Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
20 May 2007 shane im 15 years old i was duct taped to a chair at 8 yrs of age and a blunt was stuck in my mouth i was forced to smoke the whole thing with in a year i was smoking weed every day at least twice a day by the time i turned 14 (im going to leave it up to u to fill in the yrs im trying to spare the sick shitt)i was adicted to crack cocane meth and alcahol and had abused just about every mood altering substance known to man i was drinking at least 2 handles a day of hard alcahol and smoking up any where from 100 to 1000$ a day getting in and out of trouble constantly still showing up to school (but not putting in much more effort than that)constant ly geetin beaten up jumped and looked at like vomit and that was my life and it was exactly what i wanted it io be i wanted to die and i dident care today i care and i care because someone helped me and today i am atending school i bathe every day i abstane from alcahol and drug abuse i have friends i am liked i am persuing a carere i love myself and my famly i attend aa and narcotics anonimus and i am genuinely and honestly happy if u want to know how i did it and how u can is my email
18 May 2007 wilma aka locha My friend miriam just comited suicide and I feel like shit I miss her so much we were so close but now that she's gone I have no1 to talk to

Ppl don't kill urselfs its not worth it ur just making someone else feel alone
17 May 2007 kristy when ur young and stupid which u r i hated hearing that when i was in ur place but u must know that some of ur buddies on here r just talking shit i was put in the hopital for 2 days because of a suacide attempt that would have worked if my mother hadent got me to the hopital so fast when ur at that place and time ur not worried bout how much its gonna hurt ur worried bout how much better ur gonna feel i am now 22 i was 14 when i did it i just want to tell u i dont know how i got where i am today but i love where i am now i have 4 kids and live for them everyday and it feels great to have somthin or someone to live for
but when meds or docs dont work for u find somtin or someone to live for
but dont bring kids into ur fucked up life or group of friends untill ur better
in the head cause its all in ur head please write back and let me know what u think
14 May 2007 angie. this is awful. lets please stop encouraging someone taht young to take their life.
last year i was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, OCD, tourettes, paranoia and insomnia.
my dad is 63 and on the verge of death, do to him being deaf, blind, bipolar, ADHD, narcaleptic and also suffers from post-traumatic stress due to an abusive father, and falling off a three story building while firefighting.
my mother is severely depressed and fights with me and my dad every single day.
i was raped less than a month ago by a man i had met taht same day.
i trusted him.
i started smoking a month ago and have suffered with alcoholism for nearly a year.
when i was younger whitnessed my best friend raped by her older brother and she whitnessed him shoving hangers up inside me.
i have attempted suicide 6 times.
pills, hanging myself, high jump, alcohol, cutting my wrists.
and every fucking time i got close enough until i knew i had to stop.
i knew that the only reason i was doing it was because i was crying out for help.
for someone to hold me and whisper in my ear to tell me everything is okay.
and 7 monhs later it came across to my mom that i needed someone.
i will be 15 next week.
i cant imagine if i had actually been gone from this earth.
now i have good friends, a wonderful thearpist and ive limited myself to a pack a WEEK and drinkning only on weekends.
and soon enough il realize i dont need any of that.
i dnot need to feel pathetic and feel worthless and afraid.
i have to love myself and all i have.
to all the kids under 13, and to everyone else in the world:
just keep wishing on stars,
and think of a "better place and a better time".
its actually a song.
look on myspace or something.
"better place, better time" by streetlight manifesto.
listen to the whole thing, its 6 minutes long.
whoevers out there who thinks their life is so awful that things can never get better......
dear jesus christ just give yourself one more chance...
you can do it.
i beleive in you.
and i know out there someone loves you and someone will always love you and beleive in you too.

the only thing you have to do now is beleive in yourself...
and love yourself...
because you only have one life.
live and love it.
ill do it if you do it.
good luck.
12 May 2007 grey rainbow well what to say i found this site by chance and from the outlook it seemed like it was trying to promote suicide now readin the things within i m not to sure what to make of it!!!!

well a little about me im and 18 year old bipolar with a schiziod disorder anger issues and avoidant personality disorder, i am going to be like this foever and it will never change i can only try to come to ways wth dealing with it!!! if your wondering why i am this way my bipolar is part genetic and the rest is interlinked and based on stuff i have been through in my life yes i have been shit on but so have many people which makes it so much harder because i often think shit people have it worse im such a bitch for fealing this way!!!!
if or when i die i wnt the people i loved to no i loved them i want to succeed, i want my eternal slumber and rest my weary eyes and lay my soul upon its bed to sleep and rest its feet being here is killing me im dead inside!!!

but if anyone wants my advise dont do it not suicide the mess left behnd is somethign unbearable and if you dont succeed it makes things worse please help yourself before you are like me dreaming of the day you can die!!!!
12 May 2007 Tally Hi every one iv thought about suicide in detail but never been brave enough to try and honestly havnt had good reason although im 17 n since i was 4 untill i was ten i was systenaticlly sexually abused by 4 differnt uncles at differnt tymes none of them knowing about the others and i didnt have the courage to speak out because i didnt think any one would beliveme and i didnt want to hurt my mum by telling here this of course over the years admitting these events to myself so i could get over them has caused suicidal thoughts and i have tryed cutting my self but saw teh hurt it caused people around me and becames extremly thin for a person of 5 foot ten i think i have found an answer, well it helps ease the pain and gets you through each day, get a diary and write down every bad thing that has happened to you all the negative thoughts then wen its full up burn it its like cleansing yourself because il tell u what i now have a b/f who knows about my problems but doesnt mind is loving caring and looks out for me a new job and a new bunch of friedns nothing is worth dying for except love if ure rescuing some one from danger but just think of this even if its 1 person in the whole world who cares about you even a tiny bit think how much they will blame your death on themsleves please dont do it take care all of you xoxoxo
11 May 2007   What is the best way to write about something as personal as this?

Well, I admit, on several occasions I've harmed my self. Cut my arm and went to my suicide location. Spent sleepness nights, lonely nights, pain filled nights.

What pain? What suffering? What excuses do I have? Well, I don't think I should tell you. I'm not commenting to be torn down by 'reactionaryies' or pro-life visionaries.

However, I'll say this... People respect me, many love me. I have a strong reciprocal adult relationship. I have sex when I want. I work hard, have a nice body, am intelligent and have finished a 1/3 of my work for a hard science PhD. And I am young, but not too young. I practice Yoga several times a week, exercise, and blah , blah I do it right. Stick to it...

Learn to relax, no let me tell you something. Or let me ask you something? Do you really believe in what you believe? Do you really accept God or are you lying to yourself. Have you looked life in the eye? Do you try? Or are you so bloated from what society says or you religion says or you body for that matter, that you can't realize that life is suffering?

And yes, I've been on Prozac, Zoloft, and now on Paxil. And I've even started on Ayurveda, ancient hindu herbal medicine. Does it work? A little... but life is still there beating us in the face?

What are we here for? What do we see in nature? Well let me tell you it is fucking? Or more politely it is procreation and the evolvement of life. Protect life.

We are slaves serving an unknown master for an unknown cause. We are brought into this world and forced to solve problems that we didn't start. Isn't that what a slave does? And then we are suppose to say "thank you, massa. please don't beat me." And then turn our eyes when something happens to our brother or sister or anyone one else, even an animal or an insect.

Turn a blind eye. Yes, how many people can not have the courage, but just look and try to live life and accept it for what it is and not for some imagined state of being?

Because there is a real world. Scientists and engineers make automobiles run and planes fly, they don't do it by magic. It is a reality independent of our beliefs in it.

And scientifically, or logically, what happens after we die? Where are all the dead people? If they are in some mystical realm, wouldn't they have come back for one of us? To tell us in a definitive way? You mean to tell me there isn't anyone who loves us that much to prove it. Not like Jesus and then dissappear for 2000 years, but stay around. Why isn't there a governing council of the dead?

And you want to analyze me? Whatever... if you take anything away from this, remember that there are people who admit that the purpose of life is unknown and good people suffer for no just cause and for the most part when we die we are dead

and when you accept that into your heart, you want to die, without any fantasies around you. However, there are people who have spent their lives looking into the light many scientists, leaders, and ordinary people and have seen the pain and fought on... admitting they didn't know

and those are the people who inspire me, however, who am I or anyone else to cast the stone on another if life gets to hard? Anyways, how much of us is determined by genetics anyways?

05 May 2007 jess iv had a crap life
abused neglected....
but iv survived
if i can so can u
u can email me or add me on msn at i u wanna talk
27 Apr 2007 Bennyboi Its me again, I read something today, it was on this website too! It was made by someone called "Peggy" I would just like to say that the page she typed was truley inspiring and I would also like to say thankyou Peggy,
It only takes a few people to change everything for the worse...
But, it takes just one, just one person to make great changes for the better!

So, if "Peggy" is reading this, thankyou, thankyou peggy!
To anyone else reading this,

"Choose life, we'll miss you if you left this planet. So would those people you were meant to help!

God bless!"
27 Apr 2007 dead inside. so there isn't anything to do, and i find myself at this site again. the following will just be random thoughts from my head, so feel free to ignore me. suicide is a crazy thing. this morning was pretty low key at work so i was just standing at my till flipping thru a magazine. the cover story was about Virginia tech. And they had little pictures of the victims and a little about there life. and it gave me the chills. do you think those kids woke up that day thinking they were gonna die? most likely not. some of them were my age. i go to a university too. i don't know if any of you heard of what happened in montreal a few months back. and then there was the columbine thing. why does this happen? it happens over and over, and all society does is make the killers famous. put their pictures all over the tv stations. i understand that in these cases, the killer is also a victim. so why doesn't society try to stop this by going to the main source. all those lonely kids, that sit at the back of the class, and never say a word, and always get picked on...why don't we help them? why don't we try to soften them before they completly lose it? speaking of which, who decides all this anyways. humanity isn't suppose to be a pecking order. who decides whats considererd pretty? Anyone hear of Rena Verk? Her classmates killed her cause she wasn't normal, normal meaning she wasn't thin and pretty. so maybe its all hollywoods fault. aren't they the ones who advertise and define "beauty." They've made a mold, and if you don't fit it, then your weird. i know i am completely going off topic here....but really its all connected. Kids feel bad because they don't look a certain way. because they don't have enough money. because their families aren't happy and complete like the ones in the movies. and then these kids isolate themselves from everything real. and their minds become infected with revenge. revenge for what? they don't even know. all they end up needing is a target. they are only human after all. humans like having someone to blame. and then in the end result, innocent lives are taken. lives are shattered. wives become widows. kids become orphans. parents lose there children. what is my point? i have no fucking clue. humanity puzzles me. it sickens me. it worries me. you never know when its going to end. you have it and then poof, its gone. everything goes away. roses always die. your here for only a short period of time. might as well make the best of it. enjoy what little time you have to live and breath and eat and fuck. yeah life sucks. i know. but keep in mind, this, the whole living bit of it, is just like 10% of the big picture, maybe even less. what comes after it is forever. Think of the word forever. The word itself seems impossible to believe. Forever means it never ends. it just goes on and on and on and on. this bit here, this will end. and when it does, you won't ever get it back. the pain, the misery, the anguish, the suffering...and even the love and happiness....all the stuff that we have to endure, its just temporary. it will go away, whether you let fate handle it or you decide to take into your own hands...either'll still end. so just make the best of the time you have here. ever feel love? like when it completly consumes you? ever lose it? like when that one thing/person is your whole life, they are the reason your heart beats.....and then its gone? all those feelings are beautiful in there own way. the fact that you can feel something, whether it be pain, or love...thats what life is. its those feelings. i have no idea how to explain it further. but like the song says, "i'd rather feel pain, than nothing at all."
this was just a bunch of rambling. i know. if you actually read this, your probably more confused than you were before. -sigh-
i don't even know if mouchette will post this. oh well.

i hope things work out for everyone.

27 Apr 2007 HansVonG. what i didnt explain in my last post about surviving storms is what a storm does.
it brings rain which brings life to plants and animals. habitats for reptiles.
and if it brings destruction with the storm then it makes jobs for people which feeds mouths.
your lifes storms while bad do bring good to you.
not all of it is revealed at once.
27 Apr 2007 just a guy "When things are bad, we take comfort in the thought that they could always be worse. And when they are, we find hope in the thought that things are so bad that they have to get better."

I think this has to be the most true thing I have ever read. Take another look. This pretty much sums up why I'm still alive, and maybe it also does for you. No matter how bad things are, there is always hope. Hope is the most important thing in the world. Without it we would all be doomed - hope is what makes you study at school, take a job interview, try out for a team. Hope can make you get up in the morning and I suppose it can also keep you living a life that you really wish you never had.

For me, it feels like just whenever I'm maybe about to find the one thing that would make it all worthwhile, it just fucks up. It fucks up so much that I wish i was more than dead... because right now i can't even explain the pain and frustration. It's maddening, like a beautiful summers day.. but then the thick black clouds come rushing in from all four corners of the sky and fill the chest with deadening pressure. Uncontrollable, like something eating away at you from the inside. I just don't fucking like it. Get it out, before it eats my soul.

I just wanna be me and feel like thats ok. I just wish I could get to know 'me' before I keep trying to get to know 'you'. I just wish god would stop fucking around and just let me out. I wanna be free. So stop the fear and the pain and unlock me so i can get out. Let me out, i wanna get out.

Maybe if there was one thing i have learnt, it is that you have to look after yourself. Because no-ones really there looking out for you.
"No-one except yourself that is,
No-one except you"
So be kind with yourself (but not unforgiving) and remember that there is always one thing that can keep you alive- hope. Pretty shit I guess but then if you can accept this and forget everything else that you are living for life should be a damn sight easier.

If you've read this far and can see any sense in this post, email me.
25 Apr 2007 HansVonG. i know a few folks that hung themselves. sad really. couple of years later LIFE is still moving foward without them. no one remembers them. and thier suicide solved nothing. we where just kids. i played with them. ate and drank with them. cheated on school tests with them. got in trouble with them.
whats really bad about the whole thing is the reason they commited suicide was serious at the time but several years down the road it would have been a mere bump, a pot hole. something trivial. something that wouldnt naturally stop life.
im not gonna tell you not to kill yourself. its your life. you have to make your own way.
what i will say to you is this is my LIFES experiences. maybe they will help you. maybe you have already made up your mind. but i wanted to die many times already. and im still here. living. surviving. and yes suffering.
the cold hard matter-in-factly truth about life is that it isnt fair. i didnt make the rules. and these rules cant be broken or bent. accept this and it will get easier.
you cant change the weather. storms happen. whatever your storm is you survive it. it will pass.
25 Apr 2007 Ame I have reasons to end this life. when I was around 8, my classmates picked on me about my weight, and when I was 10, I did something and they all hated me for it even though I have no consciousness about that incident,I didn't know what I was doing, and so I had no real friend up until elementary graduation, but I had one. Yet she turned back on me when I needed it most. When I was sick, i tried to overdose on different medicine but that only prolonged my hospital stay. I was really depressed that time. When I got out, I took an exam at a different school a long way away from them. I was happy that I passed. I thought I had a chance. And there's where I met my real friends. But on the next year, we were separated in different class. Call it shuffle system. And there's where my feel to end kicked back in me. I was in second year then, I have some of my old freshman students with me and others from different sections. I thought that they will be my friends but NO. I was happy that I could help them as much but one time, the entire class asked me for all the materials we needed. the materials can be easily bought. that's where I thought they abuse me. And so they did. I always do the hard work, and they dish out the credit. I only smiled at them but the pain and pressure severes me so. Then, when I visited my best friend, she called me by the name of her classmate. I was shocked, although I didn't show it. I just smiled at her and left. When there are events concerning our class, I get left out especially when it means pairs. I was the only one alone. I was always the one left out.But the face I show was not being pissed but a happy one, a fake one. To tell you the truth, all of my emotions are fake outside. Until someone realized it and has seen through me. During one of out camps, I tried to sleep face down on my pillow to stop breathing. Bad luck, that person was beside me. She tried to wake me up but no use. I passed out. Another time, when we were making bows and arrows, I pretended to practice shooting, the head facing me. Noone notices until blood spilled out. I missed by a few feet from the heart and shot my arm near the wrist instead. I felt alive.
They sent me to the clinic and left me there. No treatment. No first aid. Noone. I was alone. Again. I was muttering to myself,
I want to die
really, I do,
I can't live any further
It will only cause others pain,
If I die,
Then they won't be hurt,
because of me...
Now i'm 13 and about to enter third year high school( I knew you wouldn't believe me), the pain is only starting.

My list of reasons is a long way from what I have told. I hope that there can be a way to end everything, suicide is a permanent solution to an eternal problem.
22 Apr 2007 HansVonG. baffeling it is....

why people turn to people when they need help when people is the main problem.

healing is a process. i am working on my process. you could even say i am being processed.

my life is similar to drinking public toilet water in a gas station. i know about suffering so bad you just want it to end.

i also know that is not the answer.
i know that when all hope seems to be lost that if you just keep living that tommorow may bring something better.
i know this from living life.
in the gutter.
22 Apr 2007 megan i tried to commit suicide when i was 15 because of some family problems and problems at school...and its not the right way i tried to over dose and then i tried to cut my friends found out and went to the school counsler i missed 3 months of school becuase i was in a hospital.. im not 16 and i go to a new school my parents r devorced its still hard but i know im loved and cared about i still go to counciling 1 every 2 weeks...
22 Apr 2007 The Heart Broken lil sis Please,dont anybody on here kill themselves.I havent tried it my ive lost many people due to it.My friend George Palladino,who was like my brother, jumped off the Walt Wjittman Bridge in Philly on Nov. 21,2006.I miss him so much. If your trying to kill yourself first stop and think about the people ur eafecting. i lost 3 people in the past 7 months due to suicide. Im begging u, PLEASE DONT KILL YOURSELF. It wont make the pain go away because the guilt of what u did and the memories of ur happy days will follow u and ull start to regret it. Dont hurt ur family and friends by doing some stupid shit like that.Im starting to cry just thinking about why my "big bro" jumped of the damn bridge. Please go and get help or whatever u need to do so ur not another precious life ruined.

Love u bro
R.I.P George Palladino
18 Apr 2007 sara, the twin of ' a fool'. i have copied and pasted a post from this site that was written in jan. my reason for this is the peroson who wrote the post was my twin sister, please read:

you all wana know about hopelessness? if i'm actually lucky enough that i get 2 fall asleep then when i wake up i think oh shit, here we go again. i dont often get to sleep though. when i was six my older brother devised a game called the list. it was basically his way of getting to molest his baby sister. my parents let him get away with it. i'm 19 now not far from being 20 and although it was 13 years ago i still remember, and of course have never had the chance to talk about it with any1. since then i become a very sick and twisted person, i dont blame my brother, i probably would have been this way anyway. first of all i lie, i mak stuff up for sympathy, i dnt like lying but i cant seem to stop myself, but i'm not lying now cos i dnt need 2. none of you will eva know who i am. second of all, i hurt myself, i'm a fool like that. i dont have any1 anymore, and i never will have. i've dreamt about killing myself for as long as i can remember, i've tried a few times 2. i plan 2 try again, and this time i will suceed. i am of no use to this world. i am of no use to any1. why am i writing all this crap on here? well because my life is that lonely that i have no1 else to tell. to all of you out there who do plan on killing yourself, think first, because if you suceed then there is no turning back, and if you fail your life will be even more fucked up than it is now because people will know and will always know that you're another kid that tried to kill themself. please think. dont end up like me.

she died on 5th jan 2007. i beg all of you reading the posts on this site. don't do it. my sister needed help and our parents ignored her every cry. she was a very unwell girl and felt she had nowhere else to turn. she would never have put the burden of her life onto anyone she loved but she should have done. she was my twin and the very moment she died i felt half my heart and half my soul slip away, never to be recovered. i myself have had the same suicidal thoughts as she did, even more so knowing that i now have to live my life without her. but i feel this intense need to live, to say fuck you to the rest of the world and live my life as i want it. i force myself to hold my head up high and live the life i am meant to, with all its ups and downs. i do this because i dont want to give any1 the satisfaction of thinking that i failed, and now i need to live life for my sister aswell. i need to make her look down on me and feel proud that i have carried on where she could not. please, i beg you all, do not give up hope. i know at times there seems to be no light at the end of the tunnel but please believe me there is. just reach out to someone, anyone and they will help you cope, help you see. don't become another statistic, become a surviver and join me in saying fuck you to all those who put you down, make you feel bad, and use you in ways that are not meant to be. don't give up and let urself down as that is worse than death. there is always some1 who cares, even if they are a stranger. thank you for taking the time to read my message, i hope it may be of some help. my love goes out to you all.
16 Apr 2007 emily i have experience with a very close friend who i love with all my heart in the suicide department. she tried to kill herself by overdosing. when i heard the words come out of her mouth when she first got out of the hospital, she said "i kill myself" i will NEVER forget those words. they gave me the worst feeling i have ever felt. ever. to this day i have a huge fear that something will happen to her and i am constantly checking up on her. i do NOT suggest killing yourself. it will most deffinately cause pain in your friends, and family as well (even if you dont think so). i think her suicide attempt effected me more than it did her. i am still suffering from her attempt to kill herself and i thank God everyday that she did not succeed.
15 Apr 2007 Anonymous For everyone on this page:

I found this site totally by accident. The irony is that I have also felt this. I, too, once thought things were so bad the only way I was going to feel better was to die. I was so wrong. Please don't act on what you are feeling right now. Talk to someone, anyone, about how you feel and what you are thinking of doing. If your parents are the problem, fuck 'em. Talk to somebody else. People who you don't even know yet want you to be well. While it seems like most people suck, some don't. Spend the rest of your life trying to find one. You will.

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