Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
i did when i was 7
23 Oct 2016 leda friends! I remember reading this page a few months ago when I was heavily suicidal. Only the other day did I decide to see what the whole Mouchette deal really was. Scary.
03 Oct 2016 sarah live in society
18 Sep 2016 Germain The best way to kill myself id to die when I STAGEDIVE AT A METAL FESTIVAL LIKE DEATHFEST IN RUSSIAAAAAAAA
17 Sep 2016 I am a buttface Run outside, shout "IN THIS WORLD-- ITS KILL OR BE KILLED.", get started with stabbing other people and get shot by the police.
16 Sep 2016 Filip Hamaj Fall in love
19 Aug 2016 nala I am 14 years old and my mom hates me so much with passion. She always leaves me in the house alone, and goes out always not caring about me. but when i ask her to take me out she gets so angry and starts to shout and hits me with anything she finds. She once hit me with a dining chair. Recently, it happened again and she hit me so hard no i have a huge scar on my arm and it was bleeding so much. She literally is child abusing me, and where i live theres no child abuse service. And my dad is always travelling out of the country, but when i do tell him what happens, he calls my mom. And my mom gets even madder and hits me more. i want to kill myself, i hate my life.
02 Aug 2016 Macy Kate Look. Stop for one second and look. None of you have experienced what I have and if so you know what a hell it is. I, in the 20 years i am alive, have been mentally abused by my own family. Called social services one day crying and hyperventilating. They took me to more foster homes than i can count. Ive tried slitting my wrists and eating pills. But i got therapy. and help. And without that my grave would have been in the ground with my 12 year old self in it.
08 Jul 2016 st suicide is not best way 4 all of us
24 Jun 2016 amelia the best way to kill yourself is to wrap a snake round your body and jump!! into a bath of leeches
14 Jun 2016 killbill listening to nirvana
06 Jun 2016 spder grow make a popular tweet
30 Apr 2016 Brian Heroin, it is so damned easy and not at all messy.
That or lots of vitamin C and calcium.
30 Apr 2016 Nick Try your very best not to be alive anymore. Pretty soon people will forget you. This is extremely painful though.
20 May 2015 death is near razors dont work for shit. try something else.
05 Apr 2015 Winter White. At my last visit to the state mental hospital (which is really a prison) the orderlys killed my friend. She wasnt hungry because of the medicine. So they strapped her down in a chair and shoved a tube in her nose that went down her throat. They pumped to much food that was liquified in a blender in her and her lungs filled up with food. I watched all of this. It has me nervous and depressed. I hope a meteor falls on them for what they did.
07 Jun 2014 exsist ants decomp Today I went to the doctor. Had to get my urethra checked out. As I was waiting for the dip stick to be removed I had a thought on life. Life just robs you of your dignity and makes you insane. I got to thinking about how life is such a disapointment. And its just one thing after another. A downward spiral of rainbows and lolipops. So I totaly understand the frustration many people have on this website. But I still dont think you should killyourself because once you make it past your problem you have survived and you become stronger and smarter. Hardships in life make us who we are. You are either strong and you push on for a better future or you are weak and you give up.
29 May 2014 celeste in nightmareland The pixels are blinding me. It is so hard to want to live with a heroine addiction. When you come down you feel like you are going to die without some more. Its only a matter of time before you start to get sick and feel weak. If the deal dont get up until ten thirty that kills the chance of getting a job so you have only a few options left. Steal and rob stores or you can do what I do to afford my heroine is work at a gentlemens club as a dancer. Its a great way to meet the clients. It is the only job I can do. I feel so empty. I am just a shell of a person. My daily routine is wake up and tie off right before I get going for the day. This is a very small amount what I saved from the night before. Its just enough to keep me from starting withdrals. Then I take a shower and eat a piece of toast and text my dealer and wait for him to text me back. Then I go get my daily fix and I have to give him whatever sexual favors if I am short money. Then I got to hurry and do a bump. Once I level out I go to work and get on stage for a bunch of perverts and take off my clothes and shake my ass and titsand they give me money. Normally I take a break and do another bump. After I level out in the back room I ussually find some guy who gives me four to five hundred for the night. I am so tired of servicing guys just to be able to pay for my heroine and some food. All the sick disgusting things I have to do for them, and you cant wash that kind of dirty off. I hate my life. I have tried to quit doing heroine five times and I get so sick I think I am going to die. And you just want it so bad. I am going to die anyway so I may as well just overdose. The next time I get a big bag I am just going to fill a syringe all the way up and shootit in the left side of my neck. Right in the artery straight to the brain. When I die I am going to feel like I am floating on clouds of silk. And the worst part is since I have been sleeping with men for money now I have HIV. My life is over. I dont want to suffer. I am probably going to overdose before this is even posted. I just needed to get this off my chest and now I feel better. Goodbye.

Celeste xoxo
25 May 2014 a leech Obviously my life is in shambles. A total wreck. Why else would my co-dependance have me here other than to grasp ahold of someone like a leach only to suck the life out of you as I use you to fix me and my life. Tell me of all the ways I must feel so my life will be better. Tell me why it isnt that bad and please tell me how to view the world because my view is obviously faulty. I need you to be needed. I want you to need to be needed. My co-dependancy will not allow you to fix me up all the way because then I will be lost with out my closest friend and confidant. I want to tell you all my dirty secrets so you can change me. But in the end I wont change.
25 May 2014 drop the soap ♥ Well its about to get hot in america. Did you know suicide rates go way up in the summer in southern states in america inside prisons. Its because prison life sucks and when it gets hot it gets unbearable. People snap and kill themselves. Just imagine for four months you never stop sweating even at night and everyone keeps farting and jerking off everywhere. It gets pretty stinky.

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