Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
19 Mar 2013 death is near i would not of come if it werent the fact my niece is soon to be born. i would of stayed in cali with my dog rther thn be the continuous back sheep outsider of a family that just acts like i mtter when in reality i really dont mean shit to any of them. scars is all i have but they dont care. scars all i kno but my heart is all that hurts. nothing in this life can keep me here no more. for once my dog has gone over the rainbow bridge i will too.
05 Oct 2011 Victoria All of you please dont do it...ive been depressed I wont go into details but I know how it feels life may seem horrible right now but yes people do have it worse, my teacher from africa well one of his relatives in his hometown in uganda got beaten badly and then tied and burnt alive just for stealing potatoes to try to feed his family :( point is imagine how depressed him and his family were bcause they were so poor and had to live shittier lives then all of you...people suffwr everday from all kinds of bs..dont take your own life please keep holding on im here to talk someone will love u someday u all are not worthless underneath you all have a big loving heart the people that bash u are just insecure or taking their anger out on you bc of sometbing that happened in their life that they cant get over they shouldnt be taking it out on you please stay strong <3 I love you all.
04 Oct 2011 abagaile i feel like there is no great way to kill yourself. i am 13 and i have been hospitalized and i now take medication for my depression. my life has gotten so much better after a failed attempt at suicide.jus 2 years ago i tryed and now i have the best life any 13 year old could have. a boy freind , lots of loving and caring friends. anda great family. keep living. lifes a great quality to have:)
04 Sep 2011 melarie I am 23 years old and i have bipolar disorder i found out i had this my freshman year, i have always felt depress but i have lived my life to the fullest also ive accomplished a lot and continue to fight this illness. till this day i get suicidal toughts and i try to find out what triggered these feelings so i can help myself, its not easy but we can all change ourlives to positive and better. delete the negative and find what makes you happy. I know what it feels like to feel hopeless and like no one cares about you, but maybe is just that they dont know how to deal with it. Be strong and find people that you feel a positive vibe and that make you feel comfortable.
31 Aug 2011 kelly this is to every1 i hope u all read it! wen i was younger i wanted to kill my self i had alot of friends with depression who tryed to kill them selfs all the time yer n me everytime i got drunk or stoned id run infront of cars hoping theyd give a ditect hit! sometimes i still want to kill my self but i can see some light i guess, killing ur self is the easy way out all you have to do it make new friends get away from those who put u down and make u wanna kill ur self and the best place i found to do this was BANARDOS theyss helped so much when i was like that id just take off and go there even from school i could just go there clear my head talm to the best woman eva lol love u vivy! i ise to be a good drawer thats how i beet depression!
26 Aug 2011 michael first i want to say that i know what all of you are going thru i have a scar on my left wrist where i cut my wrist to the bone i have also took 90 pills and chased it with jack and ended up in ICU so trust me none of anything in this world is worth taking your own life probs come and go i have walked down the road that you wonderful few are going down if any one wants to talk to me my email is and if you ask me for my cell number in the email or leave you number i will call and just be a heartfelt ear for you to talk to
17 Aug 2011 RB My email is - I have experience with depression. Feel free to contact me.
05 Jul 2011 kahren I was younger then, I wasn’t afraid of anything, I didn’t think about dying for a second. I thought I was invincible. Then I met some girl. I wanted to live, I started to think like that; for the first time I was afraid of death. I had never felt like that before.
30 Jun 2011 demon rue when i was 13, it had been my third attempt. I was told for what i thought was the last time.. "your nothing! noone likes you, and you shud jus kill yourself." Easter sunday i went around the house and swallowed every pill i could find. Yes i had cleaned out the medicine cabinets, both of them. kitchen area.. anywhere i could find bottles of pills i took it. dont know how or why i survived, because 16 years later I have to endure the pain of being told, "your the devil" or even "your nothing" i had tried to get help over the years... even fight back and tell myself i am somebody, but hearing my voice say it hurts even more. Im starting to believe that i am a demon, and my life doesnt mean anything. I am tired of tryin to get on my feet, and not get pushed back down. But i think im determined to stay on the ground..maybe this is my hell. so when i was 13 I died in many other ways, my sprirt jus remained in this body.
22 Jun 2011 Jesse I have been deprest for 6years and im only 15 since i was 9 my dad molested me but 3years ago he started raping every night repeatently the pain is unberable my brother sow it and tried it to when i told my mom she send me away and the people i lived were constantly drunk and they abused and raped me i tried killing myself countless times then i met someone who i realy loved but he died and i desited i want to go to and i tried hanging myself but when i woke up all i felt was that i failed i took aset and sleeping pills i ended up in the hospital on a heart masine devasted because all those people that hurt me gets the satisfaction of me dying but what if im happy somehow someday if you dont trie you will i know that it gets so hard that you just feel like screaming but no one hears you but what if you tried just a little harder at fighting
14 Jun 2011 not important there is no good way to end it. who i am and what iv done have effected alot of ppl. i have nt had a easy life and have tried more times then you can count. i grew up with a feeling of uslessness. i was arrested many times and very often i would make a attept on my life. finaly i realized that there s so much of life to live. and i ill not let hatdshipps get to me, my advice for ths of you who are really contimplating this horrible act is theat even though things sem rough if you end it you will never get to fix it
03 Jun 2011 Seeker I am putting together a video of:

1. those who committed suicide and survived.
2. The family members of those who committed suicide.

3. Reasons why YOU want to commit suicide.

Please email me so we could arrange to connect.
02 Jun 2011 anonymous Killing yourself is like moving back a square in the game of Life; only instead of soul growth, you are stuck on the same path twice. So fight, persist, and let no one bring you down. You are your own one self, no one else.
In the end, all of our experiences will somehow contribute to who we are as beings of the Universe. Namaste.
29 May 2011 cholie I have to say, that I been molested, abuse, raped, used by men, even my own husband uses me. The thought of killing myself has come to mind. When I told my husband he said, “Cut down, not across” When the fog lessen and I stop crying, I figured why give everyone the joy that I am gone. People that molested, used me or rape me, mourn me, when they are the abusers? Why should I have a holes crying and mourning over my dead body? Even those that I know love me, why make them suffer? Why should I leave my hard earn money to morons or charities I can’t recall the name of? I went and got professional help. In time, I confronted my abusers, told the husband he can leave at any given time. I worked hard, very hard to become successful. I don’t need friends that aren’t friends. I don’t need family that are hurtful and abusing. I wasn’t born a carpet. I don’t have to let anyone walk all over me. I live to spite them. I live because I know my laughter, my joy, my success, irrritates them because they could not break me. If you're young and you think your life is unbearable, I understand, I was molested at a young age. I was told it was my fault and I was beaten for it. I used to hurt myself. I couldn’t function in school, didn’t have friends. I know how you feel. The way I worked out my depression, is that I got help... The hardest thing to do, is to admit you need help. Then after that, it’s hard to see a professional and say “Hey, I’m f*cked up.”

Now, I live my life for me. Confronting abusers is hard. They denied it... ”Me molested you? Never you must have been high.” No darling I got high afterwards. I gave all that garbage back to them. I didn’t do anything wrong. I was a kid, I was abused and used. I choose to end that cycle of abuse. I won’t abuse myself or anyone, because someone couldn’t help molesting me.

It is my divine right, from the day I was born, to be happy. I won’t ever let anyone take my divine right from me again. I didn’t kill myself and the pain was hard to work through. Professionals, they care. If you don’t want the meds, tell them so. If your have
people that abuse you, tell someone. Don’t give up, ever. It is your right to live and be happy. When you get to a good place in your life, I promise you... it took me years. It’s not easy to do, to live. Once day, you will get to good place, whatever that may be, a good job, a great relationship, or you just feel great. Call those people and tell them, “Hey, you can ki$$ my ass, you did not break me. By the way, go F*ck yourself.” Felt great, I highly recommend it.
24 May 2011 paige Im not totally sure the best way to kill urself because ever since i was six yrs old my cousin molested me for 4straight yrs. I became so depressed and kept to myself. Ive tried killing myself over and over agin. And yet im. Still hereive always felt lik no one ever understands wat im going through.wheneveranything gets rough i run away and wantto hurt myself. I always dream about wat my life would b like once i got older but how would i know the answer to tht if i want to kill myself again..
18 May 2011 Tise im not sure i tried once last year but my boyfran calld the ambulance and i ended up going to the hospital and a mental complex!!! it was terible. at that time ii was constantly fighting my mothers husband and just unhappy with life in general and i got fed up and tried to OD on pills but my angel saved me! :)
15 May 2011 Miriam Suicide is a horrible thing. I just put my 22 year old sister in the ground. She was so smart and pretty. She graduated from college with honors. Please if you are considering this, call someone. There is always someone who cares. You may not feel like it but there is. My sister left behind my mother, father, and a devestated boyfriend. The pain that this leaves with the ones you left behind is the worst pain imagineable. Please do not do it.
01 May 2011 Haylee Please dont kill yourself, please. I was 13 when i wanted to kill myself too, but now im 14 and im happier now.
29 Apr 2011 emma my sister hates me and g want to kill my self but i really love my sister to bits i cutt my wrists thinking that i would die but my mum quickly took me to hospital .
19 Apr 2011 una i. by thinking about the absurd after reading camus and drawing tender hearts with ones own breath on the bell jar keeping you detached from the outside.

a more pragmatic approach to it, just taking a deep breath while isolating the kitchen from the outside word.

if all this should fail, you my dear, ought to stay alive.

by una

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