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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
19 Jun 2005 becca im only 12 yrs old myself. i kno every1 will cal me stupid for wot i say in this nd tat my life has only just started but wot i say doesn't sound like much but to me it hurts so bad. to start of about 5 yrs ago i found out my bro was taking drugs, a yr later my parents found out nd took him to the cop shop but lucky dey let him out after 2 nights. then i was on holiday just to get bk to find my bro was in bed completely stoned. my mum was sat on top of him just hitting him in the face. i was just sat in my room wish all tat was goin on would just stop(memba im only about 6-7yrs old) since then my life has only got worse. iv tryed to kill myself many of times but my bro (hu i get on wiv realli well) has presuaded me not to do it. he himself tried hanging himself at the age of 13.i didn't kno about this until last year wen i first tryed killing myself. just reasently my bro has joined the navy nd gone out to sea for a few months nd my life at home has got worse. i have started cutting myself nd my friends have found out. they asked me if it hurt nd i sed no not realli so they started trying it.for my friends sake im trying to stop the cutting. but i still dont kno how im ment to cope wiv my life at home until my bro gets bk nd i can speak to him about it. o yer they best way to kill urself it prob a overdose or hang urself.
15 Jun 2005   My name is Belle. i am 16. i have tried so many ways to kill myself. I havebeen hospitalised in both normal hospitals, mental hospitals and special child phyciatric units. I have , and this is no joke, suffered bulimia and anorexia, i broke my back and was in a wheelchair for 5 months after a trampoline accident, i have epilespy, i have od on panodol, valium, riddlin, prozac, sleeping pills, vitamin tablets... anything i could lay my hands on.
Did i mention that i am also a cutter and burner. oh yeah, and i have adhd and ocd.
YET dispite all of this i am still percieved as a happy child. My parents are great.. dont get me rong when i say this, but they have their faults just like everyone else. I recently ran away because my parents kept threating to get me moved to a mental institute permantly because they cant cope with me. I met a guy at a train station while i was in the city and he looked after me for a week. I thought he was genuinly looking out for me. He abused me. Emotionally and sexually. I hate him so much. But i left him and am now back at home.

Answering your question... i think the best way is good old paracetamol. you can od and no one will no until it is too late.. take 48 ( 2 pk) and u will die within 24 hours.
13 Jun 2005 mason A lot of visitors to this site think its a laugh to slag and criticise the youngsters on this site about committing suicide, but these people have never been truly depressed like the kidson this site have for what ever the reasons.
I am not 13 infact im more than twice that age yet i still feel a teenager.
I just want to tell my story and try and put yourself in my posistion and you might understand how suicide is the only thing on your mind under some circumstances.After reading on this site the cases of fathers raping their daughters and other terrible cases i feel i am not as unfortunate as them.
One day i came home from be told my best friend had visited at my house to show me his new motorcycle,but as i was at work and only my girlfriend was in.So as my mate was very exited about his new motorcycle my girlfriend agreed to jump on the back for a little run up the road, a mile up the road a tractor pulled out into their path killing them both instantly, i later found out my girlfriend was 2 months pregnant.This accident happened over 3 years ago and i am still finding it as hard to cope now as i did the day i was told of the accident.So kids after reading my story, do you really beleive your problems are worth killing yourself over and hurting all who love you?
life is VERY short...make the most of it
theres NO second chance
08 Jun 2005 ashley ive been threw depression i got really bad tried to kill myself twice but it didnt work i was hospitalized both times and you might think geting help doesnt work but it does i have came along way its scary to be in the hospital but its scary to wanna kill your self to i used to be a cuter i did it ever time someone pissed me off or made me dad treated me like shit hit me sister wanted me to kill myself and my mom well she was te only person that loved me but i thought what was the point of living if theres only one thing to live for.....but i pulled threw im doing great my dad and sister both care about me now my mom still does and im not even on meds and im really happy i still have my friends you just gotta hang in there and give it time! if anyone wants to talk to me about there problems or anything you can IM me on xxcrazedchic69xx its aim and aol my yahoo is spiderman_ap2003
07 Jun 2005 Andrea the best way to kill yourself when your under 13, hmmmm, probly overdose. Its simple to do, easy, you can use any drugs, aslong as you have lots of them and its practicaly painless. But it didnt work the 6 times i tried it.
06 Jun 2005 Mr. Perfect hi.. ive been depressed for too long any time is too long for me its been 2 and a half years ive sat and wondered why im so miserable ive cried and hurt myself, ive wanted to kill myself so many times.. always but the few people who care about me would be to greatly affected by my death.. and im to ashamed of myself to look for help, i cant relate to those who have been raped, witnessed death, or had serious family troubles i love my family but i wish the best to all of you
05 Jun 2005 devil girl greetings to all and greetings to you to mouchette. we love all of you. what i am about to tell you is the truth. it sound s a bit odd and farse but i am telling the truth.

when we where about five i went mad. i began to hear voices and see things that wernt there like black eye balls on the wall that would float against the wall and hid behind posters pictures and light sockets. it is our belief that my nextdoor neighbor, a necromancer, thats is kinda like a wizard who has control of the most vile evil spirits from the depths of hell, began putting curses on me. the voices started telling us how to make little voodooo dolls and what to say with this many of this color candles on the floor in this shape with these utinsils. every voodoo doll we make the people always die. i am wondering if when i die i will go to hell to or if i am just really crazy. regardless or not about hell i want to die because we keep on killing people with magick. and then bad stuff happens to me. we want to cut off our head and flush it down a toilet.
04 Jun 2005 Tired out. I can’t believe that in this day and age, people still choose to believe in God.

Admittedly, I believed until a few years ago that God would help me to lift myself out of depression. I was a fool to think this and a bigger fool to believe in something I could not see nor feel.

I am 22 and I have nothing to show for all the years that I wanted to kill myself, but chose to live on the promises of others. Nothing changes.

I am still here today because I do not want to hurt my parents, who still love me, despite my failings. As time goes on, I am learning to hate those that love me, to the extent that their pain after i am gone will not prevent my suicide.

I’m sure things could have been so different. If only I hadn’t been so stupid in my beliefs and expectations of life.

Never expect to achieve success, get a rewarding job, a loving partner or any reward for hard work or suffering. Then you won’t be disappointed.

I hope all those in torment find what they are looking for. Regards.
04 Jun 2005 just another fly just another day as i sit suspended
and watch....
ever so still.
for if i move it would be suicide.
as the moments drift away into eternity
i watch.
i wait.

this is a poem i wrote that can be taken in many different contexts. however when i wrote it i was actually wrighting my suicide note and went blank. this is what i wrote instead. it made me change my mind about killing myself so i thought i would pass it along. and in the back of my head i kept thinking who does God favor the spider or the fly?

have you had dreams about huge spiders and webs? this is an attack from the spirit of suicide. if you move they come after you but if you stand perfectly still they cant see you. most likely the setting is in a place you have lived previously. well if you have had this dream you really need jesus. if you reading this name makes you angry you need him to. because the spirit in you aint his spirit and therefore is unclean.
anyway i hope you people out there have mercy rained down upon you in your time of need.
29 May 2005 Discerned Don't kill yourself.
Kill others.
Kill insects, animals, weak people.
Laugh at their pain, ejaculate.
Do it properly and nobody will notice it.
Visit a mental hospital.
Look around and you'll see they're more miserable than you'll ever be.
Hurt yourself.
Make scars, wounds, bleed.
Scream loud, the loudest you can.
Hate everyone.
Hate your friends, family, just everyone.
Love yourself.
Only yourself and your lookalikes.
Tell people what you think about them.
Make them hate you.
Friends are evil, satanic, ego-destructive energy-lowering shits.

Live live, or die now.
27 May 2005 Angel I would say No Way is a good way, but then i'd be sounding hypacritical. I've been through all that great stuff like everyone easle. I was raped, I sold my body for drugs. I've been to two mental hospitals, got kicked outta rehab, and two school. Abuse by parents. hit by step-dad. My best friend/ ex boyfriend committed suicide in febuary, so right m=now I don't know how im managing to stay alive. I've tried to kill myself two times and both times I got cought. I ended up in a regular hospital once for overdocing to kill myself in school. I still cut myself and I have gotten better at hiding it. I've stopped selling myself, and laid off the drugs a lot. But my depression is killing me,a nd the prozac isn't working, and my mom doesn't give a fuck. She thinks its teenage shit and its all in my head. God. I can't take this hsit anymore. Whats the point in living?
25 May 2005 livingcorpse If ur gonig 2 kyll urself mak shur u do it kwyk so thet u dun chang ur mynd. lyf=shit most ppl thynk iss ez 2 kyll urself but iv treyed 56 tymes an i kant do it i now hav only 2 fingers no legs and one arm, only 1 lung, i have no i's, no penis, and my tongue is forever numb and a blackish colour, before i thought i wanted to kyll myself because my lyf suked, now...i just don't want to be like this
25 May 2005 Siren The Best way to kill yourself when your thirteen? hmmm I tried killing myself from as early as 7 and havent really stopped trying. Now I'm 17. So thats 10 years. Nothing to be happy about. I was molested when I was 7. My father was never around. My grandmother passed away 5 years ago, she was like my mother. I have all these men telling me I'm beautiful and they touch me and feel me, and you know what else. I'm still a virgin thank god. I've been heart-broken of cousre. By many guys. I call it a curse. Love's curse. I always seem to love them before they love me. It's a terrible system. Then about a couple of years ago, I "turned- goth" Some people think just becuz im goth has to deal with my suicidal attempts. No such thing. For awhile it actually helped me stop. It was liek a comfort zone cuz i knew who I was, and where i belonged. I've been teased for many years becuz I'm naturally skinny, Jealousy of cousre. Thats how I look at that now. After all they're not the ones that are gonna model. My "thing" as some of my friends call it is cutting. Most of my scars look like cat scrathes. my mom found my scars and automaticlly thought it was the cat, so I let her think that. I don't want to break her heart. She expects to much from me anyway. I guess you become so pressured and hurt and just confused with life and the meaning of living all together that you want to end it all. SOmetimes I still wish I could, but I don't. Becuase I want to live for tomorrow, and be there to see what happens. Life suxx, everyone knows this, but...everyone has to live it, even if it's for a second. You have to face the harsh world. I'm not going to act like a saint becuz most people are tryign to do that, and it's jsut a big lie to. I still cut, but I'm trying to stop. It's become some what of an addiction. I just cut to ease the pain. it's better to ease it even just for a little while. It's like getting pierced, you get this euphoric feeling. And it helps. But I don't suggest for people to do it. BEcause you probably won't be able to stop.
24 May 2005 Meg There is no way to kill yourself when you're thirteen. At thirteen your life has hardly begun, and I'm sorry to disappoint you children, but it's definately not a time to end your life. Think about death and suicide all you wish, fantisize, dream, but don't act. Not until you're mature enough to realize the consequences and results for you family, friends and loved ones.

I would take this advice seriously. I'm eighteen, and I have been dealing with major depression for six years myself. I have tried support groups, cognitive therapy and drug therapy (antidepressants). Unfortunately, years ago I was young, juvenille, and ignorant just like you, and I was a serious victim of self injury, alcoholsm, drug abuse and suicide attempts. Luckily, I grew, matured and came to my senses. I'm now top of my class, on my way to Canada's top university, with a loving boyfriend, supportive family and incredible friends. How? I'm not a quitter!

Suicide and any form of self injury is not the answer. Sorry kids, it's slightly more difficult than that.
17 May 2005 Jaqui (From UK) First of all, I'm not using a real name, maybe under an alias, all i have to say will be easier. Maybe if i feel as though i am someone else, I will not feel the torment of being who i am.

I'm 20 years old and for around 14 years now wondered why people treat me different. First of all, I dont blame my parents. Maybe being an only child meant i didnt know the art of defence having not had the practice on siblings. So maybe I was an obvious target from day one. I found it near impossibly to make friends right up until the age of 15. I was alone until then. My first friends were so precious to me that i clung to them too tightly to the point of annoyance and they abandoned me. I've never learnt otherwise. My striving to embrace my own expressions and dress/act how i so choose often causes friction, and makes me feel more uncomfortable in my own skin. I accuse people close to me of betraying me, when all they are guilty of is caring. thus i drive them away. and they take with them stories of how bad a person i am, and how they are glad they left me behind.

I'm in a permanent state of paranoia. I wonder why people i acqauint with do not include me in gatherings. I wonder why lovers don't answer my calls, or cheat on me consistently. (it HAS happened..) It's a self torment, knowing that i need to change my attitude but i cant. help doesn't work. Everyone I try to turn to, who promises they are there for make it only on their terms... when they have time, or when they are not busy. I'm not selfish enough to believe that i come first in anyones book. But to be foremost in someones thoughts for even 5minutes... wow. that would be incredible. i love my parents. and i know deep down they love me. but they live in a world where communication with me is minimal. they keep their distance where possible thinking im an adult, i need the space. when i call out to them, i'm often tastefully rebuked, as though they cannot really be bothered with me. its always "in a minute" with everyone. and those minutes often turn into days, weeks and in many cases, months before anyone even bothers to say "how you doing?". even if its a "i want to die" i normally get a "ahh... shit happens you'll be ok.. anyway... me me me me me me... i have a headache BLAH BLAH".

So many times i've tried to counteract all this by adopting a positive mental attitude, trying to make new friends and seeking guidance help to see how i can better myself from the inside, because i know only if i conquer my inner demons will the visible ones dissipate.

But 14 years, and no visible conquest. i still drive people away, still, noone has time for me. is this the way i am destined to always be? if so, then my constant suicidal thoughts are likely to take on practical form.

maybe then, someone will realise that they can make time for me.

in answer to the question what is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13? physically... i've no idea. but mentally... hate yourself.

its what i've always done and i've done it for so long there is no way out anymore.
17 May 2005 mau i tried committing suicide when i was 13. i brought a knife, alcohol, cotton and towels to school. i hid it in a small bag of mine. i went to the girl's comfort room. i asked my fren to go with me to the toilet. when she found out that i had those stuff with me, she told me not to do it. but i really wanted to. but she didn't help me. in the end, i wasn't able to- duh! i'm still here. haha. anyways, i guess she's a true fren for telling me not to continue what i had planned. you might ask why? it's like this. a lot of things happenned to me. i experienced new things in my life. one reason was because of love. i was so heart-broken! this guy hurt me so much. he was my childhood sweetheart. ever since we were 10 years old! also this guy that became my boyfriend but eventually broke my heart. it really hurt me so i just wanted to end my life. another reason was because i kinda shattered my mom's heart because i wasn't able to pass this entrance exam to this exclusive school. it's a science high school so i really wanted to pass. but i did not. and it hurt me, likewise, my mom. sometimes, when i hurt my mom in such a way, i also get hurt and blame myself. that was one reason, too. and about my taekwondo career too. when that came into my mind, the more i thought i had a lot of reasons to end my life. i don't know! looking back it to it, it really makes me feel so goddamn stupid! damn, why'd i try to do it. i had some scars in my neck 'coz i tried slashing it. but then, it's done. i should really think. YOU should really think. your life is the most special masterpiece of God! you aint got any right takin' it away! got that?? this goes out to y'all tryin' to take away your own life. everythin' happens for a reason, ayt?! so, i guess this is it. y'all take care now! *peace*
14 May 2005 Vienna Okay, so I'm 18 years old...I had a pretty good life my parents were both wonderful people, until about three years ago my dad slit my mothers throat in front of me and my brother and sister, then he shot himself. Just last year my brother was in a car accident and died. Now, it's just me and my little sister. They tried to take her away from me, but luckily I turned 18 recently, so now she's mine. All I'm trying to do is raise her right, finish high school and go to college next year. I'm a good person, I don't do drugs, or drink, and I never had sex. I want my first time to be with someone special. Of course that couldn't happen. Last month I was on my way to my car when all of a sudden a man came out of nowhere. I tried to fight him, but he was too strong. You can guess what happend next...he raped me, over and over again. This really put me over the edge. Now, I honestly don't know what the point of living is anymore. If it wasn't for my sister I would have killed myself already, but I can't do that to her.
13 May 2005 Jessy Im 15 and have tryed to commit suicide but people found out both times.First ill give you backround.Two years ago I realized my dad was cheating on my wonderful mother and she does nothing about it. This past December my best friend commited suicide she ahd 4 children who were also like family to me.That broke me down.I was cutting my wrist before that though i found that wasnt very effective.My mom kept catching me so she sent me to a therapist well that didnt do much cuz right after the session I took pills round the house i really thought this was it wrote a suicide not and everything but yet again I failed at my attempt and then my father cussed me and my mom out for no reason ill prolly try a few more times just need better ideas
11 May 2005 Jane Well, this is a nifty page if I've ever seen one. Like many people here, I have depression and for various reasons.
I was raped when I was thirteen, I'm now sixteen, and can barely remember what happened. Though, sometimes I'll have flashbacks or nightmares, which make feel really sick, both physically and emotionally.
Ever since it happened my parents have turned against me. They call me horrible things and I've gone through some abuse.
I no longer can find myself in a relationship, which girls younger than I am have had plenty that have been long lasting. My relationships only last for so long. I think my longest this year has been two weeks, which is astonishing. Though I have friends, I don't have very many good friends. In fact, most think that I am whore. I'm not sure how I was handed that title....I've only had sex once and that was rape, so it doesn't really make sense. At least, it doesn't make sense to me. There's even more bad things I could point out, but I rather not make this to long of an entry.
Anyways, as most on the site, I have flaunted with suicide more than once.
I've tried pills three times....the most it ever did was cause me to be really sick for a few days. I've tried shooting myself, but I found myself too chicken shit and to weak to pull the trigger, and I've tried hanging. Though a "friend" found me and pulled me down.
These failed attempts just caused me more pain and troble. I've been institutionalized more than once, and that sucks!
So, now, what I do to get over it is anorexia. It's the best, really!
You have control over yourself and people are always complementing me on how skinny and small I am. It makes me happy.
I'll die eventually and this is a sure way to speed up the process.
09 May 2005 Revelation I've dropped in depression before and i've been suicidal. I've cut my wrists, slashed my arms, smashed my head against walls and punched any object which could possibly draw blood. I have not only used knives but other objects which all seem to have a different effect of freedom and relief.

But i am proud to say i have overcome that feeling of nothing and how no one cares. Although my circumstances at home are not like everyone else i hold my head high and smile. I am a christian and i have found a meaning to live. I love life and i love God, it wasn't easy getting out of depression.

I turned against my friends, family and even myself. But despite everything i threw away i found myself not content with the fact that I was the one stopping myself from becoming the person i could be.

I've planned my death before, i even began the typical poem writing of death. You know... honestly... we are so YOUNG! There is a whole life out there that we are only just starting to see. I am 16 and if your younger than me i tell you now, don't throw your life away like no one cares. God loves you and so do i.

If anyone wants to talk them send me an email. I know what it's like and i never want to go down that road again because it's not worth it. Life is too good when you have God by your side.

Come on guys, my mum died when i was 9 years old. Everyone thought i didn't understand so they didn't pay me any attension. I knew everything, i saw years of pain and suffering. I endured hell and i still am till this day i am suffering from the effects of a loved one close to me.

I am a victim of someone who has died, it wasn't her choice either. But you have no idea what your actions do to other people.

Dead isn't the answer.

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