Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
24 Jun 2007 untitled Im 13... and afer 4 attempts of suicide... (that have failed).... i don't know the best way... i fucking up fed up with this shit.. seroiusly if life's shit wus like realy food.. i'd be frigin obese... and i dnt realy noe myself anymore... 3 years being suicidal and slitting of wrists.. i think i'm fed up... idk i feel so confused.. and this cuttinghabit is like now part of my brain or shit... the shrinks told me to be positive.. fucking imposible... i've beccome slightly mental cus of this suicidal busines... one day its gna like ruin me.. o well... the best way to kill yourself.. idk stabbing? suffocation? idk they all fail... if you're better than me in life... stay alive.. bdw its hard enough i don't know my biological parents... shit i sound gay ass... but i think its important... to believe in yourself... keep your desicions right... i mean... just dnt die... idk lol i feel so shrink-like. cya
23 Jun 2007 Rachel Well I used to want to kill myself all the time. I was depressed because everything in my life seemed to be going wrong. It was that middle school level, thats where it hits you the hardest. I was one of those people who everyone thought couldn't ever be sad and they always brightened peoples days...yah, that was because I didn't want to dump all my problems on everyone because I thought they would be annoyed. So I would act happy in school and talk to everyone and people came to me with problems. All the hard times in my life kept building up inside of me wanting to burst out but I kept it all in...big mistake. I know this answer kind of sucks but the thing that you have to do to get through this depression stage is to just live through it. Go on lots of websites like these and read everyones cases and survival stories. It is good to hear that people overcame it. I was so close to death it was scarry. I didn't want to go to a therapist, I didn't want to just talk it out, I thought that will never help. Believe me...just talking it out helps. Just tell someone how you're feeling. I bet alot of your friends want to get stuff off their chest too. Certain ages are just always hard for people. When you read stories like this they're almost always in this age. It may seem like you can't make it through and it will never get better, but it will. Now I know you're thinking well ya thats just you, special cases. Why should you trust someone you don't know? You've never met me before. Thats true, but what will it hurt to get things off your chest to a friend. I'm not saying go tell them you're thinking about suicide right off the bat. Just say, "I've been having a few problems with life that I really just need to vent to someone, is that alright?" Maybe eventually you will tell them. Also with the whole, special case thing, good results don't happen for everyone...well that is true. There have been alot of suicides. However, this is one of a huge chain of suicide websites. When you go to the websites you find it filled with survival stories. Reading some of those will help you too. When I told the guy that I was depressed over that I was thinking about suicide, I thought he would be sympathetic and try to help me through it. But he told me that I was a big coward. He asked me how I could ever do that to anyone I love. I told him that no one did love me, my family hates me and I don't have many friends. Now I was exaggerating big time, but I didn't know it. Even if you don't have any friends which I'm pretty sure almost everybody has at least one, you will still mess up all your peers if you comit suicide. People that go to school with you, your neighbors, you will effect your whole community with your action. So decide to grow up. Get old and wrinkley and have your boobs sagging and be happy. When you get through this hard time, your life will be so amazing and you'll appreciate it so much more. Good luck.
23 Jun 2007 georgie ermm!!!!cdont do it i say, ive tried many times and in the end i ealised i would be killing my family at the same time of killing myself.
21 Jun 2007 Peter Heron Don't kill yourself yet. Please don't ever kill anyone else because of your own anger. I'm an old fuck. Fifty two. Now I have cancer.
I'm not saying like is easy, and, yes, you'll meet lots of assholes. But there's a lot of interesting things still to come for you, that'll you'll like. Sure, they'll be bad times again. And lots of good times, too. Just handle the bad times best as you can. You'll pull through, trust me. I have, many times. I thought of suicide all through my life, as a teenage, adult, now getting kind of senior. Always had bad times. And good times that make it worth it. Been a cab driver, cop, con, and general working stiff. Found life is worth living most of the time. In the bad times, try not to listen too much to negative people, or negative messages in books, movies, videos, etc. Try not to let adults or kids put you down. You'll always pull through. You'll always have good times again. Okay, pal, do it for you. You don't know me. But do it for me. And, please, like I said, don't be one of these selfish people who kill others because of their own pain. If someone robs, rapes, or tries to kill you or family, sure, do what you have to do. But never kill innocents out of your own pain. That's the lamest of things, don't you think? Take care. I wish you happiness, and, yes, luck. We all need it. Remember me when you have good times in life. I think you'll find to your surprise that you'll remember me a lot. Peace.
18 Jun 2007 Bill There is no best way to kill yourself. Take it from me. I'm 38. I've lived through cancer, bankruptcy and divorce. For a period of 10 years or more, I contemplated suicide every single day. There were days I had the gun in my mouth telling myself to come up with one reason to live another day.

So quite plainly, I know how you feel. You feel misunderstood, alone, in despair, trapped in a situation or life that isn't what you want it to be. I've been right where you are right now.

What I've found, and I discovered it when I was diagnosed with cancer, is that what we really want isn't to end our lives, but to end the lives we are living. Suicide is a long term solution to a short term problem. I'll not throw the judgemental stuff at you about going to hell, or anything else like that. My point is this.

Stop and identify the reasons you want to die. They are serious reasons no matter what they are, if you are thinking of ending everything over them.

There is one constant in life, and that is change. So keep in mind that no matter what you are dealing with today, tomorrow may alter the entire course of things.

If you have nothing to live for, find something. It took incredible skill for your particular sperm to make it to the egg. You survived your early childhood. You've made it all the way up to this very day.

Take one thing you don't like about your life and chip away at it. Find creative ways to overcome it.

What you really are is a hero or heroine and this problem in your life is the mythical beast you must slay. Don't let it win, live to tell your epic story of struggle and triumph.

You have a destiny. I promise you that you do. You are never alone because the higher intelligence is always with you. Even if you don't get answers from a burning bush, the answers will come to you...sometimes slower than we'd like but they will come none the less. Learn to look for the signs because they will lead you out of your current despair.

Just think that you, yes you, can make a huge difference in the world. You can make things change. If you're willing to take your life over something, why not instead live your life to overcome something. Take on a big issue. Ecology, starvation, poverty. Start doing things that will positively impact the world, no matter how small and insignificant they seem today.

If you will do this instead of checking out, you will find an incredible road before you.

If no one else is telling you this, know this, I love you, genuinely, are a fellow soul on the trip called life.

Now you have two people on your side. Me and the big guy.

I spent an entire 24 hours contemplating what I wanted to do when I learned I had cancer. I had the perfect way out without doing it myself, all I had to do is nothing.

I figured out that I wanted to live, just radically different. Stop settling for what your current circumstance is and demand more from the world. Take a stand and speak your truth but do it living and breathing.

My prayers and thoughts are with you.

Bill White
Synchronicity Expert
11 Jun 2007 Michelle If i knew how to kill myself, without much pain, i wounldnt be here right now. To tell you the truth you the truth, i really dont hink i have such a hard life, i have a family who cares about me, im not really poor, i have friends, and im quite pretty, so every time i think about sucide, people wont understand. I never show my saddness to anyone, i always act really cheerful, and happy, so people never notices my sadness, and thats how i want it to be, i dont want to trouble other people. I hate life and i wish it would just end, after i stop caring about school, my dad just yells at me, telling me im going to become a piece of shit, and my teachers hate my because i never come to school, and even though the doctor had no choice to tell them about my depression, they still dont understand, and tells me to stop skiping, so i stoped even caring what they thought of me, and just started to agree with them. I went of anti depressents, i think they help me for a while, but the i think they stoped, before that for like a week, i cryed nonstop, and when i was not crying i would just stare at my wall, thinking i was dead, and about my sucide note. if you saw me, you would never guess i was depressed, im really scared of pain, so the only way i see killing my self is putting a gun to my head, or jumping off a building. for all those people out there, i truly cant say that i understand your pain to the fuliest, but i can say this, i do understand somewhat, and all those people who say "God will safe you" God is nothing but a meth, and the only thing which can save you is yourself, if your not happy, God has left you. Maybe one day i can say that i went to a happier place, and find where i belong.
07 Jun 2007 Anna I dont know the answer. I have been trying to kill myself with drugs since I was 12. I was a herion addict for 6 years. Now I am on methadone. I have 4 sons that got truly fucked by my and their fathers addiction. I want to die to pay back the pain I caused everyone I hurt. I deserve it. The little girl who started this topic--- I am her long ago. This is how it ends. You grow old and ugly and hate yourself even more.
I dont know a solution. I was in NA, incest survivor, counseling, therapy, for years but was even more insane off drugs. The depression drugs make me more suicidal.
My life sucks. Some peoples lives dont suck though. I know some who are truly happy people. I have asked how they do that. I used to think happy people were sort of retarded in some way. But they arent they are just well adjusted in their brains. The chemicals I suspect. Mine are altered, then add drugs to that and you get fried altered.
I have a truly good job for someone who is on parole. Good jobs are hard to get with criminal records. I had a chance a few years back, to work in an office with a view of the mountains in Colo. 135,000 per year with benifits as a network admin for a huge ISP. I lost it after one month when they found my history.
Read this kiddies. If you dont do something to help yourselves now you will end up like me. Living in the hall of shame trailer park, on methadone, few teeth, with 4 sons and husband dead of overdose. This could be you little girl.
Go find an NA group if you have drug problem. Go find anything that gets you out of your own head.
Do something now or you will try to cure your illness yourself and end up dead on earth living in the hell you created and living with the consequences of your bad choices.
02 Jun 2007 Liz Hi guys, if you are a common user of this site, than you will probably recognize me as Liz; the depressed angsty teen in need of love & care.

well, a week has passed. but not just an ordinary week, a significant week to my life.
I was sick of all the bullshit.
I finally decided to fuck over all who dared to fuck me over first.
I was in the bathroom, bleeding all over the fuckin' place. i wasn't crying though, i was all out of tears.
my mental pain was kind of numbed, and i felt so brave, like killing myself was the best thing i would ever do. i had it kind of planned. this time, i had twice as much painkillers and some good vodka. i was planning to cut up my hands, and wright something like 'no feelings', or 'virgin suicide' on the wall in my blood. Hey, if i were gunna die, i wanted to go out with a bang. i wanted something dramatic and hollywood style. after all, lifes always been a movie for me. i was actually gunna do it. i was gunna take the leap! then, i stopped and actually thought about what i was gunna do. this aint right. this site aint right, suicide aint right. dying for love, or passion, or a cause to believe in, thats true suicide! this, this is just teenage angst. i know we feel it's hopeless, and some people do have it bad. but i had hope. besides, i wasn't gunna give up. with this face and body, i could make a decent living. so anyways, i walked out of the school with my smuged mascara and cut up hands. i didn't care how i looked. i spent the day at the river smoking and writing. i got a call from jaime and rach. they asked what had happened to me, why i wasn't at school, and what was going on. i blasted! i told them everything. every thought, every feeling, every attempt i had made at ending my life, and how i was sick of it. i wanted to let them both know that if i were to go soon, it sure as hell would be becuase of them (partly anyway).
thay came to visit me. we hugged and talked like we used to. something rach said stuck in my head; "next time something like this happens, don't give up. never give up. it is NEVER hopeless".
the next morning when i woke up, i was me again. as if by magic. in only a week, i am as happy as ever. i went to battle of the bands on friday. i have my circle of friends back. they all understand me now. now everyone can see me. i went to my first party this year on saterday. everyone was glad to see me. i've got a new love interest too.
i can't believe that just 1 week ago i was writing into a suicide website telling about by angst, and now i can't wait for school tomorrow.
some things that helped me out; blasting! just blast everything out! be drastic and firm and take chances.
witchcraft, an unbelievable force i was always a part of, but now feel free to express.
fill your heart with love, that sounds corny but its true. i have more friends than ever before and it's all becuase i took a risk and let people see the real me.
wow, my life is almost...perfect.
don't be sad, we're beautiful, we're young, and we're reckless.
TAKE CHANCES! it works. so, if your gunna die DO IT, it might be the best thing you've ever done. but, i'm telling you, if you end up half as happy as i am now, you'll be glad you didn't cut that wrist or hang by that rope.
btw, feelin lonely? join a cult! i am part of covanant atm and it's like an instant family!

p.s- thanks mouchette for my own personal website! mouchette has made me a webpage expressing her feelings for the depressed and helpless. if you wish to view the page, go to,c056b62e6f1e4dfa5d6508955573d747
this will allow you to see what a tru 'saint' she really is. thanks for reading. xoxo Liz
31 May 2007 Lucky or Unlucky I am responding to my last post. All that was bs. I was trying to help by making it seem like it was worse than it was. So if you are thinking of sucide please don't! I exagerated the truth thinking that if my experience was worse than others, it might make them feel better. The truth is that I have tried to kill myself but it was the stupidest thing to do. If you are thinking about killing yourself, you need to trust those around you not to judge you or look down on you. They will help you get through tough times. I recently just got out of an adolesent in patient behavioral hospital. It was the best decision i have ever made. I talked to my parents and they had me talk to a shrink. He recommended I spend a few days at this place and it wasn't anything like you might think. I was taken care of and talked to counselors a lot. I feel sooooo much better now. I was put on seroquel which helps me with the voices i was hearing. I sleep better and have no interest or thoughts of killing myself. It was totally worth a few days there to get some help. You need to do the same thing and get help too. PS. the stuff about broken bones, ODing and the abuse from my step dad's was total BS too. The reason I thought about killing myself in the first place was because my bio-dad really did abuse me when I was 3 and 4. Please don't discount my words because I lied in my original post. This is the total truth. Don't hurt yourself!!!!! you are unique and are loved by someone. It would be selfish of you to deny others the love they have for you. You are worth the effort!! Take it from someone who truely KNOWS. No one can ever take your place or fill your shoes no matter what you think. Please trust me. Thanks
30 May 2007 Shannon Don't I know that life can be hard. I have not had an easy life,but it has not been as bad as some peoples.My 19 year old uncle killed himself in Jan.2007. He was stuck on drugs and had his heart broke to many times to count. I loved him so much we grew up together. There is not a day that goes by that I dont think about him. I know that you might think that this life has nothing to offer you but if you hang in there it will show you that you are suppose to be here. Please just DONT DO IT

I have had my heart smashed up into tiny little pieces. My girlfriend of 3 years, we had an apartment together. We were relaxing in our place, when the front door was smashed down by my good friend and his father. They are both over 6ft 5 tall and the dad was very heavy..
They came to beat me up in front of my girlfriend who unbeknown to me had been sleeping with this friend of mine for a couple of months. She had not found the strength to tell me about this situation and he couldn’t wait anymore to be with her, so this was his way of letting me know. The amount of love, masculine, friendship and personal image pain I went through was immense. She was my first partner and lover.
When i managed to come around and speak to her, she slammed the door in my face and left me beaten on the driveway.. I was with her from 15 to almost 19. I am still here. A broken heart heals no matter what!! Yes I’ll always remember it, but look at me know, I’m on the way to loving again and a successful man in my early 20's.
Focus your negative time and energy, not on trying to kill yourself, but on changing what it is that hurts u so much, u want to die. I was suicidal yes, but when it came to the crunch, I thought of what I could achieve. I hear about her through the grapevine and she and this guy are still together.. They have achieved nothing and she’s an unhappy, frightened house wife. It pains me to know this, but i am on my way to becoming a doctor to help people.. Save a live maybe? Start by saving your own and put your time into something you like? I had my music. As heavy metal vocalist/guitarist.. Pick up a pen and stat writing, how about an instrument? Art? Sports? Computing? Gaming? ANYTHING - Advice web-site for people like you? Just get something to keep you coming back to it, as then it’s another reason to stay one more day! And before you know it, you may just enjoy being alive?!
It worked for me…
26 May 2007
think before overdosing
21 May 2007 Vicky DON'T!!! Even when you think nobody cares about you, and nobody would notice if you were gone, i guarantee that is not true. As a teenager, it is easy to blow things out of proportion. Believe me, I know. I'm 15, and have several friends attempt suicide, as well as having attempted myself. But after I tried, i realized that my life didnt suck THAT much. My mom died when i was little, and i was forced to move to the US from England when my dad remarried (a woman I do not get along with at all). After my mother died, (I was 2) my father got very violent, mostly towards me. He would pin me against the wall or slap me, and if i would cry, he'd hold his hand over my nose and mouth, until i couldnt breathe and stopped crying. I am a horrible student, and my parents (dad and step-mom) are pretty strict (example: i am not allowed to cross my arms because it looks like i dont care)My best friend had just tried to commit suicide, and i had had a huge fight with my father (resulting in a smashed digital camera, a slight dent in the wall)and i tried to drown myself. And then, while i was underwater, i realized how upset my friend would be, even though her life wasnt that great at that time either. I remembered that she told me that i was one of the only reasons she'd not gone through with it...and i didnt want my suidide to possibly cause hers, as she has a lot going for her. You will cause devastation in everyone around yous life, and you will be the cause of more pain than you alone will ever be in. I dont understand how a person can be willing to cause all that pain to other people. See someone, try to talk it out. It doesnt nescasarily have to be somebody with a just has to be somebody you trust. Commiting suicide is one of the most selfish things you can do....
20 May 2007 lucky or Unlucky Let me start out by saying that i have tried to kill myself over 14 times.i tried ctting my wrist neck i have OD three times. I have jumped out windows, broken bones, and that is the worst shit I have tried to hang myself everything my life sucked my dad stepdad and third stepdad sexually and phisically abused me they told me to kill myself. i ampaying for thiss evryday so dont end up like me just hold on i dont even know if i will kill myself i dont know if i could try so DONT DO IT! if you need someone to talk to email me at
20 May 2007 shane im 15 years old i was duct taped to a chair at 8 yrs of age and a blunt was stuck in my mouth i was forced to smoke the whole thing with in a year i was smoking weed every day at least twice a day by the time i turned 14 (im going to leave it up to u to fill in the yrs im trying to spare the sick shitt)i was adicted to crack cocane meth and alcahol and had abused just about every mood altering substance known to man i was drinking at least 2 handles a day of hard alcahol and smoking up any where from 100 to 1000$ a day getting in and out of trouble constantly still showing up to school (but not putting in much more effort than that)constant ly geetin beaten up jumped and looked at like vomit and that was my life and it was exactly what i wanted it io be i wanted to die and i dident care today i care and i care because someone helped me and today i am atending school i bathe every day i abstane from alcahol and drug abuse i have friends i am liked i am persuing a carere i love myself and my famly i attend aa and narcotics anonimus and i am genuinely and honestly happy if u want to know how i did it and how u can is my email
18 May 2007 wilma aka locha My friend miriam just comited suicide and I feel like shit I miss her so much we were so close but now that she's gone I have no1 to talk to

Ppl don't kill urselfs its not worth it ur just making someone else feel alone
17 May 2007 kristy when ur young and stupid which u r i hated hearing that when i was in ur place but u must know that some of ur buddies on here r just talking shit i was put in the hopital for 2 days because of a suacide attempt that would have worked if my mother hadent got me to the hopital so fast when ur at that place and time ur not worried bout how much its gonna hurt ur worried bout how much better ur gonna feel i am now 22 i was 14 when i did it i just want to tell u i dont know how i got where i am today but i love where i am now i have 4 kids and live for them everyday and it feels great to have somthin or someone to live for
but when meds or docs dont work for u find somtin or someone to live for
but dont bring kids into ur fucked up life or group of friends untill ur better
in the head cause its all in ur head please write back and let me know what u think
14 May 2007 angie. this is awful. lets please stop encouraging someone taht young to take their life.
last year i was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, OCD, tourettes, paranoia and insomnia.
my dad is 63 and on the verge of death, do to him being deaf, blind, bipolar, ADHD, narcaleptic and also suffers from post-traumatic stress due to an abusive father, and falling off a three story building while firefighting.
my mother is severely depressed and fights with me and my dad every single day.
i was raped less than a month ago by a man i had met taht same day.
i trusted him.
i started smoking a month ago and have suffered with alcoholism for nearly a year.
when i was younger whitnessed my best friend raped by her older brother and she whitnessed him shoving hangers up inside me.
i have attempted suicide 6 times.
pills, hanging myself, high jump, alcohol, cutting my wrists.
and every fucking time i got close enough until i knew i had to stop.
i knew that the only reason i was doing it was because i was crying out for help.
for someone to hold me and whisper in my ear to tell me everything is okay.
and 7 monhs later it came across to my mom that i needed someone.
i will be 15 next week.
i cant imagine if i had actually been gone from this earth.
now i have good friends, a wonderful thearpist and ive limited myself to a pack a WEEK and drinkning only on weekends.
and soon enough il realize i dont need any of that.
i dnot need to feel pathetic and feel worthless and afraid.
i have to love myself and all i have.
to all the kids under 13, and to everyone else in the world:
just keep wishing on stars,
and think of a "better place and a better time".
its actually a song.
look on myspace or something.
"better place, better time" by streetlight manifesto.
listen to the whole thing, its 6 minutes long.
whoevers out there who thinks their life is so awful that things can never get better......
dear jesus christ just give yourself one more chance...
you can do it.
i beleive in you.
and i know out there someone loves you and someone will always love you and beleive in you too.

the only thing you have to do now is beleive in yourself...
and love yourself...
because you only have one life.
live and love it.
ill do it if you do it.
good luck.
12 May 2007 grey rainbow well what to say i found this site by chance and from the outlook it seemed like it was trying to promote suicide now readin the things within i m not to sure what to make of it!!!!

well a little about me im and 18 year old bipolar with a schiziod disorder anger issues and avoidant personality disorder, i am going to be like this foever and it will never change i can only try to come to ways wth dealing with it!!! if your wondering why i am this way my bipolar is part genetic and the rest is interlinked and based on stuff i have been through in my life yes i have been shit on but so have many people which makes it so much harder because i often think shit people have it worse im such a bitch for fealing this way!!!!
if or when i die i wnt the people i loved to no i loved them i want to succeed, i want my eternal slumber and rest my weary eyes and lay my soul upon its bed to sleep and rest its feet being here is killing me im dead inside!!!

but if anyone wants my advise dont do it not suicide the mess left behnd is somethign unbearable and if you dont succeed it makes things worse please help yourself before you are like me dreaming of the day you can die!!!!
12 May 2007 Tally Hi every one iv thought about suicide in detail but never been brave enough to try and honestly havnt had good reason although im 17 n since i was 4 untill i was ten i was systenaticlly sexually abused by 4 differnt uncles at differnt tymes none of them knowing about the others and i didnt have the courage to speak out because i didnt think any one would beliveme and i didnt want to hurt my mum by telling here this of course over the years admitting these events to myself so i could get over them has caused suicidal thoughts and i have tryed cutting my self but saw teh hurt it caused people around me and becames extremly thin for a person of 5 foot ten i think i have found an answer, well it helps ease the pain and gets you through each day, get a diary and write down every bad thing that has happened to you all the negative thoughts then wen its full up burn it its like cleansing yourself because il tell u what i now have a b/f who knows about my problems but doesnt mind is loving caring and looks out for me a new job and a new bunch of friedns nothing is worth dying for except love if ure rescuing some one from danger but just think of this even if its 1 person in the whole world who cares about you even a tiny bit think how much they will blame your death on themsleves please dont do it take care all of you xoxoxo

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