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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
08 Jan 2007 angel i have just read through alot of the responses to this question and i cant belive alot of what i have seen. some of you dont know the meaning of real suffering. why would you want to kill yourself becos you didnt get a fuckin nintendo wii for xmas. spend a day in the life of ppl less fortunate then yourself. i am 21 now, i was sexually abused by my father from the age of SIX MONTHS, he tried to kill me, hav me put into care. got away with what he did to me. then my babysitter sexually assaulted me and my mums new husband tried 2 make me sleep with him wen i was 13. i watched my mum being beaten and almost killed every weekend ihave found out that my father was followin me, he tried to kill my mum. i had years and years if nightmares, panic and anxiety attacks, months of insomnia and depression. i have taken overdoses, slit my wrists, cut myself, tried 2 crash my car, been addicted to weed and coke. and at the end of the day even after all of this i an honestly say i am glad that i didnt succeed in any of the attempts. life does get better, dont get me wrong i still hav anxiety attacks and i still sleep with a huntin knife next to my bed but i would not give any of the ppl that hurt me the satisfaction of killing myself. if anyone wants to talk then my email is
im not one of these patronisin phsycotherapists. ive been there.
07 Jan 2007 Strength As a child I watched my mom and dad argue every night until I was about 13. It was completely terrifying. It feels like no one understands how I feel even though I know thats not true. Yet in a way it is true because its my world I am stuck in. This is my pain even if another person should want to stop the bullet from going any deeper its already through the skin. As a child I would scream in complete utter terror every single night and now... now I have absolutely nothing to show for my life. I do have a girlfriend who loves me though and when we met it didnt matter what I or she looked like or how much money we made in a year or anything else at all. Ive been with her for over 8 years now and Ill be 23 in May. I love her with all my heart and soul but that does not take the scars away. They are always there, demons, taunting me and laughing inside my head. Even when I make love they watch from behind the glass with empty faces, an entire legion, just watching. But I cant give up. Not because its justice. Not because my father deserves to die for physical abuse or because my mother egged him on enough to do it. Not because of my insane grandmother who took her frustrations out on everyone else and not for any of you. I will remain for that woman who is waiting for me to return to bed. You may not have a woman, or man, like that yet... but you will someday, if you want to. So anyway Im not going to tell you not to kill yourself. But to be perfectly honest with you its a lot more difficult to kill yourself than you may think. Most of the time its really painful and if you fail you can risk actually living through it with all the physical and mental deformities on top of whats already going on in your head. If you do it be sure you are successful. If you shoot yourself in the head make sure you hit the brain stem or you will live. If you hang yourself jump from above 8 stories or your neck wont snap. If you take a lot of pills realize your chances of dying are very slim and the only likely thing that will happen will youll piss blood for the rest of your life or some shit like that. Or you could stop fucking whining. Where is your confidence? Did they rape your soul from you too? If you accept your demise you were not raped... you were willingly fucked, and you are already dead!!! As you read this you are already fucking dead. Now what the fuck are you going to do about it? ANYTHING. Live on. Kill someone. Rob a bank. Speak out against your parents in ways never done before. Become artistic in your pain and let it run from your throat like the very fires of hell itself. They are not the monsters. They are nothing. YOU are the fucking monster.
04 Jan 2007 Carrie what the fuck! 13 year olds shuldnt even think about killing them selvs.thats so sad to me. breaks my heart when i found this 13 yr old should be sad. no 13 yr old should think about such things. and if they do. theres something wrong. they need help. ya ive had a fucked up life and im soon to be 19. and thought manytimes i want to die. and still do. but at 13 i never did. and i dealed with so much shit by the time i was 13. i was born with left my family when i was 6 months old.when i was 6 i had a bad heart problem.didnt think i would make it to christmas that year.when i was 12 i had cancer. and i was becoming a teenager at 13.and i never once thought about killing my self at that age or younger.deff been threw a lot of shit.and here i am 18. and i just feel like nothing ever goes rite.and i still cry. and im still hurt by my childhood and things that go on in my life. i started to do a little bit of drugs. lots and lots of pot smoking.dont some coke. took some pills. but never tired to kill my self with them.and still at my age i sit and cry in the my my car. where ever i feel sad. and i just tell my self "I WISH I WAS DEAD" and im so sad and just hate my life and dont understand why everything goes wrong.this this the first time i have ever even wrote about things in my life. its probable because i dont know anyone whos reading this.but i dont think its ok for someone to kill them self. even tho i get these feelings that i want to be dead bc life is so fucked up. and i know some of its my fault life is fucked up for me.i still could never do it. and it breaks my heart when people do :( but thats just a little about my life. i know no one cares.but im just saying. thats so sad to kill your self.someone does love you even if you dont think it.thanks for taking your time and reading this if you do.
29 Dec 2006 -- jen Well , Im 15 now , and when i was 13, my parents and brother got killed in a car crash , and basicly my whole life went in front of me, i was failing school, wouldnt listen to anybody, then i started doing drugs , alcohol and everything else. i was having sex and almost got pregnant , i didnt know what to do, i was slitting my wrists, and didnt care. i stole a car when i was high and wanted to be with my parents and brother, so i banged into a pole, and totaled the car. i was in a coma for 1 month. i came out . i didnt realize how much people actually cared for me, everyone was surrounding me, .... then i smartened up !

- i did all this stupid stuff , and let everyone else fear it

im in grade 10 , and an honor student. i havee so many nice friends and help them over come there problems
28 Dec 2006 k's Plain and simple . . life sucks. But you only have one life . . there is no second chance. Once you're gone, you're gone. I have had my few shares of suicidal thoughts . . after having a sister die suddenly, abused by my father, bad breakups, had very crappy high school teachers that thought it was appropriate to pick on someone 30 years younger than they were . . blah blah blah . . I'm was at the point where I couldn't even breath anymore . . now that I'm a little older . . trust me . . once you get away from everyone that hurts you, you can actually find life worth while. You might have to wait 5 or 10 years but it's worth it. There is so much suffering in this world we can't have another human purposely taking their life. We need you. Trust me . . we do. There isn't enough people in this world that care, have feelings and feel pain . . people like you are the ones that make a difference in this world. Please stay.
26 Dec 2006 Farrock Junquera Life is damn great ! but of course it was not gonna be good all along the time..I used to takes like more than 20pills.. mixed with chemical and poisonus drugs.. that was 7 years I live my life well.. lucky I'm still alive until today.. I made out a good life.. met a good gf which's going to be my wife soon.. and met lotsa people and i even managed to love and try to understand that to do self injury and suicide are only for stupid people..I was being stupid for attempting suicide before.. well.. if u guys still wanna go for suicide.. go ahead.. i dont care.. its yer fuckin life..and i understand that u guys are stupid and u cant think bout others.. ;)i think the best way is to ask someone to kill serial killer is much more better..other u could die and still can satisfied the feeling of the murderer..
23 Dec 2006 Genna My name is Genna.
I was diagnosed with Manic Depression last year.
I was the unlucky one in our family.
My grandfather had it, but, alas, it HAD to skip a generation& get to me.
Fucking prick,,

I have tried suicide many times.
I must say that this site has many great idea but many of them are faulty.
No offence.
You are all so creative.

I do believe that I have left previous posts on this site.
I am still alive.

My next attempt will be a gun shot to the temple BUT.. I had this to consider.

My friends mum works in a hospital& the part where she works is filled with people who have tried to kill themselves.
Many of them have tried my newest method but all who are there have survived (obviously).
Those who do survive have to endure the following:
a) Surviving.
b) Surviving with no physical or mental ability at all.
c) Surviving without a face.

Now. My plan is that, if I do not infact die instantly, to shoot myslelf again.
BUT, what if I have not enough brain capasity left to lift the gun once again& pull the trigger?

I do not care really.
But just a word of warning to all whom wish to go this way.
21 Dec 2006 NOT TELLING HERE! I hopefully will be getting better soon, i have see my doctor from the 5th of december, the 22nd of december i have to see some mental health workers, so hopefully things will pick up for me an my life will get better soon I am not looking forward to going to this hosptial treatment talking thing but hopefully they will be able to make me better soon, SO i can see some people who will be able to help me in the right direction.
so hopefully i will pull out of this suicide issue soon of mine an feel better than i am now!
Try to get some help will you peeps!
see ya doctor like i did, at first i was scared but now i am glad i went. Because hopefully i will get alot better soon,
Write down all your problems an issues an take them to your doctor to get help.
18 Dec 2006 zt92 I know what i am talking about, my sister is 16 and was sometimes suicidal. my mom and i always tried to help her to realize all of the things and reasons she had to live for, and she did it all over a stupid guy. I prayed to god for help and recieved the strength and determination i needed to be calm whenever she started having thoughts. One night we had to call police because she started hyperventilating on the highway. She was handcuffed for being suicidal and taken to the hospital. I am just saying that killing yourself is NOT THE ANSWER. Instead focus on the things you have that others don't such as friends or special items. If you have abusive parents or family members, try to get yourself to a counselor to secretly talk about adoption. There are a number of ways you can help yourself to better your own life. It is definately not worth killing yourself over. I do not know who invented this "suicide kit" but it is not funny,helpful,or humorous, it is sick and disgusting. DO NOT KILL YOURSELF. That is all that i am saying because you should never go against the will of god, when it is his will for you to live.
18 Dec 2006 D.Q.Van Stop talking about suicide already. Why asking how to kill yourself ? ( don't make me laugh) . Under 13 ? What's the difference if you're 13, 26, 39 or older and you ended up killing yourself ? In the end, you're just one of those pieces of shit pretending that you're the unluckiest one, that there's no other fucking pains greater than yours. What are we ? Nothing but animals that making this world worst than it was. Who cares if you die ? There're countless people die every fucking day . Did you ask them whether they wanted to or not ? Did they really have a choice to choose ? You want to die ? Alright, go ahead and show me how stupid you are . I don't care how you're going to die ( sink yourself ? shoot yourself ? Or take some fucking pills ? ... you'll be dead, or else you'll be the poorest one when you found yourself alive ). It's your choice ! Listen to me : there's no GOD ( sorry to those who believe in him )! If there is god, why and how could he let people do such a thing ? If you can't help yourself ,there's no one elese could ! If you want to suicide, no one can stop you ! I was a coward. I was choosing the path that you're thinking of. Yet I'm still alive. Because I'm not a coward! I didn't choose to be born but I chose to face this fucking world ! It's a cruel world but I'll prove that I'm crueler than it by changing it, laugh at it and make it feel every fucking pain that it gave me. Since I've experienced how it was. I can tell you it's not a very good feeling. I stopped trying, and I didn't tell anyone about it. I feel ashamed, of being a coward. Here's my advice : do the right thing ! Just like I did...
I'm 17 now, almost 18. Experienced enough to tell someone at my age that he's a kid. I'm trying to change my fate . Somehow I did. Now I'm done with playing childish games.
To say something in English sure hard, since French is my mother tongue. Good luck to all of you! I'm sure you'll find your right path.
17 Dec 2006 Vivi Don't. There have been too many suicides/attempts in my life.
My best friend's friend committed suicide in a horribly graphic way that he won't tell me, he attempted it a week later by stabbing his thigh with a chef's knife, and his ex-girlfriend sliced her wrists, ending up never being able to use her left hand again. They were all under 13, and the first two were in 5th grade. If it doesn't work, you're scarred for life, if not physically, then emotionally. Suicide is not a joke. It's not fun. It's not something you need to have tips on how to do.
17 Dec 2006 Alli- Sumone who cares...a lot Okay. I went through the same thing. I wanted to kill myself. Then, that night when I was cutting myself, I was thinking why I wanted to do this. The reason is is because my parents were divorced, my dad drank and smoked, and now I've added a new thing, my step mom is a real bitch.

I've came to a conclusion though. (i know you guys are gonna send me nasty emails about what I say is'nt gonna work). My teacher read the class a book and it was called "The Richest Man in Town". In the book (it was a biography) the author told us about Marty(the main character a.k.a. the richest man in town) had important lessons in the Book
1. Relationships are nost important
2. Only YOU can make YOU happy (my most favorite lesson)
3. Give a little more
Relationships are most important: Dont kill yourself if you truly TRULY love somone. PLUS if you kill yourself, your most dearest family members are going to miss you SO much (even if you dont think so)

Only YOU can make YOU happay: Thats right, you, yourself and you. You are truly the only person that can make you happy. I know this message wont make an impact about how you feel about killing yourself, but I do hope it makes an indention. This is how I got out of thinking about commiting suicide, I thought about why i wanted to do it, and who would miss me. Now I'm a lot more happy and more grateful for not commiting it.

Give a little more: I'm not sure how thats going to help you, but thats what I'm doing right now. If you decide you are'nt going to commit suicide, do a little more and wright about why you shouldn't

And another reason is: My uncle killed him self and I never got to meet him. Plus no one knows why he did it.
17 Dec 2006 Stephanie Kids...This is hard for me to talk about but I am 24 and I wish I was dead everyday. I ache inside myself. My once loving husband has just helped to literally egg my cronic depression on. I am not pretty, thin, and have no true friends. I suck at being a mom and wife.My dad went to prison when I was six for four counts of child molestation,and My mom left me for her child molesting husband when I was 14. I spent my teens in and out of mental wards. Because of that I now have a social anxiety disorder and absolutely no interpersonal skills. Oh, and to top it all off, i am so poor I can't afford a single gift or christmas tree for my babies. My husband is a drunk who vomits all over our bed and asks for "favors" even though he knows I was raped several times and molested my entire childhood. I was a heroin addict for 4 years and it gave me a cyst in my brain, and I have cervical cancer. Yeah, everyday I want to die. But as much as we can think it and want it we cant have it. GOD never gives us more than we can handle. This pain will only make us stronger. I have made it through 24 years of pain and terror. Things will get better if you let them. I was always bullied, I have a shitty life. But hey, I am still here and how will you know if it ever does get better if you off yourself? Give GOD a chance and I promise you won't regret it. Trust in him and it will all be okay. I honistly do promise. And one thing i've learned though my life, never make a promise you cant keep. And I don't, never will. I promise it will get better if you let it.
14 Dec 2006 Jinnks Suicide is never the answer. Alot of peopke think about it. And I have alot of times. But I still think of it alot. Over the years I have lived with an abusive father. He was abusive both verbaly and physically. I'll never forget the day that he had come home from the bar and grabbed my hair and dragged me down the steps into the yard. I can still feel my hair one by one poping out of my head. And my head hitting the wooden steps. And my back being scratched. And then his fist breaking my nose. I can still remember every day he would call me a fatass spoiled ugly bitch. and then the dy came when he basically kicked me out of his house because of the fact thta I am bisexual. The next day I was at my moms house on the computer and 3 of my friends had died. Dani, James, and Dustin. well maybe not.. the very next day. maybe in that one week. But it was still to much. I was so confused and so depressed. I had too much to live for. But then again I still had too much wrong. Too much to die for. So I still decided to live. and now things are getting better there is still alot of bumps and wrecks on this small road of mine. But I still have someone there to help me out. My one true love. And yes I know most of you have a bumpier road than mine. But If you actually look out there you will notice people who do love you. Each and every one of you have someone who loves you. Take my word for it.
07 Dec 2006 reese I don't think anyone chooses to think about suicide. suicide crosses a person's mind when to them there is absolutely no sign of hope or a solution. a suicidal person doesn't think of suicide as a quick solution but rather as the ONLY solution. It is because of how our mind thinks that we get depressed, sad or even happy. situations don't determine how we feel. it's how our mind interprets what happens to us that makes us "feel." some people see problems as just an obstacle, while others see it as a hundred foot wall. the hardest thing for a suicidal person is the thought that nobody out there understands what they are going through. because of this, they feel alone. and it makes their problem bigger. it doesn't help them at all when others say, "oh, suicide is a selfish act" or "its just a way to point fingers at peoople who you think have fucked up your life." when a person thinks about ending their life, they are saying that they are tired, and exhausted of living. the only way to stop a machine is to turn it off. our brain is a machine ; a machine that runs non stop until we die. they key word is DIE. our brain shuts off only in DEATH. drugs and alcohol help but not for long. so what's the best way to get out of hopeless situations? DEATH! think about it. no more sadness, no more LONELINESS. no more guilt. and really, who cares what people think when you kill yourself. your'e not there to hear about it! maybe it is selfish, but hey! the point is that you are not hurting anymore!!!

so why didn't i kill myself few years back? because of one thing: LOVE. what brought me hope was the thought that someone out there was ready to love me and be there for me. I may have met them already or i had yet to meet them. but it excites me to think that someone out there was ready to take me out of loneliness. i didn't want to leave the world not knowing who this person was. the loving hug of a soul mate is enough to erase a peron's problems away. love doesn't necessarily say it understands. it just says that when life hits you, YOUR ARE NOT ALONE.

We all have the same issues here. Lost love, Betrayal by a trusted person, neglect and all that fuckin stuff. but now i refuse to hurt myself because of someone elses fuckin stupidity. instead of hurting myself i'll get them back by becoming better than them. i've got nothing to lose....i already have nothing!
06 Dec 2006 Ashley Ok. So believe me, I've considered it all. My best friend, confidant and love just passed away. It's been ONE month. NEVER before have I had these kind of thoughts, but now....I do. I miss him. He was the love of my life and now I am left with only memories. It sucks and it hurts. But listen to me. Times will get hard. You will feel like giving up, cause it seems so easy. But don't be so selfish. No matter what you think, there is SOMEONE out there that cares. Someone that it will effect, I promise you. Trust me, I wanna give up everyday, but I can't be so death will only hurt many other people. Life is hard and unfair, no one said it would be easy. I promise, with time, the hurt you are feeling will slowly go away and you will feel more content. It is hard for me to get up every single day without him, but I do it...because I know he'd want me to. Be strong, it will all work out. No innocent lives are with it. You are stronger than that, and you have people standing behind you. talk to me...I will be here, promise.
06 Dec 2006 Natasha im i5 now, but when i was 14 i was having the shittiest life in the world. I had depression and all i would do when i got home was hit my head against my closet harder and harder and think of how i could get rid of it. The only thing i could think of was suicide. I ended up in hospital for one night, might not sound much but it changed me, the next week i accidently cut myself with a knife on my thumb. I saw the cut and burst into tears. I couldnt do it. I was scared of my own thoughts and actions.
What appnend was my parents set up an appointment with some counselor and it helped me a lot.

If my parents hadnt helped me through that time, i never want to think what to think would of happenend.

Im now 15, so much better, the best friends ever, the best parents ever and all of this was because my parents stuck with me til the end.

Some advice. The only thing i can say is dont do it. You may want to, but why take your life when all ur gunna do is cause more pain?
Thats all i got.
Just promise me you will stick with your friend, parent or whoever is thinking of suicide and if its you consider what it will do to others and you have to stick it out. Its painful i know, you will know what i mean though, thats my promise to you guys.
02 Dec 2006 nathan dudes to all who read this stop and think what yoy are about to do and dont say you dont know how it feels cause im fourteen and now have seventeen scars on my arm !how do you think they will feel i had a girlfreind a life and freinds and i was on holidays and now im scarred for life ! i was lucky i was found in time others werent dont make the same mistake i did 1please
01 Dec 2006 Juliet i am 13 right now. and i`ve sat here on the computer for about 5 hours reading alot of these stories, it made me feel emotional and made me cry as well. i finally felt like im not the only one in this world that is going through all this bullshit and so on . before i even checked out this website. i had a HUGE arguement with my friend . she said that i needed to chill. take time to think. and stop being helluh stupid. at that point i got pissed and cussed her the fuck out . my depression was taking over. by the time i found this site. i`ve re-thinked everything over [ commiting suicidde ] and all that shit. and i felt so horrible about all these stories and that you should live your life. dont plan your dream, live it. and dont let your depression take over. cause its just all bullshit your gonna go through in the afterlife . you might not know whats gonna happen on in the future. so just live it to the fullest and be happy with it what life gave you . should already know that life always come with consequences. but that consequence bounces back and turns everythinig around. so just believe in what you`ve got . i am currently going through alot right now . the funny type the one that is always alone and lunch time and have no friends to talk to. having to see every girl/boy with their friends, make me tink about how lonely i am. i come home every day from school . go straight to the bathroom aand think what is it about me that makes me have a shitty as life. i think of my self as ugly ever since 1 st grade. since i was called ugly since the 1st grade ! so i just think.. mayb this is just a silly game played by god. and why he would be doing this . but i`ve gone through all this crap. i found friends. bestfriends.truse friends. and even fake friends. just know what you dont need boyfriends to complete chur life. player boys treat girls like barbie dolls. strip them,fuck them, and then throw them away . so dont ever let a guy take controll over you .
i have so much to say but i will write more another time.
just be happy . i still going through difficulties and I even need help.
but im giving all this a good thinking.
mayb we can help eachother out.
im am available 24/7.
just e-mail me at
im nice and the funny type.


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