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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
31 Dec 2005 Just A Person at least 50% of people are capricious, selfish, ruthless, ignorant, cruel or aggressive and aren't worth the time of day.

45% range from pretty awful to so-so.

3% are not bad.

2% are caring, decent and intelligent.

we live in a world where spiritual values are seen as pointless and most ppl just want to grab what they can for themselves and don't care whose body they trample on in order to lift themselves up. If people minded their buisness then their wouldnt
be so much hate in this world

look guys this is the world we live in if we were all the same in life it would be boring..

hmm... if you hate everyone so much that you wish they didn't exist, why are you spending your time reaching out to tell us all about it? Get a cat... that's what I did (dogs are good too). He's the best friend I've ever had. I just tell him what I think of humanity, and then we drop the subject (he never has much to say) and go for a nice long walk. Maybe I'm a little crazy, but hey... I'd be a lot crazier and a lot less happy if it weren't for my cat.
30 Dec 2005 Ashlee When I was 15 I took a bootle of anti-deperessent just to see what would happen. I pssed out in the tub and wake the next morning in a psych hosptial for attempted suicide. I don't think I can die. i've tried to many times with the same results. I mean hell I stepped in front of a car, got up and walked off as if nothing happened.
30 Dec 2005 Ashley I wrote in a story of what had happened to me in hopes that some one would read it and stop to think about what they wanted to do. I am highly offended that you would think that I was suggesting ways to kill yourself. I wathed my girlfriend die and I live with that image everyday. Not only do I live with this horrid image, but I also live with the regret I have from trying to take my life too. Every time I think of her, I feel let down and hurt and sad and angry... I get angry with her and I know I schouldn't. I get angry with myself for being angry with her. I know why she did it, and I know it wasn't right. The last thing I saw in her eyes was regret. Regret that she was hurting me, that she was taking her life... AND YOU HAVE THE NERVE TO ACCUSE ME OF SUGGESTING THAT SOMEONE HANG THEMSELF?!!! My girlfriend wasn't the only person I lost to suicide. My boyfriend hung himself because of his father. Suicide hurts everyone INCLUDING THOSE YOU LOVE, not just the ones you want to hurt. THAT WAS THE POINT I WAS MAKING!!!!
28 Dec 2005 Ashley I am 17 and I have tried to kill myself on numerous occassions since my girlfriend hung herslf infront of me. I have scars on my wrists and and on my back from where I cut---no, slashed, myself an innumerable amount of times. I've tried drugs and pills from my mom's work bag, she's an EMT. I've tried just about everything except hanging myself. I watched my girlfriend hang herself at a party one night when I was about 14 or 15. We were on the deck and it had a roof that went about half way over it. We were drunk and she had been depressed for a really long time. We were making out when she pulled away and said, "fuck this, all of it, I love you babe, but I can't deal with my life anymore." Her father used to beat her and he had beaten her pretty hard the day before...she had cuts on her face from being thrown into the wall and her arm looked like he had tried to break it again...she was full of bruises, but to me she was as beautiful as ever...she always faught back against him. She always got out alive, she always came back to me so I could hold her. I tried to stop her, but she oush me off of her. I tried to get the rope off her neck,but slapped me and punched me...she was a strong fighter. I tried to get help as she was tieing the rope to the roof rail, but no one listened. I tried to get her down, but I couldn't get theknot undone. I tried to sit her on my shoulders so she could breathe, but she kicked me till I fell. I tried to save her, but I couldn't. I picked up a piece of glass from the broken window she had kicked me into and tried to cut the rope, but it was too late and the rope slipped and cut my wrist alittle. I remember it didn't hurt, nothing hurt after not being able to save her. I took the glass and started cut my wrists anyway I could...that's when everyone inside realized something was boyfriend makes me cover my scars on my wrists when we have sex now, but he doesn't know that I keep my arms covered for a different reason.
28 Dec 2005 Harlan When I was 13, I was very depressed. I was hearing voices in my head telling me to kill myself, I called them rage. They ate away at me and were always teasing and taunting. I thought I had nothing to live for, but I was wrong. Suicide sounds like a great way to end your suffering, but in reality you must be alive in order to feel relief. Don't just end your life and give into the pain, suffering is a part of life no matter how intense the suffering may be.
28 Dec 2005 6,995 days old. I often wonder whether I will die old or young.
Right now, I'm thinking probaly 60% chance I'll die early, 40% I'll make it in the land of the living.
What will be hardest is that I know I have so much potential. I could be weathly, and have a successful career. I would make a good father. I could leave my old life behind. But somehow, I don't feel it was meant to be. Everything in life that really mattered to me was always a 'nearly'. As in, I tried so hard, but the things that really mattered to me were always out of reach. And it's happened so many times, over and over again. For the past 9 years. Solid.
So: I've given up; because that's the only thing left for me, that I can do. I don't have the energy to keep going. Not with my family being such a bunch of useless lemons.
There's no doubt about it: the easiest way out for me is to stop living. Not work through my fucking problems. Fuck that. I tried that for most of my life, and it got me no-where. So fuck the councilors, and fuck all the judgemental middle class people with their nice lives, who don't know shit what it feels like to have nothing. And all the judgemental people for that matter. Because most of them don't know the true meaning of pain. Don't tell me I live in a rich country. I don't care. Don't tell me I'm privalaged, I'm not interested. Don't tell me that you think I should buck up my ideas, I'll stab you in the fucking heart. Hows that for an idea.

I'm trying. I am. I really am. I trying REAL HARD to be someone better. But I don't have one single person in the real world who wants to help. Don't we, each other, matter more than money, or media, or politics?!? Isn't honour what matters more than ruling the f***ing world? Do people have to get so greedy, and power hungry? It's just sick.

I think it would be better if instead of greed, and power, people spent their time on love, and compassion. How many millionaires do you know who have said: "right, I don't need $700million to live on, so I'll give $695million away tomorrow." Why can't they?? Huh? Greed? Oh yeah, thought so. Do they care about the millions of people who don't have jack to live on? No, didn't think so. Fuck Bill Gates, fuck Rupert Murdoch, screw them all. Glutony is a sin. It says it, not only in the bible, BUT IN THE 10 FUCKING COMMANDMENTS. How can they ignore it!? And these people go to church!? And the very same types of people tell us that we should be giving OUR money to charity! God save us.
28 Dec 2005 helper i have seen the doctor and i am much better now!
people talk to your doctor please it will help alot.
my doctor helped me alot.
27 Dec 2005 A.S.S. Hi .. Cool site .. I met my girlfriend here .. Thank you .. She's fuckin' great .. I never thought that would happen when I wrote her .. But everything worked out super .. She's here right now .. Flew all the way to Belgium for me .. Ain't that crazy ? .. Makes me feel super happy .. I came here looking through stuff wondering how I could kill myself .. 'cause that was a hudge problem to me .. And then I found her message .. So that's a good thing about this site .. Go e-mail eachother people .. Haha .. So you will meet someone for you .. :p Haha ..
26 Dec 2005 Shhhhh... WEll all i can tell all of u is im 12 turnin 13 soon and its weird but its like everytime something bad happens it just makes me want to die even more but i knoe that its not the answer first of all music even if u dont notice it it makes u think ur life is shit even though music is my life i love listening to it and singing i dont knoe im only 12 right now and i have alot of time ahead of me to see whats out there my dad doesnt live in america so i barely see him me and my mom used to fight every day and i always thought maybe if i die her life will be easier and she can be happy and then i realized she would kill herself thats the same thing i would do if she died all i can tell u is try to talk to someone i knoe the pain trust me but i reached out for help and made it through so can u but sometimes i still think about it ive decided to wait a couple more years to see if my life would remain like this and if it improves i guess i haev something to live for if it doesnt im not gonna stay in this shit whole sometime the only way to get people to care and learn to care for others is suicide ive been on this site last year i think ya well anyways please listen to me people wait it out wait till u move out of ur parents house and then if its still shit do watever u want but member u can always try to find one person who will be there for u im tired of this shit cus i have alot of friends but none of them are truly in my heart there was this one gurl butnow she doesnt even talk with me but watever im just gonna wait till i get older get myself a bf and see how its goes and if i decide taht ima go through with suicide ill loose my virginity to him and then kill myself so lets see if i make it through but im sure all of us can
25 Dec 2005 Jo Coffee Spoon Hang around and wait.

At 14 Fuck to be liked by the boys, liking to be fucked comes much later.

Develop bulimia at 15.

Run away from the friends who come to hate you and vice versa at 16. Hook up with a blond beggar outside Burger King in Bristol. Within the hour let him take you back to his car park squat, fuck and sodomise you violently. Love and hate the piece of shit in equal measures. Break your heart when the selfish cunt dies of a heroin overdose in the October of that year.

Spend the Xmas of your 18th year away from home. Hook up with a bloke same age as your Mum who turns out to be alcoholic, sadistic and brutal, ends up trying to kill you by turning your arm at a funny angle, cutting off your air supply with your own elbow. That's when the panic attacks kick in.

Get rescued by an emotionally retarded comtrol freak porn addict. Develop night terrors, kick him til he bruises black and blue.

Not deal with any of it. Get high on drink and drugs every weekend from now til age 70, and fantastise about suicide on every come down. But at the end of the day you're too chickenshit - scared to live and scared to die. Not quite the suicide kit you were looking for, but all the ingredients for a life only half lived and a huge therapy bill.
22 Dec 2005 alice im 14 now but from bout the age o f ten i was sssssssooooooooo depressed i didnt no mi dad and mi mum got remarried!not noin ya dad is hard i was allways wonderin who he was and wat life he lived,in about easter time i contacted his solicitor to find him !(i hated myself 4 doin it 2 my mum)but my mum and me dnt get on theres no talkin bettween us i cook my own food buy my own clothes so i4t i had a rite to know!!wen my mum found out she went mad and musta hit me bout 100 times ND I COULDNT TAKE IT I HIT HER BACK knocked her out and ran away for 3 days i wished id of neva dun it!she now understands my hurt and pain i had id often starve myself to feel betta or cut myself wat else could i do!my mum is my best m8 now i love her soooo much neva give up hope make em realise how much theired miss you!xxx
19 Dec 2005 .laurin well i dont really no much about the most effective or ineffective way of qactually doint it. but i do kno the way i feel and the reasons i would like to end my life. some people that would meet me and say ooh she just the goodie two shoes girl with the laugh that ist heard throughout the halls, but what they dont know is behind that smiling face n the blond hair and blue eyes. its a girl that live day to day w an emptyness that she trys to cover up. she has hatred and pain buring in a furry inside her and doesnt know what to do or how to deal with it. most people think she has the perfect life and she has nothing to worry about that i am just making a mt. out of a mole hill but wht do they kno. i have no one to talk to about it. my life story:my mother was 18 when she had me i was 2&a half mths early i almost died but for some reason i was kept alive (now i wish i wsant) my mother went on to go to skool and my father 25 at the time just started his own business so if u couldnt tell i was at the bottom of the list. i spent most of my younger years with my great grandmother whom i love deeply and wish she was still with me today. even as a young girl i had problems my mother would never b home so i would sleep my the door to our apartment waithing for her and when her and my father were home i spent all the time i could w them cuz i always thought they were going to leave they also fought alot and i lways blamed myself and wished i could just go away and there life would be fine. well the day came and they were no longer together and my mother and i moved with my grandparents which i enjoyed but it was hard and i blamed myself for my parents not working out and always wished i could do somethin to get them back 2gether but my mom went on to get remarried and thats what everythin changed.we moved an hour away from the rest of my family and friends i was in 4th grade and i was very dipresed and i guess u cold say ate my feelings so not only was i new but i was fat and was shy and bullied by another girl at skool at called names and it was the same at home w my mom she alwasy caled me fat and wished i was skinny like i used to b which didnt help anythin. then to top it off even if i made friends i was never around to spend time w them b/c i was always w my dad every weekend. then it got a little better my dad was never there for any of my activities and when i was w him he was always working on cars usually n i was stuck w all these older people(not much time to b a kid)nd i cleaned and cook since i was 7 for him. when id get home my mother would bash me about my dad n blah blah...well the years went on and my mother made me join curves a weight loss pace for women where i did lose alot of weight which made me feel better but was never enough for her or me and i just couldnt lose enough but it did get better and i went on to highschool were things got better but not w/o my mom puttin me down say dont b suprised if no guys are intrested in u blah blah i mean im not sayin in hot r anything but i was 115 5'4" blue eyes and real blond hair so i wouldnt say i was ugly but she sure made me feel that way.then i did meet a guy n fell inlove i kno ur prob thinkin u dont kno what love is but at the time i didnt, now i live was good really goood i had some one that cared for me the way i was n like me for me well i went on to skrew tht up b/c i was getin the attention i always wanted. and from there on it been down hill and now at the age of 16 its an all time low i just dont kno what do do w myself my father and i have since lost contact and my mom n stepdad care not about anthin but my 4 yr. old sis and my mom blames me fo all the bad n her life n think calls me trash n wish she would have aborted me when she had the chance n im not good enough to b in her family there friends dont even kno who i am unless theve been friends along time and ive had ppl ask if i was the nanny, i mean im not the best daughter in the world but im far from the worse yes i fight w my mom what teen doesnt n yes i go out w my friends and ive made mistakes who hasnt but ive learned from it u kno ...but kno my mother doesnt think that she calls me names yells at me punches me but she makes sure it not hard enough to make marks or if it does its ova the weekend but its mostly verbal i almost wish i was physical b/c atleast people but believe me b/c my mother used to b different and nice around others and everyone loved my mom said shes "so nice n young and cool" yeah really dot kno her behinde closed doors.and i go to skool day after day wearin this mask tht everythings ok laughin that laugh that everybody loves (so they say). and now i just cant take it anymore the pain is to great to deal w it just needs to end my life everythin and at the moment i dont c a better way and i know many are thinkin she doesnt have it bad but if u only knew.. i would love to do anythin i could for anyone except my mom that is to make their life easier.well thanx u for taking the time to read..sorry for wasting your time..xoxo
17 Dec 2005 Mark Listen, all you depressed and sorry people. When I was 15, my mum hated me - she made my life hell. I had no brothers and sisters and i put my dogs lead around my neck and was about to jump when someone came up the stairs - so i stopped.

I had no-one to get to, but I stuck it out. I grew up and left home - now my mum loves me and is really nice to me. Realise this - whatever your position - life can get better and you can help it. Don't take the easy way out because if you do, all those who know you will live for many years thinking it was their fault and grieving for you.

Talk to someone first.
17 Dec 2005 Matt i am 22 so obviously i am not 13. Thing is, my actual life isn;t all that bad at all. Its just my brain thats fucked. I have a severe hate of myself, and because of this I have taken to cutting myself. Life just seems like a hopeless cause. I dont want to commit suicide or anything, but i often do want to put myself through pain, be it emotional or physical, to atone for the wrong I have done. I cannot stand when people compliment me or say good things. It just makes me have a strong desire to hurt myself
Oh, and people who want to commit suicide. it does get better. Just wait it out. Don't kill yourselves. What if this is the only chance you get? I would never take that risk. I hate hearing it but the saying is true "you have your whole life ahead of you". I hope you guys don't tear apart your families like this.
14 Dec 2005 Kelly I hope anyone who comes onto this site will listen and listen hard. Suicide is not the way out. If that's hard for you to swallow, swallow this..Think about the people you will leave behind. I know it's hard at this time to think of anyone except yourself, but envision your children, your spouse, your friends all attending your funeral wondering why you did this. My father commited suicide just about a month ago. He was 58 and never had any depression untill the past year. He stepped out in front of a car and spent two weeks in the ICU. He died of complete brain failure. My heart is broken. I miss him, but not only that I watch my nephew, my mother, and my siblings mourn him on a daily basis. My father will not be there to walk me down the eisle in May for my wedding. He has left this family with so many responsibilites that it is unbarable. Please listen to me..get help..and if that's not enough go to someone you love. You will not just be hurting yourself if you go through this but the others you leave behind.
12 Dec 2005 Mil When I was 12 years old I tried all kinds of pills from my mother's medicine cabinet. Later, when I was older, I tried gas from the stove in the kitchen. I remember sitting by the oven inhaling the gas for a while but my boyfriend came home early and stopped me from finishing the deed. Today, I still think about killing myself. Everyday. The worst is when you have to put up a "face" for everyone. No one understand the pain and the agony in your heart. Everyday is the same. How stupid are they? Can't they look into my eyes and see the sadness in my heart? It is so ironic that people want to stop you from killing yourself but in reality the truth is that nobody gives a damn. Family or friends, they don't have time to spend with you, to give you a hug, or to tell you that they love you, but most important, to listen to you. Really listen. Then after you are dead they have the guts to say that they miss you. What a joke!
10 Dec 2005 John I am sorry that I am not 13 again, I am in my 40's now and had a very hard life, I have met and dated some really nice girls but they all seem to be after something that I have and not want the commitment in having a relationship.
I am now so depressed and past caring for my life. I just want to find the switch to turn off my life.
I have a long length of fishing line set in the back of my car to put around my neck and then just drive till the line comes to a stop! I have not measured it so I dont know exactly when the end will come, I have found a Nice place to do it (a cliff) in a quiet spot and the car will just dissapear into the sea (no trace)exept the fishing line which is so thin that it will just blend in with the green grass.

I am going to do this on christmas eve as the best ever christmas prescent to me.

More reasons for me to go on with my demise.
My wife left me over year ago and taken my two children to another country where i dont get to see them.
I made a friend on the internet who helped me though my problems to do with this but now she has left me, i now won't trust another woman to come close to me, which i think is a shame that all the females in my life have taken everything i have and given nothing back.
It's not that i am ugly or not well groomed, i have a good heart and always had this taken advantage of.
Anyway I have told you my reasons and how I will buy my ticket for my christmas vacation. Jilted John!
08 Dec 2005 nikki hey everybody my name is nikki im 10 and crie myself to sleep sometimes because i miss my friend he killed himself with a rope now every time i see a knife i cut myself to get the pain out!i have so many scars
07 Dec 2005 murf my son did it cut his wrists my head is done in can u tell me what he had going on in his head he was 27 i miss him so much
02 Dec 2005 Marie I have been surfing the net since before I was ten years old, and this is the most interesting site I have ever ever. I am not sick/overwhelming sad now (however conteplated jumping off my roof when I was young and was probably depressed then but never received treatment) but was searching the net to find advice for my employee who I think is depressed. Coming across all of these entries really makes me feel upset however, upset that anyone is feeling the way that some of the people who are writing into this website feel. As I said, I can't relate fully, and do not feel it is my position to judge whether this website is appropriate or not, but I would like to offer some advice. While this is a forum, and is basically being used for rhetorical discussion, it might be beneficial for there to be some links to excellent websites that offer avenues for getting help. Maybe not everyone is ready, but the option should at least be offered. And to all of the people who are contemplating, I have been directly in contact with various people who have probably felt similar emotions as yourselves, my sister used to self-mutilate for a few years and tried to commit suicide a couple of times, my best friend tried pills a few times, and there have been other friends along my travels. My point is, thankfully, none of them succeeded, and they are in much happier places now. You deserve the best, you deserve to be happy, and the most important thing to remember is, you can get there. Somebody around you, whether you know them or not, cares and will be there to help you. Just reach out and give it a try. You never know what life has to offer unless you just try.

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