Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
01 May 2006 Jada I can never say that I have tried to kill myself. I did have a friend that killed herself. I had to live life after my best friend died. She left behind a world but she caused more pain dead then she ever did alive. Her mother will never get over her child taking her life. The day my best friend took her life she took ours with her. Her mother goes to the grave and spends hours every single day. She will never let her go she feels that she is the one to blame.She stands at the grave as if she will one day find a answer to her pain. There is no answer there will never be a answer. I was so hurt by her leaving me. When she killed herself she felt all alone and no one could help her. I did learn one thing people dont try suicide they want one of two things attention or death.If you want to die you will do it and no one can stop you. If you want help then you will try but you will make a way so someone can help or stop you. We never knew she wanted to die. When we sat in the kitchen she went and took her fathers gun and placed it to her head and then pulled. We ran in her room to find her a breath away from death, there was nothing we could do. I held my best friend as she took her last breath.She told me she was sorry but her pain could and would not go away this was the only way. That day was almost the start of my world going down hill. I had to live to help other know what suicide could do to the ones that are left behind. If you want to die there is nothing anyone can do but if you want help there are people out here to help you.I wish I could have saved her I would have gave my life to save hers. I guess she did not know how much she was loved. I only go to her grave on special days the pain is still so real. I had to tell my best friend good bye a long time. The grave may hold her body but my heart holds her life. I keep the good ones close to my heart. I hope that if you do want to die you just think of the people you will leave behind. Some place some where someone loves you. But the first person who needs to love you is you. I wish you all well I would never want you to go where my best friend went. We dont know where that is. The one place you can never come back from is your grave.................................
29 Apr 2006 Laura I don't know what is the best way? Maybe no one should die. Just think, If you die you're letting everyone else win! Why not stick around a few years longer and annoy the people who want you to go away? That would make me feel a lot better seeing them get so pissed off just because they are trying so hard to make me commit suicide and I won't. I carry on fighting knowing that one day I could end up being a lot better than them. Also, don't you want to see what tomorrow brings, or the day after that? Theres a wide range of opportunitys out their for you! Plus, theres people who care, who love you, who think you're incredible and would die just to know you and be you're friend and they would praise the ground you walk on. You're the one who needs to find them. You think no one likes you, I kno no one likes me but I kno why, because I'm not like everyone else. Im an outkast I'd rather be different and be laughed at all my school life then be someone who blends in. People look at me more often because I stand out. People pick on me, because there bothered about me, they make excuses to come near me, If they hated me they'd keep well away! I enjoy going to school everyday and standing out, one day people are going to love me for the way I don't care I have people who do now. I just think positive and listen to all the great things people say about me. You know like everyone thinks Im a good singer so I focus on that, Im going to make something out of that one day. Im going to fight untill I get there, I have felt suicidal but I now kno whats the point? Life is a gift that you might never get again, so make it as long as you possibly can! Lawz xx
28 Apr 2006 AZA Hello everyone.! I hope you can read this.. I gues l have to say l've thought about suciding myself since i was 15, but the fact is that l never tried it, I'm so damn week to do it. All l know is that all the ways to commit suicide are really painful, ( If you really want to die just get a gun and shot yourself) that would be the easiest way.. BUT.. PLEASE MY FRIEND don't do it.. there is a lot of people out there waiting for you, THEY LOVE YOU..Belive me , they do love you..Your mother, your sister, your brother.. your uncle, your best friend even your father... They will suffer too much if you die.. Or if you don't have anyone to care about.. Fuck it. that's better.. just care about yourself and live life every day like the last, do some sports, walk around your towmn and see how wonderful life can be.. WELL this is my story, I'm 19 years old,, was born in Latin america, i came to Canada 7 months ago and l just learned to speak english (i still have some mistakes) I have dreams and one of them are to become a famouse Rapper,.. Right now all i know is that life is very complicated,, But that;s the beauty of it,(Let's Play with life and show that we can make it)Back again, i've been thru many problems, money, i'm here alone, no friends no family, when l need someone to talk to , nobody is there.. i'm getting kind of desperate, today l went to buy some beer to get so drunk and after that l was planing to get myself hit by a car.. ( They didn't sale been afeter 12:00 ) so l returned home so sad. and started reading some of this stuff, it really helped me a lot, now l am just writing this to let you know that you are not the only one feeling a pain.. We all feel pains.. We all think "fuck the world" we all want to die. but we are still alive.. so let's see what is coming for tomorrow.. the only person that can make our life happy is ourselfs, don't wait for soemone to do it for you... Well my Friend.. I gotta go.. But one more time " DON't KILL yourSELF" Please give you another change... GOD BLESS YOU...
26 Apr 2006   its strange like a year ago i was a normal horny teen hiting on girls people liked me i liked myself.

but now i never go out .i dont think about girls deprshon has taken over my life. not meny people hang out with me cuz im deprssing to be around. my school work is down i dont speak to my mum n dad most of the time im alone it feels like im emosheny numb and i want it to end good bi
24 Apr 2006 Duane Sometimes things happen to us which we can't explain. It just seems unfair that everybody is happy except you. No one feels your pain and no one cares. Its true, you are the only ones that understand yourselves that is why it is up to you to seek your own happiness. Do not die for other people, live for yourself. If you die today, you will no longer be hurt but you will never know what it is like to overcome and truly be happy.
When i was 12 I wanted to die. I was hospitalized many times, but i still made it out. I didn't care about anybody and i didnt think anybody cared about me. Then I realized that I am all I got. If I were to die i would never have the chance to live the life i dreamed. I would never be rich, I would never have a girlfriend, i would never see myself grow old. So i decided that death would be the only thing that would ever happen in my life that i could not control. I'll die when i am supposed to die but i won't have anything to do with it. As for everything else, I laugh it off. If somebody doesn't like me, i dont care. If somebody tries to bully me, i tell them off. and if somebody tries to fight me, i just kick them in the nuts (and run). ive been doing that since i was 12 and now that i'm 25 it gets funnier everyday! i found all kinds of ways to stand up for my self and brave the circumstance. i'm in charge of me, and i ain't goin nowhere!
21 Apr 2006 fresh start i'm 23 and tried unsuccesfully to kill myself. i was the popular kid in high school, have a "great family" and everybody was envious of my car, clothes, family, house, you name it. I was also quite bright, even through university, named top leader and graduated quite early. So what was my problem??? It was all too good to be true. After one year of therapy, I've come to realize it was very selfish of me to have caused such a big pain to all those that i loved. My parents marriage has gone wreck, my friends had many difficult times, and all because i thought it was just too much to cope with. My point is that everybody suffers, wherever you want to see or not. Many thought i was just spoiled for doing what I did, how could somebody with everything want to die, right? Now i'm learning to take things one step at a time. I still struggle everymorning waking up, but everytime I do, and start observing the small wonders of the world, I'm very glad God gave me a good second chance. I'm not gonna spoil it this time.
14 Apr 2006 Devin Kydd I am 20 years old and like a lot of people in the world, and everyone on this site I have thought of suicide. I have never tried and I never will try. This is because I know what life is. Life is a balance of good and bad. Everyone has good in their life and bad. If you focus on the bad you will only see what is wrong in your life. You can't live your life expecting others to give you a helping hand, they are also going through this delicate balance. If you want someone to talk to or to help you with your troubles you cannot just expect it, you have to ask for it. Hate is not something you use to inspire you, hope is. Hate breeds hate, if you focus on hate you will only find more to hate. Hope works the same way. If you have hope you will find more and more places to find hope and inspire you to live. I am not wanting to understand you or tell you that you have had a happy life, a vast majority of people have had a bad life, I have had a few years where I didn't want to live my life. That does not mean that I was wanting to commit suicide. Suicide is not the right answer for your problems. No matter what you are going through you get always get through it without wanting to commit. You are probably reading this thinking I am full of shit and don't know your story, and why you think it is okay for you to commit, but everyone has a sob story and if they choose something they can blame on someone else. How your lifes problems are not your own. Though it looks like a lot of you have had lives where your parents were not the most parental or loving that is not a reason to want to die. I don't know you, I am not going to say I do, but what I do know is that suicide and hate are never the best answer. You have to work through these problems just like everyone else would. Working through problems is hard, but that is life. And if you do work through these problems you will get a satisfaction that will only make you want to carry on. Life is like a game of golf, you may have a lot of bad shots but that one that is good makes you want to keep playing. Don't focus on the bad shots because as hard of a game life is it is worth playing.
12 Apr 2006   If you are under 13 and want to kill yourself you should definately make a big deal about it. Don't try and keep it to yourself and keep living with a shitty attitude. Once you hit 18 no one will want to help you since you are an adult now and just look pathetic complaining about having problems that everyone else has. Even if your parents threaten to put you in a mental institution you should make a big deal out of it, otherwise you will be like me in your twenties and still surfing sites like this every so often because you hate life but don't have health insurance and your family tells you to get lost since you are an adult now.
12 Apr 2006 Ger Suicide is a companion I live with everyday. We all live in a world filled with suffering. I have been sexually abused by my father since my earliest years, until about junior high. He punched me in my face with a closed fist during my freshman year in high school, reconstructing its bone structure. My mother lives in denial┬Śneglecting to protect the child. Being in an emotionally, psychologically, and physically damaging environment has its toll on the human spirit. Even today, affirmation of my experiences and what happened to me is unavailable.
One may ask, "What is worse than death?" My answer being, what is worse than physical death is being kept alive while dead inside (only to watch a body violated and tortured on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis).
I have attempted suicide three times; however, I have sabotaged my health passively through drugs, addictions, and sexual irresponsibility, hoping death will set me free from my memories, dysfunctions, and lack of motivation.
I am twenty-three years old now (HIV negative) and still alive; wondering what is the result of my survival and how can I give the wisdom I have gained through these experiences to humanity (to move towards world peace and to fight injustice). From living on the streets to turning tricks to pay rent and food I have thrived. Life has its setbacks, but, it has joyous moments which make it worthwhile. Among the hundreds of exploiters of victims and oppressors, to find one who cares, without price, has given me hope in humankind.
I have been reading a book called "Man's Search for Meaning" by Viktor Frankl. It is about a psychiatrist who survived the concentration camps in Germany.
By reading this book, I have learned how one found a reason to live even through an imposed sense of hopelessness and the threat of extinction on routine. It has taught me that one's search for meaning in life is a purpose in itself. Giving back a talent that one possesses to the world is a reason to go on. Also, that suffering has meaning. Are we worthy of our suffering? How one views their suffering and life makes a world of difference.
Although, life is challenging and lonely, I have come to the frame of mind that, "If I am unwilling to live for myself...then for other people." I have been volunteering in a kitchen for a homeless shelter once a week for the past three weeks and it has given me a sense of contribution. To step out of my self-absorbed nature has given me freedom that I desire (even for a moment). My life is still daunting at times, like today, but realizing how life can be so much worse has given me a sense of humility (realizing the selfishness in my ideologies). Others live with disabilities, deformities, cancer, venereal diseases, and still carry a reason to meaning; thus, so can anyone.
I desire to feel and have love in my life. From my traumas, I feel a sense of isolation and self-imposed exile from a world which will likely unknowingly understand my experiences, truly. Some of my faults are an inability to trust others, sexual neurosis, and an ingrained feeling of being unlovable. I have been through countless therapy sessions, medication changes, and lack of emotional stability and belonging. If I have made it this far, I believe almost anyone can and will make it farther.
I have written these thoughts, not to tell others what to do or to think, but to expose the visitors of this website to another's frame of mind. I have read many of the comments on this webpage and I empathize with the numerous thoughts of ending this life. I will like to complete by saying, "There are no guarantees that life will become a fairy tale and all our problems and issues will dissolve; however, our possibilities for growth are endless, for we have embraced death and the depths of despair (which many others utterly fear and may be unprivileged to feel)." Are we worthy of this gift of insight?
10 Apr 2006 sammy hi as many people say life is a gift... fuck that shit. life is a game of give and take if u want to de to make it shorter than do so. i have been clinicly provin dead 4 times. 3 attempts. cutting isnt the best way to go neither is jumping or odin. the best way is to hang youself. that is wat worked for me but they still brought me back. ill explain why i tried. my dad was a pill popper. he was allways high so i felt like i didnt have a dad but some crazy guy walkin around my house. my mom beat me since i was 3 (btw im 13 now) i lost my home, my dog my dad gave away, my other dog which i saw get runed over, i lost the love of my life to one of my best friends, then another best friend hated me, my uncle died, my boyfriend was murdered and then i had to move back to the naborhood i was raped in... ive gone through hell and back and im not afraid to do it again. im 13 years old and have died already but im still kickin and ready to fight. as i say wat id the point of life if u die ayways? where u even alive if 20 years later no one knew u existed? whats the point of doing anything for life is al u expect is to die later?dont tell people what to do and dont let others tell you wat to do. it is your life. come and go as you please but no one lives forever... oh n to all yall christain bitches if u aint trien to help others find their way to death then get the fuck off the road n back in your god damn church cuz it aint your job to tell people how to live or die.
10 Apr 2006 Bryan Ya know what... You all make me sick.

I grew up in Downtown detroit. I was a skinny white kid that got my ass kicked every fucking day by black peices of shit just cause I am white. Then at school when I was in 6th grade, this peice of shit stabbed me in the leg with a ball point pen because I tackled him in a football game. Then after that, my best friend killed him self when I was in 8th grade, he left a note saying it was because his friends didn't like him. At his funeral his mom yelled at me while sobbing and told me it was my fault. That I killed her son. When i was a sophomore in Highschool I walked into my kitchen and found my mom fucking some dude I didn't even know. I told my dad and he beat the shit out of her, and when I tried to stop him he beat the shit out of me too. I graduated highschool early, with a low GPA, just so i could get away from the city and all the bullshit.


07 Apr 2006 ummm.....i dont wanna say i'm 14 and i know what its like to be suicidal. i attempted when i was 12 or 13 and i remember EVERYTHING about that night. i overdosed (about 40 advil). someone told me that it would work for sure, but they didnt know y i wanted to know if it would work. so i popped pills all night. and when i reached about 25, i started feeling soooooo sick. the worst sharp stomach pains hit. but i was determined to keep going, driven by the shit i went through. the thoughts of y i was doing this ran through my mind, which was what kept me going. i woke up 1 hour later on the floor. and i have to say that waking up to a failed suicide attempt was the most heartbreaking thing ive ever experienced. i go to an all girls school so the drama level is ridiculous. which is what drove me to do this, along with hating my parents. i had friends, but no one that i really could talk to. no one i really trusted. im not against suicide & anyone who thinks its selfish is full of shit. cuz its a selfish thought to think that. & if ur contemplating it, first of all, dont OD.....cuz it doesnt work!!!! there are better ways. the only problem is finding one. but whoever you r, i know what ur going through & i can live to say that it is NOT FAIR AT ALL. i really wish u would rethink ur decision, but if ur sure u wanna do this, THINK FIRST! god bless you all.
07 Apr 2006 in memory of our dear friend, Jeff, who ended it all on December i personally dont know the best way to end your life.but i do known that if you want to cut yourself, the best thing to do is take to blade out of an eyeliner sharpener(or pencil sharpener)i had a close fried commit suicide on December.17th,2005. he used very strong anti-depressants, and alcolhal, mixed with heroin, crack, and meth. he was an alcolholic with alot of problems, and if he were to be alive today, he would be in jail. ive wanted to end my life since i was in grade.4 im still alive now but still wanna die. i cut almost everyday, and smoke weed. the weed does help. i know how it feels to be hopeless. kind-of like all you want is a big hug and sum1 to talk to. a close friend knows im suicidal, and he said "you know how you felt when jeff killed himself, and just think of this: if you kill yourself think of how your loved ones would have to deal with the pain for the rest of their lives". that brought tears in my eyes.(thats not exactly how he said it, but something along those lines.) ive tryed to overdose, and it didnt work. i tryed to bleed to death, didnt work. good luck with what you chose to do...if you need sum1 to talk to, email me @ thx. take care.
06 Apr 2006 no Gutts to die I dunno weather I am Depressed or not. I feel lyke telling all my problems and everythng to some person whoem I can trust. Since abt 4yrs I am searching for a date...when I'll commit suicide. I dun wanna live. I want death now at this particular time...may be within 2-3 days i'll commit. Just waiting for an opportunity. May b a love/girl can stop me. May be some particular girl whoem i love. Ppple arround me think bad abt me. And now i know I am hopeless. Pple aaround my home dun talk to me thinking this person is hopeless. I wanna die before I get burdon on my Parents. Every Munite of my life if getting difficult for me. I wanted to do somethng gr8 in computer world...but my parents see no hope. and they want me to get away from computer world. I had no girl frndz. When i tried to propose some one the girl was already a love of one of my frnd. I dun wanna live. The reason I dunno....itz not becoz of love only....but itz becoz of also that I am hopeless. May be these are my last words i have typed here....from now...i too dun say gudbye...I dun care if pple read this or understand me. on understands me.
06 Apr 2006 Just Another Suicidal Person I am 15 years and like many people in the world and most of the people reading these...I WANT TO DIE

I am thinking about killing myself right now. I don't really have a reason i just want to.

I was never raped or abused. My parents are both very caring and still together.I have never really lost a loved one. (Right now your are probably thinking ya thats great stop feeling sorry for yourself your pretty lucky so why would you want to die?) Ya i have depression. Ya i have tried to hurt myself and killed myself. But I went i told my parents and i got help. I go to a theripist and im on meds.

I know that suicide is not a good choice. I know that if i die i will hurt the people who care about me. BUT I STILL WANT TO DIE BECAUSE I CAN'T FEEL. I just feel empty and i don't understand how life can be worth living if you can't feel it.
I cut myslef just to feel the pain, the blood, the scars. I JUST WANT TO FEEL AGAIN but if i i can't i want to die. I don't care how i just want to leave. I think the only way i can feel through death. Im not sure if that makes any sense but that's just how it is for me. I hurt myself to feel the pain and reassure myself that i am actually alive and i might even kill myself just to prove to myself that i lived. I have know idea

I just want to feel again. I just want to live.
05 Apr 2006 happy i was searching for a site to put my last words on and i think this one is as good as any.
i have a few words to say to anyone who cares to read them. i am weak for commiting suicide and i know that but i just don't have enough to live for anymore. i lost the love of my life. i have always been depressed. i hate my life and don't have many friends. why do i tell you this? i don't want your pitty. i don't want you to feel bad. i just tell you why i kill myself. to kill myself will finally make me happy. i already have the knife out and on my wrist. and i am smiling for the first time in a long time. i don't know what's after death, i just know what i believe. i might make a few people sad but i might make a few happy as well. with that i leave these last words of wisdom.
be strong and don't take your life like me unless you do it with a sincere smile. i am happy to let death embrace me. i have nothing left in life but life itself. by the time you read this chances are i will be dead. don't feel sad for a happy person like me. i die sad and broken but still it makes me happy to die.
to anyone reading this i want you to know to keep living for whatever you have in life. i love you whoever you are and don't feel sad for me, i don't even give a real name on here and how can anyone cry for someone who's name they know not.

keep living.
04 Apr 2006 purpose finder ya know, readin all this is kinda made me feel alot of emotions. i have tried to commit suicide a few time and i'm only 17. started about when i was 12. i was born into a good family, went to church, was okay in school. no one like this could consider suicide, but i did. why? why do i live? i still ask myself this. i must have a purpose to live but i see none so why don't i die. i have been so close to death so many times by accident and on purpose that he should remember my name. i guess i was being watched by god and he wouldn't let me die even when i begged. i have scars from self inflicted cuts and bruises from beating myself. i have a scar across my wrist with seven stitch marks from an accident. i was less than 1/10 of a millimeter away from my vain and lost so much blood that i passed out in the hospital waiting room. almost every week i had a knife to my neck or wrist or at my heart pushing until i started bleeding from pushing and with one motion i wouldn't be writing this. maybe this is a purpose in life, to stop people from killing themselves. i have done drugs and over-dosed before, but a good thing about drugs like marijuana is that it is close to leaving this world without killing yourself. i have started rambling so i'll just say a little more words of wisdom i have found. at least live until you've found your purpose and if you don't like your purpose then screw it all. i still look for my purpose and to help some drugs keep me sane until i can find it. it's like using a crutch to get where you're drugs if you can't stand life anymore. they may say your weak for it but at least you'll still be alive. and i say to live and be weak than dead and seem strong is better any day. if someone really loves you they will understand. i know this seems confusing but i one person understands it and is saved then that is an accomplishment.
also don't slit your wrist it
03 Apr 2006 Jessica A new toy. Suicide is not a toy. This sight makes me quiet sad. I really hope those suggestion for suicide are not true. I'm not 13 any more. Long past it. At age 12 I found my mother in the kitchen from committing suicide. She had a history of depression. To this day, I still think about her and how I wished so bad that I could help but at the same time so angry by the selfishness of the act. From then on, I too have had extreme cases of depression. Even unsuccessfully attempted suicide twice. My life was never that hard or never that great. But every morning was a battle to open my eyes. But I "lived" every day. I struggled through every one of them, but it was all worth it. I promise there is always hope in the future. JUST HANG ON!I am an adult now, and I am PLEADING to you that this be stopped. Suicide is NEVER the answer to anything. It may seem like the easy way out. But I promise you its not. Please find help. Talk to someone.
01 Apr 2006 pander If you want a slow death, simply find a way to survive each day until you realize you are now 36 and still question why you are on this earth and cry on a daily basis about it. It is an easy solution to a slow death and even though you will also torture and bring down the people that really care for you at least you won't leave them in a suicide survivor category. That is some consulation to the suicidal kid who worry how their friends or family will feel after the suicide. No, spare the one(s) that really care about you and just make them live with a person who won't take responsibility for the brain & body they were born to and get right with it. No one says you have to be happy, smiley or satisfied with how the world is. I am happiest when I am the saddest and at times prefer to be alone, unshowered & depressed. I just give respect to the closest person that I trust by telling them how I feel every day. I write notes, songs, draw pictures, text mess anything to communicate what my deal is for the day. It is a way for me to express my uglies withought feeling bad about feeling bad. It gives that person a heads up if they want to be around me or not. And it's ok if that person can't handle it either cuz if you end up needing professional help (like to keep a job or not hurt someone other than yourself) then a friend isn't going to help long term. Just like getting a tattoo and all your friends want to tell you how to take care of it and they all say different things but it's the professional that can guarantee how it will heal. It is not cool to go postal or make attempts on your life if you haven't even shared your feelings in some way with someone. Give a trusting person the chance to listen without passing judgement on you. It's ok to be scared of their reaction or if they want to put you in a hospital but try it at least once. I am still too afraid to share my long drawn out suicide with anyone (but I do have 1 person that knows ALL) because I don't want to be judged, fired, or consoled! I will never feel happy or normal! It is ok to share your pesimistic views on life just as it is for someone to say 'have a nice day'. Just know that it's ok to feel the way you do. Life sucks and I try to live as little of it as possible so there is more for the ones that want it. But if you want a quick death just rent Johnny Depps movie 'Secret Window'. Much quicker but more painful.
31 Mar 2006 LiFe SuX You are beyond screwed up. My boyfriend tried to commit suicide and luckily he did not succeed. If u are contemplating it like this than u aren't serious about it and if u are then u are rly fucked up. I once tried and u know wat i can not believe that i did something so hurtful towards my relationship w/ my boyfriend, it messed things up so badly. Thank god in the end we simply bcame much closer. We both have tried and it was the worst thing we have ever done.

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