Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
07 Apr 2007 ----- best thing to do is find somebody who you love. doesnt have to be of opposite sex or sexual at all. just someone who wont judge you and you can talk to anytime. about an hour away from death mine started talking to me and i pulled through. i hope you ppl are as lucky as me
04 Apr 2007 Caitlyn I'm 16 and I don't think suicide is the answer for anything. When I was 14 I felt like I had a bad life...I had 3 other siblings, Two brothers one was 23 and another who was 16 and a sister who was 25. That's not the part that I thought was bad. It was the fact that my 23 year old brother wanted nothing to do with me and my family. It took long enought to get my 25 year old sister to get involved. I found out that he wanted nothing to do with us which was one reason. I went to a different school than everyone else. I went to a catholic school. We had the same classmates every year and it didn't help when they all hated you. So I went through school being hated by other people for six years strike two. Then my aunt died from a fire in her house. She was of old age but she was one of my best friends. I would go and see her everyday after school and I really miss her still strike three. I had it with life and I though about suicide a lot. I was cutting myself a lot which I thought helped me but it didn't. I cut for about a year. No one could tell. My parents would worry about me when I was staying inside my room everyday. Constantly. Crying everynight. Thinking my life was horrible. I had to think of something to do. I would always try to keep myself busy and around other people because I knew that I wasn't going to be okay alone. The one day I told my mom how I felt and what I was doing. Then one day and she took me to the doctor to have a psych. eval. They found out I was bipolar and they put me on medication for it. Now that I am older I realize what a stupid idea it was, how I really didn't do anything but mess up my body, and how I effected everyone around me. But a couple weeks ago it hit me on what it would feel like to my friends and family if I tried to kill myself. My friend about two or three weeks ago I got a call from a hospital in the city. It was my friend. She was crying and she had told me she tried to kill herself. I started crying. She tried to hang herself. About a week and a half after being in there she finally came home. She came to visit me and she slept over my house two times in the four days that she was home because her and her mother didn't get along. She was home for three days and the fourth day she was at my house. She had slept over. She told me that she didn't feel good and that she wanted to stay home from school. I told my mom and my mom said that she had to talk to my friends mom to see what she says. My mom tried to get hold of her mom but it didn't work. So my mom told my friend to just go to school with me and go to the nurses if you don't feel well. She she went to school. The school had taken her out of class to the nurses and told them that she had to go home for "unsafe" reasons. She had called me that night and talked to me sounding fine. She said she would call me back. About an hour later she called me and said that she was at the hospital. I was like why and she said that she had tried to hang herself again. (her sister found her with the cord around her neck the first time, the next time it was her mom) I freaked out. I thought to myself, "Is she even thinking about how this would affect us, as her best friends, or her family?" I wanted to yell at her but I'm her best friend and I'm there to help her get through this. She didn't call me back that night like she promised and I haven't talked to her since. I am worried about her, and all this suicidal stuff that she's going through is all about a boy. Life's great, if your life is a mess, organize it, if you feel like you're going to hurt yourself, call someone to talk to, go to a friends house, go outside, do something to keep you busy. REMEMBER: If you're given something, cherish it. It's a gift and it's only given once. Love it.
31 Mar 2007 dead inside. i don't want to be here anymore.
not without you.
i am so weak.
and vulnerable.
its pathetic.
why do i need people so much?
everyone always leaves.
everyone that says they care leaves.
i just want someone to hold onto.
just one person.
it wouldn't matter if the whole world hated me...i just need one person's love...thats's i asking for too much?
maybe i am.
i know, i suck.
i should just leave now.
i want to go so bad.
i want to fade away.
i want to disappear.
30 Mar 2007 Nick Okay. well. I am not sure the best way to kill yourself. But it looks like i can exchange a story.

I am on my bed right now with 100 pills of aspirin, 50 pills of Motrin. and 20 pills of IB. Then 5 sleeping pills. Im hoping the mix will do the trick.

See I enlisted in the Marine Corps and 3 weeks into basic training i said, "this isnt for me. " and wanted out and they wouldnt let me. So i ran. I got home and am fine. But i dont want to go back. They wouldnt discharge me and i had to do it again. the military is horrible.

Anyways...Thinking of suicide. With all these pills. But i am not gong to do it. Why? Because I think i just found out tht it wont kill me immediately. It will only fuck of my stomach lining and my liver ling term. That pisses me off. I dont have a gun. And I am not sure if a bag will work. If i am going to live i dont want to have a messed up stomach for ever.

So i guess i am sayiny that, if any one is thinking of trying it with aspirin, dont. It wont work. Well. Wish me luck with what ever happens.

27 Mar 2007 DL I have no clue how I would kill myself or how anyone else would go about it either, but I do know that life can be horrendously unbearable. It can be fun at times as well but that doesn't cut it for me, because I want to find a point or reason to life and self pleasure doesn't justify living for me. Helping others is a good point of life but I still have the problem of my own happiness. It is very hard to help people when you pretty much despise them. I can't stand how people treat each other, which is a hypocrisy in itself. People make me sick and instill huge resevoirs of rage in me. I am not happy most of the time and certain times, I am extremely unhappy and really question why I would still be alive if there is a God. I would think he would either take me out of this misery- or end it somehow at some point, but it seems day after day I am still here and unhappy. I do not get it. I first started flirting with the idea of suicide when I changed high schools in Freshman year because my family and I moved to a different area. This was part of the reason I am sure, as I had the same friends for over 9 years in the same elementary school. I'm sure part of it was hormones which instigated another part of it - bad acne. It sounds stupid but I was horribly ugly in my eyes. I couldn't see how any girl would like me, bottom line. It really affected me because I had always wanted a girlfriend since I was about 10. I've lived my life doing what I wanted in terms of self-pleasure(masterbation) since I was 11 years old. I've probably masterbated well over 5000 times and have only had sexual contact with women around 10 times total to this day. To me that is a really depressing point. Around the time of high school I really started to kinda blame myself and my masterbation and introversion (on top of my ugly outward appearance)for not having a girlfriend. But I figured if I couldn't do what I wanted and have the simple bodily pleasures of life - then life was truly pointless and I may as well commit suicide anyways. Unfortunately I am still living my life this way, and no surprise- nothing has changed. There are a few things that have changed though...I am 24 now with no acne and people tell me I am very handsome at 6'3" and about 190 pounds, although I probably look closer to 28. In my mind I truly am still the 15 year old ugly masterbating-no girlfriend introvert. This fact alone makes me sad. Not to mention it has been more than a year since I have had sexual contact with a woman. I don't know how to change this, and I am pretty sure it is what keeps happiness away from me. All I have really wanted to do is what was right,and to be rightfully rewarded for it. Of course I have messed up along the way, so maybe I just need to get it right. I just don't know but I really don't feel like having to deal with this life and every single piece of shit person in it I encounter virtually everyday. On top of that I don't want to deal with all this mental turmoil and strife anymore. There is tons of good in the world, but I can't seem to touch it. My one saving grace is my friends and family which are the reasons why I could never go through with suicide. Every time I think about it all I see are their faces.

In closing, I probably wrote this to help myself in some way, but I wouldn't mind talking with anyone else about their problems either. Email me if you do want to get something off your chest and think you have no one else to turn to because that is how I was feeling as I wrote this. I check this all the time so I will try and respond very quickly.
27 Mar 2007 lalala hey im 12 years old and I've tried to end it about 5 times. Everyone hates me all my friends are traitors and my family doesnt care about me. I always make mistakes and end up in shit.
but I learned from everything that things will get better some day , and you'll have to wait , but in the end it will come.
whoever sees this please don't do it.
It makes me so sad to read everything. just hang on , there is someone out there that really cares for you and you are his world.
25 Mar 2007 Ben You shouldnt take your life because you are the most important person to you!
Ignor the cunts who mock you, they are beneath you!
Don't give in to you self!
At times your dead, at others you hate all.
Then you get the bastards who shoud be shot telling you how much your not worth!
Now, im 15, and Ive been around suicude twice now... I lost my Little brother to suicide and my best friend ever also killed himself.
You can turn to god for help, just pray to him, talk to him...
If you dont belive in god or that crap,
seek help, tell someone.
People are not all the same!
Seek help,
seek help,
There's a better world for you if you help yourself to it...
21 Mar 2007 Justin I have read damn near all of the stories on this site. For some, I feel very sorry for you, for others, I am glad that you offer help and the optimistic outlook on life. I am a 19 year old guy living in a shitty little town. Of course i have thought about suicide. And I can tell you right off, no matter what you think your problems are, killing yourself won't solve them. Every problem that you encounter in your life in only a temporary one. No problem will every stick with you forever. For all the women on here that are with the drug infested piece of shit boyfriend that beats them, and you don't leave his sorry ass, WHAT THE FUCK IS YOUR PROBLEM?? The two answers that I get the most are "He loves me, I just screwed up," or "I know I can change him." You aren't going to change him. Killing yourself won't do it eitther. I have had a fairly rough life so far, I have dealt with It all and now I am better off than most 40 people in the world. I proved everybody in my life wrong. I have thousands of dollars, no debts, a house of my own, and have started my own business. If I can do all of this in three years, so can you. All I can say about suicide is the it is a permanant solution, to a temporary problem. And the best of luck to all of you out there
18 Mar 2007   Hi everyone, if i tell you my age you might turn off, but don't it's not a lecture from your mum, it's from someone who's been there. At 4 i witnessed my little sister drown, then my dad nearly drowned trying to save her then mum went into hospital with shock. Next i was sexually abused by my teacher at 7-10 yrs, and my uncle. My brothers both had severe car accidents where my eldest brother killed his friend in one accident. Also my other brother lay in hosp in a coma for months due to a motorbike accident. I met a very depressed Bi-Pola man and had two children to him which was a very stressful relationship where i was threatened with guns to my head, knives to my throat, hunted and persued if i did leave him and threats to the children and he also kidnapped them at one stage. so many things happened this is just a summary, then i got involved with a church thinking this was the answer! no no oh noo no! in amongst all this my health did go down hill,wonder why! the body can only take so much!!! so i got diagnosed with Epilepsy and then had to deal with medication, teenage boys and their pain and hell on this planet. As my son said i'm not having a spastic for a mother, don't tell anyone will you! don't chuck a spas attack in front of me will ya! ma mm nice hey? he had his problems too taking dope, hating himself and all around him. My eldest son also went through things too but after he tried to strangle me once i told him he better go and live with his dad because we did eventually separate when i got the strength not to fear him anymore. So! what have i left out,,,,, yes, how to survive all this shit, and hell that will confront you until you have the guts to learn how to love yourself. Yes that's what i said. Learn to get ahead not drown yourself in all the shit that falls on ya!..... Religion is just another mind controlling smothering organisation that is based on myth not FACT! sorry all you Christians, but look at David Icke's books on the historical facts! not the Bible that was written by Governmental controlling bodies that wanted to put FEAR into people..... There is no HELL AND HEAVEN i have been ther myself, hell is on this earth, is you let it get to you. You are a unique person! we all have something to contribute to this planet. All of us can help each other. It is your choice, you can do it! if you want but if there is such a thing as re-incarnation, you will only have to come back again to learn all over again about the lessons that were flung your way again and again till you learn what the hell it is all about. so don't you want to learn now, from any lessons now and not go through it all again till you start to tune into your inner voice and listen to yourself. Yes others may say your weird, so what, they just don't understand you, just smile and find someone who does relate to you, we are out there. Taking your life isn't Cowardly so when you say those things,,, you are the coward, for not understanding how one feels when your at the end of your tether!!!!!!I have some websites that will help you get through the day, First "The great illusion" then, get "the secret that this lady has made, she was a sole parent on her last penny too, or 5cents for those born recently! I am now writing a book to help others like myself and all of you reading this. I will be rich too one day,and you can be too. Look ahead with hope,be positive. Stay focused. Don't give up!. These five words will help,Honestly show, live and feel these words to all at all times, LOVE, PEACE, COMPASSION,FORGIVENESS & UNDERSTANDING. Forgive yourself, that is the hardest thing, my email is if you need more support,,,,, live your worth it.
16 Mar 2007   PLEASE JUST TAKE A FEW MINUTES TO READ THIS! I came across this website because I was searching for info. on how to talk a friend out of commiting suicide. I didn't realize how many people there out there that are considering killing themselves. I'm sure you have heard the things I'm about to say before but if this can help one person out there then I've done my job. I know you! I was the fat ugly kid with acne. I was always told I would be nothing. I never hung out with the popular kids and never got the guys. I was shy and thought everything that came out of my mouth sounded stupid. I thought people were always talking about me. I thought high school was hell and life would only be worse after it. After high school I didn't go to college because I couldn't afford it. I thought I would never amount to anything. Then one day I decided to use all of the bad things in my life as fuel. Fuel to make me want to make something of myself. Fuel to prove everyone who didn't believe in me wrong. This is how I did it. I worked very hard at every job I had. Even if it was a crappy job that paid nothing I still put 110% into it. Showing I was hard worker opened doors for me. People saw how hard I worked and offered me better jobs. Long story short. I am now 28 years old and own my own business and am the most sucessful person in my high school and didn't have to go to college to do so. I also began working out and have built my self confidence. Trust me I do not look like a model not even close. But I have confidence and that is what men are attracted to. Plus why the hell would you want to be with someone who wants you just for looks. Looks fade! Another thing I have realized is that you can't expect someone to love you if you don't love yourself. I cannot express how true this is. The moment I started truely loving myself is when I met the love of my life. If your relationship does not work out suicide is not the answer. There is someone out there waiting to meet you and it will happen just give it time. Everything happens for a reason. If the current relationship didn't work out it's because there is someone else in life that you are meant to be with. The last guy/girl was just practice or a learning experience. Nothing in life is easy. For the record high school is all bull shit! You will not know any of these people or have to see them again the day after you graduate. Please I can not stress enough that you should not care what any of these people think of you. You will meet so many nice, cool, and mature people in life. Yes, some people are very lucky and get things handed to them and it's not fair. But I do believe you can take control of your life and seriously can do anything. It just takes a lot of hard work. Remember anything is possible. Give it a try what do you have to lose!!!!
12 Mar 2007 Alex.P. Read this book written by Mikhail Bulgakov called "Master and Margarita". It will reveal some things you'd like to know about life...

It helped me get rid of being suicidial - why not give it a try ?

Hope you find it.
If you need any help just e-mail me.

Good luck and don't kill yourself - life is a gift that you still don't understand. After all gifts should be handled carefully and we should be gratefull for them (no matter how "cheap", stupid or "meaningless" we find them) and if you accepted the gift of life(you did!) it's not nice to give it back, is it?
08 Mar 2007 Just a guy Hi, I'm from London.

I tried to kill myself before. I was at boarding school and I was having a hard time. I didn't have any real friends either. Every day was pain so I thought anything would be better than going on with it.

I bought about 120 painkillers, and on the first new day of term, I skipped my morning lesson at 11am, and took all the pills instead. I locked myself in my study, and lay there for 2 hours. After 2 hours I was violently sick though and I ended up calling an ambulance. I then went to hospital and stayed in a p ward for 2 weeks. I left school after that, and now my life has changed a lot. I still get down badly sometimes, but at least now I have some hope. I have a flat, a dog, and enough money to live on. And hopefully soon I will get some work.

Well that's basically my story. Write me and tell me yours. just_a_guy at

06 Mar 2007 Carrie I'm 32 and I'm writing because I was suicidal when I was 13, but my life has gotten a lot lot better. I was raped by my father for many years. He also tried to kill my brother. I've had many friends die, as well. I had cancer, but it's gone now.

My point? I am extremely happy I didn't kill myself. I have a great life, I have great friends, I'm in love, and now my health is good. Even when I first left my parents' house, I still felt under their thumb. It took me some years to get over it, but now, I'm thrilled to have my own life, to be able to travel and be able to finally be myself.

Look for help first. Go to a teacher or another adult who you trust. If someone is abusing you, look for help-- seriously. It's not YOUR fault they're doing this to you, it's THEIR fault for being such horrible assholes. It's true, in everybody's life, people let them down, sometimes terribly. But there are also great people in the world, great days. Be brave. Don't let the assholes win.
06 Mar 2007 cackelfrack wtf? come on suicide ISNT the answer. Recently I lost my cousin, more like a brother, 5 days before christmas he shot himself, and yeah, thats not very pleasnt, why would some PIG make a website like this, like wtf?! this is so retarded, suicide sucks!! im only 13 years old, and yeah, i've hated my life at time expecially now!! so whatever if you cant get laid!! like come on, theres more important things in life, my cousin was only 16, and he just decided to blow his brains out, the thing is he lied to me, he told me that he was coming back here for christmas, but he didnt and he'll never be back here. I miss him like crazy and some nights i cant help but cry because he's gone, i get to thinking, why did he do it, and where will he end up? so anyway suicide sucks, and im not really willing to talk to anyone about this shit, but if there is a need to talk to someone, i'll read somthing.. man I feel like an idiot.
04 Mar 2007 booboola_girl I dont know the best way to kill yourself when you are under 13, I dont even know the best way to kill yourself when you are 23, i know if i did kill myself when i was under 13, i wouldnt endured being sexually abused from age 12-17 by my neighbour with my family knowing about it, i wouldnt have lost my best friend at 15 from a brain tumor and my mum six weeks later from suicide. I woulnt have ended up in hospital for 2 weeks cause i didnt eat or even swallow my own saliva for 14 days, I wouldnt have been punched in the head by my grandfather when i was 17 and then kicked out of home. I definatly would not have become a drug addict and had to go to rehab for injecting crystal meth and having a dvt cause my veins clogged up. I would never have stollen thousands of dollars from my job to support my drug addictions and definatly wouldnt have moved to the city and witnessed a good friend over dose on a cocktail of zanax and heroin and die on my living room floor. Which wouldnt have sprialed in to me becoming addicted to zanax and endded up in jail for theft, and been shacken back into exsistance by my best friend (who on a regular occations beat me and stole from me)when i OD on 1000mg of zanax in an atemped to kill my self. I wouldnt today have been woken up with a letter to vacate my flat because they are knocking it down on the 6th of may and wouldnt be threatened by the taxation department and debt collecters to send me into bad credit and homelessness.

However i still would have been a heroin baby, so addicted to herion when i was born that i didnt feed for the first 3 weeks of life and went from 6 pounds to 4 pounds and probably sould have died. I did have to be taken away from my parents on my sixth bithday and not see them for years, and had people treating me like a burden in there life, shipped off to family member to family member and hated by most of them.

I didnt know how to kill my self then and, i really wish i could kill myself now but what would that achieve - id probably just end up in another life dealing with the same shite and wanting to kill myself again. I have had the worst lfe of anyone I know, but i know there are people far worse off than me.
04 Mar 2007 unknown im 15 years old i was rapped for the first time by my bf when i had just turned 14 i stayed with him though he also hit me once or twice thats when we broke up at the time i was being serverly bullied by people who where supposed to be my friends i had someone attempt to rape me several times i managed to get away each time though when i was around 6 i walked in on someone rapping someone else infront of my sister then he was about to do the same to my sister my mother was mentally and physically abused by her father i had someone try to kill me the year before last a couple of times i had a person i fucked just to feel something i tried to kill myself i drank and smoked alot i was pregnant at the time and it killed my baby. i acted as the dutiful daughter at home pretending everything was fine when i was sinking further and further into depression eventually i stopped trying to kill my self as we had no knifes sharp enough to penatrate my skin enough to kill me and overdoses didnt work as i was used to heavy medical doses after almost breaking my back so i started to sleep alot to get lost im my dreams as it seemed to be the only thing i could control. i was bulemic the only thing that made me do that instead of findin another way to kill myslef was cus after my mother found oout a few of the things and told our closest family and when i told my brother about the rape and the attempted rape they werent disgusted with me they tried to help me the still loved me and i have a little sister who adored and looked up to me and who i adored and i didnt ever want her to accidently find out. mental illnesses run in the family its usually our escapes i slowly stopped doing some of the stuff i was doing and now my life is back on track the point to this is no matter whats wrong you will always have one person who will always care for you, you just have to be willing to open up i felt much better after i told people my family has had its ups and downs but were in everything toogether and if you let people everyone of you who feel you have nothing can have that to your friends are the family you choose for yourself so if you have problems with your biological family make friends create a new family your real friends will stand by you no matter what so talk to them
03 Mar 2007 Your friend, and always here To begin with, I want to say that everyone who has opened up on this website and told their stories, inspire me so much.

I am 19, and I feel as though Ive lived forever. Ive lived through so much, as Im sure so many have. My first boyfriend hung himself and I blamed myself and began cutting. My second I lived with after being kicked out by my drug-addicted mother who's M√ľnchhausen syndrome I dealt with for years. I was 14 at this stage, and put up with a year of drugs, rapes and violence because I had no where else to go. I was heavy on the drugs, using needles to numb the pain.

At 15 I met my last boyfriend who after 3 years, an engagement, a house and a child, left me for drugs and a stripper. I then continued to screw myself up by getting an abortion. That did it for me.

I had a bestfriend through all of this. The day after my abortion he came over to find me in a bath full of blood. I'd taken valium with alcohol and managed to slit both my wrists.

I was taken to the hospital and passed out half way there. When I woke up I saw the pain on his face, the anguish. I scarred him for life. He came over to my bed and cried and cried, devastated at not only the sight he had seen but the chance of losing me.

The love I now have for him, my hero, or my angel as I call him now, keeps me strong everyday. Every time I think of hurting myself I remember the tears he shed, covered in MY blood. I remember what pain I put him threw because I couldn't deal with my own.

It has been over 6 months since my ordeal and I beg that those who feel horrible pain and want to end their life, please think of what kinds of pain you may leave behind. Suicide is not the easy way out, it is so hard to work up the courage to do it. I now can only imagine what I would have done to my bestfriend if he had have been too late. He would never be the same.

I can now only thank God and Daniel that he was at my hospital bed, rather than my funeral.
02 Mar 2007 a hello i was reading this b/c my friend has comited sucide. i have also been sucidal at some points. he hung him self in his room, i miss him and think about him every day its like why man why. he had alot going for him in the things he did he was funny and caring. i never saw it coming until i got the phone call i droped down and cried. i hadent cried in a long time but this just blew my mind. he was only 18 . rip man. just dont kill yourself alot of ppl out there love you and care for you and so does god.
02 Mar 2007 nevermind fuck this teenage bullshit...i'm 32 years old ok. i was raped when i was 10. i have the lowest self esteem possible. i hate myself. i feel responsible for everything thats fucked up in my life. im engaged to a fucking stripper!!!! she wasnt a stripper when i met her but we "needed the money" so she became one. its killing me. you fucks that moan about "your sister treats you like shit" etc you all have no idea...
i have 3 kids. my eldest is 8. i havent seen her for 6 months because her mum and me had a fight and i cant afford a lawyer to take her to court. the middle one is 6 but she's not mine biologically. she's a little shit. i hate her with a passion. sorry but i do. she has come so close to being beaten to death so many times, she has no idea. my youngest is the only reason i dont hang myself everyday. i love her. she is everything to me. shes almost 2. she adores her daddy (me)...
all you wankers that think life sux because you cant get laid or your mum hates you or whatever...fuck you...if your mum hates you, do something to get back at her...get a tattoo or something..get some slut pregnant...dont kill yourself. once you grow up and you get to your 30's and your wife's pussy is a fucking tourist attraction in the town where you live, THEN you can think about topping yourself...ok..but only think about it! dont ever do it.. ill tell you why...because, when you have kids of your own, and you will, no matter how fucked up you are, there is nothing in this shitty fucking world better than the look on your daughters/sons face when you get home from work and they are happy to see you. i swear to god. it cannot be beaten. i would put up with a million times more shit than what i have put up with so far, just so i can see that look in my daughter eyes once more. its not worth it. take it from me. i've measured the rope....i've picked the rafter...ive got the pills stashed away ready to OD on them...i've cut myself heaps of times...NO FUCKING POINT TO will still be fucking will always be shit. it's how you deal with it that makes you different from the cowards who actually DO suicide...learn to play guitar or piano or something and whenever you feel like shit, concentrate on learning a song you like or whatever. works for me...anyway, if i'm still alive, you guys should stay alive...believe me...seeing that look on your kids face....melts your heart...

take care...

best way to get back at people who hate you is to just live life and be happy...

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