Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
30 Dec 2019 razegod wow u are sure a bunch of very thoughtful 13 yer olds. i am 23 now and at this point and can understand why you would want to die, you look life in the eyes and you really gotta face the fact your all in and thats scary but as a 13 yo i was never that wise. maybe you are a reborn angel or demon. i am just a diagnosed schizotypy. could be god but if so im also the devil. if you think you can just kill yorself then you got a lot more to think about. deeath has already been happening to you since you were born. when you die your still there just dont remember the world you came from. proabably less pain but its gonna be very sccary entering the ride for the next world running away from the world your already in. if you killyouself you ll just have to do it all again and then youll relly look likea fuckng idiot. thinking to yourself. why didnt i just stand up and fly right the last time i had a life on earth. why didnt i just realise im god way back when and end the universe while my name was still shiva. i had to let it keep going. it was never my choice. and you think killing yourself is a choice? let a lone a good way to do it. its already happaened. youve already killed yourself and this is where it got you. time to ride your bike naked through the streets at night, and to tell your loved one how much love you hve for them, and to care for an animal, and to kick someone in the face when they try to take advantage of you.and to rip the universe into peices. to kill 30000000 cows and eagles and children. to sacrifice youself for another. to meditate for 6 months without eating. all of it kills you. just whetheror not you really beleive your gonna die this time, or whther you gonna snap your shithead out of it and realise who you are
12 Dec 2019 Old af Oh. My. GOD.
I'm 29 years old, I've always been depressed & suicidal. Technically have died twice.
But you guys are TOO FUCKING YOUNG to be acting/thinking this way.
Holy shit, use that energy to do something constructive!
I was raped, abused, beaten, destroyed, & still survived. At 14 I was already drugged & raped at a party & still managed to have a pair of ovaries to NOT kill myself.
Grow the FUCK up if y'all wanna be acting so 'adult', & knock this shit off.
Be stronger than your pain. Defeat your demons. Most of you don't even know what real pain even is yet, & I hope none of you ever do.
01 Dec 2019 hm talking to your parents. i die a little inside everytime i do that.
22 Nov 2019 preston my family
(not just my father but
my mother, my siblings)
have taught me that to be angry
is to have power
to be confident and arrogant
is to be strong
but im not strong
im only a rage built in a vaguely
humanoid mold
with the craving to rip your heart out
and let it decay in my palm
as i go off to finally
recover knowing that you are not going
to hurt me again,
not going to hurt my young
22 Nov 2019 just Preston is fine dear florence, dear jesse, dear whomever and whatever your names are now. does it hurt? one day it will. one day i think you will think about me instead of you, you, you. i think that day will be soon, when ive run out of choices. when ive run out of people. do you ever miss me? i hope you all do. if not that means you hate me. hate me hate me hate me and i. what do i do then? i thought life went on. now grace and Vi hate me too.
life goes on.
but it goes on without love, without family.
without friends.
ive spent weeks contemplating what to write down for you all; what i would say. isn't it your fault, why i feel this way? i hope it hurts like hell; i hope you feel the weeks i cried over your perfect body, over your friendships, over how much you guys liked each other over me.
youre bolded acrylic. im a watercolor.
ill wash right off.
19 Nov 2019 lobotomy farm They will give you sedatives and put you in a cold room with padded walls and floor. They will restrain you to a bed and when night shift comes they will come in and rape you. At first you wont like it but then you get so horny and every time someone comes in your padded room you just beg for it and they think you are even more crazy so they give you even more powerful medication that turns your brain into strawberry jello. You will hallucinate constantly. You start talking to people that are not there. Then one day you are able to free one hand and you take a pen from their shirt pocket and stab one of them in the eye and again in the neck. They put even more sedatives in your food and drink. Now you just drool on yourself until they do surgery on your brain.
01 Nov 2019 Rose-less Moon I am where you are and will be where you were. This may sound like a complaint to god knows who but i feel completely comfortable. When you have contemplated it along enough, Attempted often. When even your misery seems kinda boring an repetitive. You will find that your tears will end. You are already dead. There is no cure for that i think? You have nothing to live for and yet here you are. You were never alive to begin with but whats been stumping you is the willingness to live and exist like those around you. You dont need to. Trust me , you dont. I spend my days now trying to make people around me happy at my own expense. Its miserable but it gives me something to do while i contemplate. Im 24 now, people think i should get married but i dont really want to drag someone else with me. I am perfectly capable in this solo unlife business. Let me accompany you, heck maybe you will get your lucky break and become alive. Dont worry though, if you ever come back i will be here. Thank you
18 Oct 2019 WonderfulCoward Find people on instagram that are cool, find out that you were shit to them and they blocked you. Jump out of window from the highest floor.
27 Aug 2019 franklin On my trip to africa i saw many things. I saw a large buffalo put his horn into a lion and the trample him into a broken mush with a pool of muddy blood around the lion. I also saw tribals riding giraffes like a horse. I saw a baboon rip open a hyena with his claws. I also saw mass starvation. I even saw warlords being excecuted.
27 Apr 2019 Rick No one knows true suffering
18 Apr 2019 cherry flavored antacids so basically my boyfriend left me for slitting my wrists like ok maybe you could ask why i wanted to kill myself maybe
21 Mar 2019 alvatross fight back when your uncle tries to rape you again
18 Jan 2019 menstral mayhem When the prozac runs out and the blood runs out onto the maxi pad and high stress situations occur it is so much worse than just a stressful situation by itself. You will be so depressed and wore out. So tired. You just want to change your pad and go back to bed. And the cramping is intensified. The headaches are throbbing. And you get so hot and bothered and those nipples become like petrified wood. You feel so dirty.
28 Dec 2018 angel mouchette,

i have had many terrible things happen. sometimes i would tell people just to see the shock on their face. until recently i have been able to have hope. i made a friend and they betrayed me. currently, i wait for my parents to pass because i do not want them to outlive their child. i have received nearly every treatment there is but i continue to want to die. i started thinking that i am foreign. it does not feel right being in a body. i do not like eating or pissing or talking or touching. all i like is sleeping and i want to do it forever
26 Dec 2018 Allison Slowly starve yourself, and eat the bare minimum. Get to the lowest weight you can achieve without anyone notcing then cut yourself with a kitchen knife untill you bleed to death
25 Nov 2018 Linda I am an adopted girl, born i Korea. My foster parents got divorced when I was 11, and my world broke down when I was told I had to move on to a new family. I hated them from the first day, and they obviously started to dislike me also. This went on for almost a year...ending up with my decision to commit suicide by hanging. One weekend where they would be away for most of the day I went to the garage behind the house to find a rope my stepdad used for towing. I made a loop..a slipknot.found a bucket to stand on, and threw the rope over one of the beams, and stepped up upon the bucket, and pulled the noose around my neck, and lifted my arms to tie the rope around the beam above me. then I just stood there for a long time, with my heart beating so fast and loud that I could actually hear it, and feel the pulse in the wessels in my neck very clearly. I remember thinking how crazy I was by putting on lipstick and mascara, and wearing my favourite black dress. I believe I was thinking about to look my best when I would finally be found in the evening. At last I found the courage to lift myself a little by holding on the the rope over my head, and kick the bucket away from under my feat. I tried holding on to the rope, as i immediatly felt a terrible pain in my neck from the pressure of the rope. In just a few moments I lost my ability to hold myself with my hands, and had to let go. Now the rope around my neck had moved, and the slipknot were sitting before my right ear, forcing my neck towards my left shoulder, and it started to really strangle me, and everything started to go black before my eyes, when I felt the rope was loosening the grip around the beam, and slowly my feet landed on the garage floor...and then everything went black for a long time. I finally woke up on the floor with the rope laying on the floor too. I was alive, with a terrible headache, a sore throat, and a deep red circle around my neck...but I was alive, and I was happy that I was, and it somehow gave me a strengh to try make my life better, by trying to look at my life from a brighter perspective. I am 18 years old now, and I just want to say that there is always a way out of misery...please don`t kill your`ll regret it. English is not my native language, so I hope you will bear with me and the errors there might be. All the best from me. Linda
21 Nov 2018 ............ Keep living and suffering until you fade away into the void with nothing but mediocrity
16 Nov 2018 Lucia La mia vita fa schifo’
28 Oct 2018 erin i know every1 says this but don’t. u’ll regret it l8r. i tried 2 once but didn’t go thru w it. it sucked. i was 8. i wish i had this app that i have now called 7cup where i can talk bout all the shit in my life. it really helps.
13 Oct 2018 charb you keep forgetting to take your medication
lets take it all at once

in your dreams everything is repaired
lets discover a way to never wake up

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