Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
02 Mar 2006 fat stupid ugly i am ugly theres no way out for me.
This is the end...of tryng to find friends and relationships.
i am sick of trying and being let down by everyone.
I don't have a life..
whats the ponit in any thing. cries
If I committed suicide, I would no longer have to worry about people's jibes
Because of all the crap I have to endure, nobody gives a damn about me or how I feel. They think I am only getting sick or crying to attract attention. What they DON'T realize is that I am NOT faking what I have been trying to tell them, that what I am telling them is TRUE. Do they think that I am a LIAR?? Do they LIKE seeing me being so unhappy??
I am a person, a person with feelings, just like they are, then maybe all this goddamn bullshit would stop!! I am TIRED of having to try to put up with all this crap. I am tired of having people judge me just by how I look on the outside instead of looking deep into my heart and seeing the TRUE me.
I am tired of people NOT coming to my aid when people are dissing me. I am tired of my family not supporting me, and I am tired of just. plain. LIVING. If I were to get to the point to where I would try to end my life, I bet nobody would come to my funeral. I have no friends, my family hates how I look, and nobody understands the struggles I have to go through...
It has gotten to the point to where I don't even CARE anymore, and all of a sudden, the thought of suicide is looking to be the only option I have to put an end to this misery.
01 Mar 2006 eve lane if u are considering suicide,and you are religious, read this. you may be in pain right now, but you can always turn to jesus. he wil ALWAYS be there for you i promise . he loves you, and killing yourself is a sin. the real pain comes after death, when you are being burned for eternity, by the horrd fire of hell.97% of suicide survivors say they ARE glad to be alive.i wanted to commit suicide, when i was about 14. I was raped, beaten, hit. i have had almost every bone in my body broken. i grew up with abusive parents. my dad raped me many times,i would say about twice a week and 4 times when he coulnt find any other girl to make love to. he was an alchoholic. he used to let his friends come over, and rape me also. he just watched and smiled. i just closed my eyes, and tried not to cry, just wishing it was over. my mother used to beat me.she shaved my head, and made me go to school with ragged dirty pants, and a holey t-shirt. everyday. i didnt get to eat lunch..,or breakfast or dinner for the matter, i was a loner, i had no friends.i have scars from the beatings. just something to help me remeber what she put me through. it started when i was 8 years old.i have 2 other sisters, and a brother. they didnt even know what was happening to me.i got to sleep in a room, but on the floor, and it had no lights , carpet,windows etc.i was to scared to tell anybody, because they both said they would kill me if i ever told anybody. about 1 year later, child services came to our house, my mom and dad cleaned up very nicely.they acted like eveything was perfect. i even got to take a shower, and i got a new shirt, and my jeans washed!i also got my nails done!after that , they started feeding me again, but i still got beat, and didnt get to take a shower or anything.and i got raped. i turned to god for help. i prayed everyday. when i was about 14 i got my period(late for lack or nourishment)i still only got to eat once a day, and never had thise clothes washed, unless somebody called child services in me again. i always said everything was ok, and i liked it here, bacuse i didnt want to die.anyways, i got my period, and i went home, and my parent saw, instant beating, and i didnt get to wash those jeans either. i had to go to school with a big blood stain right in the croch. i wanted to kill myself at that moment. i thought the only way to stop this, was to kill myself. i was taking computer class in school, so i had access to the internet(with a forged signature so i could go online, u cant with out an adults permission)and i was looking up, ways to kill your self . i came across a website, and on it, it had said, "the real pain comes after death, when your being burned in hell for eternity," and i thought GOD CAN HELP ME!i prayed, and prayed and prayed, and even cut class so i could go to church.finally the lord came to my restcue.the social worker, came without squeduling an appointment, and she came when i was having my daily beating. she immeadiatly opened the door, because of the screams, and crashes, and alled the police. my mom is in jail now, and i live with a foster family. i am currently in counseling.what happened to my dad you ask? well you will have to e-mail me, and i will tell you the rest of my story. i am happy to share. anyways wht this all comes down to is turn to the lord to end ur suffering,. he has a plan all worked out, when u get to go home.and it is also registered in your body. you will go soon enough. think about it. life isnt that long. godbless
26 Feb 2006 xoxoxox overdosing hasnt worked again, i spewed everything up after it knocked me out for over 12 hours, my dad doesnt no whats wrong with me and i plan to keep it that way its better so he doesnt worry... he has to much to worry about at the moment no one has time for insane stuff like this i mean it i want to die its the only way i know but how to do it????????? i want people who have hurt me feel the pain while i do i want their heart to rip into tiny pieces these people deserve to die but yet agian i take the pain.
24 Feb 2006 blah I got abused every day at home , beaten up etc verbal abuse 24-7 . Then i worked every day to get into a good school , parents decided to go to the school and say i had a nervous breakdown because of the schhool etc because i did badly in my first year exams for no apperant reason which was a complete lie and resulted in me leaving ang going to a shit school were i got bullied for 6 years , every day all day , had my head set on fire etc constantly . Purely because people were weird in that school and did stuff like that , later on it was because i had insomnia as a result of all the crap and previous bullying and so i would go into school completely drained like a gimp , i still managed to pass all of my exams with 1 days revision completely by myself for each test . Then i got my shit together and got my lfe back together was out of the shitty school 4 summer , everything was going well , then i got drug raped by multiple people and nearally died , didint tell anyone about that , but none of that stuff phased me because nothing at that point could because as long as my life was going well and i was going to win in the end i didnt care what anyone did , then my own brother and his friend found something on me / made something up and blackmailed me with it , i thought about it all day every day and let them treat me like shit and my education fall appart , then he attacked me and there was a limited defence by me because the blackmail was all i was thinking about and that fucked up my face completely and has given me brain damage . Blackmail still hanging over my head education etc all gone for fuck all and now i might even get expelled from school just for being later in the mornings even though they let people get away with gbh so live doesent always get better and as far as im concerned u should get on with your life no matter what has happened in ur past as long as it isnt actually ruining ur life now and even if it is if there is some end to it or way of ending it then do that eg bullying sexual abuse etc can all be solved.
23 Feb 2006 Anonymous Hi, anonymous here again. After over dosing on pills, and cutting my arm. Nothing good has came about except for more pain. I've realized pain doesnt go away when your trying to hurt yourself. Pain is within, depression. Im twenty three years old now, about to turn twenty four this March and Im not looking towards anything in life anymore. I dont know where to turn to, who to talk too. I dont wanna be on any meds, my family thinks everything is okay cause they only see me on the outside. I just live day by day, hoping maybe God will take me away from this earth. How do you find any light out there without killing yourself or being on medication that only make it worse.
22 Feb 2006 Courtney I'm 12 about 2 turn 13 this april I have been this way sence 1 grade when I found out my mom was a drug addict and then about a month later I was sexuley harased and in 3 grade my dad and mom got a devorcie then 5 my dad went 2 the hospital because of his drinking which I found out that night at the hospital he almost died and he still drinks alot he is always drunk and yelling at me and my mom has tried 2 kill herself 4 times and walked out on me and my brother and this year my grades are like f's and the only person you might laugh but my dog who has helped me thro the years when no one would has been taken away I mean I would tell my friends but they will not understand and I have tryed 2 kill myself in 4 grade I tryed 2 hang myself but the rope broke then I tryed drowning in my friend pool but she came out 2 soon and graved me she asked what the hell I told her I was just trying 2 see how long I could hold my breath but now I think I will just go with pills help me god.....
21 Feb 2006 Katherine i havent got a suggestion i just wanted to say how ive been feeling.
ive been feeling depressed for about 10yrs lots of stuff caused it. my dad tryed to kill himself when i was 14 he threw me across the room for trying to stop him and i had to call the cops, when he came home he forgave mum instantly for causing the problems but wouldnt forgive me for calling them. i never got help im not even ment to mention it. mum keeps getting us in debt and i cant tell dad because hed leave her and she couldnt cope nor could he. but i take all the stress from her, i have to put up with being called names, she can get violent and mouthy and im normally very quiet and gentle but one day in a shop she just made me snap and i put my hands round her neck i stopped the second i realised what i was doing. im currently out of a job and a lil overweight but she doesnt support me. i tryed killing myself yesterday because she made out like i was doing nothing to find a job im always looking for a job everyday i apply to at least 7, i clean the house for her and dont ask for much but she says im useless cant do anything right she chucked shit at me and i just sometimes cant handle it to top it off my dog of 11yrs had to be put down but im not allowed to meantion him in case i upset dad whats a girl to do
20 Feb 2006 Saddend over Sucid My daugheters best friend commited sucide 4 days ago. She was 14. You can not image the pain her family now feels and will feel forever. She was an only child and has now left devestation in her wake. I want you to know that there is nothing in life worth dying over. Believe it or not there are solutions to your problems and there is never a problem that can't be worked out. The pain that makes you feel like commiting sucide is nothing in comparison to the pain you will leave behind for your family and friends to endure. In my opinion there is NO BEST WAY TO KILL YOURSELF. Seek help. There are many avenues in dealing w/what ever makes u unhappy. Please, God put u here for a reason. When he is ready for u to come home GOD will come for u.
19 Feb 2006 jon atkinson i was 9 when i tried to commit suicide. i thought i had nothin to live for. there was a girl in school i liked but she didn't like me so i overdosed but survived, i was in hospital for a week and i did it for nothing.when i was in hospital my friend came to visit me and told me that she liked me and that she wouldent stop crying when i told them what i had done
16 Feb 2006 I h8 u dont. My friend ommited sucide and he was my best friend. we grew up togthr ad its never been thesame. Sh left m a note saying she wa on this sit. she rad all wat chris said and now he dead. thx thx alot.:(
15 Feb 2006 Survivor I was just 14 when I tried to commit suicide. I'd been depressed for two years. I felt I had nothing to live for. I was so wrong, there were so many people that cared about me. It's the most selfish thing you can do, commit suicide, think about how everyone around you's going to feel. They definitely won't be happy about it, no matter what you think. I am still depressed to this day, my therapy is still going and I'm not cured, but I'm alive. Not happy, but alive.
13 Feb 2006 anna there isnt a best way to kill your self beleive me. i planned my suicide had every thing sortid letters and notes thoughts and feelings the date and time becuase i thought if i do all tht ill definatly do it but i didnt. wen u want to realli die u do it like tht. u take 100 tablets and u down a bottle of medicine u slit ur wrists. wen u want to die u feel nothin just empty inside with no hope and feelings like every thin is lost and think it would b great to b free and have no stress no tears and no pain. u cant find the right way to kill your self. it goes ova n ova in ur head, ill take tablets ill overdose so its painless but wen u realli realli feel suicidle u dont care about how it would feel u do ne thin to try kill ur self. i slit my wrists and drank evry bottle of medicine i cud find i took 80 tablets closed my eyes and cried untill i passed out. but i woke up. i woke up and thought no this cant b happening feelin like shit i couldnt evan get out of bed, dried blood stickin to my arm. i cried and cried but kept it all behind. no one helped/ the thing is with suicide is tht u feel like ur the only one and knw one will help. readin things tht ppl put sayin im goin to do it im doin it tonite r stuck between livin and dieing. its just seeing if u have the guts to end ur life. after my attempt i did many more. its not fair life. u try end it but it still clings on to u.its so hard wen u feel this way wen u cant escape tht feeling. ppl feel suicidle for years because i have. it comes and goes and my worst i eva did was hack my arms to peices. the relief it gives is better thn ne drug or ne thin in the world wen u feel this way. just think long and hard about suicide and think if theres anouther way out do it now b 4 its to late and u get sucked in. so many of us want help but dnt get it its just one thing thts so hard but yet so easy to do.u cant tell some one how to die. u do it in ur own way but while ur doin think about ppl u love and things u love. jusdont end up like most ppl dead or like me. i cant stop u frm doin it. i cant stop my self. but u can try.
13 Feb 2006 Tika im 15 years old ive been in hopital 5 times in 16 weeks stop trying to kill yourself its not worth it ive tried to kill myself sveral times im still here theres no point and youll hurt the people you leave behind including me and i dont even know but id like to email me back
13 Feb 2006 Jake I'm 17 years old. Not a day goes by without me feeling depressed and like i'm completely worthless. I have attempted suicide once before. I stopped myself realizing what i was doing. But now i just want to go up to God and end this crappy life. My dad abandoned me and i don't talk to him ever. My mom is going nuts because of my lack of school work. I go to therapy every week and it does nothing for me. As soon as i get this handgun i ordered i'm blowing my brains out. Don't be like me, get help...
09 Feb 2006 tara fuck the poets of the past, my friends
there are no beautiful suicides
just cold corpses with shit in their pants
& the end of the gifts

where this came from i dont know. the image of my ma finding me with shit in my pants and my brains on the floor like they found von really bothers me.

but i still think about it.

and im jealous.

because i dont have the stones to do it myself. so i hate him for doing it. and i miss him.

the best way to kill yourself is to realize that you can drownhangshoot the people you used to be, one after the other, and create a new person..

the new person can be-is now-will be the person you always wanted to be

mouchette i am sorry, i am becoming the person i always wanted to be. mouchette... i think von watches us. i think there are bad things in this world and i hope none of them are near him. sometimes i smell bad smells for no reason and i know its a bad thing.. and i worry about von. and i try not to cry. But i think that his suicide is keeping me from mine.. or allowing me to kill the fake mes, and let the real me start living...
09 Feb 2006 Tamie when ur under 13 you shouldnt think like that, actually no human being should think like this at all because ur life is a gift given from..... your choice to choose who from your aim is to find how you got here and why ur here, because everyone is here for a reason, yesterday was my 17th birthday, i had the most special day to! but i could of not reached my 17th because 3weeks before that i attemted to once again take my life, but this time i was hospitalised, which opened my eyes to the real world, life is what you make it! if anyone is ever struggling im always here to talk with anyone, just email me.
09 Feb 2006 sarah the best way is not to im telling you now me n my mate had a pack 2 commit suicide because life is just a screw over and i backed out of it now my mate is gone and i feel so guilty for not going alone n i spent time in hospital for it and people accually cared about me and are glad i didnt go you need to think about who your hurting because they do care even if they don't show it ive lost a mate because thinking life was crap and ther was no way out well there is it does get better apparently i just aint noticed it yet i may still cut my self but i need help if u ask for help and dnt build walls around your self you can make it better xxxxx
07 Feb 2006 sad person hi,
im depressed it may shound stupid my problems but when your really facing them its hard.
i go 2 school and every1 at my school is really rich and snobby and every1 has lots of money, but me
i dont my family is poor i live with my mum and my brother
my mum is depressed and i have to watch her cry all the time ( it did help when my grandad died).
any way im so upset i really dont see the point in life.
if any could tell wat is da point den il live!i need summin 4 mufty i dnt wna get picked on lyk last tym !
04 Feb 2006 my crappy life story Dear Everyone..
to start with all the people who have bullied me are not perfect them selfs.
someone said oh you make things worse for your self
how can i.
once i snapped in class and broke out in tears, it was that bad for me.
i got blamed for that. i snapped at a person which i am sorry for,
i have sooo many issues.
when i was at school it all started.
becasue i was so god dame ugly (don't laugh)
also i was werid looking for a couple of years.
I swear i am not that bad looking now but i know i have got alittle bit better looking but i still get called ugly.
plus at school when i was 16 a teacher called social services on are family like there was something wrong with me,
more on that but i won't say.
why is all this a problem you might be asking.
i am so tired all the time. no energy at all.
11-14 i guess was my ugly years.
i got told day in and dayout i was ugly.
I am so destressed about my past becasue i got badly bullied which left me fighting and you know what happends when people fight i don't want to talk about that.
I also suffered with depression too. which was not a very good experience for me,
i got bullied in the infants for being chubby junior school for have my name taken the mick, it's the high school bullying which really affected my life.
The people who i grew up with are still hanging around being nosey in my life.
I talk to my self more and more.
i have no friends where i live i feel scared to go out. when i do go out i am scared i live with parents. i suffer with B.D.D and social phobia now.
i have no friends where i live. None at all.
I don't know what to do.
no one likes me where i live, i am not very good looking either i don't know what to do.
the people know my past gossip and stuff for all the things good and bad have gone on in my life.
i have done a funrasier and had my money stolen from my school bag yes i grew up alone i am now underdeveloped and i am scared and alone.
but i live with parents i go out with them so i am ok at them moment.
i was a self harmer and other things have happened i don't want to talk about.
I keep thinking about my past.
i feel like a caged animal where i live. i got bullied and i am scared to go out alone now.
people just pick on me becasue i am scared to talk to anyone
what shall i do.
i also have O.C.D and a bad temper now.
i am always on the computer in all my spare time, becasue i have no friend where i live, i am sad i know.
People at school and in my village when i used to talk to them i got told that i was ugly and to get lost and look's which up sets me today.
I cry all the time swear and shout.
I am scared to go places even the doctor.
i went before and she gave me some perscroiption.
i never went back i am too scared of wait rooms don't laugh to go alone.
my parents want me out the house.
i can't do nothing right i am a so stupid and i am werid and so on.
I dont go out unless i need to some days i bath twice a day.
i am soo werid lucky i go shopping so i can get bits i want to stock up when i dont need all those bit's.
i have enough stuff to start a shop right now
I am scared of my neighbours i feel threatened by them
i got intimadated at school laughed at for thing's
the scaredness has never left me,
I am so destressed.
i told on people at school and they carried on bullying me once ran past the toliets at me going ehhhh gross. i had nits and so on, things from my past being brought up.
Now i have no friends in the village.
one boy wanted to go out with me only to use me for one thing to wind me up.
i am just a joke.
i had one boyfriend who used me. not nice at all.
why me.
I am just scared,
full of fear.
people have been talking about me behind my back and gossiping around the village about my past and so on.
thank you for your time
ps: there is just soooo much to write down but i can't put it all down.
I hopeing to move away from here where no one knows my past.
Or will bully me for me being me.
I know being out to get them won't help at all
I'm still like i was all those years ago.
any advice please.
i know one thing while i am alone they will bully me.
i am talking about being judged or what ever you want to call it by older people and younger people people who don't know me.
God i am soo feed up.
i have had my pet cat scared because he is my only friend right now.
Where are all the apologies to all the people who have hurt me.
I don't want to try out like them at all.
when i first went in to school, i got picked on first.
By the student's (pushed, lied about kicked tripped,spat on,laughed at etc) and teacher's... just laughed at me.
ok you might think oh she is being stupid. maybe i am.
But it is the bad past i have to forget and i will try and work on that like you say.
I never really had the courage to start on anyone with out a reason for it.
So i guess i should not of got worked up over being bullied,
It was just soo much stressed and i snapped in fromt of a load of people and cryed.
I guess i did a fundrasier and got laughed at it for.
some teachers money went missing and two people got suspened for it one boy turned his back on us and said i did it ( which i did not) - i think he was trying to get me in trouble i don't like him no more.
I had money stolen from my bag and i never found out who did it.
But no i hurt people i loved the most in my life. becasue a teacher kept asking me you don't look happy do you want to talk to someone.
i said no at first but he kept asking. antill they paid me a visit at home and so on then he blamed me for it..
How can that be my fault.
i never want to turn out like the bullys who hurt me bad.
I let school bully's walk all over me.
I am never going to no school reunion ever.
Then a girl 5 years below me said. i was scareing her, which she got her mum to wait down the bus stop with her. But i did not,
i found out she just never liked me. so there you go.
A girl who got expleled from her other school came in to our school and made my life a misery because i was ugly.
the people i used to hang around with
i found out never really liked me.
I remember once when i was 11 i was hanging out and this boy said to me some thing like " everyone hates you" when i was just 11 years old.
i used to cry things off now i just get angry.
i have done things to my self which might of caused abit of selfish behaviuor, but i never started the bullying when i first went up there i swear.
People where looking at me like everything was my fault.

why has life got to be so hard for lots of people.
i told you there is just too much to write down.
i did get bullied by nearly pretty much everyone.
which is proberly one reason why i am scared of others now.
i told you there is just too much to write down.
i did get bullied by nearly pretty much everyone.
which is proberly one reason why i am scared of others now.
i told you there is just too much to write down.
i did get bullied by nearly pretty much everyone.
which is proberly one reason why i am scared of others now.
i told you there is just too much to write down.
i did get bullied by nearly pretty much everyone.
which is proberly one reason why i am scared of others now.
now if someone is nice towards me i think it is trap.
also people in my family think i am aliar too.
but i won't go in to that.
i guess people thnk all this is myown fault.
Why me!!!.
now if someone is nice towards me i think it is trap.
also people in my family think i am aliar too.
but i won't go in to that.
i guess people thnk all this is myown fault.
Why me!!!.
But i don't think i would of got any friends when i was 11- 14 years old. even if i did change school's.
everywhere i went people where laughing at me and just being nasty to me for me being myself.

But i will try the advice it is better than not trying,
i want to thank you all again for giving me advice and taking up your time to help me.

Thank you again.

sorry i edited out before i am just shy in posting.
hope you understand.

i will start off by doing the little things like you say and then build up the big thing's which will hopefull make my life better.
Well i hope my life will get better anyway.

04 Feb 2006 Carolina Girl Don't. If you want to kill yourself, then take advice from me. I'm a 14 y/o girl. Since November of 2005, I have been going through hell. My dad mollested my stepbrother while he was drunk and doing cocaine. Now I never get to see him, and can't go over and see my stepmom and stepbrother (and I love both of them to death). My mom does crack and is always coming home from her boyfriends drunk and/or high. I am going through some personal shit, also, with what I think and believe about all these problems going on in my life. And I myself have considered suicide a million times, told my friends and my fave cuz, and they have talked me out of it by saying this:

"If you think your life is so bad, then you need to go on the internet and look at the news. Yes, you might be going through hell at the moment, but soon (or maybe never) it will either be gone or have gotten somewhat better. There are people in this world who are sufffering from much worse shit than what you are going through."

I thought about this for a while. And, if you really and truelly think about it, then it is true. There is almost always somebody in this world that is worse off than you. At least if you read this and still commit suicide, it will never be on my guilt. I have told you what I personally believe about this subject. Yes, I still do think about committing suicide, but then I think about all the positive things in my life, which are my friends and family and future. These three things keep me from committing a painful death for EVERYONE.

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