Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
12 Sep 2006 Javier ... Yea, i understand all your feelings. My names JAvier, you dont need my last name. Ive been arrested, gotten my ass kicked by my parents, and have smoked ciggarettes. Yea. i dont give a fuck, you know why, cause, ive tried suicide, i laid down on the train tracks down here in miami, got tired of waiting, then when it actually came, i realized i didnt have the balls to it. So, when im 17, im joining the Army. Not to die, to fight, to take all my pain out and little fucks that try making me and my whole fucking country weak! FUCK THAT! Im gonna live, and im gonna become a director. Yes, im suicidal, and.. well, im 13. Hey, if any of you weak, suicidal monkey people wanna talk to me about your feelings, feel free to AIM me, Undertaker9518. Thank you..
10 Sep 2006 michael sandborn Let yourself live until your 24. I'm 24 now and every day I feel my anger and hatred for things I could have done right the first time. I'm in my 3rd college now, I'm doing well. Top of my class, highly respected, expected to do great things, received excellent marks in all my classes for the past 3 years and pretty much friends with everyone in the school. Each day I want to die. The responsibility and pressure of being "that guy who's gonna make it big." It's frustrating. My parents use me as if I'm some financial investment. "Sure, use all da money. Just become rich and famous and buy us a house." What if i Don't? What if i fail? What if for some reason my right arm fails (i'm an illustrator)? What if i just don't make the cut compared to other competitors... and that's when i think back to being a kid again. All those chances to end it. Everyday. I was a bit of a cutter, i would suffocate myself until i clunked out, etc. through myself off buildings to find out what would and wouldn't hurt me. I always wanted it over. I'm 24 now and I stayed home stick from work with a migraine. Maybe. I've been laying mostly staring at the ceiling crying, wanting to die. I've been doing this a lot lately. It's hard to say why I don't just do it. Fear, misunderstanding, shame, etc. it seems so damn easy. The kit you ask? Is homemade. I have bleah, knives,tones of art stuff that could kill me quite easily. Or I could lock myself in the garage, turn the car on and suffocate. The problem for me is that I don't do it because of the sadness about how I will make my family feel. My fiance, my little brother, my mom, my dad whom has always had hopes i'd be an illustrator. People I don't want to dissappoint, but each day i think of disapointing them. But the fear of disapointment is SO deeply rooted into my being i can't do it. So you ask what's the best way to kill yourself at age 13? There is no way. There is no answer to this question. I found this personally because I was looking for help on either stoppingmyself or helping myself complete my attempt. In the end i read many of these letters and decided there's no sure answer. To life, death, suicide, whatever. If you're thinking of committing suicide, live a little. I went to high school in the midwest, if anything makes you suicidal it's that. Popularity = the only way of success. I left for california in 2000 and learned that's all shit. Popularity is nothing and never will be. I'm popular? and i feel nothign for it. Fuck it. It's up to me how my life goes forward, not the populace of the world, so no. I won't kill myself. Because that would show that "they", being the fuckers in highschool, won. I WILL NOT LET THOSE FUCKERS WIN. ALL OF THEM. THE KIDS WHO BEAT ME UP, FUCK THEM. KENNY SEGURA, FUCK YOU. Ahem. I will be better than them, i will pursue life as i want with or without their permission beause i don't need it. So fuck them, fuck everyone, and tell anyone who says your worthless to fuck off cus you are worth something and sadly, it takes a long time to figure that out. End RANT.
08 Sep 2006 Me I have no idea what a 'suicide kit' is and truth be told, I find the idea of one deeply disturbing. My message to those of you on this site who are contemplating suicide is - DON'T DO IT, SEEK HELP!! One of my oldest friends committed suicide two weeks ago and She left behind a little boy. She, like you, thought that there was no hope, that noone cared about her. They did. I will grieve for the rest of my life as will so many others. I will never get over the fact that she couldn't see any hope for the future - they was a lot of hope for her and and whole lifetime for her to live. There is always hope. It is very important to see a mental health professional to find out what the problem may be. I think my friend may have been bipolar. Never commit suicide - there is always hope and you will leave a trail of devastation. I will never recover from my friends death. I would mourn her every day for the rest of my life. And she thought that noone cared about her either. She was wrong.
07 Sep 2006 Sandra Grigg Hang in there !! Tomorrow is a new day!
my husband committed suicide on the 11/10/95 leaving a 1 year old boy behind! and I personally have been molested by my brother and put in a juvenile detention by my father and to this day I am very angry but I am alive and today my son is turning 11 !!
28 Aug 2006 LoveR..... i LOVE YOU i hate my life....

why?? no point asking cuz nobody would seem to care. i am ugly all over because of what i THOUGHT i was. now im better. i had burns, cuts and scars on me. theyre gone now with some medicinal help and i am only 14. my life is great. im fairly good looking not like you need to know. but, i am just pointing out the fact that life (no matter how bad) will get better. i mean, people have to find out the harder way. but i am telling u. love ur life like u have never before. i hated mine and did the worst possible to me. not worth it. nobody cares.

the only thing that is true is that the worse your childhood is when you are younger, the better it will get when u r older. trust me.

dont die, dont try die, dont even think about it. if ur life gets bad. punch ur pillow, have a good cry, talk to your pillow (no matter how akward u feel doing it) and then if u want, talk to somebody (anybody). i pranked a number and told them my problem. i got comfort from most of my callers. my biggest, most sincerest thanks to Jan (shes a grandma). she talked me straight through my problems, told me hers and we became friends. i talked to her nearly everyday.

just when i thought life was getting as good as it could for me, she past away. i felt depressed and i went back to my trying to die ways. i phoned other people met another nice lady and became friends. sometimes it makes u feel dumb, but i know it helped me.

if u feel lonely, remember me. i tell u one thing. i do not hate u. i dont despise u for anything. i love you and you should love everything u have.


(look at them sidewayz)
26 Aug 2006 steph This is my story. Take it or leave it.

I tried to kill myself.I was gonna drink bleach. I knew it would be bloody painful but I knew it would be the last pain I would ever feel. Its said that it does a real number on your vital organs. And at the time I had no desire to live. I was gonna crawl under my bed drink it and feel myself scream violently as it hit my stomach.

But mom noticed my heavy depression and I was hospitalized and locked up for a couple of days.

I remember using some cherry blossom smelling shampoo, I loved, while I was hospitalized. But now that smell always reminds of that alwful place.

White rooms, people waking you up at 5 am, your still half asleep from the night of other patients screamin, and they're taking your blood sample harshly, you take a shower, and the rest of day mostly concerns you having to talk with strangers, other patients, in groups and about your problem your still not clear on.

Its been a while since then and now I see Therapists and doctors that treat me like a thing than more of person, it seems like. It much better just talkin to good friends and loved ones. But Now things seem better and I pretty much enjoy my life.

Why did I try to kill myself? I dont remember or either I dont know why.I have a good life, and people always told me I was creative, smart, unique and likeable. I love 60s music and animals. I'm pretty much a hippie chick. Sure, my parents got divorce when I was young and my highschool is full of assholes. But that never got to me. I think I was bored with my life, everday was pretty much get up, school, home. I did stuff like steal, and public harass people, make art, film places I'd go, watch endless amount of movies, smoke pot, chill and meet people a coffee shops. And started to think if there was much to life. I felt I'd pretty much got my kicks. What was next? Go to college, Get a good job, have a husband, kids, a fancy house filled with knick knacks and shit I dont need? sounds so planned out.

Perhaps I just wanted so badly to get away from some future I thought I'd have at the time. And maybe thats the only option I could think of in my confusion and depressing loss of my point of living.

I think I was scared of growing up. But you can hear me right now.

I never will. I'm just not scared anymore. I'm gonna have fun with life.
Fuck how life is said to be lived, the whole reason I wanted suicide was becuz life lost its interest to me. I was so wrong. I was terribley wrong to insult gods work as well. So I'm gonna make life interesting. And I've also decided for my career to be a pilot.

So whats the best way to kill yourself?
heh.... livin...livin like theres no tomorrow and lovin it.
24 Aug 2006 trisha hey people,im trisha and im fifteen.u used to want to kill myself when i was ten twelve and thirteen.But now i am a stronger guys dont need a site like these.have some self respect.When i was nine my dad and my uncle rapped me.i never told a soul and im telling you now so you know that you are not alone.look at this page.the majoriy of people writing in here are doing this to help you.i know the last thing you want to hear is that things are gonna get better and that one day youll look back on this and laugh so im not gonna tell you it.when i was fourteen i moved in with my boyfriend mum didnt give a shit she was happy to see me go and my dad fucked off a year after he raped now motnhs pregnant with twins and im happy.i never thought i cud feel this way in a million years but i not gonna make out like i now have the perfect life...because i dont ...and i still have bad times...i do anything possible to hide the scars on my need to know that the people that have made you feel his way dnt deserve dont need em.fuk em.why give them the pleasure of you commitin need to prove them need to show them that you are a srong person even if you dont feel like one.this lifes a bitch but u gotta be its pimp.the world aint all smiles..infact most of the world is darn right depressin...but you have so much to live have your whole life infront of can move away and start a new life.put all the bad memories behind dont wanna hear the scientific facts and u dnt need to hear the wankers that come on here egging you on.they dont know are your own person and you control have to be strong.look at just an ordinary girl.a fifteen year old girl.when i walk down the street im proud to be proud to be proud of myself when people call me stupid for bein leats im here im living i made it threw all that shit.i couldnt give a shit about who wants to bring me down.i dont need them.and neither do you.this website is pathetic.i mean the maker basically says it himself.he says i have very litle experience in this subject.then why bother man.they say that before you die your whole life flashes infront of your eyes.i dnt no about you but im gonna make mine worth not gonna look back in thirty years and wonder what ive done with my life...and neither are you.your gonna fight and ur gonna be strong because thats what you matter how many people tell you your not.i used to think that death has gotta be betta then what im feeling now.but how selfish is that.there are people far worse than me.and i wanna help what am i doing now.we havent even lived all have your whole life infront of you.and u wanna throw it away at the begining.its hard yeh and im not sayin that frm now on its gonna be easy coz it aint but is worth it in the end.theres a whole world out there and u gotta see it.go on be strong.hold ya head up high and ull get threw.grit your teeth when the hard times come.cry your heart out when your upset.and blok ur ears when people give u shit.your worth more than this.more than them and u are one hundred percent worth more than this shity pathetic here and so are millions of other me im always here for you.xxxxxxxxxx
23 Aug 2006 Joshua Tate Suicide is somethign i have been thinking about since my girlfreinds suicide on 5th of june 2006 i mis her so much i loved her and i made the mistake of telling her i needed time for school and that was it she told me she would wait for it and the next day i come home from school to be told she had commited suicide i had a hard time after that i can bearly live with my self i have moved to canberra and i find it hard to go to sleep at night iv now left school and i have now taken on full time work so i can oand walk the kokoda track in PNG its the only goal i have its the last thing i have planed i hope i can get over my pain and i hope htat i can one day forgive my self for letting her take her pain to that extreme why did she think i wouldnt be there for her whhy did she want ta CLEAN BREAK :'( WHEN THIS GETS ANSWERED YOU WILL NO THE BEST WAY TO DIE IS TO MOVE AWAY FORM THE PROBLEM NOT SUICIDE BUT IN FACT MOVING ITS THE SAME AS DIEING BUT YOUR NOT DEAD THE PPL AROUND YOU WILL NOT SEE OR SPEAK TO YOU ANYMORE. i do not have a problem with the ppol around i have a deeper problem my problem is the only person i could ever live with could ever speakto and the only one who has ever understood and put up with me LEFT ME and i feel SO MUCH PAIN AND GUILT I HATE MY SELF
09 Aug 2006 Someone who's been there Best way to kill yourself? Don't bother. you'll only fail and then look stupid to everyone for the rest of your life (like a mate of mine).

You still wanna know how you end it all? WITHOUT ANY PAIN???
OK then, read on....


You've had enough right? You take a knife and head for a secluded area. You can't go on any longer, but you're so frustrated and fed up that you can see no other way out. You put the knife to your wrist. A few minutes after you push it in, it'll all be over, right? So what difference will 1 more minute make? That's right, none. Take that minute and think to yourself: After you have done it you'll be gone forever, out of that shit life. no one you know will see you again, and vice versa. Yeah, fair one, who gives a fuck about them anyway? They're the ones who have made you feel like this. So fuck em. Fuck em all. Just get up and end your life right there and then. Not by suicide, but by bus / train / car / plane / boat etc. Confused? Suicide is just a form of transport to take you away from your life, so why not substitute it for another form of transport to get you away from that environment? It's the environment you're not compatible with, not your life. Once you're away from those surroundings, it IS over. you've gone & they'll never see you again. not unless YOU want them too. That power is now yours. You have left that shit life, and have now been reborn, only this time, you're born with the brains & experience to deal with your new life.

You need to realise that letting go of your way of life & walking away is the same as suicide, but you get to have a fresh chance at life. If you're getting abused at home, leave. Trust me, I know how hard it is to leave, but there are 100's of organisations out there that will help and support you all of the way, and get you set up in a new, better life.

What have you got to lose? you'll only gain from this method. You'll gain the rest of your life.

The suicidal state of mind is what occurs when your bodys ability to handle stress is overcome by too much stress. Everybody has a limit. when you reach it, you just need help, not death. you're obviously looking for help now, else you'd be dead rather than reading this.

Just try the above method. if it fails, you can still revert back to your original plan.

04 Aug 2006 muriel hi there.
I've read almost all of the messaged that have been posted on this site. Some people approve of this site and others don't, but people will always have different opinions on almost everything.
Ever since i was 12 i have had suicide thoughts. I thought about committing suicide and i even dreamt about it. Now i'm 16 and 2 weeks ago i was so desperate i slitted my wrist. I had had a fight with my boyfriend and i had just received a message on my cellfone, coming from my best friend's parents, telling me that he had died that very night in an accident. after reading that i could no longer think reasonable and i went straight to the kitchen where i picked the biggest and sharpest knife i could find.
the next moment my clothes were covered with blood and so was the floor. I started panicking because this was not like the usual cuts i make. I could not stop crying and my boyfriend wanted to take me to the hospital because i could bleed to death... he was so upset =(
then he bandaged up my wrist so that there would be pressure upon it. 2 hours later i felt very weak and at that moment his dad came home. Luckely for me his dad was a nurse and he stitched my wrist so i didn't have to go to the ER.
The first thing my boyfriend said when he saw all that blood and my wrist that was literally sliced open was that it was over, that he broke up with me. he said he had warned me many times before that one day i would go too far. Afterwards he told me that he had only said those things because he was angry at me at that moment and that he loved me so much and didn't want to lose me.
But still... i was shocked.
shocked by his words and shocked by what i had done. This made me realize i didn't want to die and it's sad that it had to come this far before i realized it =( so please... and i'm saying this to everyone who's reading this right now.. it may look like you have nothing left to live for, but just think that if you're feeling bad now, it can only become better... if you need somone to talk to.. i'm here, you can always add me on msn or send me an email.
I'm not saying i don't want to die anymore, because i still do and i don't know if those thoughts will ever fade completely, but all i can do is try.

i'm thinking of all of you.

-*x*- muriel -*x*-
01 Aug 2006 Terri 1.Suicide hotline number e.g. Samaritans

2.Chocolate (makes eveyone feel better)

3.Number of a close friend.

4.A few stories written by the families of those who have commited suicide.

Anyone who wants to "play" suicide needs to seek help. It's not again and it destroys more than one life.

x x x
27 Jul 2006 Pete I am a police officer and have seen not only the effects on the person involved when they dont succeed but the family when they do. You dont want to do this, it hurts and it affects everyone. You, your family and believe it or not, everyone that has to pick up your dead and empty body, no life, no soul, nothing. Do you know what they do to your body when they do a post mortum? Life is important, there is nothing after this life, so make it good and make it worth it NOW!
25 Jul 2006 Bob I'm 43 and tried to kill myself several times over the years. At age 10 I would pray to god to let me die. I did get that prayer answered and it came by way of hiv, and of course I tried killing myself afer that but I'm still here. I guess I'm writing because I'm bi-polar and so was my neice, I say was because she killed herself 6-6-06. She picked a dozey of a date. Her birthdate was 12-6-78. She like me and likme most of you on here feel hopless and or feel nothing. I promise you, as someone who has lived through the attempts and losing someone that I love so deeply, you will make it. Hold on hold on hold on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You never know what the next day will bring. I thought I'd never find love, especially with hiv but I did at 42 years old I got married. I thought life was forever going to be wonderful but then my niece took her life. I could kill my self real easy right now but it want bring her back and it might not put me with her but it would kill everyone I love and that loves me just as a large part of my heart has been killed by her death. If you can't feel consider yourself lucky. I wish I couldn't feel but I do and I don't want to die today cause I know I Will die one day and I can rest till then I'm giving the good fight. I pray for you all and I still pray for myself cause I'm always at risk of falling. That's why I've created my own living death escape. I have fixed a closet just for when I need to escape. It has a pillow a blanket and anything that I might want to have. I sometimes take in a teddybear. Close the door block out all the light put in ear plugs and close my eyes and just float. Try that the next time you feel you need to escape after all thats what killing yourself is all about, escaping. If we really where going to kill ourselves we would do it and we would not be here asking for ideas. Your reaching out, showing your pain and in doing so will releive some of it. But always HOLD ON. You ARE worth being here!!!!!
24 Jul 2006 Jemma There has never been a good way to commit suicide! And there never will be! I have tried many times to do it and I have always failed! But now I have slowly come to relise that yes it takes guts to commit suicide but it also takes guts to stand up and say that I will not go without a fight! Life is what you make it out to be! I fought bullies every year at school! i eventually dropped out because i couldn't take the pressure! They laughed and hurt me and dragged me so far down that I did not care about what i was doing to myself or friends/family around me. I wanted to belong so badly, but made myself an outcast! I cut myself, hurt myself in ways that caused so much pain to myself and others, that I felt ashamed! I hid my life and hurt my life, but i am bouncing back! Suicide is no way to go! I am now a football coach, i have 4 beautiful nieces and 2 handsome nephews who look up to me. My best friend sees me as strong when times get rough! I broke my family, but i am now repairing it slowly! Suicide is no way forward! Is is an end to a challenge! So don't stop fighting the challenge! Goodness eventually comes to those who wait! It came to me.....
21 Jul 2006 gina Please Kids I beg you as a person who is still suffering from the things I have done to my body don't do. I have try many different things from drugs, pills, and even poisons. I remember I time when somebody would hurt me and I would go somewhere, get a knife and cut myself and alot of you think I am stupid but it would make me feel relieved so kind of why. I was fat, ugly, I was told I was never amount to anything I father left me at the age of 7, sisters, mother,brother would beat me. when I turn 13 mother left me to live with her boyfriend. I was molested when I was 8, so I struggle with a homosexual desire. that was some more for kids in school to pick on me about. the reason they found out was because they caught me stare at a couple girl with short clothing on. I mean I thought I was these sick, monster. I the age of 15 I got into witchcraft thinking to myself this is where I belong. while I worked but it made me become evil. I started steal, and doing to people or their food or so on. I thought I had this great power. I ever got deep into sucide. I thought I was powerful than an God into one day when all the the pills, poison, and alcohol had taking its control of me and I was dying I knew I was going to Hell everything start happening so fast.I felt I didn't want to died. but any I will have to go into details for you another time but away I got saved. and now I am a mother with four kids in college and loving being a christian I know this is hard to believe but the people who knows me would say diffently
20 Jul 2006 ForeverPhoenix I have been looking at this website, and trying to think of a good answer to this question, and i have come up with this.
If you are having feelings like this at the age of thirteen there is obviously either
1) a deep upset in your life caused by trauma or abuse
2) OR (as in most cases) You aren't getting the attention you need and this is the only way to deal with it.

I have been a self harmer from the age of 15 (I'm now 20) and made a crappy attempt at cutting my wrist when my life just got too much.

Looking back, i can tell you how i feel.
You (myself included) cannot know what your whole life will be like according to your school days. It is a naive attitude, and for people who are so into their own mortality, quite narrow minded.

My best friend tried to kill herself unsuccessfully last year, and the night she went to hospital, part of our friendship was abliterated forever.


So people dont like the way you look?
Lots of hollywood movie stars were bullied at school for being 'ugly'
So your parents are shit to you?
I bet half of you are lucky enough to have parents that are still together.
AND! the worst reasoning i have seen

the boy at school doesnt like me / my boyfriend dumped me by text message.
Just. grow. up.

At the end of the day you may not be lucky enough to have faith in anything, but i know there is someone in your life you look to for support. Go to this person and seek whatever you need. Whether it be a quick cuddle, attention, or maybe just going for a walk to cool down.
If you havent any of these things, then ignore the self rightous people on this site that glorify suicide, and do me a favour.

Take the time to grow up a little bit.
Not only is it worth all the amazing things life can throw at you, getting married having kids, making friends, and numourous adventures with people you care about.

AND MAYBE, one day there will be another lost soul who found their way like me, who can look back and say..

How stupid was I?
19 Jul 2006 ant i am still a teen now like but when i woz like about the age of 10 i tryed 2 kill my self. i had a loveing famly and all that but the 1 thing that i cud not cope with woz what i woz goin on at school. i woz getin bulled by about 8%of the school. so after about 4 yr of this i try 2 hang my self by looki ma grandad came in as i woz about 2. he maned 2 talk me out of it all and he sed 2 me " ant ur goin 2 be lafin at all of them in 2 10 yrs when they r all bums" and just gim sayin that maed me feel so much beter. i am so glad that i did not do it no and forall u ppl that r thinkin ofdoin this just think of what u can have goin 4 u and all of the loved 1s that u r goin heart and now lookin bk at this i no i cuz no do this 2 the ppl that i love!
15 Jul 2006 liz x When i was a teenager i tried to kill myself by slitting my wrists because i was an alcholic and i hated my life. I was sexually abused by my step father and made to believe it was my fault. I've never met my real dad which has flung me into depression like a yoyo all my life, and to top it off my boyfriend dumped me by txt msg! Looking back i cant believe i was so messed up that i was willing to let what other people have done to me make me risk my own life, to do so would be to let them win, but thats what drink does to you. when your drunk you become a different person and that person becomes addictive, you want to be that person all the time, so you drink some more.I was having suicidle thoughts anyway and i turned to drink to help me forget my tattered life, but it just made me dwell on my past and present situation even more. At my lowest ebb i also took an overdose as i felt i had nothing left to live for. But then one day i met my new boyfriend and he introduced me to Jesus. I know some of you are probably reading this and when you got to this part were realy dissapointed but please carry on reading, because for alot of us the thing we desire most that drives us to the brink of suicide is a desire and need for love. And i want to tell you about the greatest love there is. When i became a Christian my life was a huge mess but through prayer my heart has been healed. The self loathing i once felt for myself and the hate i felt for many others has gone and been replaced with a love that i have never experienced before. Its not just a family love though the church does become as a special family to you, its not a sexual love or any other kind of human love. Its a divine love that heals your mind body and soul and can pull you out of the deepest pitt in your life no matter what if you have faith that God loves you. Some of you might be sitting here thinking God could never love me because i'm a horrible person and not worthy of anyones love but your wrong! God loves you no matter what. God even loved adulf hitler! He hated what he did but as Robbie Williams says so wonderfully, "Hate the sin not the sinner" Please try and understand that Gods love is for everyone no matter what you've done, where you've been or who you are, and if you you want love and to be loved, then right now where your sitting look inside yourself and tell God what you see and what you dont want to see anymore. Ask him to show you his love for you, ask him to come into your life and heal it. I dont expect you to take my word for it so please ask God to prove it himself. Dont expect this to happen in a flash, for some it is a gradual process because you would'nt be able to handle the change in you that God will bring straight away and only God knows when you are ready and he will never rush you or speak angrilly to you. He is a God of love and only love.
If you want to know God tell him you are sorry for the bad things you have done and ask him to come into your life and help you change.When you pray ask of it in Jesus' name, and put amen at the end of course :o) Thankyou for reading my story if you let it i promise it will help.
14 Jul 2006 Sam Im 15 ive been counciling now for years ive been suicidal for long i don't belive in quick answers or all that normal people bullshit they treat us like we're abnormal but we're not we the normal ones if u need help or just someone to chat bout how fucked up life is or answers to ure qeustions contact me
14 Jul 2006 Axel It's up to you. Don't wait for something to fall in your lap and instantly fix everything though-nothing will do this, not even religion. Happiness and self worth is something you choose.
No matter what position you are in you have the ability to make someone else feel like they're worth something though--a long time ago I thought "my life sucks, but maybe I can keep someone else from feeling this sad" and tried to be happy and giving for the sake of other people--whose lives still mattered to them. I surprised myself by discovering this made me happy, and was also surprised to find I could be of value to others. Try to find someway to help someone-and you'll find worth.
And what does life achieve? Joy

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