Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
09 Dec 2001 Chump I'm not under 13, in fact I am over 40. I've thought about suicide off and on since I was 10. Tried it a couple of times in my 20's but always chickened out. Now I am 42 with two kids, a shitty job and a piss poor attitude. My ex plays me for a chump all the time... last week I loaned her money to help her get a place, helped her move in to her new place and helped her get a phone and pay her deposit for electricity. My reward? I get to watch the kids all weekend while she goes out drinking, dancing and fucking with her boyfriend. The bitch can't even see how much she hurts me. I have had three long term relationships ove the last 22 years and they all treat me the same... like a chump. I don't remember the last time I was happy, I'm so sick of feeling like shit. Tomorrow is my day off, the kids will be in school, I'm going to clean my house then sit in the tub and slit my wrists. Fuck you all.
07 Dec 2001 Burns I say that if you want to kill yourself go ahead. Once you're fucked up in the head, you're fucked for life. The mind is too strong and set in its ways to go through years of therapy. I've gotten worse over the last five years, and over the last year suicide has been on my mind all the time. Within two months there will be sweet relief, and I won't have to deal with all of this shit.
06 Dec 2001 ALL MOST DEAD I've seriously tried killing myself several times. I've overdosed on over the counter medication on several occasions. I wouldn't suggest trying it unless you know it will work because it hasn't for me and It's just caused me a lot of pain.
Now I have to go through therapy and I hate the doctors. I wish they would really help me out and give me effective ideas on how to go about it. Hell they're getting paid, they might as well make the miserable happy! They've given me medication but it just elongates the pain I feel. I'm suffering and I want to find my way out. I wish I weren't typing this now because about half an hour ago I tried hanging myself for the third time. Damn't I have the worst luck nothing works . Slashing your wrists is to painful . All I know is that if you want to hang yourself because it's possibly the best way to kill yourself next to being shot through the temple or receving lethal injection from a dr. kavorcian. FIND A STRONG CEILING FIXTURE IN YOUR HOUSE OR GARAGE. FIND A VERY STRONG THIN AND TIGHT CORD. FASTEN IT TO THE FIXTURE (A CEILING BOARD ECT.)
TIE A NOUSE IF YOU KNOW HOW IT IS VERY SIMPLE (I FOUND OUT HOW TO ON THE WEB MANY MONTHS AGO). TIGHTEN THE CORD AROUND YOUR NECK AND JUMP . DON'T PUSS OUT . I'VE FOUND THAT HEAT MAKES IT EASIER TO HAVE THE RIGHT MINDSET FOR SUICIDE. TURN UP YOUR FURNACE TO 80 DEGREES. TAKE A VERY HOT BATH AND BUNDLE UP (IF GOING OUTSIDE OR JUST DO IT FOR THE HECK OF IT) I hope this works. This is what i plan on doing when things work out for me. So far I've tried a shoe lace (on for boots) but it broke and left an embarassing rope burn around my neck for about a week. I've tried twice since. The second time i upgraded to a cable (from a nintendo). It also broke. Today. December 6 twenty day from my 18th birthday I used a extension cord. I'd suggest it because they are very strong. I think anyway. The fixture I'm using consists of about ten nails nailed to a board in my garage. But I need to come up with something better because today when I heroically thought I was jumping to my death and I would meet god and all his holy angels. du du du. The cord didn't have a good grip and came untied . F##! me slowly. All this means that I will have to try this again when no one but me is home and I can go through the sacred suicidal ritual again . The show will go on temporaraly. Folk, I don't, my family doesn't, and my doctors don't think I will last very long. I WON'T SEE CHRISTMAS THIS YEAR. I'LL BE GRATEFULLY DEAD. I'LL BE SINGING IN THE BOTTOM OF THE GRAVE. AS HENDRIX SANG 'I DON'T LIVE TODAY! MAYBE TOMORROW BUT I JUST CAN'T SAY.' SO I THINK I'LL JUST FLOAT AWAY TO THAT BEAUTIFUL SONG.
05 Dec 2001 Jamie I'm not really sure what a good way to kill yourself would be because that is an answer I would like to have and I'm 15. I've tried to kill myself numerous times by overdosing. It doesn't work. I have thought about running in front of a train, but I do want an open casket. Also, I'm am very scared to cut myself in any way. I don't really want to leave my mom too. I would miss her too much. And I also have so many things in life I want to do, but I don't want to go to school. I am fucked up and I'm just now realizing it.
30 Nov 2001 Himitsu Listen, i actually want to kill myself but can't... literally.... I don't want to die in a painful way so i have tried drug overdoses or even drinking highly toxic chemicals... and nothing has happened. My first attempt was drinking hydrogen peroxide... you know, the stuff that is put on cuts to heal them faster and then it stings really bad.... after I did that... it had no affect on me.... My life started to get slightly better so I didn't try to kill myself but now.... it's worse than before. Just the other day I drank a half of a bottle of Nyquill and had 22 aspirin.... nothing. I woke up the next day fine (unfortunately). I don't know what else to do... i was thinking of trying to take some more overdoses but i'm wondering if anyone has anyother painless and non-stupid ways.... if you do please email them to me... don't post them. Also, i am putting a fake name so no one will really know that i'm suicidal. Also, I am unlike other people... I don't want to kill myself from depression or bad grades or no love... I want to kill myself because life is not worth living... it is too boring. If you think about it, on a general perspective you do the same thing for all of your life
19 Nov 2001 john This goes to the maker and the person who's picture and stuff is after the post. I don't want to know you, I am older and not a pervert anyway. But in all respect I mean to be nice and compliment you, in that you are a cute girl, as I could see from the picture. Also you are not alone, and you aren't weird or anything. My mood changes all the time too! My friend and I call it "modes", and we believe a human can only be truely understanding and human if they have them, as to understand what other people go thru. I liked your site, good luck and I wish the best for you.
19 Nov 2001 John I'm 16, but I contemplated suicide from when I was 12. I haven't done it cause I love my family too much and even though I would be dead it still seems wrong. My life sucks though, well maybe in essence it does but I warp it in my head to suck, and can't help it. I even go to a psychiatrist and am on happy pills and lithium. They do shit, for me that is. I hate this world, it's evil, this is hell! I don't think I can be held responsible for suicide cause then fuck God for making me with screwed up biochemistry. Anyway, it's just our culture that condemns it, its social cultural conditioning, and in other places once someone is useless in society members are encouraged to kill themselves. But I want to do just the opposite, fuck this shit society that makes me a mere product of capital. The rest of society should go to hell, not me, if hell even existed. People have countlessly abused me for my generousity and niceness. This is a world were agressive fuck faces manipulate everyone and own the world. A world where once you become intelligent in an abstract and understanding way it hurts to live. Personally if I can get myself to do it, I am going to get drunk and jump in front of a high speed train. Or i'll get drunk and swim and swim and swim until I can swim no more and I am too far to get back. I just don't know if I can do it to my parents though. If I do, I am going to carry a large proclamation and statement in order to help the world realize some of its badness. But no one listens now, and I am not sure anyone would care. Peace, if you can be happy, go for it and tell me how you got there. Don't give up until all hope is lost. Also, "die" to your family in a better way before the actual act such as becoming very queer and distant, drive them nuts, make them not want you, so that you don't hurt them as much. Trust me, it really sux to loose a loved one and I wouldn't want to do it to those I loved. Existence does not only lie in ourselves but them too, they go on, and then they suffer as much or more as we did that made people to kill themselves.
16 Nov 2001 n3wdude Only a handful of people here are here because they were thinking of suicide. I don't know what the rest were looking for when they found this site. The reason I'm here is because I've tried to kill myself about 12 times but it didn't work. I'm not 13 I'm 26 (just turned Nov. 10th) and have been in a bad marriage since I was 17. Most of the times that I have tried have been by overdosing, with the exception of once. I was going to shoot myself but could not. Idon't know why. No balls I guess. Pills are neater. But the problem with pills are I can't find anything that works, and believe me I have tried, taking hundreds and going off in the woods and going to sleep, just to wake up puking my guts out. What I'm here looking for is something that will work and can be gotten over the counter. Tylenol Benadril (both mixed) bottles of cough syrup and nameless others have not worked for me. I don't think I will ever be happy or even just not living in turmoil. See my problem is this: if I get divorced the bible say's I'm an adulterer to be with anybody else and for that I'm going to goto hell. But if I kill myself I am going out as a murderer and I go to hell. So I'm thinking what difference does it make? Why keep going through the shit just to go to hell. I hope nobody reads my fucked up logic and adopts it for their own. It's just that me and my spouse are playing the "let's see who can hurt the other the most" game again and I'm thinking about ending it all again. So anyway let's get some real suggestions in here so I can get on with my death. Oh and this could be a good room if we would put it to good use.
31 Oct 2001 James I was quite fond of hanging when I was 13. I tried it once but my father came in and cut me down. I didn't do it right so rather than breaking my neck I just dangled there choking.
Falls from a great height are nice but often don't leave a body. Open casket funerals are nice because it allows your friends to say farewell.
26 Oct 2001 Kid Ying I would like to ask a question to all of the people who come here saying that people who are or were suicidal are "sick fucks" or "messed up in the head".
Do you think telling then that is actually going to KEEP them from commiting suicide and feel better about themselves?
If you have never been suicidal then what are you doing on a site like this in the first place? Are you in denial and want to look "cool". Do you think the whole thing is a joke since you have never been there? Or are you just prejudiced against people with emotional problems? Narrow mindedly thinking they are all psychos and murderers?
Offer help. Not a flame. I think you are pretty sick fucks myself to just lok up suicide and death for no reason at all. What the fuck in on your mind all day? Huh?
And no I do not think the Mouchette on this site in a real person. Just a creative webmaster seeking attention. But I don't blame him or her for anything. You can put anything you want on the net.
I bet I can look on this site next week and see some more "holier than thou" bullshit. If you hate this site guys then why do you look at porn? In SOME people's opinion it's sick. disgusting and uncalled for. And girls why do I see so many msg boards have strings of posts talking about their fantasies of what they would do with their favorite movie star?
No one made any of you Judge jury and executioner, we all have our problem and this just happened to have been one of mine years ago. Call me crazy whatever the hell you want, but then look at yourself if you aren't the pinnacle of perfection, then all then shit you are talking is falling right back in your mouth. Eat it.

One more note to all the serious inquirers here. Respond to this:
A child molester who rapes little girls or boys in the United States gets 2-4 years in jail and a professional psychiatrist paid for by the goverment no matter how many times he/she has done it.
A suicidal person in the United States who tries to kill themselves on any more than one occcasion gets locked in a maximum security Mental Institution, for 3 years -LIFE, All depending if the Doctor feels you are ready to get out or not.
Do you think this is fair or not?
20 Oct 2001 Sarah I wanted some serious answers here but there's only people being dumb. We can't get guns here so it's a bit hard and the only form of drugs people can buy at my age are vitamin C and stuff. I don't have a life insurance i dont think so if i died now i'd feel like it was a waste for my family to spend money on me for 16 years. I don't know. I'm not angry at anyone. I wish there was an easy was to die. I came here for a real answer. I have a job now so i'm saving up enough money for a coffin and flowers and things so my parents won't have to fork out for them then I'll be able to do it without guilt. If anyone's in South Ganorville on 18-24 of october 2001, check in the paper for a Sarah W. Bye everyone!
20 Oct 2001 emily I love to burn myself, and break a glass and slice open my legs so no one can see, that way people don't think I'm looking for pity. Fuck them all. I also use a razor, I've slit my wrists too. I've tried to kill myself twice. I overdosed on tylenol (which will intoxicate you liver and kill you) then I tried to hang myself, but I passed out and the cord broke. I carved a star on my stomach, all my friends from the hospital did. I went to the hospital twice. Fuck all those therapists and counselors, they don't know a fucking thing. Someday i will do it, and then everyone will be sorry. Everyone in the fucking messed up world. I AM GOING TO HELL, AND I'M SAVING ALL THOSE FUCKERS A SEAT!!!!
I have no one to talk to that knows what it's like. no one understands, they all think you need pills stuffed down your throat and everything will be fine. But it's not. I wanna die, I can't take this shit anymore, no one even cares i exist anymore.
19 Oct 2001 Tanna I dont know what the best way to kill yourself is, a gun i suppose but i live in the uk so it's a lot harder to get one. I'm 18, i tried to hang myself when i was about 9, and took an overdose about a month ago, swallowed a bottle of paracetamol but it didn't work, i'm still here and nobody even knows i tried. I don't condemn suicide or advise it, if you can fix it, fix it!
But my reasons are different to most. Not only has my life been more fucked up than any movie, i think i'm crazy and have been ever since i was born although nobody would know. I have two choices: admit myself to phychiatric hospital and destroy my family, or end my life and destroy my family, so i'm taking the best way for me. At least then they will all get over it and can move on. I don't want pain and i ain't got the guts to slit my wrists or anything like that so i went to the dr told him i haven't been able to sleep for 6 months and got some sleeping tablets, figured sleeping tablets and a bottle of vodka might work and shouldn't be too painful i hope. Well i ain't what you're thinking right now. I was one of the most popular people in the school had more friends than Richard Bransons got money, but what's the point, what can i do? I've never been truly happy except when i fell in love but I'm so messed up I slept with her best friend, then managed to fix it and did it again, i did this 4 times before she wouldn't take me back. So anyway, sorry to waffle the vodka is kickin in... Hopefully I wont be here to write again my theory. Life is long term pain - death is short term, i know what i choose! But again, if you people reading this are thinking of suicide try every option first, death is a last resort. And it hurts, trust me i can feel it now, feels like i've drunk acid and my insides are eating themselves i got to go lay down - god i'm having second thoughts... fuck it I'm gone, it's too late for me, someone give me a gun this is more painful than i expected.. fuck it, bye
09 Oct 2001 Kid Ying Well, first of all I have been depressed since I was say....12 or pretty close to there, maybe 11. This site is neither funny nor shocking. it's just another site to me.
I would like to say that as a 13 year old I thought about suicide constantly but never did it. Now that i look back on my teenage years spent in hospitals and different treatment centers at least 9 months out of every year, i sort of wish i did kill myself instead of seeking help. They both come to the same end for an adolescent: no life at all.
Everyone of your friends turn on you and call you crazy for being in a mental hospital. No one understands at all, you never get a girlfriend. What girl do you know want to date the Sucidal guy who is always depressed??
Don't go making any judgements, no i can'thelp the way I am and yes I DO take medication for it. This is me. 19 years old with a family that is afraid I may turn on them at any moment and no social life at all. I was never a kid when I was supposed to be and when I try to relive those years now it doesn't happen.....
A suicidal 13 year-old may be better off just doing instead of living the life I have. Which is none at all.
08 Oct 2001 Fucking shitty place this is huh? Death comes to us all, so why not sooner and stop the shit?
I been slagged my whole life either about my size, or my build. Most would say i'm fat but in fact i got a fairly big waist size and my shoulders are like a brick shithouse. Well i've tried to ignore it, fight back and even tried killing one person for it. Very nearly succeeded too! But anyway, pain has become pleasure to me too and for some reason i bring on all the trouble i can. I been told the weed is making me talk, piss aobut whatever else. But weed is my substitute for heaven i guess. Never believed in god or any other religion coz the way i see it is we are a fucking disease on the planet earth! I got some cool theories but not worth living for nor family. I got one decent friend the rest i just associate with......... SOMEONE FUCKING KILL ME!!
07 Oct 2001 Jean Osinski Moi à dix ans, j'ai failli mourir. Je ne voulais pas me suicider mais quand j'y repense c'est un bon moyen. Il faut se rendre à la campagne, trouver une citerne d'eau vide (les petites sur roues que l'on voit près des fermes) et s'y glisser par l'ouverture du haut. Après on ferme le couvercle et on attend. On peu s'imaginer être dans un module spatial, une tourelle de char, un mini sous-marin. Doucement, l'air se raréfie. Devient inexistant. On s'endort. Pour longtemps.Très longtemps. Pour toujours.
05 Oct 2001 Brittni I'm 17 and I use a razor blade to cut myself up with and hot stuff to burn myself with- I self-mutilate. I just got out of a 4 month stay in a state institution for attempting suicide, and I tried many methods while in the hospital. I snuck in a razor blade and tried to slit my wrists (my preferred way of dieing), but it is damn hard to die slowly when someone is always watching you. I also tried to strangle myself with anything I could find, when I finally got a minute alone in my OWN ROOM with NO VIDEO CAMERA or MOTION DETECTOR, but as soon as I passed out, the fucking knot would go loose. Then, when I finally got to go to the bathroom alone, I snuck in a walkman, and tried to electicute myself. I cheeked my meds, but when you are sent to isolation, they search your room and find them. I tried to lift up the bed and drop it down on my neck, but it was nailed to the floor, and they don't allow you to swallow game peices to choke yourself, or take silviware out of the cafeteria. Bummer. But I tell you now, that it is much harder to kill yourself when you have 3 younger siblings that look up to you and a fucking family that loves you. So someday, I will do it. Someday you will find Brittni Jones dead.
02 Oct 2001 Jeff I've tried to kill myself a couple of time now. When life get to be too much and you have no hope left, and your future looks the same. I finally came to this decision, why not if it would stop the pain and depression. The first time I tried it was with Meth, I had been doing meth for a while, and was having trouble with my heart. This time it started hurting pretty good.... all I could do was lay in bed, because I got to dizzy and sick to stand or sit up. I learned a funny thing by this experience, the pain I was feeling started to turn into pleasure. I wanted to die so bad the pain felt so good, I was really a strang experience. I just figured that it hurt, give me a heart attack or something and I would die... each time the pain stopped I did wome more till I could feel the pain again... hoping that this time it would work, I tried all day and it didn't work... oh well... I had gained something from the experience I now have no fear of death. I crave it... I crave the release from life. The second time that I tried I decided that I would do it with pills. I had a wide assortment of different bottles of precription pills... I said a prayer before I started asking god (if there is a god) to take care of the people that I was leaving behind, just in case there is one... I took the first bottle, then the second and waited... not good I threw them up... really pissed me off... so I kept trying, I did it 5 more time throwing up each time.... (note to self: next time eat first) I decided that it wasn't going to work like this and stopped and eat.... it finaly stayed down. Yeah or so I thought... my parents found me and took me to the hosipital... I spent 5 days there and 9 days in the phyc part..... I really want to die with all my heart, I'm so tired of all the bs and nothing getting better, I hope to die everyday... but I'm still here... I have no fear of anything now NONE... in the next week or two I will be dead... i don't know which day, but it is very soon... I think that dying is better than living in a self imposed hell. the date is 10/1/2001...see you all on the other side if there is one
08 Sep 2001 Scar just use lots of drugs like i do and then you will have no feelings and live in your room in the darkness and pray, but you will never feel good. so stay alive coz everyone's a joke.

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