Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
20 Jul 2007 Ellen I am 49 years old and I regularly think of commiting suicide at some point in the future. I will definately not do it while my mother is alive because we've already lost my dad and my sister and she doesn't need to go through any more stuff.
I also am in a quandry as to where and how I'll do it. I don't want to do it in my room. (I live as a housekeeper with a family with young children so this is not the place)
I think I will go camping and try and find some kind of lethal concoction and hopefully just fall asleep.
Also I will fast for a few days and clean out my system so I don't leave THAT kind of mess either. The body I leave I'm afraid cannot be helped.
Why? I have complex reasons. I've never believed in life at all costs.
Mainly, I am just a total failure. I have never been able to maintain friendships or a decent job. Even as a child I never had friends and the lonliness has carried over into adulthood. Some day I will not be able to work and I refuse to end up on the street or in a nursing home. I am not able to keep a good job either because I fail at everything I do.
Even when I've come close to success I always do somethig to ruin it for myself. I don't mean to but I do. I am talented and consider myself intelligent but I just don't have a decent quality of life.
Now before anyone calls me selfish keep in mind that all I have is myself. I really have no friends and so I try to be my own friend and therefore I am first in my life.
Heaven and hell are not an issue with me--I am an agnostic. I think the concept of heaven and hell is a man-made tale to keep people in line. I guess that makes me a communist since I think it was LENIN who said "Religion is the opiate of the masses."
Anyhow, I feel like I have no control of my life so I seek control of my death. Everyone dies. I would rather choose my own method thank you. I'd rather kill than be killed. Thanks
19 Jul 2007 Jori ok people listen commting suicide is NOT selfish its just dumb i understand people that want to do it but its ur life do what u want to liosten my dads brother commiteed suicide when my dad was 15 his brother went to his room layed on the bed found his dads gun put a pillow over his head and shot himself in the head i dont control u but think twice im only 12 but trust me its not worth it hopefully u will take my advice please i love u all and hope god blesses u !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
19 Jul 2007   Hello, I am new to this site. I just wanted to tell you my story. It's not a suicide story, but a story of my life and the ups and down's of it. You see I am a british pakistani muslim who has been brought up in england. Ever since i was young i have experienced some sort of racism, i remember in year 3 a guy taunting me and shouting "did you fall into a mud puddle you dirty thing". As i grew older and moved onto secondary school, the racism grew and i started to get bullied. I hated every minute of school and was very angry and upset person inside. I was then molested at 12 by my 40 year old cousin. my parents were very strict with me being muslim and didnt let me go out much or have a boyfriend. I felt like the most ugliest person alive and my only friend stopped talking to me and i was all alone. I remember sitting in the toilets at lunchtimes because i had noone to hang out with, i felt like such a looser. thats when i started feeling suicidal, i really really wanted to die. the thing was i just wanted to dissapear, poof, but just not go through the whole process of suicidal; i guess i was just scared. anyways i then went into year 10 where things started to get better, they werent great but just better then they were before. i got a boyfriend but then my parents found out and went crazy at me. i got beaten up, and they still hate me for that now. i finally started to get a bit more confident when i was in 6 form, but the thing was i couldnt completely be happy as i was still in the same enviroment and around the same people as i was when i was depressed and suicidal. i came out with brilliant a levels (well for me ABB) and i am now studying pharmacy at uni. when i went to uni, it was great because it was like starting fresh again, i could be who i wanted to be. at uni i have started to use drugs, it first started off with just cannabis smoking, which lead on to ecstacy and mdma, and then coke and mushrooms and ketamin. i know that drugs shouldn't be the answer, but the drugs have let a part of ME come out. its a me who is amazing and strong and lovely (sorry if i sound pathetic). i know i will never be able to be myself around my parents because to them religion comes first before children and i have been threateened to be disowned. i dont want to loose my family so i keep as good as i can, but my parents still manage to find flaws in me. when i went to university i found out that a lot of my friends had insecurities. one of the most popular and amazing guy at uni, i recently found out self harm. my bestest friend in the world who i found at uni self harmed and was suicidal, i look at her scars and my brain goes into shoked mode. the thing that i have learnt from my life is that, life in general revolves around people and interactions, and thats what keeps us all going. if you are suicidal, then it could be a combination of enviroment and possibly a mental illness such as depression. 13 is too young to be thinking of killing yourself, and that was around the age i wanted to kill myself. But i look back and i do think that if i had ever gone through with it then i wouldn't have found myself. the advice i can give you is just change your environment; change schools, start fresh, when you start fresh you can be whoever you want to be. drugs are bad, but good at the same time. ecstasy, coke and mushrooms (however never take mushrooms when you are depressed) have opened up my mind and made me see things in a different way, which is much more healthier. in all honesty when people say shit makes you stronger, it does but then it doesnt, infact sometimes it makes me weaker. but i just hope that one day i will be rescued. when i look back i didnt TRULY want to commit suicide, i just wanted attention. i wanted to scream at the top of my voice to everyone "YOU FUCKING BASTARDS! I AM A PERSON TOO! WHY DON'T YOU PAY ME ANY GOOD ATTENTION, WHY DON'T YOU TREAT ME LIKE A FUCKING HUMAN BEING! I HATE YOU, I HATE YOU SO MUCH!"
looking back, i do feel like a completely different person. Suicide is never the answer.
16 Jul 2007 Kim I know how everyone feels on this site..I tried to kill myself severaltimes. My mom just killed herself 3days ago by shooting herself in the mouth, and I really just feel like doing the same. But I have a 19 month old son and I'm really trying tohold on for him..but my mommy was my best friend and its SO hard to live without her..If anyone even knew half of how i felt rite now u probally would appreciate ur moms alot more..
16 Jul 2007 Silverwing Ok, Right now, the woman I love is wanting to end her life. I have spent the last 4 hours off and on trying to talk her out of it. She found this site, and it has helped make her decide against it. She is the only thing in this world that makes me want to stay in this world at all. Im 27 years old, and I have already been to war for the US, even though that wasnt our role in Bosnia. I have seen horrors and had to commit horror's alike. But what drives me to keep wanting to go on is her. She is the love of my life and ill give everything for her. It took me this long to find her and I wont let her go. Please, beleive in the fact that there is someone out there that loves you, even if you haven't met them yet. I had nearly given up all hope till this year. Then we met, and i haven't wanted for anything else than to have her with me.

So if you see this site and think of suicide, please reconsider. Take it from a man who nearly gave up his own life. Life does get so much better and you will find someone who will love you for you.
15 Jul 2007 Melinda To: Alex
Don't take your life. God only gave you one time around. Use it to help other people. When you help others, you help yourself feel better. I am 40 years old and deal with depression every day of my life. I have though of suicide as well. It's not that we actually want to die, we want the pain and the depression to go away. I believe in God and I know that if I take my own life I will end up in Hell. Why don't you read the book 28 minutes in hell. People have to deal with different illnesses in their lifetime, ours is depression. It's hard to make someone understand what we're going through unless they have gone through it themselves. Don't give up. You are too young to waste your life. Find a church and go to it. Heck, don't wait for the church doors to open. Fall on your knees, where you are, and cry to God to help you. He will hear you when you pray earnestly. Know that he loves you and know that even though I don't know you, I care about you and don't want you to do anything to hurt yourself.
15 Jul 2007 SizzerZ Guys... there is no reason to kill yourself under thirteen. If the world is screwing you over, screw the world. I went through the whole suicide thing and i found that after i stopped thinking about it and learnt to move on it got so much easier. why kill yourself so young?!
15 Jul 2007 anonymous i'm 30 & i've bin obsessed with suicide scince i waz 10!
I tried swallowing every chemicaly perscribed pill in the house (not knowing what they were) that didn't work all that happened waz that i just went a little funny in the head. i found my comfort zone in grave yards.
My mother never noticed there were 5 kids 2 take care of people just thought i was weird & tossed me aside 99.9% of the time.
I tried swallowing rat poison when i was 15 it was a wet white powder form i rolled up in tiny balls & swallowed it has no taste my father was a pest controller.
All i remember of swallowing that poison was feeling incredibly drunk & trying 2 drink tea then all of a sudden i'm in a hospital bed being wheeled into a room so that didn't work either i felt no pain but i was saved, that pissed me off.
I tried alcohol poisoning at 16 & that didn't work! sniffing petrol at 17 & that didn't work.
I never stopped wanting 2 die I've bin depressed my whole life!
from age 22 - 30 my mum died & i broke up with my boyfriend, i tried 150 Ziabams (or how eva ya spell it) & a whole bottle of vodca.
I ended up drenced in a puddle of my own vomit & chocking 4 air & a suicide note i couldn't even read it was so wobbly my pen barely touched the paper when i was high.
I made 2 attemps of slashing my wrists after another two relationship breakups, 1st one left scars but wasn't that deep but the last & final time i felt it like an electric shock & ended up in hospital 4 a night, lack of sleep & shrinks comming 2 my door every day.
i'm lucky i didn't do any nerve damage but for a while my two middle fingers on the surface were numb so needless 2 say that didn't work either after 30 years & all that hate, rage & suffering i'm alive 2 tell those that want 2 kill themselves that it's probably not going 2 work & nobody cares anyway i'm normal looking i have a normal job & a normal education nobody suspects a thing i could be your check out chick at the grocery store or good looking nextdoor neighbour with the awesome car the world is full of ghosts of the past and it's frightening but if ur thinking of killing yourself make sure u give urself time first don't end up like me, single, alone, angry & closed up.
11 Jul 2007 silver star To all the people who are yelling and swearing at the people who are actullay going to commit suicide you should stop it and start helping them. you are doing nothing by sitting on your arses and yelling. these people need help and by supporting them through this you could save an innocent lyf from being lost.
10 Jul 2007 Hemi Tipene My considering points for suicide is that many are under depression and under a lot stress, but many at this age wonder why has this happened to me?? we only look at the negatives in our situations but never the positives, most of all people who suffer by this word suicide we are under threat, by experience seeing and being i have known that it can and will be hard and never easy to bear, and yes talking to people about feeling this way isnt easy but there is one person that can help you and that is yourself. Know this that only you are the one that can make yourself better and know that the only way that life gets easy is by the way you deal with it, it says that life is controlled on the basis of what we do with it. If you only just look real deep into yourself and see what you have to offer then make something out of it, for we are all created in the works of talent, each and everyone of us has something to offer and we may not have the same as everyone else but we are all equal and can give just as much as another. so before you think about this word SUICIDE think about what you can do to make this word change into happiness by looking inside yourself and changing the good into bad and one more thing it is not bad to ask for help........

Peace be with you.
07 Jul 2007 alex N hey, i really wanna die, i feel that this is the end of my life and i just dont see the point in going on, i mean, it only gets worse, i am 16 and i have already tried 2 kill myself 18 times, even 90 aspirin didnt work, a few months ago i was diognosed with server clinical depression, i am on prozac but that doesnt help at all. i just wanna die. can someone give me some tips. i wanna know what the best way 2 slit ur wrists is, or how does antifreeze kill you, is it painfull. i live in plymouth uk, so it is pretty impossible for me to get a gun. im stuck on the edege of this ball and chain, and im on my way back DOWN, Stood on a bridge, tied to the noose
Sick to the stomach.
this is the end for me, the only think thats keeping me here is a girl who i really love, but she will never feel the same. im on the edge of breaking and i just want to die, to end it all. goodbye to me............and my life
02 Jul 2007 Bonnie I think that many people are afraid to talk to someone because of the stigma that goes along with suicide. For me, asking my parents to talk to someone was scarier than the thought of killing myself. When I finally did it, I felt like a weight was taken off of my shoulders. I had finally let someone else know what had been plauging me. I think talking to someone was the best thing I could have done. The person that I talk to does not tell me how to live but helps me learn to cope. Life is hard for everyone, but you would be suprised how many people do love you (even if you dont think so AT ALL). When you are under 13 you have so much to live for. Please talk to someone about it that can help you. A friend, a teacher, counselor, parent, hotline. You would be surprised what you find out is in you. Good luck! I hope you start to feel better. It is hard, but you seem to be a strong person. Find love because it is there
02 Jul 2007 caroline so i ended up on a site i have never heard of but i geuss now i'm here. no one wants to kill themselves deep down they just want the pain to stop. no one wants to lose a loved one to suicide, but not many people can stop it. not many people can say that they have survived hell and lived to tell their story, unfortunatley i'm not one of those people. for a while i thought i had survived hell, then i realised that it was jus disguising itself and really i was in deeper than i ever have been, so yes i have experience on attempted suicide and yes i have the scars, however one thing i didn't realise i had was a life. so no matter how crap you think life is, jus keep thinking, yeah it can get worse, but it can also get a lot better. hang on in there and you'll be okay.
02 Jul 2007 Em I've been there and done that. In reality your not hurting yourself your hurting the ones that LOVE and CARE about you. It may seem like that they don't care, but trust me they really do. All you have to do is have some faith and beleve that your special. I once had an experience where I tired and beleve me I saw the light, but my Uncle had told me to go back it wasn't my time. Since then I've been alot more happier and my family and friends are supporting me. I'm just greatful that I was givien a second chance at life. I got the help that I needed and I am very greatful that I'm hear.
01 Jul 2007 scyophra whe i was 12 i tried. then, just before the end, i felt that all the bad was gone, if i wasn't alive anymore. and, like flipping a switch, i wasn't alive anymore. who was standing in my place? a clone, a fake, but someone who didn't have a reason to die, who didn't have the baggage dragging me down into my living hell.

it was surreal. like i had just found a quarter on an arcade game with an extra life already on it. i had a fresh start, like all the negativity had let me go, and i had finally let go of it.

and, eventhough i feel really bad right now, i won 21 years worth of living from that moment til now.

the day my friend killed himself, i felt as though i had died with him, once for every day we'd ever laughed, ever found a time to enjoy the endless days of our youth. it hurt so so so bad, and i felt miserable hating everyone who felt just as bad for losing him. it made me alone, useless, worthless.

even then, especially then, i couldn't die. i knew the consequences to everyone i loved.

and now, i'm a survivor, twice over.

does that make me any better? i know it doesn't. i've been to the back alleys of depression. i set up shop there. i thrive in the worst passions of anguish and self torment, not hoping, by writhing in despair. but it's my home, and i'm experienced on my territory.

believe there can be one useful trick left, that there is something worse than living, and it starts at the mistake of suicide.

you can thank my manic side for finding that out.
29 Jun 2007 sam my friend tried killin herself (pills) & it dident work she was rushed to the hospital.

29 Jun 2007 sam thats a retarded Q! dont kill ur self...
29 Jun 2007 sam u people who want to kill ur self r so freakin selfish!!!!!!!!! dont do it!!!!!!!
29 Jun 2007 Esther You can kill yourself in many ways. During the years I've been killed. From the inside. I've been bullied for eight years, I was raped by the only one I trusted, my mom got breast cancer, and now I'm on a thousand meds or something.
They pick labels.. They connect me to meds and diagnoses.. But the fact is my life just stinks. Yes, I'm trying hard not to die. But I ended up on this site anyway, didn't I?
I know you are dutch and just an adult male. You hid yourself behind a computer. Behind a stupid movie. I've done my research, yes. Why? Because no one is to be trusted. Because I'm bittered. Because I want to die.

And you do not know how that feels. How much pain can tear your heart apart. You don't know what it is to WANT to die. Really really really want to. That means you have absolutely NO right to make such a site. You aren't a person who can help someone.
You're just a coward.

You've got yourself in over you head. This is a world you do not understand. For you own sake, close the site. To be hearing all these kids will leave marks. Deep scars.
I'm 14 years old. I've tried to slid my wrists, choke myself, take an overdose, drown myself, I've even tried to hang myself. But it's about time I give up. Two years of fighting are behind me now.

I'll die.
29 Jun 2007 Jess wow reading all your guys' stories really made me feel for you guys. Just earlier today (err yesterday) I wanted nothing more than to just go away. Be completely erased off the face of this earth. I didn't care how ANYONE felt about it. I didn't care how sad they would be. Of course it was a selfish thought, to just take yourself away from people who love and/or need you. When I read about E's solution I realized that he, or she was absolutely right. Even if you have no one to love, or anyone that loves you there are still people that need you, regardless to how bad you may be feeling about yourself. I'm not going to lie to any of you readers and say that i'm never going to think about it again, because at particular moments I can't really help what i feel. But I'm not going to give you false hope either (not intentionally anyway). There is always a way out of this horrible feeling of wanting to go away permanently. Trust me, there's always at least one person that will understand what you're going through. Please don't commit suicide. I'm not trying to sound corny, but seriously be strong. you can get through it. I did. keep your head up. =]

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