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02 Jul 2007 caroline so i ended up on a site i have never heard of but i geuss now i'm here. no one wants to kill themselves deep down they just want the pain to stop. no one wants to lose a loved one to suicide, but not many people can stop it. not many people can say that they have survived hell and lived to tell their story, unfortunatley i'm not one of those people. for a while i thought i had survived hell, then i realised that it was jus disguising itself and really i was in deeper than i ever have been, so yes i have experience on attempted suicide and yes i have the scars, however one thing i didn't realise i had was a life. so no matter how crap you think life is, jus keep thinking, yeah it can get worse, but it can also get a lot better. hang on in there and you'll be okay.
02 Jul 2007 Em I've been there and done that. In reality your not hurting yourself your hurting the ones that LOVE and CARE about you. It may seem like that they don't care, but trust me they really do. All you have to do is have some faith and beleve that your special. I once had an experience where I tired and beleve me I saw the light, but my Uncle had told me to go back it wasn't my time. Since then I've been alot more happier and my family and friends are supporting me. I'm just greatful that I was givien a second chance at life. I got the help that I needed and I am very greatful that I'm hear.
01 Jul 2007 scyophra whe i was 12 i tried. then, just before the end, i felt that all the bad was gone, if i wasn't alive anymore. and, like flipping a switch, i wasn't alive anymore. who was standing in my place? a clone, a fake, but someone who didn't have a reason to die, who didn't have the baggage dragging me down into my living hell.

it was surreal. like i had just found a quarter on an arcade game with an extra life already on it. i had a fresh start, like all the negativity had let me go, and i had finally let go of it.

and, eventhough i feel really bad right now, i won 21 years worth of living from that moment til now.

the day my friend killed himself, i felt as though i had died with him, once for every day we'd ever laughed, ever found a time to enjoy the endless days of our youth. it hurt so so so bad, and i felt miserable hating everyone who felt just as bad for losing him. it made me alone, useless, worthless.

even then, especially then, i couldn't die. i knew the consequences to everyone i loved.

and now, i'm a survivor, twice over.

does that make me any better? i know it doesn't. i've been to the back alleys of depression. i set up shop there. i thrive in the worst passions of anguish and self torment, not hoping, by writhing in despair. but it's my home, and i'm experienced on my territory.

believe there can be one useful trick left, that there is something worse than living, and it starts at the mistake of suicide.

you can thank my manic side for finding that out.
29 Jun 2007 sam my friend tried killin herself (pills) & it dident work she was rushed to the hospital.

29 Jun 2007 sam thats a retarded Q! dont kill ur self...
29 Jun 2007 sam u people who want to kill ur self r so freakin selfish!!!!!!!!! dont do it!!!!!!!
29 Jun 2007 Esther You can kill yourself in many ways. During the years I've been killed. From the inside. I've been bullied for eight years, I was raped by the only one I trusted, my mom got breast cancer, and now I'm on a thousand meds or something.
They pick labels.. They connect me to meds and diagnoses.. But the fact is my life just stinks. Yes, I'm trying hard not to die. But I ended up on this site anyway, didn't I?
I know you are dutch and just an adult male. You hid yourself behind a computer. Behind a stupid movie. I've done my research, yes. Why? Because no one is to be trusted. Because I'm bittered. Because I want to die.

And you do not know how that feels. How much pain can tear your heart apart. You don't know what it is to WANT to die. Really really really want to. That means you have absolutely NO right to make such a site. You aren't a person who can help someone.
You're just a coward.

You've got yourself in over you head. This is a world you do not understand. For you own sake, close the site. To be hearing all these kids will leave marks. Deep scars.
I'm 14 years old. I've tried to slid my wrists, choke myself, take an overdose, drown myself, I've even tried to hang myself. But it's about time I give up. Two years of fighting are behind me now.

I'll die.
29 Jun 2007 Jess wow reading all your guys' stories really made me feel for you guys. Just earlier today (err yesterday) I wanted nothing more than to just go away. Be completely erased off the face of this earth. I didn't care how ANYONE felt about it. I didn't care how sad they would be. Of course it was a selfish thought, to just take yourself away from people who love and/or need you. When I read about E's solution I realized that he, or she was absolutely right. Even if you have no one to love, or anyone that loves you there are still people that need you, regardless to how bad you may be feeling about yourself. I'm not going to lie to any of you readers and say that i'm never going to think about it again, because at particular moments I can't really help what i feel. But I'm not going to give you false hope either (not intentionally anyway). There is always a way out of this horrible feeling of wanting to go away permanently. Trust me, there's always at least one person that will understand what you're going through. Please don't commit suicide. I'm not trying to sound corny, but seriously be strong. you can get through it. I did. keep your head up. =]
28 Jun 2007 ramona D a lot of teenagers go thru this. Im not opffering god cause i dont believe in god. But dont throw your life away at such a young age. I am 35 with 2 teenage children, a family that hates me cause im gay, an ex husband whose in jail for raping a 12 year old, 2 deadloy heart conditions, a death experience, a short time left to live, and i worry that my kids will have the same depressive issues. Parents dont fucking get it. they never see3m to. But one day youll be out of school and away from the assholes there and youll be away from the parents who probably are so preoccupied with their shit that they arent seeing the signs of your least wait till youre 25 and see what you can do with your life before making such a dramatic, end it all decision.
28 Jun 2007 mary ive never really considered suicide until now, but for the past year and a half ive botteled up so many horrible things i just dont know what else to do. i dont want a therapist, i dont want to pay someone i dont know to tell me how to live my own life that i messed up.. but id like help from someone my own age. my friends just cant understand.. nothing like this has happened to them.

i am actually 14 years old now. when i was 13, i fell in love with a boy named sean who i thought was everything- apparently everything included his girlfriend, his need for sex, and his lies to get it from me. sean was also friends with a boy named jeff- who was the first guy to ever have interest in me, and the first guy i talked about sex with. he and i were in a relationship and had considered sex, but when i met his friends sean... i fell in love with his friend instead. ever since then jeff has hated me. for multiple months sean and i would sneak out to see each other, be in each others company, and because he wanted to- i would give into sex. when summer approached, i told him i couldnt have him lying to his girlfriend anymore, and i cut it off. that september, i met a new guy named chris. my relationship with him was more serious-- he was in love with me. i tried for so long to try and love him back, but i just couldnt. later on in our relationship, sean said he missed me. he said i was the best thing that had ever happened to him, i was his beautiful and brilliant dream girl.. i believed it.. but i knew i couldnt break up with chris. for months and months i talked to sean on the phone and on aim- but never saw him in person. in late december, a friend, her brother, her brother's friend and i went on a short 2 night trip. one of those nights, i got drunk with my friend's brother and his friend... 2 drunk guys and a girl. i was taken advantage of. my friend's mom found out that we got drunk- however she didnt find out that i was taken advantage of. and ive kept it that way. but when my friend's mom told my parents, my dad beat the shit out of me. that was the first time i had ever cheated and i didnt know what to tell chris, so i lied. everything was ok until months later in feburuary that i was dumb enough to go to a party with jeff, sean, and guy named parker. when i was drunk, i went to seans arms and just started bawling. i couldnt take it anymore. when sean left though to go throw up, jeff pulled me over to the side and took advantage of me. when i woke up the next morning, my dad found a bottle of left over champaign in my room and beat me again. at the time, i was in love with chris. but having now cheated twice, i knew i didnt deserve him. so i broke up with him. when my friends found out why i had broken up with him, and who i had cheated with (they hated sean).. they dumped me. i had lost my love for chris and my best friends. when chris and i werent together, i saw sean more and more. finally chris expressed his love to me and i went back to him... but i still loved sean. and i kept seeing sean. also about this time, one of my oldest and best friends completely back stabbed me. she told the school about my old sex life, about how i had cheated, and lies about how i hated everyone in the school.. when i whole middle school hates you because of what a "best" friend did... its hard to just suck it up. back to me and chris, a few weeks ago, he said he loved me more than anything in the world. recently i broke up with him. i didnt tell him why, i didnt want him to know. but my reason was because i dont deserve to be loved. not anymore. ive cheated to many times, ive done to him what sean did to me. having loved sean and him not love me back... i know exactly how chris feels. and now.. i just really want to die. im tired being taken advantage of. im tired of having love decieve me. im just tired now.
27 Jun 2007 E I just want to let everyone know I would have killed myself a long time ago if I didn't care so much about others. I used to use this phrase a lot, "I am such a pushover, I would let myself get hurt over and over again just to keep everyone else happy."

But.... reading this site made me realize that that's not the case. I think the thing everyone here who is hurting needs, is someone to care about. If you have someone you really love, someone you don't want to hurt no matter what, someone just to hang on to, then you will be okay. I have a few ideas, I mean, if you don't have anyone in real life to love and be loved.

1. You know those programs where you send money to kids in Africa or soldiers in Iraq? Well, maybe you could become penpals or something with someone there. Those people need you, and you need them. It goes hand in hand. If you kill yourself, then who will they have? You sure as hell don't want to hurt them!

2. Go on some sort of online chatroom. Not some weird one with sex and shit, just a chatroom with people your age. Find a few people you can just connect with. Maybe you all have the same religion or the same interests. Maybe even the same stories. If you all have each other, then you'll have something to hang on to. Even if one person in the group turns out to be an asshole, then at least you will have others.

Idk, just random ideas I thought of. People need people. I don't care (well, I do care) about how many times people have hurt you, if you search and search and put your heart and mind to it, then you will find someone to care about and be cared about.

I have C. If he dies, I'm screwed. But at least I have something to live for. Even if he dies, I might try to live his dream for him or come up with something of meaning. Find someone. Anyone. Just someone to love and care about. Then you will be okay.

I hope you all know I am totally serious about all of my ideas and my story.
26 Jun 2007 Day I have written on this sight once before a little while ago, but I thought I would post again since so much has happened since then. I have suffered from severe depression and anxiety since I was about ten years old. I would often feel such a severe hatred at myself as well as a deep sadness that seemed endless. Often I would find that this pain was unbearable and it also made me feel totally out of control, so I would hurt myself in a variety of ways such as cutting, banging my head, strangling myself, burning myself, even hurting myself sexually. I would let boys take advantage of me because I though it was a sign of love. Since I could not love myself I looked for love in different places. And these boys who I gave everything I had would always betray me and hurt me. I soon discovered that these boys only wanted my body and instead of this making me hate them I only started to hate myself more. After a horrible week I was in the bathroom prying the razor blades out of my razor. When one was loose I sat on the floor and slowly slit myself across the wrist savoring the pain and the feeling of my hot blood running down my arm. I cut again and again. Instead of my usual feeling of peace after the pain I only felt severe anxiety, I lost it and had a panic attack on the floor. That’s when I realized, I hated feeling this way, I HATED it more than anything else, so I called the one person I knew would help, my sister. She immediately told me to go get my brother (my parents where out.) I got him and he called my parents who then took me to children’s where the physiatrist ordered me to be hospitalized. I won’t tell you about my week there because that would take pages and pages. I can tell you once thing: I did not leave there happy, but I left ready to become happy because I had regained that hope that had been deferred for so long that was the hope that there was something beyond my pain. I had to let go of that person who controlled me, something that I like to call my darker side and I had to let my lighter side take control. I had created this person who was fat and ugly and stupid and a failure and I was so sad because who wouldn’t be when they are that horrible, but I realized that person is not I. I am slowly letting this person go. It is so hard when I feel horrible and sad and angry and all I want to do is to make myself hurt and bleed but I stop myself usually. I am learning how to get well. It is so god damn hard but I am doing it because feeling the way I have felt for so long is so god damn harder. So to all the people out there who don’t feel people care I am not going to tell you they do because I KNOW what it is like to feel unloved, I am not going to tell you to get help for there sake but only for yours. I know it feels hopeless and I know that to get better you have to do all the work but I also know that the feeling of happiness that I have not felt for so long is going to be worth it all. I am not going to tell you that you have a wonderful life ahead of you because maybe you don’t but I do know that you have wonderful days and weeks ahead so live for those. I am going to tell you to hope. In my room in the mental hospital there were all these notes and names written by these girls that had stayed there from years ago. It was like a terrible, sad, hopeful story. I put a simple message: Hope, because sometimes that’s all you can do. Live, be at peace and be happy.
24 Jun 2007 Ella I read this site and it makes me sad, I am a suicide survivor i attempted suicide last year and after a few days in icu at the hospital i came to, i would never think about doing it again seeing how much it affected all my family , just know people do care
24 Jun 2007 Depressed Hi. I'll soon be 16 yrs old. I started cutting myself when my father left us, about 4 yrs ago. I got so angry at him. My mum was always crying and unhappy. It was awful.
Now when im older, i have an issue with talking about my problems. I keep my feelings inside. I get upset for almost everything. I have no real life. I've been gaining weight this last couple of years. I hate it.
I don't feel like i have any true friends. The ones that's ALWAYS there. She who i thought was my bessie, were willing to leave me because she didnt like one of my other friends. She was willing to not speak to me and just completely ignore me.
I've tried to kill myself. By cutting so much that i get really cold, and by taking pills. I steal pills from my grandma, mix them up and take them, hoping its enough to end this life. I've tried to drink many dangerous alcoholic drinks, and mixed it up with pills.
What im really trying to say is that IT'S REALLY NOT WORTH IT. We all have downtimes. It's not like i dont have any joy. I have a big family who i love very much, and i dont think i wanna miss out on their lives.
So dont miss out. Dont leave. Enjoy what you can enjoy. Its worth it.
24 Jun 2007 untitled Im 13... and afer 4 attempts of suicide... (that have failed).... i don't know the best way... i fucking up fed up with this shit.. seroiusly if life's shit wus like realy food.. i'd be frigin obese... and i dnt realy noe myself anymore... 3 years being suicidal and slitting of wrists.. i think i'm fed up... idk i feel so confused.. and this cuttinghabit is like now part of my brain or shit... the shrinks told me to be positive.. fucking imposible... i've beccome slightly mental cus of this suicidal busines... one day its gna like ruin me.. o well... the best way to kill yourself.. idk stabbing? suffocation? idk they all fail... if you're better than me in life... stay alive.. bdw its hard enough i don't know my biological parents... shit i sound gay ass... but i think its important... to believe in yourself... keep your desicions right... i mean... just dnt die... idk lol i feel so shrink-like. cya
23 Jun 2007 Rachel Well I used to want to kill myself all the time. I was depressed because everything in my life seemed to be going wrong. It was that middle school level, thats where it hits you the hardest. I was one of those people who everyone thought couldn't ever be sad and they always brightened peoples days...yah, that was because I didn't want to dump all my problems on everyone because I thought they would be annoyed. So I would act happy in school and talk to everyone and people came to me with problems. All the hard times in my life kept building up inside of me wanting to burst out but I kept it all in...big mistake. I know this answer kind of sucks but the thing that you have to do to get through this depression stage is to just live through it. Go on lots of websites like these and read everyones cases and survival stories. It is good to hear that people overcame it. I was so close to death it was scarry. I didn't want to go to a therapist, I didn't want to just talk it out, I thought that will never help. Believe me...just talking it out helps. Just tell someone how you're feeling. I bet alot of your friends want to get stuff off their chest too. Certain ages are just always hard for people. When you read stories like this they're almost always in this age. It may seem like you can't make it through and it will never get better, but it will. Now I know you're thinking well ya thats just you, special cases. Why should you trust someone you don't know? You've never met me before. Thats true, but what will it hurt to get things off your chest to a friend. I'm not saying go tell them you're thinking about suicide right off the bat. Just say, "I've been having a few problems with life that I really just need to vent to someone, is that alright?" Maybe eventually you will tell them. Also with the whole, special case thing, good results don't happen for everyone...well that is true. There have been alot of suicides. However, this is one of a huge chain of suicide websites. When you go to the websites you find it filled with survival stories. Reading some of those will help you too. When I told the guy that I was depressed over that I was thinking about suicide, I thought he would be sympathetic and try to help me through it. But he told me that I was a big coward. He asked me how I could ever do that to anyone I love. I told him that no one did love me, my family hates me and I don't have many friends. Now I was exaggerating big time, but I didn't know it. Even if you don't have any friends which I'm pretty sure almost everybody has at least one, you will still mess up all your peers if you comit suicide. People that go to school with you, your neighbors, you will effect your whole community with your action. So decide to grow up. Get old and wrinkley and have your boobs sagging and be happy. When you get through this hard time, your life will be so amazing and you'll appreciate it so much more. Good luck.
23 Jun 2007 georgie ermm!!!!cdont do it i say, ive tried many times and in the end i ealised i would be killing my family at the same time of killing myself.
21 Jun 2007 Peter Heron Don't kill yourself yet. Please don't ever kill anyone else because of your own anger. I'm an old fuck. Fifty two. Now I have cancer.
I'm not saying like is easy, and, yes, you'll meet lots of assholes. But there's a lot of interesting things still to come for you, that'll you'll like. Sure, they'll be bad times again. And lots of good times, too. Just handle the bad times best as you can. You'll pull through, trust me. I have, many times. I thought of suicide all through my life, as a teenage, adult, now getting kind of senior. Always had bad times. And good times that make it worth it. Been a cab driver, cop, con, and general working stiff. Found life is worth living most of the time. In the bad times, try not to listen too much to negative people, or negative messages in books, movies, videos, etc. Try not to let adults or kids put you down. You'll always pull through. You'll always have good times again. Okay, pal, do it for you. You don't know me. But do it for me. And, please, like I said, don't be one of these selfish people who kill others because of their own pain. If someone robs, rapes, or tries to kill you or family, sure, do what you have to do. But never kill innocents out of your own pain. That's the lamest of things, don't you think? Take care. I wish you happiness, and, yes, luck. We all need it. Remember me when you have good times in life. I think you'll find to your surprise that you'll remember me a lot. Peace.
18 Jun 2007 Bill There is no best way to kill yourself. Take it from me. I'm 38. I've lived through cancer, bankruptcy and divorce. For a period of 10 years or more, I contemplated suicide every single day. There were days I had the gun in my mouth telling myself to come up with one reason to live another day.

So quite plainly, I know how you feel. You feel misunderstood, alone, in despair, trapped in a situation or life that isn't what you want it to be. I've been right where you are right now.

What I've found, and I discovered it when I was diagnosed with cancer, is that what we really want isn't to end our lives, but to end the lives we are living. Suicide is a long term solution to a short term problem. I'll not throw the judgemental stuff at you about going to hell, or anything else like that. My point is this.

Stop and identify the reasons you want to die. They are serious reasons no matter what they are, if you are thinking of ending everything over them.

There is one constant in life, and that is change. So keep in mind that no matter what you are dealing with today, tomorrow may alter the entire course of things.

If you have nothing to live for, find something. It took incredible skill for your particular sperm to make it to the egg. You survived your early childhood. You've made it all the way up to this very day.

Take one thing you don't like about your life and chip away at it. Find creative ways to overcome it.

What you really are is a hero or heroine and this problem in your life is the mythical beast you must slay. Don't let it win, live to tell your epic story of struggle and triumph.

You have a destiny. I promise you that you do. You are never alone because the higher intelligence is always with you. Even if you don't get answers from a burning bush, the answers will come to you...sometimes slower than we'd like but they will come none the less. Learn to look for the signs because they will lead you out of your current despair.

Just think that you, yes you, can make a huge difference in the world. You can make things change. If you're willing to take your life over something, why not instead live your life to overcome something. Take on a big issue. Ecology, starvation, poverty. Start doing things that will positively impact the world, no matter how small and insignificant they seem today.

If you will do this instead of checking out, you will find an incredible road before you.

If no one else is telling you this, know this, I love you, genuinely, are a fellow soul on the trip called life.

Now you have two people on your side. Me and the big guy.

I spent an entire 24 hours contemplating what I wanted to do when I learned I had cancer. I had the perfect way out without doing it myself, all I had to do is nothing.

I figured out that I wanted to live, just radically different. Stop settling for what your current circumstance is and demand more from the world. Take a stand and speak your truth but do it living and breathing.

My prayers and thoughts are with you.

Bill White
Synchronicity Expert
11 Jun 2007 Michelle If i knew how to kill myself, without much pain, i wounldnt be here right now. To tell you the truth you the truth, i really dont hink i have such a hard life, i have a family who cares about me, im not really poor, i have friends, and im quite pretty, so every time i think about sucide, people wont understand. I never show my saddness to anyone, i always act really cheerful, and happy, so people never notices my sadness, and thats how i want it to be, i dont want to trouble other people. I hate life and i wish it would just end, after i stop caring about school, my dad just yells at me, telling me im going to become a piece of shit, and my teachers hate my because i never come to school, and even though the doctor had no choice to tell them about my depression, they still dont understand, and tells me to stop skiping, so i stoped even caring what they thought of me, and just started to agree with them. I went of anti depressents, i think they help me for a while, but the i think they stoped, before that for like a week, i cryed nonstop, and when i was not crying i would just stare at my wall, thinking i was dead, and about my sucide note. if you saw me, you would never guess i was depressed, im really scared of pain, so the only way i see killing my self is putting a gun to my head, or jumping off a building. for all those people out there, i truly cant say that i understand your pain to the fuliest, but i can say this, i do understand somewhat, and all those people who say "God will safe you" God is nothing but a meth, and the only thing which can save you is yourself, if your not happy, God has left you. Maybe one day i can say that i went to a happier place, and find where i belong.

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