Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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10 Nov 2004 Anistasia Hello everyone. My sister posted on this board. She posted about how our sisters have commited suicide and how she was going to commit suicide. I dont know if you guys have ever been a survivor of suicide. But let me tell you this... three of my sisters have killed themselfs. Its not funny and i am depressed about it. God will take you when you've served your purpose. Please email me if you have even the slightest thought of killing yourself. I love you all. YOUR ALL SPECIAL! I would never forgive myself if any of you died... please dont kill yourself. Your hurting more now. Pain passes. once your dead... your gone forever.
In loving Memory of Amanda
06 Nov 2004 Sparky da Kat Fact is this. If someone truly is going to do it, they will. There will be no note, no cry for help, no pity party or anything of the such. If your conviction is strong enough to kill yourself, why would you want anyone to know? I have attempted twice, and I told no one. I am the most unlucky man alive, I am convinced. First time, I severed an artery, but failed to bleed to death before I was accidently found in the dumpster by a stranger. Second time, the 1/4in. nylon rope broke and I broke my leg in the fall. When the hell does nylon rope break!!! Why don't you try to live with your life when you even fail at suicide. Help, forget it. Sad to say, I have sought help from friends, counselors, phychologists, family, strangers, whoever... Truth is, as much as I want this help, all that is offered is an explination/advice of what I already know. I am understood to a "T" by these so called helpers. The last time I tried (when the rope broke) I was so angry I called a suicide hotline and bitched them out for being nothing more than a feel-good-stopgap measure. (The poor girl on the other end of the line...but I did feel better.) If someone is going to do it they will and it is truly unfortunate to say, but there really is no one to stop them from doing it. Just like you can not spot a terrorist, you can not spot a suicide. If there are signs, they will not do it I have learned. Suicide is one of the most private acts anyone can think of. It is between you and your maker. Not the rest of the world, or your wife, or your friends, or the cute counselor or whoever. It is yours and yours alone. Don't laugh. Nothing is more private and personal. Look at those who have been successful. Did anyone know? Was it not a great suprise, even to those close to the person who took thier life? If you want to do it, do it quick. A shotgun blast to the head is quick and painless, but use a proper gauge please. We don't need to pay out our salary in taxes to keep you alive because you are a vegatable. A swan dive off a high bridge is another good one. No mess, and if its over the ocean, you will just "dissappear". (Be sure the tide is going out not in.) It saves others the pain of the truth, especially if you have children. Sadly, though I have talked people down from suicide, I can not take my own advice. I am just tired, emotionally. I'm 33 had one hell of an interesting life, and have nothing to show for it. When life deals you shit on a consistant basis (I mean I have bet and won money off this on 100 to 1 odds) that you can predict the outcome of even the most positive situations, what can you do? Self fulfilling prophecy? No. The shit in my life is a blindside attack from Mars. So out of the clear blue sky, it sickens me. So far that is all I know I am good at. Predicting that even the best laid goals will be dashed by no fault of my own. Maybe I am psychic? Who cares... Sometimes we just need to be held by someone so we can cry to ourselves. But good luck finding that, at least with my luck.
05 Nov 2004 T-Shaney Hi, I am just writing in response to the guy to told everyone to write and tell him y the world would be better off if i or anyone else commited suicide. well ill tell you y i think my family and the world would be happier!

I am the youngest child of 4 kids. i am picked on everyday and blamed for all the things that go wrong or for the stuff that has been stolen or missing. but its not only the family that picks on me, i was picked on at school as well, made fun of because i was soo skinny, everyone thinking i was anerexic or boulimic. but school isnt even the worst of my problems. at home i dont even really have a room of my own, Of course i have a bed and all but my parents use my room as storage, all the things they dont want around the house but dont wanna throw out they put in my room. i guess thats y im in that room as well. the thing is that my oldest brother doesnt even live with us anymore and you woudl think that they would put all of the crap in my room in his. but no, his room is kept exactly the way it was from the day he left home! i have nothing as good as my brothers and sister have.They are praised and never yelled at or in trouble when they fight, if my sister screams, my parents automatically think it was me and yell at me and make me stay in my room without anything to eat for the night. maybe thats y im so skinny. when my brothers and sister turned 16, they got to go get their license and my parents took them driving everyday and helped them practice. when i turned 16, there was never a good time to go get my license, and when i finally did, my parents never took my out for a drive, they wouldnt help me practice, and now my license is expired and they wont take me or help me get it back. when my brothers and sister graduated all the family was at the house to see them and tell them how proud everyone was of them, but when i graduated, no one was home to tell me how beautiful i looked in my dress, how nice my hair looked, how proud they are that i finally passed school, nothin! my father went to an "important" hockey game that day, my brothers went out with friends, my sister worked, my grandparents didnt come to see me neither did my aunty or uncle, my mom was at home but only for 2 hours so she could drive me to get my hair and makeup done, then she was off to a party for her friend. i am always left out of things that my family is doing. my parents always wonder y im always crying or upset in any way, they think im just over reacting but they dont really kno how im feeling inside. so to answer your question about how my family would be better if i was dead... they wouldnt have to worry about me crying anymore over "nothing" they wouldnt have to waste their money anymore on clothes or "fixing" up my room. they would be happy with the other 3 kids that have done perfectly well in school and wouldnt have to compare me to them. i have tried suicide once, i overdosed on t-3's and many other pills that were lying around, i passed out but only to wake up the next morning vomiting and made to go to school because my parents thought i was faking it. i think i would do the family and the world a lot of good and just leave and never come back. dont you???
04 Nov 2004 Crisis Counselor Wow, I know I shouldn't take this site too seriously, but how do I do that when I'm a Crisis Counselor? I'm telling people not to kill themselves everyday, this web site is an abomination & is not helpful. Call your Crisis Line if you feel like hurting yourself or others. There are people who WILL HELP & who care! HOPLESSNESS IS A PRODUCT OF A LACK OF HOPE! PEOPLE CARE THEREFORE THERE IS HOPE!
03 Nov 2004 Andrew It is true that there are many people who wouldn't think of commiting suicide, but that's because they haven't had to deal with the problems, mostly internally, that people like me have. I'm 29, to be 30 in June, and my life has been nothing but shit since I was born (since I can remember). My issues come from how I look at things and how I treat things and that people do not accept me for who I am and choose to give me a hard time and make life even harder to live. I also have a hard time with relationships and am usually alone, single. I do try to do good in my life, but many things end up blowing up in my face though started with good intentions. In all my life I've been given nothing but let down and regret. I know there are those out there that deal with far worse that probably don't think of commiting suicide, but I can't handle life. I don't blame others, just myself. I'm the one who sees things the way I do, and I can't change that. Medication would probably help, but no one is willing to hire me on a permanent basis, so I don't have medical insurance cuz meds are expensive not to mention the doctor office visits. Those of you who are sickened by people thinking about suicide can go fuck themselves as far as I'm concerned. Live a week with my brain and you'll see why some people so wish to commit suicide. Alot of times it seems like the only answer. Nobody cares and just think about themselves not willing to lend others a helping hand. I know 'nobody' might be too strong a word, but it seems pretty close to 'nobody'. My idea of commiting suicide has been jumping into a live volcano for the longest time. I'm not sure, but I think that would be the least painful way to go and the lava would probably engulf your body and burn it up pretty quick. If I do happen to go that way, I'll have to do a little more research cuz I don't want to sit there roasting for several minutes. That would really suck. If only there was a program out there to help people get through their lives, a program that really worked, that would be key. But as far as I know, something like that doesn't exist. It would be nice to have a loved one, significant other, that cared about you too, but that seems to be something that will never be in my reality. Again, by my brain thinking and looking at life like it does, there is nothing that can be done to save me really. I'm just grateful that I would never harm others, like murder, rape, and such. Life has been very unfair to me, and I know it's because of the way I think. Oh well. What can one do but commit suicide or just grin and bear a fucked up life for a time longer... nothing in my case.
02 Nov 2004 Mini There is no best way to kill yourself. And if there was one, I'm not saying. What I am going to say is that I have been there. I took the bottle of pills and drank and still woke up the next morning. I had my baby in a crib right beside me and I didn't care when I swallowed those pills. I was like, fuck it all. I don't want to feel pain anymore. But I still woke up, looked over at my now crying baby and hated myself for thinking what I did the night before. That was 16 years ago. I had nothing, lost my husband, had really nowhere to live and had to use t shirts for changing the baby. I could go on and on and say all the reasons why I thought I should off myself. Today I can tell you why I'm glad it didn't work. You see I have now 2 beautiful daughters. One of their friends tried to take her life. I got her help. She is better now and she knows that I love her very much. Maybe my life is crap. Maybe it will never change but I know I'm here for a reason. Sixteen years ago, I didn't know what that reason was. Now I do. My future isn't perfect for me. But I have a purpose, just like everyone else out there. You aren't always put on this earth for you. Sometimes you are put on this earth to help someone else. I'd love to have more. Great job, a good man, skinny body. But I have something that maybe no one else has. The ability to save someone else.What keeps me going is that I know in my heart that if I died that night, there would have been no one to save that little girl. No one cared for her at the time. I did. So the next time you want to end it all, THINK! Maybe your time isn't now. Maybe you feel the world is against you. Maybe your HAPPY is coming later. You're the one that's going to make a difference...
01 Nov 2004 Megan Someone always has it worse than you... remember that. ALWAYS. I watched my best friend committ suicide.. I watched the life drain from her body. There I was thinking Im helping my best friend. I regret many things to this day but that was the # 1 thing. Why give up everything to go to nothing? Why work so hard to wake up every morning and give up. Things can always get worse.. ALWAYS..
21 Oct 2004 Hayley Shit, just reading about all this makes me feel like my problems are minimal... just a few hours ago i was looking in the garage wondering if the metal bar at the top would support my weight or would it be another failed attempt like the rest of you seem to be doing.... my friend went to a funeral today and a young girl similar to the age of you commited suicide... she said there were hundreds of people and everyone was so sad... i know right now this is what you all want, this is the sympathy and pity you so desperately want to feel because you think your life is so fucked up you want people to feel the same pain you have felt for years... and they will trust me but what a waste.. honestly... do you want people feeling guilty about how they could of helped you... for the rest of their life... do you want them to feel the pain that you feel right now... of course you don't... we cant help it that were depressed we've had fucked up lives but why drain all the pain onto some other human... it's not worth it... i am currently 17 and depressed... i left high school, go to uni and feel like i have nothing in my life... my parents recently split up and my mum is depressed because she lives on her own... my dad and my brother cant stand me and every one of my friends has a boyfriend who loves them dearly.. i feel like i have nothing.. i have nobody... every guy fucks me over.. i hate myself so much i sometimes think whats wrong with me???.. i don't understand... why doesn't anyone love me the way their boyfriends do... i feel so lost and alone.. i have no direction in my life... and nobody.. i sometimes just want to run away from it all.... i no life can seem fucking hard but this i think reading these stories puts perspective into your life... i feel a little happier.. you've got to seriously look at your life and think is it worth it??... we only live once.. once thats it your never going to live again... after this.. life.. why not make the most of it and try to move forward... it's the only chance you'll ever get to live... why throw that away now???... think about it
17 Oct 2004 Michael G It's been ages since I started thinking about commiting suicide. Life to me is just a figment of your imagination. There is no life in life as we speak, we are only here to suffer, to be neglected, to be ridiculed, cursed, bullied, to be hurt in any form, embarassed and so on and so on... It's a never ending quest to overcome all these madness. We are here to experiencce the worse. As much as you tried to relentlessly change or better yourself, you somehow or in all the times fail with disbelief that it becomes a routine to you to believe that life will always be unfair to you.
Funny? Well, thats the truth! You try and try but you fail and fail and always fail! Short of saying its hopeless! Ask yourself, was it worth living after all these years of emotional whirlwind that physically drained you as well. I have from day one ask for divine intervention and I am a fool for thinking that God is the answer. For all you people thinking of commiting suicide... I do understand with great respect how you feel at this very moment. Today, I still hope that someday I will have the courage and strength to leave this world with a smile that finally I did it!
14 Oct 2004 Tayray well first of all i would like to say that my heart goes out to all who have posted on this site that truly have it like 10000 times worse than i do... i'm 17 years old, and i must say that i do have it pretty good as far as material things go and i'm not bad looking, and i do have many friends. but personally, i feel that the only reason for my social status is because of the way i look. i'm afraid of everything. it's like there is something inside me, controling me and i don't fucking understand it. i feel completely empty, and i feel like i'm going nowhere in life. rather than doing school work, i spend more time in my room crying, and trying to think of ways to get the fuck out of this life. i'll start to cut my wrists and watch the blood trickle down my arm and then i will play with it and draw shapes.. this seems to satisfy me. i'm way too afraid to kill myself.. if i knew that i would just be gone and my soul would whither away, i'd be dead long ago. but when you die, you don't know what happens, and that is what scares me. i don't know what the fuck to do
14 Oct 2004 mark the best way to kill yourself is not to care about yourself and those around you, I do not know any of you in person but I care, and hope that you do not end your lives, I have been through a lot my self and still suffer from depression, I have tried to kill myself on many occasions and have seen life from the lowest points to the rare good times, I thought that there was no future for me after my brother took his life over 20 years ago, it still hurts so much, and life can have some very bad times, but I keep going, I married and have 2 kids (best thing in my life) I am now divorced and disabled and still have times when I just want it all to end, but what would that do to the people around me and my kids.... at 39 years I have been depressed for 32 years, but through the depression I found love and a family. please seek help if it gets too much for you..... it may seem like people do not care, well I do and there are many others that do to.
14 Oct 2004 Donna Elder I've taken 60 panadol and two bottles of vodka along with 21 sleeping pills. I'm very drowsy as I browse the net but still in my right mind. I have a blinding headache that makes me want to bang my head off the wall. I just felt the need to say bye somewhere and came across this site. So I'll just say Goodnight all. Love Donna xx
13 Oct 2004 Saffron If you are going to kill yourself do it so that you manage it. I tried and failed. I am alive minus my legs.
11 Oct 2004 Man with a slightly demented brain.... possible dysfunction of.. I want to have a good life for myself, but I always waste my time. I’ll waste my time in all kinds of ways..... like searching for pointless crap on the net, like, and if I don’t waste time on the net, then maybe I’ll waste time by watching tv..... and if I don’t waste time watching tv, I’ll waste time by listening to the same songs over and over again, forcing myself to experience the same painful emotions over and over again, wishing that I could express myself and people could feel what is in me. If I’m not doing that, you might catch me wasting time lying in my bed, staring at the wall, thinking about how lonely I am and how I wish I was with someone, how sad and pathetic I am, how much I hate myself and I hate my life, how much angst and anxiety there is within me, how I feel I am a failure, like I don’t deserve and am not capable of having good things, or just thinking about confrontations with people that never even happened, and probably would never happen. Or you might find me wandering the streets in the middle of the night, thinking of things that never were, thinking of all that I am missing out on in this life, thinking about how I have nothing, that I am a victim, that there is no reason to live. It's like I am in some kind of never ending struggle that doesn't even exist except inside my head. Man, the hours can just drift by and you don’t even know it. I’ve got to stop this.

Watch your thoughts, they become your reality. My reality is a reality that no one else knows of or understands. I do not sleep, I cannot work because I am always fighting a dragon on the inside, which isn't even "real". The dragon is burning me and killing me. Life can be a dream or a nightmare. Right now my life is a nightmare and I can't wake up. If I won the lottery, had everything that a person could ever want, the dragon would still be in me and I could never be happy. JUST GET OUT OF MY HEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
07 Oct 2004 Jessica I've tried every concievable way since I was eight years old to end my life. Cutting, drugs, alcohol, jumping, walking into traffic, forcing people to beat me up, overdosing on prescriptions, getting shot. Nothing has worked. I am now seventeen. It's still shit to get through each day. Each day, at least once, I want to end it all. A lot of shit has happened to me that has happened to other people on here, including rape and bullying. I'd like to think mine was worse because my mother has encouraged illness.... she has Munchausen's by Proxy.... and she loves no one but herself. Knowing that I am so horrible that my own mother cannot love me, I still go on. Not on faith, not on hope, but simply because I can't give up. I was blessed, and sometimes cursed, with a strong will. I am bipolar and borderline. I have obsessive-compulsive disorder. Do I take meds? No. They, like suicide, are a "quick fix." I don't give a fuck what would happen to other people if I killed myself. I only care that I would not have given to the world, not have accomplished, what I could. Despite my lack of self-esteem and severe depression, it all boils down to one thing for me: I have to be the best. And to be the best, I have to live on.
05 Oct 2004 Shayne pfffftttttt dont take 60 panadol. just just f**ked me over, f**ked up my liver and was bleeding internally for like 13 hours. ummm if anything use anti-depressants.
05 Oct 2004 kiven i appreciate everyone posting here.... my plans for suicide are now gone! thank you guys!
i want to just go through with my problems.. maybe someday it'll work out for me... i don't feel very sad anymore
04 Oct 2004 Amber I live in New Zealand population 4million. We have the highest suicide rate in the world. Ihave just taken 30 clanazapams(anti anxity pills) and 60 sleeping pills so good night hope you can follow in these footsteps of mine cause im feeling real good for the first time in ages>
23 Sep 2004 Will Snow FLAMER, I guess you were abused by your father? Well, Ive been bullied at school and was sexually abused once at school and I actually abused back at school too. But only once and I am ashamed of that. Plus I abused someone in the family and that is the lowest of lows. I think about it often what I have done. My father abused me (so my sister says) and he hated me laughing or anything. I was so scared of him. He died 17 years ago and strangely, I miss him dearly. In fact when he died I became depressed and went into myself and wouldnt talk to anyone. But after a year I opened up again. And Im gay too. But I kept it quiet until fairly recently. I was married as well. So you see. Im really bad and I am ashamed for the things ive done. Im not ashamed of being gay anymore though.
16 Sep 2004 Max Every day, at about six in the mourning, the alarm clock rudely pulls me out of my dreamy free wandering, and throws me back into reality. It is at the time that I most clearly realize “I hate this. Why do I keep doing it?” I usually keep asking myself that question as I automatically go about my mourning routine, hoping an answer will come to me, although it never does. Soon I am off to school and so busy that I forget for a little while, although the thought still remains in the back of my mind. I think about how busy I am, but how pointless everything I am doing is. The strange this is that I often feel even worse on days when I am not busy, since then there is nothing to distract me and make me forget my self questioning.

Ah... good times

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