Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
01 Jun 2006 mel It funny how much your mind-set can change and you have no idea how it happened. I was 14 when I first tried to kill myself although i don't think i was really serious and also started slashing my wrists. When I was at 18, through years of depression and absolutely no self worth at all I really wanted to die and I don't know why but I donated blood cause I thought it would make the 200 tablets I took later on, work more effectively. I can't even explain what happened it was awful, but I remember thinking afterwards, 'Damn it didn't work', I was sooo angry at myself. I am still depressed, but I just want to say that killing yourself is not the answer. It just takes longer for some to realise this.
31 May 2006 Allyson Miller Hey guys I'm 17 now and to tell u the best way to commit suicide would be devistating even to me. though i can't say i havent tried, i just couldnt follow through with it. I havent tried in acouple years now and to know that i ever even tried is embarrassing, i also used to be heavy into self mutilation thus the embarrassing scars. I have friends and family and i am truely a caring person though stress and depression just seems so overwhelming that i really do want to leave this world but only for alittle while, enuogh time for things to calm down. My best friend killed himself 2 years ago and i only wonder why i dont have the strengh to do it. plz if you ever need a friend i'll be here.
30 May 2006 DJ I've been very suicidal in the past. I would cut, over dose, starve myself. Whoever is reading this and is wanting to kill themselves. Don't! you can beat this..all you have to do is find a positive way of life. I'm not sure if I've found it but many ppl have influenced the way I live and I'm really grateful I didn't succeed in killing myself. It's your choice...make it a good one!!
29 May 2006 Audrey First of all, SUICIDE ISN'T THE ANSWER. MY SON SUICIDED AT 16> I'm 44 years old. YOU WANT TO KNOW WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE TO SEE WHAT A 30/6 CAN DO TO SOMEONE. I'VE SEEN the human body contains, ALL OVER MY WALLS FROM ONE END TO THE other end OF MY BASEMENT. Its not pleasant, and it totally destoyed it. Its nothing but heartache for the ones left behind. SELFISH AND INCONSIDERATE. ALL OVER A DAMM GIRL. I know from the age of 16 to 60, people have problems. I too have wanted to kill myself, ever since I lost Richie. I know what you all are going through. My husband left me, because i got depressed and coped by being on the computer. ALL I CAN SAY, IS I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS SITE IS EVEN ON HERE ABOUT WAYS TO END A LIFE. I HOPE YOU ALL CAN FIND WAYS TO GET HELP. THERE ARE PEOPLE OUT THERE THAT LOVE YOU. I know, because my other son and his friends came in and stopped me. For two years, my other son ignored me, BECAUSE HE SAW WHAT HIS BROTHER DID TO MY DOWNSTAIRS, and IT MESSED WITH HIS MIND, TO WHERE HE showed no affection, EMOTION, because AND DEALT with his brothers death in his own way. By segregating himself from me. Until then, he realized he had to talk about his brothers death. Now 5 years later, he is having problems, again. PLEASE JUST THINK ABOUT THIS. YOU WANT TO GET PISSED AT ME, FINE. ITS YOUR LIFE. What do you all know anyway, right?
28 May 2006 I made it through alive As a college student that plays softball, I know what it is like both as a person that has had suicidal thoughts and who has had girlfriends who have tried to commit suicide. I am currntly working with a 14 year old to get her to stop trying to kill herself. What I can say to all of you young people is that no matter how many people tell you its not worth the pain or the sorrow that you can cause somebody, ultimately it is your choice. But when I talk to my girlfriends mom or to my mom, I realize that cutting/attempted suicide, doesn't end the pain for you it just gives your pain to someone else. I should know, I began to severely cut myself all because my girl couldn't talk to me about why she wanted to die and eventually led me to due the same because I felt as though I let her down....I know that this has been a long story, but serious sit down and think of the people that are going to take on your helps put your life into perspective...
26 May 2006 simon Sorry I am not under 13 I am 33 I have attempted suicide twice when I was 18 and 19 years old. The first time I set light to my car with myself in it. I bottled out but just in time as I jumped out the petrol tank exploded. At the time I didn't think much about it.
the second time I took 100 tablets. I was found in time yes in time. I didn;'t think that at the time but now I am thankful. Hey life isn't always good but it is what you make it. I have traveled half the world having 2-3 holidays a year. I have made lots of friends and have had a good life style. I have even lived in Canada for a year. Looking back if I had committed suicide then I would never have enjoyed these special moments in my life. It is easy to tell someone not to attempt suicide but if you are really serious about it you won't listen and sadly there isn't anything we can do but if you are reading this site then you are thinkoing about it but not sure we can help you. If you feel so low to take your own life please phone an organisation that can help you talk through your problems. When you become an adult then you will see things differently you are treated different by people. All I aSK NOW IS STOP AND THINK WHAT YOU ARE DOING. Think what you want out of life and turn your life around and aim for that like travel or owning your own business what ever you think you may enjoy focus on that and aim for it. Good luck simon
24 May 2006 Ariel I'm 15. Since I was 10 I have wanted to kill myself. Just I've never had the guts to. sometimes I love my life, sometimes I hate it with a passion. The ridiculous thing is that everything I love is the same as everything I hate most the time. I started cutting myself a year or two later...I felt numb and I wanted to know if I could feel anything any more. And guess what. It didn't hurt. I hate myself. The worst thing is how good I can feel one moment, and the next I just want to die. Literally.

On a brighter note, I'm not suicidal at the moment...Just depressed.
22 May 2006 Rachel Hi, my name is Rachel, well I am 15 and I started to burn myself at the age of 14. It was basically a daily thing for me. Everything was going so wrong. Then just a few months ago I started to cut myself. I would cut so deep that I would bleed for so long. I have before tried to commit suicide twice, and many times before I thought of how everything would be so much better if I was just dead. Now I started to talk to a friend of mine and he helped me so much. Anythime I feel bad then all I have to do is talk to him. That is the best way for anyone to feel better is talk about it. I also now go see a counsilor to help me cope with my depression. So all you have to do is ask for help and then slowly but surly you can get better.
22 May 2006 simona i have two sisters and both of them tryed to end their lives.i know from experience that this attempts causes only pain. i cannot explain in words what i felt when they were in the hospital. now i think that they won't do it again but i live with that fear that one night i will wake up and see one of them lying on the floor. this thing really affects ur life. i still have trouble with my sleep.
20 May 2006 some one who knows wat its like u don't! i have wanted to, then i talked to my cousin who i had always looked up to. i was doing alot of bad things, cutting, anorexic, pills. then i just started talking to her, and she told me how much she cared for me, and wanted to help. i thought she didn't like me. so, if u think your not loved, think again. some one out there loves u. if your adopted, your adoption parents wanted u. your only 13, so am i. u have years and years ahead of u. think of how much your family loves u, and how much u mean to them. its wat kept me strong. without my family, i would me buried in a box underground right now. i'm just saying, talking really does help. just, talk to a role model, its great to get it all of your chest, and be really close to the one u look up to. odds are, they went through the same thing. so PLEASE, just talk to some one. u can use a different name and say, " do u know who ----- ----- is?" then say they have the problem that u have. they'll give u their opinions, and it helps so much. the sky has never looked bluer, the grass never looked greener, the sun never felt warmer. and when the person u choose to talk to learns more about u, u learn more about them. so please, just try it, its better than any high u could possibly imagine
19 May 2006 Just wishing on a star. Hey. Right you're being silly. WHAT has really gone wrong jsut think of it now yes now. Think of the cause. Was it you, was it somone else? Just think about it while i tell you my story.

1.I was rather popular at school, after being a depressed 'goth'. I had now changed and had been let into the 'it' crowd and was known as the 'it' girl. Everything was going good i had no reason to get depressed i had a big social life and everything but then i met a boy. The boy partly ruined my happy spark for a while, i didnt know why i just felt like i needed him. He told me he needed me at one point anyway, we went out he was my first kiss and then he decided my legs were to big. YES MY LEGS. I was devistated. Then one of my best friends admit that she likes him and then she goes for him and it ends up exactly the same except , she gets dumps him because he was at a friends house with me. I go alll upset have all the "it crowd go against me and i run away from school.

2. My dad is an alcholic. He works alot aswell, a couple of years ago he moved out. My mother coped and went all thin and depressed, i had a little sister at the age of two aswell i was only 6 or 7 and had to deal with the shouting the " wheres my dad tonight?" every night. I didnt even think of suicide i just cried and got on with it, i had to. I was only 7, 7 your not are you?..... Anyway my patience and he came back after two years. Now he still drinks and has a monthly strop where i am worried sick and do not see him for a couple of days.

Just please be happy and dont do anything you will regret right now i am going through a traumatic time where im not allowed out and have to go to a unit. Its not fair. But il live with it, il deal with it and so will you. A good way to help is to talk to a councelor. Ive had everything taken off me and my life is turning upside down. But am i dead, NO. deal with it, it will get better!...just keep telling yourself it will. Just remember be carful what you wish for!..x
17 May 2006 Mouse Heyz, I'm 15 in the 9th grade. At the age of 13 in 6th grade I started to cut myself. I hated life. So at the age of 13 in the 7th grade I did suicide. I had killed me self. I lost so much blood that My heart stoped. The took me to the hospital. They began to do CPR on my and stop the bleeding. I was died for 2sec. For 2 sec I was in hell. Hell is not a good place. Now I'm damned to eternal damnation for stoping my heart. SO DON'T DO IT CAUSE IT'S NOT NICE TO KNOW THAT WHEN YOU DIE YOUR GOING TO HELL. Plus now Thing happen to me. I keep hopeing that there is a way in to heaven for me.
17 May 2006 Someone Who's Been There I am 31 years old and attempted suicide 11 times by the time I was 17. Nothing is worth ending your life over. Nothing, and I can tell you from experience that just taking extra strength tylenol or Advil, will not do the trick. I one time took 150 Tylenol and over 200 Benadryl, and just ended up in the hospital getting my stomach pumped and hallucinating for 2 days.......NOT WORTH IT. You have to find someone that you trust to talk to and try to get your feelings out in the open, and cry, cry all the time if you have to, but it will make you feel better. Get a counselor, but most of all realize that life is worth living, even though you may not get your way all the time. Life is rough, and it will always be, but you have to make the right decisions for your life to go the right path.
12 May 2006 mason myngheer listen all u kids im 12 and lately ive tried to kill myself i took 6 extra strength tylnol pills i waited and waited for 2 hours then i realized something i didnt have to kill myself i had my whole life ahead of me and i was really fat 240 AND I WAS DOING HORRIBLE AT SCHOOL so i made myself throw up so if i can do u can! if u think nowbody cares about u I DO! AND MANY OTHER PEOPLE SO PLEASE THINK ABOUT WHAT U CAN DO LIKE HAVE A HOUSE,KIDS,WIFE AND HAVE A BEATIFUL FUFILLING LIFE PLEASE DONT MAKE THE MISTAKE I ALMOST DID!
11 May 2006 wyatt i am 15 years old and tried to commit suicice multiple times by cutting my wrists. before i read the stuff on this site i felt like i was so fucked up and that i was the only one that can understand what im going through. even though my friends try to cheer me up and help me it only makes me feel worse and that im too much of a pussy to make things better for myself, and since i couldnt successfully kill myself i felt like even more of a pussy. I know that my life is pretty messed up at the moment but after reading this site i knew that i am nowhere close to as fucked up as i think i am, sure i am suicidal but i dont live with an abusive family or put up with nearly as much shit at school as some of u people do. i now know that if i really wanted to commit suicide i would have ended it a while ago, but now since i was lucky and didnt die i now know that i have to make the most of my life and see if it would really be worth throwing away all the good things i have in this world. Hopefully in the furure i make the right decision because i was so close to making the wrong one. I am so glad i found this site because when i found it i was searching to find out if overdosing on advil would kill me. I thank all of the people on this site for helping me realize what i have to do to resolve my problems and also realize that suicide is not what i need in my life right now.
11 May 2006 purpleflame I knew a 14 year old who successfully hung himself. Around that time I wanted to die too, but seeing all his friends and family so hurt and confused made me not want to. If he'd had the chance to see the pain he caused by killing himself, I don't think he would have done it.
10 May 2006 sarah what is going on??? Stop it. Live your life. Sooner or later it's over so just get out there and go for it. Suicide is simply an early answer. If you are willing to die then you must be willing to do anything else. So, get up and out and perhaps travel the world. I mean, in the end you would be dead anyway. So just go for it. Do things and live and do not get washed in and warped in. Try to step outside of any situation and detatch yourself from things taking up too many of your thoughts. I go to a boarding school and high school is hard here. I wanted to kill myself throughout my years here. But every time I got the courage to do it, I realized wait, there are so many things I might as well do. You will get over this. You will. Those who commit suicide simply haven't waited or weren't patient enough with themselves. PLEASE don't do it. PLEASE just don't.
04 May 2006 hollie i really dont think that someone shuld try n kill dem selves especially cumone ov such a young age who has their whole life ahead of them i know that there are a lot of people that leave comments sayin this is a ridiculus website but it does help people in someways im 15 and when i was 13 my life was a reck! i had no loyal friends a family who didnt give a shit about me and no on in the world to talk to so obviously sucicide was a thing i thought about. i visited this site and looked @ ways to kill my self but when it came to actually doing it i just culdnt, i knew that i wuld eveuntually have something to live 4 and 2 years later i do! i found friends who liked me 4 who i am my family still dont give a shit about me n prosb neva will but that doesnt bother me bcuz wen i got out with my m8s dey dnt care wat time i cum back n who i bring back with me. i came back to the website to tell everyone thinking of commiting suicide to calm down and look @ what you have or what u may have soon or even acheive. sicuide is a one way streetn that has disaterous results and if you could see who you hurt aftaer you have killed yourself u wuld want to kill yourself agan! u dont relaise wat u had b4 u loose it and never frown bcuz dere is al;ways someone falling in love with your smile :) i want to help people who are feeling suicidal so please 4 the love of god just stop! its not a laffin matter and its very serious if you try and commit suicide and fail you could get jailed and then how are you goin to feel! even worse so please if u must commit suicide then i cant stop you but b4 u do take a long hard look at your life and think to yourself do i really want to lose whatever i have , that may not b a lot but one day it could be please look for helo in other people that you trust or callk a helpline or something dont look to the people tellin you how 2 commit suicide on this website bcuz once its done its done and you cant erase it 4 anything in th world thousands ov people a year kill themselves and thier fam and close friends end up devestated and feleing lost without them . . . dfont let your family go throught that PLEASE
04 May 2006 meliane smith listen i no what you are alg oing threw because i used to want to kill myself i have took several overdoses and slit my wrists god knows how many times but you have got to believe people wen trhey say it will get better and you will get over it.

at the time i wanted to kill my self i was overweight had no self esteem and thought i was ugly, i had never had a proper boyfriend but i had slept around because i used to think if they want to sleep with me they must like me. but i have changed no with the help of my friends and finally realising that i am worthy of being a love nomatter what anybody says i am supposed to be here for i reason i just wanted to tell you this because maybe you feel like suicide is your only option but it wouldnt it be better if you could go on and tell the people that are hurting you in your life that you are better and will be better than them.

so please listen to the people that care about and you dont need sucicide and for the girls out there that think they are ugly and will never have a boyfriend that isnt true you will find someone that will love you and treat you right and as an equal.

i no this because like i sed i used to be like that but thanks to my friends and my wonderful noyfriend who i have been with for the past 12month i now no that life can be good and worth living to the full.
02 May 2006 steph im not under 13. im 16 and have visited this site for over a year. this site is amazing. the last time i was on this site i wanted to die. i had the tablets ready and was going to take them and i was just saying goodbye to my friends. i started reading this site and got so interested in the posts that i was reading for over an hour. it makes it easier hearing other peoples problems because theyre always people who are worse off than you. i would love it if people from here who feel the same way as i once felt and still do sometimes would email me on i would love to help. i used to cut myself and take small overdoses of paracetamols anf ibuprofen and anything i could get my hands on. i would love to hear from you because it might help us both. theres always help out there for you. even if it is by email. love steph xxx

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