. I believe the Lord put everybody on the world to be part of a family, "his family", to remove yourself from the most forgiving being known to creation would just be the hardest thing a person could possibly deal. If i could change the past i would try to find a way around killing myself. i have learnt to accept my parents and forgive my parents but at the same time i punish them in a way that is totaly acceptable. my parents wrote me off at an early start in my marriage and i have not been able to come to respect them for missing out on a beautiful baby boy such as my son. i hope and pray for your survival on your venture in your life. i apologize for disagreeing on your intinary. you all have my love and my hope
19 Jan 2001 Molly What is the point of living if you can't enjoy it?
A person, who has suicidal thoughts, must push themselves more than the regular teen, just to get through a single day. Personally, the more time i spend alive, the more I wish i was dead. Why not die now, and save the hardships and troubles of life, rather than die later, and have to endure the pain of life?
To me the answer is very simple: Die Now.
I don't fear death, i just fear the pain beforehand. I want to die, i want to commit suicide, i just don't want to feel any pain.
What about God, if you are religious? If you take your own life, does that mean you will go to hell? Is leaving this world to go to a much better world such a bad idea?
I say instead of fearing death, it is something to embrace!
11 Jan 2001 Amanda You could cut your wrists untill all your blood comes out, you know, if you think blood looks gross, you can use red lights and when you look at blood under red lights, it looks a bright orangey color, like its glowing, I would know this because I tried it once, I was so entranced by the glowing color, i kept cutting my arms over and over, then I got really scared, and stopped, but I like to see that colour, i like to touch it and see if its really blood, It doesn't look like blood, because its so orange. When I saw it, i was not sure it was blood, so i tasted it. yuck it tasted like my tooth fell out. it was cold and i was shivering and bleeding and i got blood all over my blankets. then I couldn't think right.
I thought I would die, or that I was being stupid. I didn't want to live anymore. I want to be non-living. but you can only do that if you're dead. I don't want to be a rotting corpse, i want to see the rest of this stupid world..... i hate this world, i want another world to explore. I am so greedy. Humans are so greedy, I am so full of mistakes and stupidity. I have no room for happiness anymore. I feel happy sometimes, but when i think about it more, i feel empty and bland. and tired...oh, i am tired of living, I want to go to sleep. and never ever wake up. just dream and dream and dream.
06 Jan 2001 a certain person who... you'll soon find When I wrote that I was looking for someone to tell me the best way to end my life. Nothing seemed worth living through any more. Not even for my friends nor family. I just wanted a way out permanently. I apologize if I have offended you or any one else whatsoever. But the truth is that anyone that makes and attempts or considers sucide either needs someone to talk to or profesional help. I got both in a matter of 2 days and now I have a shrink and anti-depressions because of an attempt. Life is to precious to waste, so why end it because of a down? A lot can happen in a short period of time, and I learned that. Sorry again. Write back if you want.
17 Nov 2000 dead Tylenol kills you in 4 days. my parents found out on the first day... alot of ppuooookin and pain... slashin wrist takes guts, but what about STABBIN your wrist right through??? i'm just sayin this cuz i'm about to do IT HA!
01 Nov 2000 Scared 14 year old. I'm not sure what the best way to kill yourself is, I was thinking of maybe hiring somebody to do it for me but that would be VERY expensive I would imagine and I would find it VERY hard to find n e 1 willing to do it! All I know is that BELIEVE ME I have the guts to do it and I have every intention on doing it asap I just dont know where to start, you know? Just think whoever reads this message I will probably be dead when u read this. I changed schools about a year ago andI changed schools because all my friends started to hate me and I was scared, really scared!! It pains me admitting this coz this is the 1st time I ever have! I was SOOOO happy at my new school! I made loads of new friends really quickly, but now I feel as though all my best friends here r beginning 2 hate me and i CANT take it n e more (oh god here comes the tears) I WANNA DIE I WANNA DIE!!!!!
03 Oct 2000 http://www.WizArT.oRg Once, when I was under 13, I tried to commit suicide. Obviously I failed, but I thought the best way was trying to take some night pills. So I did it, but it didn't work. I slept as a bear, but nothing special happened. Now, 10 years later, I think the best way is to kill myself is trying to keep alive.
03 Sep 2000   I am going to kill myself right now.
I canĀ“t see straight anymore.
I know I would end up being my mother- scared, not able to stand alone-useless.
I don't have the courage to make it on my own.
I don't want to become a dissapointment to myself and everyone else.
Thank You for all the suggestions.
24 Jun 2000 rezwa i'm 14 yrs old...the best way that my brother did,... was to hang himself ...he was 12 when he killed himself
05 Apr 2000 Valerie My friend just commited suicide last week and she was only 16. The pain left here with her friends and family are indescribeable.. please, just pray for strength when you feel lost and hopeless. Killing yourself won't solve anything. You are too precious and too loved to cheat everyone out of their time with you.. God bless.
13 Jan 2000 daniel mueller Start by meeting someone whom you love dearly and truly. Then live watching them go on with their life and do nothing about it, it will eat away at your soul and deteriorate your well being.
Stop eating.
Search for the answer to the questions that don't exist.
Think about how nobody loves you and the world would be no different without you.
Learn that you existing means nothing to anyone and everything you do is a waste of energy as you only end up hurting others; most specifically the one that you love the most.
Cut all connections off with your friends.
Avoid everyone and any scent of conversation.
Sit in the cold bearing inadequate clothing thinking of the world's hate.
Plan death with a gun, but then later learn that you have no gun.
Plan to live life until you get drunk.
Make your plan to die go as this: drink extremely much alchohol while also using drugs. After you are completely out of mind go into the busy road and lay down. Lay there as the cars go by. Stab yourself with a rusty nail repeatedly in the road. Let the blood slowly drool out of your body. Puncture yourself until you have no strength and then make one last effort to stab your neck, right in your jugular.
01 Nov 1999 Ian Cholesterol. It's a slow build up really. Fried egg every morning and in 20 or 30 years BAM!
Well, you can start when you're under 13. Running with pointed sticks, they had me believe, but that was just to throw me off from the real danger.
31 Oct 1999 Ross Well since I tried it and was declared clinically dead I really don't recommend it too highly as it is the most frightening thing you will ever try. Move on to a new buzz word and leave Suicide alone.
PS: my girlfriend and long term companion killed herself last year. Don't try it and certainly don't think about it. It only leads to people like me...

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