Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
25 Jul 2005 tiger I have suffered from depression 4 7 yrs i m 14 the reason 4 my depression is ovious weight issues and sexual melestation by family members and close frenz this world has treated me horribly which is y i have attempted suicide atleast 30 times n my life by over dosing cutting hanging myself and starving all would have been successful if my mom woodn have tooken me to the dam hospital afterwards i suffer from anerexia im 5'3' and wiegh 82 pounds i m huge i no also my step dad has melested me millions of times but my mom wont believe she thinx hes a good man but i cant tell the cops cuz he said he wood bury me alive n the mountains its really scary to b told how ur going to die i used to wah 107 and i wood duck tape my fat back which wood leave scars on my stomach and legs which i still hav i wor the tape at 10 and 14 m still suffering from my past decisions well im done with life im killin mysself sooner or later ill b happy dead
21 Jul 2005 Mary This is such a coincidence I was searching for some other site and i stumbled onto this one. Must be God wanted me to tell my story. The best way to kill yourself is no way read my story and understand. This is what happened to me at 13 when I tried to kill myself. So if you thinks that suicide will end your misery I say Hah!Think again. I tried committing suicide when i was 13. Lucky for me that it did not work. When I woke up I was in total darkness. I did not remember that I had killed myself. I could not imagine what had happened to me. I thought it was another mean thing that was happening to me and somebody had locked me in a box while I was sleeping. It felt like a box or a room but i could not touch any walls or floor. I was numb or felt weird. It was like i was stoned but could not see or hear anything. I was really frightned. I was totally alone in the darkness no sound no light no heat no cold. Nothing. I shouted and cried but it's as if nothing came out.The darkness absorved everything. I don't know how long I was there I started to babble and I think i started to pray. Not that I knew anything about praying or believed in God but I was desperate. "God some say you exist if you do please help me." I kept shouthing and then just mumbling over and over and over "God please help me, please hear me, someone please...God ...somebody help...what happening let me out." Well anyways I kept repeating something like that over and over it seemed to me like years. Eventually I noticed a very faint light. I ran towards it but I kept loosing sight of it and I would cry and pray over and over God help me.. god help me." and the light seemed getting brighter. I finaly got to the light and to my amazement it was a glass window looking out onto a beautiful land. Something like the countryside. Green grass and forest. The sun was shinning I saw colorful birds fly by. There was a little pool and I saw deers go up to drink. Far in the distance I saw people picking flowers i even saw kids running by. There was like a stone road leading through the fields into the forest. I could not find a way to get through. I tried breaking the glass. Knocking on it but nothing. I was stuck in the dark while on the other sside was a beautiful world. I kept beating my fist and kicking the window but nothing until this tall person appeared. I could not really tell if it was a man or a woman and I could not really see it's features he was very bright and I think was dressed in long flowing robes. The glass dissapeared and I could now smell and hear the sounds on the other side. Beautiful musical sounds like wind chimes and the rustle of leaves sweet smell of roses or floweres. "What are you doing here asked the being. This is not the way in." he said. "I am lost and in a dark room and I don't know why or where. Please let me in." "Sorry but I cant. Even if I let you you wouldn't be ablwe to step in no matter how you hard you tied. Tthis is the Law - You can only come in by the proper entrance." "But where am I and how did I get here?" "You are in transision, neither alive or dead. You tried to end your life before it's time. You should thank the Lord otherwise you would still be in the dark." "But I was in pain and could not take it anymore I just wanted to end it all." "Hear me well I Micheal Lord of the Way tell you this There is no death and no ending. Life is just a school. If you flunk this lesson you will just have to go back and relearn. Next time it may be harder lesson. You chose this life now you have to live it." No no I did not and I refuse to live it anymore." Then I felft such love and comfort from him. "I know you are suffering but you are a beautiful and stong soul and you decided on this life to help others. Be comforted in knowing that you have the ability to make your life get better. Look" He said and pointed ahead. Then I saw myself a little older laughing and I could see that I was happy and enjoying life. There were other people around me I think I was talking to them or councelling them and then very quickly I saw lots of scnenes. I think it was about my futur and of all the people that were helped because of my being alive. I can't remember most of my futur but I think I had a loving family anf kids. Then he showed me the souls of the people that where hurting me and deep within them I could see darkness, I understood that they were lost and afraid that's why they were cruel. I realized that for some of them it would take more than this life to heal. "Please let me come in here now I don't want to deal with life and the pain anymore. I changed my mind" "No its either through the darkness till you find the entrance." He ponted back in the dark or back to life until your proper time." And I knew I wanted to come back and experience what I saw. Then I opened my eyes in a hospital. Let me tell you it wasn't easy to be back but it was better than alone in the dark and my life has gotten better. I have worked on it. I even learned to pray and pray everyday and I feel better. I have done researched ( ) and found out that Micheal Lord of the way is the Head of Angels and figths to keep evil away and show the way to God. Every once in awhile I say thank you Micheal Lord of Way and I thank God for a second chance at this life."
17 Jul 2005 NOT A B.D.D PERSON I think it is not helpful telling people they may have BDD. I considered that myself but it isn't BDD if you really are ugly. BDD label is often given to good looking or average people who are obsessed with the way they look and are ogften attention seekers. You are either ugly or you are not. For those of you who are not ugly and who say 'just get on with it, beauty is skin deep, people shouldn't judge you by your appearances etc..' then I say see how it would be to spend a day being someone like me.

I am an intelligent 23 year old and I know what I see in the mirror. I have known I was ugly since I was a teenager. I have also suffered from depression on and off since then as well. Being ugly can have a huge impact on your life and can casue the most severe depression. I'm not saying my depression is caused by it, more that the way I feel about myself is made worse by the depression. My doc/counsellor says that people have negative thoguhts caused my distorted thinking. Much the same way an anorexic looks in the mirror and sees someone fat, I think that is crap. I look in the mirror and i can see what i can see. I am well educated and have a good brain, and I know reality when I see it. The fact is I am ugly - not attention seeking like some of the more egotistical of you on here ("I'm pretty so why do people call me ugly?" Get over yourselves and you'd realise that if you had a life to focus on you wouldnt be so self centred and ever thought people might just be seeing your arrogance and ugly personlity - if you're walking round all day thinking how gorgeous you are people will dislike you. It isn't jealousy - it is becasue you are probably not a nice person.)
Most of you on here moan about having a big nose, or being hairy or focus on one or two things. Well think yourself lucky you're not ugly all over. I hate my face and i hate my body - it is revolting and even makes me feel sick. I'm not going to list all that is wrong with me. I dont need to because they just are. I cant find clothes cos i need something that covers me (and no this isn't a weight issue before anyone says that). I need all my skin covered - have you any idea how depressing it is to have to cover yourself up totally or not be able to tgo out of the house? Especially in the summer when you cant take your clothes off and the shops are full of clothes that don't cover you?
When you are ugly all over and need to try and hide it so people arent repulsed it takes over EVERYTHING. I can't live a normal life or do noraml thigns that everyine else can. I miss out on a lot and i wantt o keep away from other people. Yet I am so unhappy and lonely. I have never found the key to acceptign how ugly I am, and how to accept the fact that I wil never find someone to love me totally and who wants to be with me 100%. It just isn't going to happen. I work so hard on my good qualities - I am a good mother, a loyal friend, I have a very good education I worked hard for, and I have a great sense of humour and often an endearing personlity. But it doesn't matter. Truth is we all judge people on first appearances whether consciously not. Who cares if I have the qualities listed above - no one is going to find out. And before anyone says if they cant see past that they're not worth it... please don't bother. I want to know how I accept my ugliness and knowing I will be alone forever?? That's my problem, not BDD. I am only obsessed because i am so repulsive and it's taking over my life and my thoughts. I do not have self esteem issues or else why woud I see my good points?? It's because I am genuinely ugly - I have never seen anyone more ugly than me. There just ins't anyone.
17 Jul 2005 megan im 13. i started having suicidal thoughts about a year ago when my sis was diagnosed with a brain tumor. i thought i couldnt handle it if she died. i thought i should just kill my self now and spare the pain. i could never figure out how to do it tho. but about a couple months ago my sister died. i prayed to god to just kill me over night. somedays it gets better somedays it gets worse.
15 Jul 2005 Lo i am 17 years old. for 6 years i have been severly depressed. Believe me evrey suicide path there is i have considered it. However the only way i have tried is stabbing myself with a knife and didnt even get to do it. My mum saw me and wrestled the knife off of me. Next comes doctors then comes councilling and then comes shrinks. Presently i am waiting to see one however i dont know if i will even be here when the time comes. the only reason that i have not continued in trying to end my pittiless life is because i cannot think of a way that would hurt me enough. I need to feel the pain and yet i cannot describe to anyone why i have this need. Am i scared i am petrified and yet i am unable to exit from this cycle of misery. I fear going on anti-depressants in case i am never to live without them again. i understand it when peopple think they only have one answer to their predicament and do not feel strong enough to carry on. I hate myself there is not one aspect of my life why i feel i should carry on. I hate with all my might my job, a-level work, homelife but for me their is no solution.
12 Jul 2005 Shinji Ikari Reading everyone's stories here makes me feel even worse about myself.. I have nothing wrong in my life really, and reading your posts just makes me feel selfish. I find that I feel I cannot go on living even though everything could be seen as great in my life. To see me around people no-one would ever guess the thoughts that I have, they plague my mind every day.. I like most here feel that to put my parets though the torment of seeing me deformed by any kind of mutilating suicide would be too much to put on them.. I just feel so selfish because to anyone looking in my life could be seen as "perfect" yet I have lost all will to continue living..
10 Jul 2005 CORPSE Once I tried to do it when I was 14, unluckily dad took me to the hospital. Now HIV is doing it. The funny fact is that now I don't want to die.
08 Jul 2005 fallen angel all these people are telling you to slit your wrists. DONT. if you dont cut deep enough your head is left fucked up and you have terrible scars. i am speaking from personal experience. i have been adviesed by plenty of people to hang myself but i havent got round to it yet. if you are only depressed for a little while then please dont kill yourselfs you have your whole lives ahead of you. BUT if you feel the only realese you have is suicide then that is your chocie. i have tried to kill myself 4 times before and if you are the same then you need to think, mabye the reason you arnt dieing is because you arnt ment to die yet. the only way out, is the way through
02 Jul 2005 BULLYS FUCK PEOPLE'S LIFES UP Anyhow, Always being different and wanting to fit in, I became a bully''s target, emotionally, and, verbaly to a somewhat lesser extent, physically.
when someone did not like me growing up. I took it to heart really personal.
It was something that really upset everyday, i was scared to go to school.
I lost interest quickly,
If it was not for the bullying i would of done well my time in school I LITTERALLY DREADED getting out of bed early each morning to almost daily suffering and little or no learning in such an environment. dont well in my studys.
Even a certain teachers bullied me in there own way.( they said that i treated people like shit when i did not)
i got bullied for beibg ugly for fuck sake.
While I was lucky enough to make some friends who understood me, I cannot think of ONE family memeber who did not in some way hurt me intentionally. A family member even went so far as to set me up for something he did, in order to see me bear nasty consequences.(becasuse of are mad family) some thing else that really upset me.
Almost all the people I am now closest too are not what society would call family for the mere virtue of not being biologically related to me.
this is how i used to be at school: as a teenager:
My name is Someone and I want to tell you about myself. My name is not important, but I am DIFFERENT in life. I am wierd and ugly to lots of people. They don''t like me, etc. I am wierd and horrible looking. I will tell you I am different
because I have never had a friend or a boyfriend. I am too ugly for anyone. People in general. I don''t like nasty or nosey people. I have to deal with these everyday of my life.
They''re bullies and nasty people and plain nosey. I will never have a boyfriend is what they say. I''m too ugly. They laugh at me as I am ugly. They make me feel small when they feel BIG. Nobody to talk to, only you here. I''m hated because I''m ugly. I hate the people. I''m not their type. Spoiled and horrible is how I see a lot of people here. They are ALWAYS horrible. They always want to hurt the weakest one or something, they are JUST PLAIN NASTY. I don''t know why people are like it. I hate my looks and body. I have no friends because I am a real ugly person. The truth is I have been on my own since I was ugly and I am really ugly now. I am alone and it''s ok with me but I just wanted to let others know if you are an ugly person too with no friendship or relationships. My life has gone from bad to worse etc. I am ugly. The real truth is Noone cares about me. That''s the truth. Plans in my life have backfired and I am full of mistakes. I believe I an ugly because of my mistakes.
When I was a teenager I cut my wrists pretty badly. I never told anyone really. I had no real friends, but I lost a lot of blood. I am starving myself. I am skinny and I want to be thinner because I think I am too fat, even though I am thin. So I am starving myself and losing blood, all because I get bullied in my life. I find it hard to find an on-going job now and keep it. I''m bad tempered too. I am always tired because of life. People say to me get a life, you''re sad etc.
But they don''t understand me. How can they? They''re pretty. People think I don''t try making friends and all bad things that go on in my life is my fault. I''m screwed up. I will never trust people enough to have friends and I will never get married and have kids as I am screwed up inside and
out. I stay in the home most of the time as I am scared that bullying will still go on and it does. I just am one big scared cat. I guess I am just an ugly person. I always will be. Family don''t want me there or maybe I''m just one big baby. I am talking about having NO FRIENDs, not even in the family.
You can''t judge me until you see me. Thank you for your time.
i am not deformed or nothing i am just ugly that what people tell me.
can't beileve people can be so nasty.
look down at me like everything is my fault.
i wonder the people who bullied me are sorry for what they have done in my life.
read the other storys i have wrote doen on this site i will stop posting now.


Thank you for your time.
01 Jul 2005 me again Last year I had no real friends. The people who said they were my friends seemed to always have something mean to say to me. I walked around with my head down while people laughed and made fun of me. This year I was on the color guard on marching band. I made a lot of great friends and I started talking about my problems. Now color guard is over and I am depressed again! I can’t sleep and I have nightmares. I don’t want to eat. I feel hopeless.”
01 Jul 2005 CJ I live in fucking regret every day. I wallow in it. I am a loser, a geek, and ugly. Completely fucking ugly. I whine and bitch about my life and my circumstances. I expect you to listen and dont fucking CARE. The most arrogant bitch alive-- and probably also the most unfeeling, uncaring, and insensitive as well. I have a positive outlook toward self-hatred. It would do the world a favor if somebody would just fucking OFF me. I hate children and teenagers. I hate myself and I hate you. Everything arises from chaos and seeks order. I bleed, for you. I hate you because you aren't strong enough to hate yourself. Your pissy little world isn't enough for me. Own a cat i am a dog. I'm an idiot. I'm clumsy. I don't understand innuendo, subtlety, or hints. I've lied to, hurt, broken, lost, and desecrated everything and everyone that I've ever loved or who has ever loved me. Pack your fucking god and your fucking love up and get the fuck out. My job has eaten my soul. I love so many people who can never love me. I never had a soul. The concept is bullshit. I am a huge disappointment. I'm /ugly. I'm dishonest. I dream about being more than I am, but know it's only a dream. I realize that everyone has hated me for a long, long time. Drink alcohol and inbreed. I am powered by rage, and driven by anger. I want to find someone else like me. I want to harness the power of indifference, and learn what it means to really stop caring. I hate for you because you do not understand how to hate properly. If other people think you are grotesque, I want to know you. I can only assume I'll be alone forever. I see spots before my eyes. I don't drive a van. You just wouldn't fucking understand. Shit on my love for you. What you see as beauty I see as ugliness. Sickening the beautiful people would be justice enough. All my friends are gone, or going-- it appears that I'm destined to suffer through this in solitude. Throughout history, there have existed few people lazier than I. I'm am such a pathetic prick. I deserve this. I deserve this. I deserve this. I deserve this. I've always deserved this. I will always be deserving of this. I am this monster. I am your monster. So far I've found you five times-- four times if you forgive my indiscretion. Give me some fucking motivational drivel, religion, and a camping trip, then fuck the fuck off. Do not tell me this is art. This isn't expression, it's excretion. Tell me how serious you are about being annoying. Let your fucking kids run wild in the back yard. Don't you dare fucking hurt the cats. I am determined to see that this text grows longer every day. I am determined to stop caring. Look at me! I'm a statistic! I am determined to be loathed and to loathe. I am a fat, smelly fucking dem-o-graphic. I should probably take up playing fucking computer games, realtime chat, and smoking. I long to find somebody who I can appreciate. I should set myself on fire. I should be trendy, enigmatic, and wacky. I should drive into a tractor trailer. You should boil your head. Please just let me suffer. I wish I had nothing to lose. Is there anybody else out there that feels like me? I suffer so you do not have to. You should suffer, too. All of you should suffer. Just stop being attractive to me! I am cursed to be the only person that has ever seen myself as special. Are you ugly? Do you hate you? Could you hate me, too?
01 Jul 2005 CJ Hello! I googled a bit and found this site. I feel like I would like to talk to someone about my problem, but nobody seems to understand. Heck, I don't even understand it myself. I feel stupid and I feel like I am going crazy... and I thought, maybe here I can find someone who will listen and help me sort out what I am going through. I'm afraid I am going insane. Thanks for reading this.
felt so alone right now. I've been crying for the last hour or so. I took a Xanax but it doesn't seem to help. Maybe I should take another one.
I feel so ashamed of myself. I don't even know how to explain what my problem is. I don't even seem to have one. At least that's what everyone else seems to think.
and although I'm ashamed, I feel relief in being able to share my troubles.
It is people they scare me to death.
I'm a WRECK. How many Xanax do I have to take to get a "happy feeling"? I'm afraid to try.But I hated children all my life. I think it might depend on the fact that I was a pretty chubby and really girl when I was little, and the kids were really cruel to me back then. I hated childhood, and I always felt comfortable around adults, but never around children.
went to a councellor last year, and it didn't help. Then my doctor sent me to a psychiatrist. I saw him once, I hated him, he didn't even listen to what I had to say and then he talked down to me, while handing me a prescription for Paxil. It made me feel miserable.
i am so nervous all the time and alone what is the ponit of being alive. i will kill my self some time soon.

Good night (or good morning!), and thank you for letting me talk.
26 Jun 2005 SpookyPenguin Okay i'm under 13 and i've learned that there is no BEST way to kill yourself. Killing yourself is really hard to do even if you got all them fellings telling you you to do it and you really really want to. Taking pills doesn't work half the time because normal pills like Advil, tumbs, and others don't kill you. Dey just almost kill you or make ya feel real sick. Cuting your self or using a knife or blade is hard too. I remember times were i just have tooken anything sharp near me and started cutting at my skin over and over again. I never broke da skin though... Laying on rail rode tracks fucking hurts to... also, you gotta have to be able to live with the fact that you killing your self killed all the people riding that train to. I never have got my hands on a gun I don't know what it feels like to get shot so i can't explain that to you. I sometimes get fucking pissed at myself and the world over the stupidist things... Suicides imposible to describe it's like an emotion with in an emotion. Also when you kill yourself over emotion only you can feel people call you stupid or a "Posuer" or a chiken who can't deal wiht reality ...This really fucking pisses me off some times. There is alot of shit that runs throuhg your mind when you try to kill yourself... I fucking hate it i wish you could just press a button and start a new life and forget about everything...


I found this site by looking up Easy ways to kill yourself on google caus i got really mad and went insane i was like havin a Identidy Chrisis/depression/boredum/low blood sugar. And then looking to google for the fucking answer...


I'm okay now...
26 Jun 2005 Meh. Go into the bathroom, lock the door, turn out the light, peer into the mirror and recite the following; Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary. If this didn't work, try reciting this; Candy Man, Candy Man, Candy Man. If this didn't work, smash the mirror with your fist then swallow a shard of broken glass. If this didn't work then you musn't have wanted to die afterall, silly socks:P.

Suicide isn't funny kiddies, life is a whore, deal with it. I was your age not so long ago and I know how most of you feel as I have been through similar experiences to people who've posted their stories on this site. THERE IS HELP. You just need to start looking harder.

Just one other thing, in response to Tala's post about there being nothing after death, I'm not trying to tell you that you are wrong, however, I had an Aunt who recently died of an asthma attack. After the doctors revived her, she claimed that she was literally floating above herself, watching the doctors bring her back to life. This may or may not have been a dream that my aunt was having, but I do know she doesn't lie and she seemed so damn sure. Also she's spoken to other people who have been through a very similar I guess we just can't be sure...

Don't kill yourselves.
26 Jun 2005 Sean Briley (Bo-Bo) I dont want it to seem as though I am wine-ing. I am just stating the facts.

First of all I am a 32 year old man going on 33. I have just recently moved out of my mothers house into my apartment. She is paying all of my bills and I have a two hundred plus dollar phone bill I cant pay. I can't get a decent job due to my past criminal history with drugs. I was in prison and now I somehow got caught again and am on probation. I still do drugs. I have been to re-hab but I don't really want to quit. My wife left me. I never get see my daughter. Most of my family won't even talk to me anymore. I can't get a girlfriend. And did I mention...

I will probably go back to prison very soon. This time my mother will probably not be able to pay to get me off the charges.

Now the whole time you were reading this I bet you were thinking that i am all depressed and going to kill myself, right?


I do have serious problems. However I do not want to kill myself. I want to slaughter myself.

All my life i have been a loser. A total screw up. Even though I am 32 I never grew up.

Listen to me.
Dont be like me. Always being so selfish. Never maturing into an adult yet living in an adults body. If you do problems will encompass you and finaly consume you. This next time i go to prison I will be gone for a long while.
And the worst part is I do want to kill myself but am to afraid to do it. I am worthless as a human being and to socioty. Jail is the best palce for me. Or a graveyard. And now i realize this it is to late.

Dont let your life pass you by as I did mine. Only to find that there isn't much of a life I can live.
23 Jun 2005 some lim-girl yeah well i dont blame ya for wanting to commit suicide but there isnt really a way. some die of an overdose the first time, when others try it there whole life's and then die bie an accident. me?

i was an happy kid, at the age of 14 i had seen allot of reality but i didnt really cared as long as i ha d friends and money, wich i still have, even more then i did back then. two weeks before my 15th birthday i had an accident, i got hit by a car and i was serieusly hurt in my head (im from belgium so i some words i wanna say, i cant translate in english so i try to explain). when i go back home, after being in the hospital, i felt strange. apperently i had a depression, wich is normal for the injury i had in my head. it would take years to heal.

thats 5 years ago. i have everything i wanted, cool friends, nice friends, lots of friends, family, good schoolresults and nice teachers. i seem pretty normal, im even popular and people seem to think of me as a strong person with allot life experience, they admire me, and if i need someone i dont even have to search for someone. so i cant complain. i tryed giving life a second, third, 50th chance but my head wont work with me. i cant enjoy anything no more. so i told my doctor, the same one who told me about that depression, and now he tells me that some people that had mey headinjury, just never get over that depression. ist something in the brain that doesnt seem to fix and cannot be operated or treated with pills. and even how mutch u want to fight to get over it, it wont help. and its not my fault, its the injury. so i know life cant be good for me no more, as for some others. all my dreams have come true and i did liike it, but i cant enjoy it no more.

now in my country u can ask for an injection thats makes u die within a few minutes and with a minimum of pain, its legal here, but not anyone can have it. u have to prove youre life sucks and untill u can do that, well, u died from old age if u know what i mean, or u gotta have a lot of money to bie three doctors that say u can but thats almost impossible here.

witch means i have to stand the pain, knowing it wont get better. now THATs bad! cause who confirmd that youre life wont get better?! know im waiting, counting every day till its my last.

cause suicide, common, the only wau u can make sure its gonna work, is with a gun. and i dont think i have to punish the people thats surround me for my pain, cause that just wouldnt be fair. but i u turn it arround, its easy for them to say, cause they dont have to stand trough the pain every day, and knowing that youre aqtually living for others and not for yourself cause it wont get better.

god this is hard! and where is the real GOD now? common if he would know that half of the population would be like this, then wy did he make us? if there really is a god the he is OR a bad person OR hes just something people made up to blame someone for all the bad things.

commiting suicide= a chicken, selfich person?

yeah right, after all, the only one who really understands u is yourself.
in hard times it all comes down to yourself, so fuck the rest!!
u can only judge when u had gone trough it yourself cause then u unsderstand.

22 Jun 2005 Sara Hi My Fake name on here is sara, I didnt use my real name, cause I dont want any1 I know to find out, THAT I WAS SUISIDAL, the once and last time I posted on here uptill now, was a nice post telling me people that they could make it through the hard times,but thats cause I dont want young people to hurt them selves, but in reality I dint really beleive my own words, cause I was hurting too, and \when I found this site, I have so happy to find A very nice girl, her name is anna, we are BEST FRIENDS NOW, we have been friends since Feb, And its now June, so 5months, We tell each other everything, every last sad thing that happened in are lives. We have been through so much these past 5months, And I went through a hard time with her, cause recentlly she tryed to kill her self, and I thought she was dead, But thankgod she didnt die!!~Shes alright now, she had to spend some time in the hospital, But Im soo happy shes okay now!!~And I have some other good news thanks to her friendship, and just everything going on in my life now, Im proud to say IM NO LONGER SUISIDAL ANYMORE, and shes getting over it too. If I can do it , then so can all of you, I know , how hard it is, beleive me, but once some good things start happening, it just gets better. Yeah sure every1 will have some hard times, But all you really need Is good people around you. I found ONE GOOD FRIEND< ANNA!! THROUGH THIS WEBSITE< and everything has changed in these last 5months, I love her soooo much, and I know were gonna be true friends to the END, I wanna say ANNA THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR EVERYTHING YOU HAVE DONE!!YOUR THE BEST XOXOO
22 Jun 2005 spanky_the_duck hey im back again, well some people who were on the site have added me, i havnt cut in 6 days so fucking proud of myself! w00t! hope this feeling stays. im getting help for the cutting and when i feel low. ive started smoking and alot of friendsd arnt talkigbn to me cos of that but i dont care. aslong as im happy i dont care, ive been going out with my boyfrind for 5 months now. im so happy. its my 15th birthday comming up soon im hoping it will give me and even better perspective on life. thanks to everyone who has helped me. they are the best, so thank you tracy and fallen you've helped even if you dont reaslise it.
spanky x
21 Jun 2005 Really nuts Are you fucking serious? Obviously not!! It is a damn shame you don't use the brains you were born with. While you idiot children play "suicide games" some of us adults are forced to attempt to live with them in the real world on a daily basis.]

I am an old, 44 years, and have been fighting this battle for 8 years now. Trying like hell to raise a child, maintain a marriage (too late for that one), keep my professional job (that is gone too), and to just stay alive some days. I have tried so many medications I couldn't begin to name them all.

Have anyone out there really ever thought what it is like to go day to day for years on end, not caring if you lived or died? Didn't think so...
19 Jun 2005 becca im only 12 yrs old myself. i kno every1 will cal me stupid for wot i say in this nd tat my life has only just started but wot i say doesn't sound like much but to me it hurts so bad. to start of about 5 yrs ago i found out my bro was taking drugs, a yr later my parents found out nd took him to the cop shop but lucky dey let him out after 2 nights. then i was on holiday just to get bk to find my bro was in bed completely stoned. my mum was sat on top of him just hitting him in the face. i was just sat in my room wish all tat was goin on would just stop(memba im only about 6-7yrs old) since then my life has only got worse. iv tryed to kill myself many of times but my bro (hu i get on wiv realli well) has presuaded me not to do it. he himself tried hanging himself at the age of 13.i didn't kno about this until last year wen i first tryed killing myself. just reasently my bro has joined the navy nd gone out to sea for a few months nd my life at home has got worse. i have started cutting myself nd my friends have found out. they asked me if it hurt nd i sed no not realli so they started trying it.for my friends sake im trying to stop the cutting. but i still dont kno how im ment to cope wiv my life at home until my bro gets bk nd i can speak to him about it. o yer they best way to kill urself it prob a overdose or hang urself.

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