Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
08 Sep 2001 Scar just use lots of drugs like i do and then you will have no feelings and live in your room in the darkness and pray, but you will never feel good. so stay alive coz everyone's a joke.
05 Sep 2001 Raven the best way to kill yourself when you are under thirteen is get advil or aspirin or some other pain killer. go in your room down the whole bottle. go out of your room go downstairs and down a bottle of your favorite alcohol (i prefer vodka, irish cream liqour, amaretto, or anything really) and go back into your room. lock the door lay on your bed and wait. and you will die hopefully. but if you really want to die. do what i said and then go to a place where people won't find you until you are officially dead (3 days i think). because if they find you and you are in a coma then they can still pump your stomach and save your life. another way i found easy is slitting your wrists. what i do is i cut them across severing the veins then cut them down follow the veins. then get in a bath tub and do not move your wrists out because the water will make it so the cuts cannot heal. then after a while you will die. another common way is if your dad is a cop or if your dad has pistols and stuff etcetera... take one load it put it to your head and shoot. survival chances are slim to none. i know because a friend of mine did it. OH BY THE WAY THE PEOPLE WHO ARE BULLSHIT AND SAY IT WILL GET BETTER YOU ARE FUCKING WRONG!! I AM 13 NOW AND I HAVE BEEN RAPED, STALKED, HAD TWO FRIENDS KILL THEMSELVES, MY GRANDAD DIE WHO I WAS REALLY CLOSE TO. IT DOESN'T GET BETTER!! FUCKING FACE IT!! I HAVE BEEN SUICIDAL EVER SINCE I CAN REMEMBER!
30 Aug 2001 Andrew Lyons Yeah, but if you've actually read the comments I made, you'll realise that I really don't give a fuck.

So fuck you.

Fuck you and your fucking idealistic attitude. Fuck you and your horses. Fuck you and your cheese. Can't you see that the whole of humanity is fucking pointless? Can't you see that one of the reasons I want to die is because I'm fed up of dealing with bullshit from fucking ignorant cunts?

Fucking hell....

Oh, never mind Andy, you're just feeling a bit miserable because of the weather, never mind, it's just a phase you're going through....


Although, that said, there's only one person who's REALLY stopping me from killing myself, and that's my mother, because she is the only person who would possibly lose something over my death - all other people I know wouldn't really give a fuck. Guess I'll have to wait for her to pop off... you never know... cars can move pretty quick these days...

Fucking leave me alone.
26 Aug 2001 Andy I don't think your age matters when it comes to the best way of killing yourself. The best way is surely to get drunk and drugged up, and then shoot yourself in the head with a shotgun. I only haven't done this myself because I haven't been able to get hold of the drugs I would like. The drink is easy to get hold of, although the shotgun proved a bit more difficult to get. I'm waiting for some drugs, and I expect to be killing myself within the next week. i would let you know how I get on, but hopefull, if it all works, I will be dead and unable to tell you.
15 Aug 2001 StormHeart In search of happiness:
Happiness in like a butterfly, the more you chase it, the more it will elude you, but when you turn your attention to other things, it will come and safely sit on your shoulder.
15 Aug 2001 chelle pplz i have a psychotic mother and she has tried to kill herself many times! have u ever stopped to think about what u r gonna do to ur family! you may have problems but don't hurt your family coz u can't deal with them
13 Jul 2001 wolfheart i'm not 13 anymore maybe i can be your grandfather if i say my age here hehe , but anyway yea i think in suicide everynight since I was 10 when a terrible thing happened to me. but i dont know, i see all this page full of little children asking for comprehension and say i'm god what the hell am i doing thinking those things? i know the world sucks and we have been really damaged from inside, but you see what? we are not guilty, and we are innocent about all we have done, we deserve to pardon ourselves .... maybe a little more, and could met another great person who can give us a smile again. i understand we are thinking in suicide cause we were hurt by the people we trust but believe me, there is a lot of good people who loves and cares about us, no matter what we have done. If you haven't met this person, it will come later but it will come. i'm still waiting for this person, it can be a girl, but for the moment i keep myself alive painting and expressing all the pain i have, all my desires to die are in a fucking canvas. music is sometimes a rest for my disturbed mind. i know i'm nothing to tell you what to do whith your freedom, even God respects your freedom when alive. you can be already dead withouth being if you are living a crazy life. Anyway, the reason of my message is a shout of help between the same suicidals.
Don't be afraid anymore.
12 Jul 2001 WhyBother Was surfing on suicide topics and found this site. I don't know about kids... I'm 37 and about to do it. I know just how I'm gonna do it. I want my family to claim on the insurance money but I know that insurance does not payout for suicide, so... here is the plan. Get into the car... ride on a small two lane road near my house. Oncoming traffic is mostly large 18 wheelers travelling at about 40mph. Get up to high speed and "loose control" veering into an 18wheeler at 65mph - head on - combined speed should be in excess of 100mph. The truck driver will be OK given the size of his truck and his height above the accident ... Death should be instant ... family still gets the money and they don't have to deal with the fact that I killed myself. They will think it was an accident.

It will all be over in a few days from now.
11 Jul 2001 a gurl who kares Why would you want to kill yourself? That is a question i am asking myself all the time. Especially now. My best friend has just deserted me... the only person who knew me at all. She was the only one i could talk to about one thing and everything. Things weren't even half as bad as they are now for me. Now that i lost my best friend in the whole world, i thought things couldn't get worse. Now my parents are getting a divorce, all these chicks wanna fuckin kill me (then maybe i wouldn't have to do it myself) all my friends seem like they are deserting me, and to top all this off, my best friend isn't there for me to talk to. I have tried to kill myself many times, but chickened out. When all that i wanted to do was end my life I CHICKENED OUT!?!?! Well it's a good thing that i did. Things don't get better unless you make them better. Sitting here listening to ur ppl's stories makes me wanna cry! You know that you can go through with it and worse of all you WANT to. Well i don't understand how you can want to end your life. If your life is so bad, move away, run away if it's ur family, go see a counsellor and start a new life. It can't be that hard to desert all the people that you're having problems with. You can make new friends that are like you and you can work through it together. That's what i used to do. And when you have no one to turn to and all you do is cry think of the one thing that you would stay alive for. Just that one thing could save you. Like your best friend, your family, your girl/boy friend. If you hate all those people, then think about what it will be like in hell, it's gonna be just as miserable as here on earth, you aren't going to heaven if you have the nerve to reject the precious gift that god has given you. Just think about that.
30 Jun 2001 Im Already_Dead Life sux, NO SHIT! I cut my wrists; I had over 2 concussions, internal bleeding, THE WORKS! You name it, I've probably tried it. Well, here I am, still alive and breathing. Maybe G-d doesn't want me to die yet, why I am here, I still don't know. Killing yourself, is a huge ass motherfuckin decision so if you really want to do it, you better step onto some train tracks and wait for your fate to come true. Now I live really close to some train tracks, but haven't had the guts to stay on them for over a minute. It's scary if you think about it, once you're brutally mutilated and dead, there's no turning back. So think many times if you really want to do it. I mean I've tried the little things, but if you really want to die, then DO IT. I mean who knows, maybe we all have a reason on this planet, but if you can't find one, then more power to you cuz I am still unsure if I really want to die that badly. On the other hand, if I could turn back time; I would have loved to never have been born. But then again we haven't made a time machine to do this.
25 Jun 2001 coolboy777 I cant stand life anymore, I have tried to deal with it, i get laughed at everyday, even by my best friend. I can't stand this anymore. I have rope, knives, chemicals and matches, I really think I'm ready to do it. I'm 14, and I think sometime this year I might just kill myself. I heard that slitting your wrists and going into a hot tub works so well, and all that pill crap. But I want to try something original, I'm thinking of hanging myself so there is no blood everywhere. But i really want something fast and painless. My friend's dad just recently killed himself, and that knid of inspired me, because I didn't have the guts at first. I always wondered what the purpose of life was, but I think it is to fucking drive you nuts! i will keep you all updated, when i do it and how. And all you dumbasses that say we are stupid, you can't feel our pain.
19 Jun 2001 Jon I'm only 22 years old. I have been suicidal for a long while. I been admitted to the phychiatric ward many times, which only prolongs the pain. I have tried the medication thing, like celexa, trofranil, prozak, xanax, rivitrol, olanzapine, but my situation is still the same. So I'm planning a huge suicide party for myself. I've got the poison I will use and have the medication to overdose on. I'm smiling just thinking about! :-)
Good bye world.
I am not going to miss you "world"
09 Jun 2001 Another Suicide I have read a lot of the comments on here. I came to this site looking for recommendations for the best way to commit suicide. I find that most comments fall into one of three categories.
1) Those that just don't understand why we want to commit suicide and just plain insult us. We know it is the easy way out, a cowards solution. the ultimate form of aggression but why the fuck should we care, we are only at this place in life because we have no answers and we are just simply not enjoying life.
2) those that are uncaring and might even enjoy the details of suicide... that is really just sad.. So to you I say fuck you, maybe us suicidal types and you could get together and you could pull the trigger. That would resolve those of us that do not have the courage to go through with it.
3) Those of us that are depressed, we have tried many solutions, we have tried for many years to live with this depression and it just doesn't work. (in my case 12 years) I am not a 13 year old child, I am 40, but I have been depressed since I was 13. If I had the courage to do it, I would have been dead a long time ago, maybe even at the age of 13... I do not recommend suicide. Or do I condemn it?... But fuck you, it is my life, not yours...
04 Jun 2001 jenny lu I think everyone in this world has the right to choose to live or die. If she/he is painfully living, then maybe sucide is the best way for them. People may accuse the suicidal people to be selfish. Honestly, everyone is selfish in this world. We are here to live for ourselves not for others. The suicidal people would make their loved one upset, therefore I believe that they have responsibilities to let their loved ones understand their decisions.
The reason that I want to make a suicide guide book is that I want to let people know what kind of decisions they are making. Suicide can be very painful and it is likely no turning back.
I am not going to glorify the suicide activity. All I want to do is finding out what suicide decisions mean for us.
You get what I mean?
30 May 2001 Callie People with severe suicidal thoughts have either been through something terrible in life or have an illness. I have an illness i have also lived through hell in my life. My parents suck. I'm addicted to drugs and alcohol. I have seen people been killed. Or killed themselves. I have even tried to kill myself. Now i am stuck here in rehab only because of what i did to get rid of my illness i thought. Battling with my addictions. If u r thinking of killing urself, just take a minute to think about this statement: It takes a strong person to live life and to get through problems. Whatever u r going through i have probably been there and i am still alive taking everday as it comes. U can survive this, trust me.
30 May 2001 End Game I won't tell others how to opt out, but I will say this: I've been suicidal for 20+ years and have made some attempts. I still wish one of them had worked, preferably the first one. For those of you who keep saying "It will get better," you don't know shit. If it got better for you, you probably weren't going through the hell on earth that many others are (including myself). One more thing: Suicide is a permanent solution to a problem (life) that's going to end in death anyway. I say good luck to those who need the relief from this existence that offers nothing but pain!
29 May 2001 DarkLord i have a very good reason why should i end my own life.
1) my mom and dad they're alcoholics. Life with parents like mine just suck too much to live on. Cutting ur wrists doesn't work. I've tried it 3 times and i'm still alive. This time i'm gonna end this shit! i bought a gun... it's easy just pull the trigger and u have a fucking nice hole in your head. quick and easy. this is the only way to get out from this fucking shit. i'm gonna do this next week when my parents get home. C YA IN HELL!!!
28 May 2001 Natalya There isn't a best way. U people might be thinking the world will be a better place without you but it won't see taking ur own life will just make ur friends and family's life harder. Trust me i've had 5 people kill themselves in my life. 3 of them i listened on the phone as they died and 2 i saw. U r wanted. Even if it doesn't feel like it. Ending ur life won't solve anything. If this stopped anyone i'm very happy, if people think i'm talking a load of crap then that's their choice. I know i will never be the same and each day i blame myself for what has happened. Do u really want people to do that? Think about it.
24 May 2001 Kyle I don't know about any of you, but I'm suicidal right now, and I'm not joking like some of the pages I read before this. It's May 23. Last Friday, a friend framed me for stealing money, but because I love this friend so much, I took the rap without argue. My car was taken away, I was fired, charged with a federal offence, grounded, and just today, I was dumped by my girlfriend. I have no love left in this world, and I have no purpose. I feel nothing but pain now, and it's eating away at me, terribly fast. Before last Friday, I had it made and life was literally 'perfect'. I'm now spiraling out of control. I put my old email on this so emailing me most likely will do no good. I have the feeling I will have killed myself within the next week, because I'm not afraid anymore. I don't know what to do because there isn't anyone at all in my life now, my parents told me they hate me, and my friends abandoned me. Suicide is an option. I think if you're in pain like me, suicide is a way out, and I intend to use it... Thank you for reading this, goodbye.
23 May 2001 barbie well i'm not under 13, i'm 14 actually, not a big difference but i think the best way is just to get a knife or anything sharp that will cut flesh and dig it in to your wrists as deep as you can or until you reach bone (sounds painful doesn't it?) well if you really are depressed or fucked up in the head it won't hurt a bit, it will feel really good actually but make sure you cut extremely deep or else you'll just have stupid scars on your wrists. Another good way is to get one of those shot things and put it in one of your veins and just inject air and it will be quck easy not messy and painless, all you feel is the little pin prick. i'm gonna do this in a couple of hours i just need to write a bye bye note. well, see ya later--- lol

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