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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
29 Mar 2006 sailorkreeper Don't kill yourself before 13. You have to wait a bit more to see if its really worth it. I've read some of the posts people put on here, and I have to say that they've brought my spirits higher. And mouchette, we all very much appreciate this website.

I wasn't raped, I wasn't beaten. I wasn't abused, ridiculed, or anything else. I just grew up with the notion that it's always my fault. You know, people say that it's going to get better, and I have to say, it probably will. But how much longer do you have to endure the current crap before you get to that spot? Like few others, I would love dissapearing from this planet, it's just that I don't really have the courage or the endurance for pain to tolerate my departure. I know this is gonna sound so like... everyone's said this or this is so not worth dying for, but... It's really hard to live without a reason in this world. I had my music, but I quit. Wanna hear the reason? I was too happy while I was playing my instrument. My other great hobby has turned into a chore. It is near impossible to enjoy things anymore, and I cannot find any examples to justify the definition of fun. I live moderately well with my college tuition paid off. I have good friends, and my academic credentials are probably in the top 10% of the university. So why am I whinning? Why am I complaining? Because I'm weak, and I'm a wuss. Like some others, I hate going home. I was kind of bad before, but not as bad as some people here, so I guess I'm again, just complaining. Heck, a year ago I never would have even contemplated cutting my wrists. I didn't have the tolerance for pain. Now, depending on the knife, I can either do it fast, or stay at it for five minutes with the same result. I've built up my tolerance.
The thing is, even if it doesn't get better, time hides the scars. Now, everyone that knows me (except family) thinks I'm smart, pretty, nice, friendly, ... Family is another thing altogether. One dissapointing word from any family, and after you head off to sleep, I head over to the knife counter. Just as I've progressed from last year until now, I'm confident that within five years the cuts will get really serious. The thing is, I just won't tell anyone. I'll let the "bleeding blood flow by".
And do search for someone to talk to, that helps a lot. People do care, and don't feel that they don't deserve to know, or they have enough things on their minds, why add some more? True friends are willing to hear you out and help you.
And it's true. The more you survive, the stronger you become. You could swear in my face now and I would not be affected. It takes a gazilion of bad things to happen to me before I get pissed.
But one thing that I haven't really heard, and it may just be because I have not read all the posts, is that people don't feel any justification for the pain and abuse that they have to suffer through. I do. I'm the one that watched my father give my brother a bloody nose and hit him over and over again. I'm the one that would tell my father that my brother hit me or yelled at me, and then ... This is the eigth year that I've lived with my father now, my brother moved out two years ago. The occasional crap that I get that moves me towards those knives, I deserve. I didn't do anything. I was selfish, and I took advantage of situations. I was stupid, and even now I don't take care of my appearance. I've hurt so many people, that a bit of karma is a good thing. Goodness gratios, now every time something good happens, I always expect a devastating bad thing, because that's just how the world is, it equalizes.
But yea, try to live.
Don't try to die.
Let the blood stay in your veins.
Do not try to blow you brains.
I don't wanna say "Good-Bye".
28 Mar 2006 Jessika I've tried overdosing before, all that happened was having my stomach pumped and becoming an in-patient at a psych ward for half of December last year. Surefire way is just jump off a bridge into a highway. Has to be high enough though.
26 Mar 2006 Norbert You are so right .. I've never thought about the .. what if .. question .. my only problem was so far that I am to scared to do it.. I was confrunted with the problem several times since the age of 14, thinkin about jumping cuting myself but I got too scared and thought that one day someone something even God thatI am a better person than many around me and that I deserve a better life..well I've got a better life than many,but why is it that we always compare ourselfes to the people above us not the people below us? Anyway I don't think you should kill yourself when you're under life a bit more, hell I'm 21 and I'm stil having times when I just wanna cut my wrist .. just like half an hour ago when lots of freakin bad thoughts came to my mind and I realised that my life from now on will only go downwards.. we all have different problems some take them bravely and some have money or other people to help them take the problems in a different way .. It's just that I'm so mad at the moment at all this ... crap we live in this stupid world that gets only worst ... but then again .. I'm to scared to do it and I foud myself here writting to people I don't even know and I'm probably off topic too..well I'm calm now .. mouchette your page just saved a life .. come think of it .. there are 6 bil. other ones.. OMG I'm blabing about nothing.. I'll live to see another day, just ignore my post .. move along , life's so beautiful but sometimes it's so ... crapy .... have a nice life ...
25 Mar 2006 Anon Angel I know you're probably sick of hearing that you shouldn't commit suicide,you have so much to live for etc etc.I don't pretend to know what you're going through and maybe that's coz i do know.I'm 18 and have had a fairly mentally and emotionally painful childhood.I'v been thinking abt suicide since i was 6,tried it 3 times.The prob is that i'm still sitting here...but is that really the prob?You know they say that life is full of wonders that you have to be alive for to experience.My life right now is much better than it was,but every now and then when something does push me over the edge i contemplate suicide but the thing that pulls me back is one question:What if it all gets better and i'm not here to live the life i'v always wanted?The point i'm trying to make is that no matter how bad it gets there's always gonna be a "what if" question,and if there's a "what if" question then isn't it easier to ask yourself "what if i proved to them all that i can live this life the way i want to live my life?"I hope you can find some peace in this.
24 Mar 2006 fed up ok little timmy wat kind of sick freak r u u all sicken me i tried to kill myself last nite and i dint succeed. well this website isnt gonna help ne1, just the 1s who r getting help on how to commit suicide.*sigh* if u really want to know how get anything sharp drag it along ur vane vertically on both wrists and wait.
21 Mar 2006 Inspiration Ok, I was just reading a lot of the personal stories posted on here and I started crying because in a way I know how you feel. No, I was never sexually abused, my family has been great and very supportive of everything I do....but that doesn't mean I've had such a great life. From an early age my mom told me her and my dad could tell there was something "off" about me, I felt compelled to tell them every single thought that came into my head...true or not, hurtful or not....I had to say everything. skip ahead 8 years, many appointments with psychologists (with no diagnosis seeing as I was such a "sweet" girl they thought there could never be anything wrong with me ) I was always a doormat but the day I decided to get my hair cut was the last time anyone saw me happy for quite a while. A simple bad haircut was all it took to have the entire school laughing and mocking me....I had girls attempt to light my hair on fire, pull it until i thought my scalp would rip off...refuse to be class partners with me. I was the loser. I started acting out at home...whenever I was asked to do something I would freak and try to hit my parents...on several occations I had to run from the house to hide from the police. I eventually got taken out of public school and put in private for a year before moving on to a highschool in a nearby town. Funny thing is that I was never teased there...I wasn't exactly popular but I had friends and did well in school....this was the time however I decided that killing myself was the best option. I'll never forget the day I told my mom that it was over for me, there was something wrong in my head...I could never control my feelings, I was afraid of everything and hated to look at myself in the mirror ( I had developed body dismorphic disorder and wore a winter jacket to hide my body even in august) my mom sobbed and begged for me to change my mind, I simply ran from the car. She found me right before I was going to take the pills...I was so close...crying harder than I ever had but knowing that this was what I had to do. I was talked out of it and decided to go on antidepressents. At first I told myself I was alive because i couldn't bare to hurt my family...but now I know it's because a small piece of me knew that I was meant to be alive for some reason...and who am I to decide when or where I'm going to die? Don't get me is still not exactly easy for me...I was eventually diagnosed with severe anxiety disorder...depression, ocd etc. were the domino effect from not getting treated for the first. I have had problems with some antidepressents...some big problems but I simply got off the ones that were bad and tried something new. I have gone thru stages where I was too afraid to leave the house for fear that my family would die and it would be my fault because I wasn't home to save them...I still put the weight of the world on my shoulders. Just recently I have been going through an eating disorder...I eat now but I obsess over how much I weigh (I am 5'10 118 lbs) I still have dismprphic disorder so it's really hard for me to look in the mirror and see the person ppl tell me I am. Look....if you say you want to die, fine..I believe you...but what I don't believe is that there is no way out...there is ALWAYS a way out...and for those of you who think you're ugly and was I but guys...the ugly duckling does come out on top in the end....if you can try to live your life and work on yourself you can turn into a beautiful swan. I have been approached for modeling (I have no clue what they see in me) have a gorgeous brilliant man I'm going to marry and am actually back in university and doing well. I'm not bragging....just showing you what the fat ugly suicidal girl can do.
Please don't let the evil ppl in society win...we are the ones who should take over the world...we know what it's like to feel pain...and if you live long enough to experience true happiness...nothing can touch you.
19 Mar 2006 gemma hi actually 17.since the age of 13 all that was ever on my mine was that i wanted to be popular.i started to smoke,take drugs,drink and hardly went to school.i got no gcse at all and i have put my family though so much shit.if i could turn back the time i would.and why???? because im now sat here with a bottle of vodka and some pills to end my life.was being popular worth it???was it fuck!!!
18 Mar 2006 Stu Why should we live if we have nothing to live for?
It's a dull existence.
We become self-absorbed and selfish.
We get depressed.
Depression then will lead to us wanting to commit suicide.
We think geez, I'm the only person on the planet with problems.
I came from a house that made me want to kill myself.
Of the times of counted, I've tried it
almost 200 times in my 17 years.
My earliest attempt was at 6.
I felt like I had no point, no reason to live.
You have to live for a purpose otherwise then suicide is really your only reason.
If your in pain from someone, just live to piss them off.
If you feel nobody cares, then show you want them to care for you.
If you are being abused physically, seek help from officials (if it's serious call 911)
And if your just tired of living, then prove to yourself that your not a pussy and keep fighting.
Your so young, and you still have the potential to be somebody great!
18 Mar 2006 ZarWrit I just turned 13 in January I have a meesed up life at least thats waht I thing. My mom takes drugs but my dad is awsome! HEs no1 I can talk to but he is some1 I love! I have 2 Brothers one is really cool but the other is on drugs and everything. Everday I come home and my mom hits me. I try to join as many teams as possible so that I dont have to come home. Whenever my mom is having a bad dsy she takes it out on me. Whenever anyone gets in a fight with her she hits me. But the best way I no how to handle this is by having a good attitude in school and by not coming home. So just join teams. To this day I still consider suicide and maybe one day I try it but everytime I try to go through with it a voice in my head makes me remember that I just have 5 more years in this crazy house so hang in there and the move out and get a godd education but I no that when i make my own money and have my own house my mother will b on the street and I b laughin at her for all the pain she has cost me so do do it I think.
13 Mar 2006 natalie To endure. To survive. To continue on. Each painful day is another day to experience the urge to rip your skin off and hang it out the window. The best way to experience death is to see the pain in other people's eyes as they look at a survivor.
12 Mar 2006 Katie Suicide is not an answer. Trust me. I was raised in one helluva home where I was damn near beaten every day. I tried 87 different ways to committ suicide before I was 12. They didn't work. No matter how bad it gets sometimes you just have to learn to power through your pain. I am a stronger person because I lived. I am able to help people by sharing my experiences and my solutions to the pain. But suicide is not a solution, it just creates a bigger problem. There is always someone that you cna talk to. Maybe it will find awhile to find someone you truly trust but you can, and will. Life is one of the most precious things that man has ever been entrusted with. Don't destroy such a beautiful gift.
11 Mar 2006 vix Sometimes suiccide can seem like the only way. I've been through some stuff, you know, my mums been married 4 times in my lifetime, 2 of the people she married beat her until she couldn't move, one of them abused me, there were several times when we had to leave the house in the middle of the night just so my mum could escape a beating. After my mum became an alcoholic and used to take everything out on me. I got bullied at school abd like got 'whipped' with headphone cords and etc. I did get to the point of wanting to die but I'd always think about what I'd miss out on if I died. although life may be shit at a particular point in time you have to remind yourself that it won't be forever, there will always come an oppurtunity to escape, I moved away with my best friend and my relationship with my mum has got better. Now all I worry about is my weight coz my friends anorexic and sometimes I feel guilty about eating because I'm overweight. At the end of the day I'm glad I didn't kill myself because I would have missed out on living on my own, and getting to the age where I can legally drink, and I would have missed finding out what love feels like and so on. If you do what to commit suicide just have a good think first, make sure you definately want to do it because once it's done, it's done. Try and talk to someone if you can - your family, your friends even your teachers etc because even if you feel completely and utterly alone you'll be surprised how many people may care for you. I'm not saying suicide isn't the answer but sometimes there can be a less fatal solution. Try and wait it out because life is valuable. xxx
10 Mar 2006 Nightfall Hey people. If you want to kill yourself don't use advil or things like that. It only ruins your liver and instead of death it's more likely you'll be in a hospital for two to five months with a dying liver. Sometimes the liver recovers sometimes you get a transplant and other times you'll die after six months. If you want to wait six months go ahead but I wouldn't want to wait longer than a not even an hour. And also don't try bashing your head into a brick wall. That doesn't work either. Most of the stuff mentioned here doesn't work. It only prolongs the pain and suffering. Just remember that.
09 Mar 2006 Claude Désolé, je ne sais pas.
J'ai essayé une fois en m'injectant toute l'héroïne qui me restait, mais elle n'était pas d'assez bonne qualité pour que je meure.
La seconde fois, il s'est trouvé que je suis trop résistant et les médicaments que j'ai pris m'ont presque irrémédiablement endommagé un rein, j'ai dû passer plusieurs semaines à l'hôpital, dont les premiers jours dans un état semi-comateux.
Peut-être la prochaine fois sera la bonne...
Un acte violent me fait peur, je sais, ce n'est guère courageux pour une personne dans mon cas; je déteste la violence de manière instinctive, c'est répulsif.
Tu vois, moi, j'ai eu 40 ans cette année, et j'espère ne pas atteindre 50.
Pourtant, cela fait très très longtemps que j'y pense tous les jours, plusieurs fois pas jour...
09 Mar 2006 ashamed...but alive whoever made this site is an idiot.
this is assisted suicide.
if ur reading this and giving tips to ppl to kill themselves,
u r responsible 4 sum1's death.
like it or not, but it's wrong.
life is a gift from god.
sites like this have ruined my life.
when i was 5... yea, 5, i tried it.
then again when i was 8,
again at 9
then at 10...sixteen times.
My parents sent me to the hospital.
i met this nurse who cared.
She told me that life is a test.
to see who can survive until the natural end..
but there is no end.
after death, there's life.
i heard it sucks.
after my parent's attempts to save me, i tried one mor time.
that year, i lost them both... and it's my fault.
i killed them when they walked in my room as i was trying to shoot myself
i live in a special foster home now.
the guilt bugs me...
that day, i did kill myself.
my old self.
the guilt overpowered me and i realized they cared.
the police were in the house before i found new bullets.
08 Mar 2006 Salvatore Honestly, kid, there's always a better choice than suicide. Ending your life should only ever be a consideration if you're in terminal excruciating pain, and the quality of your life is no longer bearable. Anyone can suffer from depression, but at a young age you've got so much time and potential to change your life. There's never a reason to end it.
Get professional help; talk to the people who most care about you and ask for some guidance. Whatever it is that makes you feel like you'd be better off dead will pass as long as you want it to, so take steps to change your life.
Believe me, as someone who failed at a suicide attempt and has to live with a resulting disability for the rest of his life, your best bet is to fight for the life you want.
06 Mar 2006 JAcob The best way would to just take an overdose of pills I have tried it but I'm like a size of a grown up 6 foot tall 200 pounds so I just get knocked out and hospitalized...
03 Mar 2006 before you commit suicide you should read this i really wish that people who are saying: all yo self-hating cry babies/ emo shits get over yourselves would just shut up! ive been suicidal for probably the past three years, and i knew that my life wasnt really that bad, i just didnt see anything good in life or anything worth livivng for.

just about a week ago, i was talking with my aunt and she told me that both her and my cousin have attempted suicide at least once in their lives.
also i recently discovered that depression runs in both my mom and dads side of the family.

now i realized that i think i probably have a chemical inbalance in my brain, and that my sucidal feelings/depression are just genetic.

although i still do want to commit suicide, i feel like im on my way to getting better, because ive finally realized that maybe its something i cant help, and that i should probably go on an anti-depressant. i also just discovered (about 2 weeks ago) that my mom, dad, and sister are all on anti depressants, and that my sister was also suicidal earlier this year. i definately think that before you commit suicide you should try medication. my aunt told me that shes had many highs and lows before and a few suicide attempts, but shes so glad that she is still alive today. she said that once she found a combination of anti-depressant pills that work for her that her life has been so much better.

***dont think that anti-depressant pills are just happiness in a bottle, or that theyre giving someone fake happiness or altering their personality, because theyre not, anti-depressants just make someone normal. They correct the chemical imbalance in the brain that makes you depressed, so they arent causing like a fake happiness, theyre just making the chemicals in your brain normal, and balanced. So, you can still be sad when on anti-depressants, because happiness is really what you make of it.

Also, anti-depressants are not the answer for everyone, because sometimes the promote sucidal feelings, in some people. and some people are depressed without a chemical imbalance.
02 Mar 2006 TRUST ME READ THIS!! When I was younger I was very over weight, kids in school made fun of me and picked on me, later when I turned 15 years old I had 5 hip surgery's, pain like you would not believe, screaming every time I moved (Hip Spasms) , I was in a wheel chair for two years and slept on a couch most of that time, my mother had to wipe me after I went to the bathroom, humiliation, pain, suffering etc. I had it all.

Thoughts of suicide went threw my head everyday, but I stuck by it, 10 years later I'm walking again, married with a beautiful 15 month old son, and I'm a publisher (CEO) of a very successful magazine, life is great.

I'm not a religious person by any means but I do believe in god. I carried my cross, Thank God I'm still alive, I did not take the easy way out, HANG IN THERE EVERYONE, I think god puts your threw test (carrying your cross) he may due this for many reason, one reason is that maybe you can help others and let them know that you too have been there and made it threw it. TRUST ME on this, Its going to get better, it just takes time.
02 Mar 2006 fat stupid ugly i am ugly theres no way out for me.
This is the end...of tryng to find friends and relationships.
i am sick of trying and being let down by everyone.
I don't have a life..
whats the ponit in any thing. cries
If I committed suicide, I would no longer have to worry about people's jibes
Because of all the crap I have to endure, nobody gives a damn about me or how I feel. They think I am only getting sick or crying to attract attention. What they DON'T realize is that I am NOT faking what I have been trying to tell them, that what I am telling them is TRUE. Do they think that I am a LIAR?? Do they LIKE seeing me being so unhappy??
I am a person, a person with feelings, just like they are, then maybe all this goddamn bullshit would stop!! I am TIRED of having to try to put up with all this crap. I am tired of having people judge me just by how I look on the outside instead of looking deep into my heart and seeing the TRUE me.
I am tired of people NOT coming to my aid when people are dissing me. I am tired of my family not supporting me, and I am tired of just. plain. LIVING. If I were to get to the point to where I would try to end my life, I bet nobody would come to my funeral. I have no friends, my family hates how I look, and nobody understands the struggles I have to go through...
It has gotten to the point to where I don't even CARE anymore, and all of a sudden, the thought of suicide is looking to be the only option I have to put an end to this misery.

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