Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
05 Dec 2017 Maybe its dead This one kid at school masturbated until heavily chaffed and scabbed up. He ended up getting a nasty infection in his penis. It swole up about the size of a watermelon. The doctor amputated his penis. He killed himself 8 days later
03 Dec 2017 leg joining twitter is a good enough way
02 Dec 2017 mac the best way to kms under 13 is climbing directly into a bee hive and THESE ARE WINTER BOOTS
01 Dec 2017 Phan watch full whisk porn on
28 Nov 2017 MIRRORS make sure to go into gang territory a throw up some gang signs from the enemy gang boom you get a shot to the head P.S.
it helps if you live in a shitty neighborhood
17 Nov 2017 Lee No long story im just fed up with life im not enjoying life i just started a job and already dont want to go back may ultimately be fear but i only fear suffing so much pain as i die i dont fear dying because its actually what i want to happen at thispoint in life whats the best painless way of letting go. Tried pills but was found and had my stomach pumped tried antifreeze but the mix isnt as strong and and effective as it used to be tried wrist slicing only left superficial marks. Im considering a hanging the problem is theres no privet places to actually hang yourself now a days plus the fear of havkng to gasp for air suffering in pain but i guess thats easier then bleeding out pills are the easiest way or cabon monoxide posining but that option no longer stands im at mywits end pretty much no longer know what to do how to do it another day in this job will push me over the edge but then again any job will i cant not go because i have no where else to live so to suffer and work is my only option i want to end the suffering and pain the hurt therapy doesnt work neither does counseling just people continuesly telling you to get out the house go enojoy yourself but they never really listen tobwhy your feeling the pain or what your actually goimg thru there job is to simply say suicide is not the option tired of hearing it just want to go if anyone actually reads this and can help please i beg of you. So many people who are enjoying life die on a daily bases i want to go but yet i simply an left to suffer thru the pain.
20 Oct 2017 Jeff Don`t i tried repeatably slitting my wrist up and down, even shot myself in the head, yet im still here and kicking and have learned to accept the pain and turn it into pleasure and im 18
09 Oct 2017 FRINA stay alive. thats the best way to kill urself. pretend everythings good .smile then die inside, exhaust urslef
03 Oct 2017 Kina Be in love with someone who leads you on and get yourself heartbroken because of unrequited feelings :)
30 Sep 2017 Forever and a day I was listening to an old grumpy man talk to another old stressed out man. Self exhalting and bitching and moaning about how incompetent everyone in his stories were. Here is a man who has already grown old, but hasnt lived. So absorbed by his own achievements he can not see it. But his own stories revealed that he too was in fact, a dumbass. And its not even just him. Its at least 95% of the worlds population. No wonder the super smart guys want to terraform mars and live there. But the worst part is people on this very site saying talk to me i want to help you.. Those people just tell you that so you trust them enough to meet. They either drug you or stun gun you and use you as a sex slave forever chained up in a basement.
30 Sep 2017 Amanda I became a member of a group. In the group was a man that would love to hang me in a remote place. All I should do was to travel to meet him. he then would dress me in Nylon stockings , garterbelt and stilettos. Then he would crave to have sex with me. Right after he would tie my hands and ankles me on a stool, place a noose around my neck ...kick the stool away, and watch me hang and dance till the end. i`m sure he was dead serious
04 Sep 2017 Nobody By having no family or anyone
29 Aug 2017 claudia The best way is in the world of adults
20 Aug 2017 David Jonas To generate a fatal error and let it slip through your test cases.
21 Jun 2017 Anonymous YOu shouldnt kill yourself TBH i used to want to but i dont even want to anymore i actualy dont even feel like living but idc Cuz Fuck that fuck everyone all i seriously is my mom my mom is my everything think about your mom all the sweat and tears and blood shes put into giving birth to you and you just throw your life away.
30 Apr 2017 Mitch living a life full of regret and sadness is a good way to end ones life. it is long, drawn out, and painful.
15 Apr 2017 alicia you should reach out and ask for help because there is so much more to life than killing yourself at such a young age for whatever reason you wanna die just remember life gets better im currently 15 and had a couple suicide attempts im still suicidal, but i know i cant give up you have to have something to live for maybe your siblings if you have any, your friends or family people must care about you or just live for your future cause once your older and away from whatever is making you wanna die things will get better i promise you that,it hurts me to see that kids wanna die and what not cause i have felt that way since i was 10 im currently gonna start counseling and im on medication i know my depression / suicidal thoughts wont last forever, because they dont everyone is depressed once in their life and everyone handles it differently no matter what dont take the easy way out youre much stronger than that trust me.
29 Mar 2017 Paschal Im 20, i want to die without anyone i love feeling bad for me. I was born a christian on a farm. I helped to kill animals for food and worked the land. Now im an atheist in college. If good and evil was a thing id say i was better as i got older. The only thing keeping me from stealing whatever i felt like or killing whatever i felt like was fear of god. I rarely had short dreams and often unescepable nihtmares that filled me with fear and adrenaline and now i have some nostalgia for those nightmares because now i see nothing. Once i grew up i knew what was "bad" and what was "good". I have a conscience, but i would still like to know how it feels like to kill someone whose name i dont know. I am an egocentric selfish manipulator in denial that is so good at his jig that everyone thinks im a good samaritan, and i feel like a total sht yet i dont know how or want to get through life without telling twisted truths and lies. I find life boring and monotone, i find people repeating their mistakes, rituals and words and acting as if they were born yesterday. I think too much, i dont know how to turn my brain off unless i sleep. I crave sleep not because i dont have to do anything but because i dont have to open my eyes or hear or smell or feel or think, and its the best feeling in the world. That short 1 frame of blackness. I can go on and on, all of these unsolvable concepts going on in my head with no one to answer them, and probably without an answer. I dont have time for that right now, i wish i did i want to tell you everything. I spent most of my life thinking less of myself for to feel better about myself, thinking more of myself to actually be better is as selfish, but im practicing it these days to balance it out. I want to die because i dont want to live, as simple as that. I have a good life, but it will never be good enough for me, and we will never be good enough for this world, i want the world to change, i want people to change, or i want for me to change, in one way or another. I think i wrote this long enough for my rage and sadness to forget itself, or whatever it is, the primitive side, spiritual side, intelectual side, karma, chi, energy, there are many ways of explaining it, many things to believe, many choices, maybe im wrong, because im not well informed, im not really smart just think fast. But one thing is sure, when im dead itll be something else
and not thins boring smelly piece of life. Doesnt mean itll be better i guess. So gonna live with my debts and college while i can, because why not, if i dont care im gonna care so little that i wont even kill myself, gonna leave it to the fates, whats the chance that im gonna get tortured, haha. Well thank you suicide kit you were a learing experience. And all you out there, many people you dont know love you, even if you cant know for sure. Because we feel ya, we all do, its an unfair life.Peace out.
06 Mar 2017 ANGEL seek out approval from mommy and daddy. they hurt you but you love them anyway. its slowly killing me. i wish i could live in the sky.
24 Feb 2017 yaoifangurl69xd waste an entire weekend doing nothing but reading gay anime fanfiction

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