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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
02 Jan 2005 Rick I came accross this site by accident, i was really looking for more ways or new ways of doing it. I have a messed up story as we all do, i've tried to kill myself a total of 7 times, and almost succeeded in 2 cases, i've been to hospitals, and the "special people hospitals", and taken all kinds of meds.

I'm a bit older now then all of that fun stuff, and take meds that do help balance my moods and "mania or whatever",(damn labels) and i guess in a way help me struggle for the next day.
Yet with all of this i still have that feeling, that we all share, empty, dark, cold feeling at the pit of your stomache, i feel it every morning when i wake up.
It's a brief feeling of how it felt to have that low deep depression, that weight that wouldn't let you eat or sleep, or think of anything else then just how screwed up your life is and how nobody understands or could understand because they aren't you, and they haven't felt this like you have, remembering how that night will be, how you will end your life, what you'll tell your friends, and so on.

The thing is there is no pill out there that will change this, they may help us in balancing things out, or even making us feel happy from time to time, but it won't change the way we think, and as corny as this sounds, only you can change what you think, it's just if you want it enough(do u have the strength, can you find something powerful enough to hang on to).

Situations in your life also effect the way you feel, when in accuatly they are mere distractions, distraction which are good in the sense that you have less time to think with yourself.

anyhow, i needed this to vent on what i was thinking about, thanx all.
02 Jan 2005 but i have no name To the guy called Alive Again,

you wrote about having a bad trip on mushroom and looking at yourself in the mirror... HOLY FUCK, you have no idea how much i can relate to that!!! the exact same thing happened to me awhile back... i was stoned and i stared in the mirror and i just contiued staring, i couldn't fucking stop and i could see who i really was. for the first time i could see things realisitically... to tell the truth i hate myself, i hated everythign i saw, but not in the way you ussaully do. i quite smoking pot, i started doing, got on meds for ADD, getting a drivers license, leaving home, doing everything... and i'm going to fuckign do it well to.
i dunno, dude, i was just totally blown away that someone had an experience so similar to mine...
all the psychological games you play in your mind, all the fakness and pretention was just gone. gone. and i could see what was real, i could see it staring back at me... now when i look back i just shake my head and think how stupid i was... how little i knew. you think that you are right but it's only somethign like an experience like that which lets you see the abject truth.
i dunno, it was fucking nuts, it freaked me out at the time, but i've never looked back since. and man, my life is totally different now.
01 Jan 2005 claude the fraude just wanted all you to know the laying down infront of the train doesn't work. you will pee all over yourself and run off screaming before the train gets there. you see the train is real load and makes the ground vibrate long before it gets to you so you keep thinking the train is about to wizz by. then it dont so you look to see how far it is away. turns out they dont go that fast around my town anyway. guess i will just have to figure out something else but i will let all you know before hand.
31 Dec 2004 jaylin suicide is not funny!

MY DAD KILLED HIMSELF 1 YEAR AGO! how do you think i felt?

then 2 WEEKS LATER my BRO COMMITED SUICIDE. i didnt think i could survive. it was just my mom and i. we had to move away because of the publicity! i didnt go to school for 2 months. i started getting suicidal.

i found out my mom was too when 5 MONTHS AFTER MY BRO WAS GONE SHE ENDED HER LIFE!

i live with my uncle 1/4 across the country from where we used to be!


and i think about all this everyday. its been 1 and 1/2 years since my mom murdered herself.
18 Dec 2004 jazmine seriously killing your self isnt goin to help its just goin to make more people miserable....would you really want peoples to feel as bad as you do? i have thought about killing my self alot never have because i have that lil hope that maybe some day it will all get better i doubt that though.

well just so you all know why i hate my life and would rather not be here i will tell you.
ok well im 14 years old. live with an adopted dad lil sis and older brother.
I havnt had a mom for like ever. my real mom was a drug addict and child protection service put me and my little sister in a foster home. than i stayed there for like a year and was adopted. well the lady that was supposed to be my mom was a drunk and she constantly beat me and my sister. Well about 2 years ago my parents got divorced and i was stuck living with my dad. well hes a drunk too. one of those that only say they love you when they are drunk than they go and pass out for a couple of hours. yeah well he got a new girl friend. stupid ugly whore. and his whole time is dedicated to her. he sleep at her house eats at her house the only time hes home is to get clean clothes and to yell at us. correcting me. im not aloud any where because i have to stay home incase my little sister needs some one to watcher its basicaly hell. not to mention all the shit that happeened before i was put in foster care. well basicaly my point is my life sucks just like every one elses here does so just dont kill your self it will make every one else all depressed and it sucks feeling this way
11 Dec 2004 SAL I should slap all you fucking kid's!! I just turned 17 December 3rd. My mom and dad were divorced since i was 5, i had no father figure. I was diagnosed with tourette's syndrome when I was 10, went through hell with that until up to freshman year in highschool. Met a girl junior year in highschool and fell in love with her for OVER A YEAR! she didnt feel the same and she wanted to just be freinds. I did everything for this bitch I even got her a 200 dollar necklace for her birthday! I was always there for her no matter what, I never disrespected her, I treated here like a goddess. And she still didnt feel the same. Watever fine, I hurt so bad from that I cant even tell youz. A month later my mother dies! does it end there, no. My mom and dad were gettin back together, and we bought a beautiful house because we lived in an apartment and my grandfather is the landlord but he treated us like shit. Then she dies!!!!!!! I was finally gonna be happy, and she died. my mother, dead. We lost the house, we lost the car, we lost EVERYTHING! My grandfather raised my rent the scumbag he is, and i got into a fist fight with him almost but instead it got broken up and they called the cops on me and i got cuffed by 12 cops and brought to the nuthouse for 5 hours. I still live in this shithole also none the less. I live with my father who I havent lived with in 12 years. THAT AINT FUCKING EASY FOR ME! my sister dont even live with me anymore she lives with my fucking scumbag grandparents who I am gonna fucking murder one day. I miss my mother so much, my dad is a dick, etc etc. AND FOR ALL U PEOPLE WHO ARE LIKE OH IM POOR. OH YEA? SO AM I! SO SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!!!!!! YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT PAIN IS LIKE UNTIL YOU'VE LIVED A DAY OF MY LIFE! SO FUCK ALL OF UZ WHO CANT DEAL WITH UR LIL FUCKING PROBLEMS YOU'RE ALL PUSSY! SO STOP FUCKING COMPLAINING AND TAKE IT LIKE A MAN! FUCKING BITCHES!
10 Dec 2004 Ras I feel no direction in my life, Everyone attributes qualities to me which I dont' see in myself. They think that I am smart which I am not. I am barely competent and barely able to survive in a college atmosphere. I am failing out of college, been molested by my cousin when I was seven or eight. Came to a foreign country with no friends and relative. picked on bullied and harassed. I am not mature people just think tha I am mature because I do not speak. I stutter and I rarely go outside. I want to live a normal life but I blame myself for every single thing that has gone wrong in my life. I haven't seriously thought about suicide, I have toyed with the idea but don't see it as a possibility because I am a coward. I have morbid fantasies about dying in an accident. Something swift and painless or never waking up. I have no purpose in life and I am just wasting space. I do not deserve to be here and I wish I was never born
09 Dec 2004 Martin I'd like to start off by saying that I'm not here to judge anyone or try to save the world because you can't help all the people all of the time.
My best friend killed himself on friday, and im on here lookin for some kind of reason why because i dont understand why someone would take their own life. My wifes due to give birth to twin girls in a few weeks time and I really wanted tony to sit beside me in the waiting room and we could have went out to wet the babies heads and smoked big cigars like your meant to and do all the normal stuff that that goes with it......... that's not gonna happen now. Tony's gone and I'm burying my best friend tomorrow and then in a few weeks time the babies will be born and instead of being happy and instead of crying with joy, i'll be crying for my Tony and crying for my loss of MY FRIEND AND MY fuvking lifeline!!! what am I supposed to do now??? I will spend the rest of my life wishing I hadn't been busy with a stupid irrelevant and unimportant report on friday night when he called me at 8.10pm, I told tony I would give him a call back - the next thing I remember is Tony's dad calling me at 9pm and telling me that tony had been cut down from a tie, a tie that had dad written down the front of it, a tie that was a silly christmas present he had bought for me because we always joked about how naff things branded with the slogan DAD were. god i wish i had spoken to him and god I wish he was here with me now. I feel total despair and I feel angry with him. why did he do it? did he want me to talk him out of it or was he gonna say goodbye? I'll never know. What i do know is that so many lifes have been ruined, so many christmases have been spoilt and I miss him so much and wish he knew how much I loved him and how much I'm gonna miss him. Please just think of the ones u leave behind and how they are affected. Please don't be horrible to me because I just cant take it right now, please just spare a thought for your mum or dad or brother or sister or your best friend cause they're never gonna feel any better..........

05 Dec 2004 amanda I am 21 years old Ive had some bad experiences in my life that i try not to think about right now my life is okay. Meaning I can do it i get up everyday do the things i need to do and handle what needs to be done. There is just one thing I AM NOT HAPPY. I have never been happy as i should be in my life. I hate life and it seems no one likes me I have no friends or anyone to talk too. I have thought about suicide for years but i have never done anything once i was going to poison myself when i was 15 after being in a fight with my parents. But i am TOO SCARED I dont want to feel any pain and im also too afraid of making things worse what if i end up in a mental hospital or paralyzed or something. So I cant do nothing but just do what im doing now keep living and hoping things will get better. But im so miserable and i feel so miserable because it seems like theres something wrong with me. I feel like im the only one who cant handle life. Sometimes i cry for hours hating myself hating everything i have ever thought or done and all i feel is regret in my life. i dont know whats wrong with me and i wish i was stronger. I sometimes wish i would get in a car accident and just die. BUt i cant i dont want to go to hell. Sometimes i think maybe im just selfish and i think about myself too much but i cant help it. I just hate life and i hate this world and i hate myself. im just wondering if later on in life i will end up killing myself or if i somehow will find my happiness im just waiting to see whats going to happen in the future.
03 Dec 2004 Pete I had an aunt and uncle that commited suicide two years apart from one another. You must heed this advice, I too was repeatedly raped, my father died, and my brother was born mentally and physically disabled, all things were in line for me to follow in their footsteps. But I did not. Why you ask? because I realized that my life is worth living! my life is the universe's gift to me. I was endowed with the capacity to do anything. Just think about it, you can think, you can love, you can have sex, you can bring new life in this world! What more can any being ask for. I'm currently 19 and attending university. And i love my life. So before you think of taking your own life, just remmeber, that no matter how dark and desperate your life may seem, and how empty your world appears to be. There is someone out there that loves you, I know it sounds like sentimental crap, but believe me, they do. I am gay and when I came out my mother told me she would never accept it. Comming from and indian family that was the worst thing I could have heard, having my own mother reject me. ONce agian a clear cut oppertunity to take my life, I even had the pills on the counter, but then I remembered my aunt and uncle and the potential they had, and the unadulterated human potential that you and I have. Life is full of wonder, someone will ALWAYS love you. I have amazing friends, but once I did not, I have an amazing life, that i twice contemplated ending, but I now realize what I would miss if I did. Theres always a light at the end of the tunnel. Just find your tunnel and travel through it. It may be dark and full of hatred but always keep your eye on the light
29 Nov 2004 Michelle So... I am not anywhere close to 13... I do remember it. I tried to kill myself many times from 10-21... I have been thinking about it a lot lately.... that is why I found this site. I recently moved to NYC my friends and family are 3,000 miles away and I am lonely, under employed, serious debt, nothing too horrible. Not really the things people kill themselves over. I have always wondered why I really haven't felt like living this life. I have alway imagined going out for lunch and being hit by a speeding car... falling off a ladder at work and breaking my neck... and every time I see a razor blade I want to slit my wrists... when I take my Zoloft at night I want to take the whole bottle... of course it probally won't kill me... I am not really looking for help though some time on the couch would probally benefit... I will look forward to new entries... I check it often.
29 Nov 2004 Jennie Please don't do it. I was raped and abused between the ages of 7 and 10 and I wanteds to kill myself all through my youth until my late teens and even tried a couple of times. And I survived and my life now is better than I ever believed it could be then. You have so much to look forward to. I know it doesn't feel like that now and I know that suicide may seem like the easy way out but you will be cutting yourself off from so many opportunities and so much future. Talk to someone, get help, don't do it. Believe me you don't know whats round the corner.
27 Nov 2004 Jomie 3 years ago, my 16 year old son hung himself in his bedroom. The last site he visited was THIS ONE. For a lot of you suicide is like a game. The loss of a child is the worst thing that can happen in your life. I'm his mother: how do you think I feel? And what about his father, 2 brothers and sister? Life will never be the same without him. So stop joking about suicide.
24 Nov 2004 Jenn Everything in my life is so perfect or thats what everyone thinks... I have a great family who gives me 5948941 times more then what i need.. i have loving friends and i great boyfriend... but for some reason i hate it all. And its not my life i hate, its me.
22 Nov 2004 NoName I don't know what the best way to kill myself is. I don't want my family, girlfriend or friends to suffer because of my death so I was thinking maybe leaving a note as if I left the country and went somewhere else but not tell them where. I would probably go somewhere in Europe or Asia with some money, rent a boat go to the middle of the ocean and shoot myself as I fall to the water with bricks tide up to my feet. No one will probably find me there for a while. I don't know. I feel completely worthless and it seems to me that the whole world has passed me by and it's still passing me by. I suck at everything I do.... everything! Everything and everyone I touch I seem to mess up in some way shape or form. I can't seem to get myself straight though I have tried for years and years. I told myself that I would probably not live to 25... well Im starting to beleive that it will happen even before that. I dont really wish I was dead, I wish more that I had never been alive and maybe give my energy and space to someone who deserves it but whatever.. I'm here now in this hell hole, might as well end it soon... I wish the world would understand us... Not everyone was meant to be perfect in everything. I figured in life there is always a good and a bad, a black and white. We cant enjoy clear days without rainy ones. Well there cant be good people that live to 101 withouth people like us... in the end we are just another statistic... Good to know there are others like me in here... maybe ill see you all in that "better place" one day..
20 Nov 2004 Bob I don't know the best way to kill yourself if you're under 13. I often wish I was dead. I'm 36 so the question doesn't really apply to me directly. I'm sure people who are over 13 have looked at this site though. My depression comes from not wanting to be alone, and feeling unworthy of being loved by someone that I find worthy of loving. Anyone really worthy of my affections could never love me. Hasn't happened yet. I've had lots of relationships, but only with people who I knew I didn't want to spend the rest of my life with. The women who I have thought I could marry have always back out just when I start to relax and think that maybe they will love me. Low self esteem plays a big part. I have lots of confidence in who I am and what I'm capable of, but when I'm start dating someone who I think I really like, I get overcome by self doubt- which comes out in my actions, and eventually turns off the person I'm seeing. I would have killed myself already if it wasn't for knowing how devistated my family and friends would be. So here I stay. Plus I promised myself that if I ever decided to reallly do it, that at the very least I should travel somewhere first. Some foreign country. Sell all my posessions and just go. Nothing to lose- might as well see another country first, I could always kill myself there, right? Might as well spend my money in some amazing hotel in France, or England or something, right? Depression is an awful wicked thing. You feel your worst, you want help but you know that no one could possibly understand, and you're tired of trying to explain it to the people who've already heard it and don't get it. Besides, even if they did- what could they do? This is where you need to get into counseling. Talking to someone you don't know about your problems is the quickest way to free yourself of them. It's different then talking to your friends or family- believe me. Find a therapist. They'll see you for free if need be, really. You don't like feeling this way, so what have you got to lose?
19 Nov 2004 ... ive been thinking bout suicide since i was 8 years old... it all started when my mom and dad got divorced... after they were divorced my dad started acting mean and controlling, he use to tell me not to eat because i would get fat when im older and guys dont like fat girls, so at age 8 i suffered from buliemia... i started then cutting myself and i have attempted suicide numerous of times... ive tried it so much that i cant even count how many times... i feel like a failure even more knowing that i have failed killing myself all those times...rite now in this stage of my life im going through alot... the love of my life has put me through so much sorrow... my eating disorder is gettin more worse each day... n i cut myself at least 5 times a day... cutting myself is a release from all the pain im going through...a huge part of me wants to die but therez still a small part of me that wants to live... if ne one knoz how i can get some help b4 i do something permanent please let me know
18 Nov 2004 Just someone Do you know the feeling when nothing succeeds and when you have relatively no self-confidence ? In the recent months there have nothing worked. I failed school, I got beaten. And it was all my fault, I do not blame anyone. Only myself.

I feel like something terrible happened : the things aren't the same anymore, as if everything has changed, got a new form. I no longer feel the old harmony of things. All i can do is to escape into my childhood memories, the last time I was happy, felt comfortable.

The only thing that helps me going on is the thought of suicide. I've tried killing myself with a LAMPWIRE. I could feel my blood-pressure in my head, it was tender, gentle like a big drum drumming out my life.

I always stop at the wrong time, let the wire off and CRY.
The only reason I'm staying alive is my parents. I don't want them to suffer because of me.
That's the only thing keeping me alive.

My greatest fear is to be abandoned by loved ones. Wandering around in solitude and panic.
I'm not depressed. I've never been truly. I'd rather say it is PANIC that I'm feeling.

I don't know how to live.
I don't know how to survive.

I'm not made for this world.
Wish me happy suicide.
17 Nov 2004 sharron chaffer this site has really inspired me and now i want to inspire you. when i was 11 years old i found out my dad's mom was my mom. at the age of twelve my dad got me pregnant when he molested me. he forced me to have his child. the child died three days after it was born. he made me tell my friends and family that i snuck boys in my window at night and had sex with them. I am now 56 and i attempted suicide 4 times. the last time i almost died. i remember lying there helpless after taking 47 pills and drinking a bottle of gin. i was awake on the inside but i couldnt move. i was so afraid. i thought i was going to die, this is it. i then realized i didnt want to die. i woke up three days later in the hospital. as a result of this i had sever nerve damage and am paralized from the waist down. please think before you do something.
16 Nov 2004 R.J. Parsons Easy.Have an "accident" falling down stairs with an extrodnarily large peice of glass or a knife.i know that cutting doesn't work all the time cuz i tried it and cut the wrong spot and i only bled a little.i'm kinda ok now but i'm actually haveing thoughts abvout killing my classmates and teachers in the most slow painfull ways possible,i want to get help but i'm too much of a pussy to.Sum1 plz tell me some good quick ways to kill urself,oh and by the way,i tried overdose to,it just made me puke.PLZ tell me ,i'm only 13.

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