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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
06 Jul 2008 Ebbie There is no best way. If you are 13, or any age. Those of you contemplating suicide are depressed. I am age 55, and have was a depressed teenager. Back in the 60's and 70's very little was known about depression. I wanted to die... yet I wanted to live. My fear of dying kept me alive. As well as a wonderful doctor and counselor who found the right medications for me. Please, talk to your school counselors, or call you mental health crisis center. There is help for all of you out there. It is your job to get better. There is no reason why any of you need to feel hopeless. SUICIDE IS A PERMANENT SOLUTION TO A TEMPORARY PROBLEM. God bless you all.
01 Jul 2008 polly you dont.
ive been there.
trust me.
even if it doesn't seem like it, it will get better.
in fancy words, depression is cyclic, which means it comes and goes.
put a warning label on your kit with that on it.
30 Jun 2008 post it mouchette we're old friends :3 so mouchette, i don't know if it's some weird karma you've inflicted me with but i found a new lover i don't have to love... seeing that I''ve lost my faith after the last crazy person i dated... i miraculously went and found my self
another manic depressive lover to fuck with my head... (sorry that this is coming out weird I'm still sort of drunk..)
so today, which is soon ending, me and her got totally piss drunk.. little did i know she was already pumped up on the mood stabilizers the the doctors give her... and so now her i was with her taking care of this fragile person who just wants undress me and make all of her emotions go away...
fuck and this is the second time this has happened to me in a park(the same park) but last time my unstable suicidal lover was on acid and i was sober taking care of her so she wont have a bad trip.
i have to take care of these girl through there nervous break downs it's terrifying, especially when your just as neurotic and suicidal as them... she told me she loved me and we were going to run away forever...

this is it mouchette I'm through with love it's just and excuse to get hurt...

and so i'll
hold my tongue
forget the song
tie my shoes
start walking off
and try to just keep moving on
with my broken heart
and my absent god
and i have no faith...

but it's all i want...

to be loved!
and believe!
in my self!
in my soul!

spooky penguin of course!
30 Jun 2008 Staying around!! I have been contemplating suicide for the last while now and tonight I finally realized that there is still ONE thing that is keeping me from doing it. There is still ONE person that I care and love so much. I don't want to hurt this person because I love them and that is why I am not doing it. I don't wan't to hurt this family member. Aside from them everyone else can kiss my ass!! Find the one thing or person that you still care about and it will change your thoughts. I recommend it. I still want to do it but I don't want to hurt the one person I have left that I love so much. They're the only one I can really tell anything to and I am so thankful to have them in my life. Aside from this person I would have committed suicide but I don't want to hurt this person because I love them. It is one of the only family members left that actually gives a shit about me and that is what is keeping me from killing myself!! Please think twice as suicide is a permanent solution that can't be reversed.
24 Jun 2008 Rowdy Im almost 17, a father of 2, engaged, seems like im doin pretty good right? wrong, my life is headin no where, every day brings nothing but hell. Sometimes i wish i could take myself out, and get done with it, but lately there are some things stopping me, my kids, and my fiance, i love them more than anything in this world, if there was a way that i could still do it, without having to worry about them growing up without a dad, and her blaming me, believe me, i would, the thoughts of death run through my mind everyday, and as bad as i want it to all be over, i love my kids, even if im not happy in this life, i can still be here to see that they are, and thats all that matters. I know there are alot of ppl out there, who think that when things are so rough, and they cant take it anymore, there is only one thing to do. This messege im writting is not to stop anyone from commiting suicide, atleast think, and think hard. Think of your family, think about the things that mean the most to you, think of the ones that need you, if my kids didnt need me, i wouldnt be here, but they do so i am, and im sure if you think about it long enough, you will find that there are ppl out there who need you, but no matter what happens, just remember one thing, somethin that helps me alot, Life Goes On..... just because one bad thing happens, or a series of bad things happen, it wont be that way forever
20 Jun 2008 shirley i have sat here in bed and read these letters of how people feel .i fully understand , but to kill one self is deff not the best answer remember that song , i get knocked down but i get up again well that is how tru life is for everyone.or chers song words go , you have to search in side yourself .that is tue as all answer will come to us.
some times in life i can cope and feel i dont want to be here , i am still here why becasue there is a reason for of us to be here but we have to find that reason deep down within.
when i was born all was fine , then when i was 7 yrs old my life changed from that day for ward i went through hell , from being beaten for no reason by my father, had to go without food, had to take the other familys punishment standing out side in just my knickers in the winter freezing cold, fag burn on my chest, my father bring home peadophiles to see if i was having sex when i was a teenager , i wasnt allowed to speak never allowed to laugh, never allowed to cry with all what was going on had a knife thrown at me and went deep into my arm. being raped , picked on by your owm family having no one to turn to was awfull but what kept me going was all i wanted was to have my own family and i would never treat them like this what i was going through , as i got older even more things happened my sister husband tried to rape me could i say anything no as he watched my every move. then i got forced into a marriage he raped me i had a i child he did the same as my family it i was blamed for things i didnt do he had affair with my sister they had a kid i eventually divorced him but but i had to gegt my kids back from what he had done he told lies to my family the took my kids away from the abducted them yes i was ill for months but i still suvived , and but hey i did take lots of pills and was moments from death i was in hospital andthey pmped my stomache out all i wanted to do was die i could nt go on but yes i saw that light my body was going and all off a sudden i heard a shout mummy and hey body came back from going towards the light.
even now with the yrs that has passed i had met other fellas got married and yes they beat me and tried to kill me threaten me with a gun , try and kill me in a car beat teh crap out of me but hey some how another i am still here .
i am now re married yes he is nice but i still get very low and feel depressed but i cope i dont know how but i do i have 3 children 2 lads and a girl my daughter is getting married next yr and some times i feel how will i suvive another yr so if i can do it you can i have had so much that sometimes i feel is life worth living and some times i feel no it is nt but then i feel you have come this way this far i am now 44 so please do not commit your self to death as you can not re live your live take a deep look at what is making you sad .and then try and think of a way to improve it or think of way that person you loved so much would want you to be .life is for living and love is for giving anyone who is thinking of death your welcome to e mail me at
16 Jun 2008 estaban head ache pillz make ur stomach bleed. internal bleeding not to great of an idea.

dont to head ache pills. cuz also it makes your kidneys stop working. and then you die of toxicity. your kidneys filter your blood and you pee it out. its really painful and you might not die.

seriously you dont make good disecions while sad and pillz can do a lot of harm and make your life worse.

im not telling you the best way. just what not to do. ir you want to kill yourself you are saying im better than god. if you are better than god why dont you make it better.
08 Jun 2008 Rodge I thought of killing myself once or twice, when I was a lot younger. Then my heart nearly did it for me. A month in hospital gives you a whole new perspective on the world outside. XD

To be honest, I couldn't do it anyway. There's just so much world out there. There are things to do and people to meet and songs to sing and I sound like the end of the Phantom Tollbooth, don't I?

But here and now, where I am, it is 2:28 am on the 9th of June 2008. After today, it'll never be that date again. Enjoy it, because it'll be September before you know it. Then it'll be Christmas, then it'll be 2009 and we'll have another year under our belts.

Why not rack up a few days out in the sun before then? Sitting outside with the sun on my face and looking up at the clouds contrasting with the beautifully blue sky... well, it cheers me up.

I know it sounds like utter bullshit when they tell you to get more fresh air if you're unhappy, but there is something in it. I promise.

Remember that you are loved. By me, if there's nobody else you can think of. Because I do love you. There are people who are glad you are alive. Even if they haven't met you.
03 Jun 2008 kf weither you want to believe it or not, i have had thoughts of dieing since the first grade. i remember spacificly what i had done one day in that class, till this day i strugle. I was looking up the easiest way to die, and i came across this site. I have attempted suicide a couple years ago, in ninth grade, although my parents still dont know, i still live with the consiquenses. Ive been picked on and assulted since elementery school for being overweight, in special education classes, and even just liking the things i like. Ive had technically two boyfriends both fucked up freaks, (trust me if you knew them you'd agree), in high school i had a crush on my friend who she constently had asked me out, saying she was by and leading me on, till the last day of school where she told me she was only playing around with me, she was never bi and that she could never date any one like me. I now have a fiance, who should be visiting from the uk on the 10th. but things have been going horribly wrong, I am not elligible for finacial aid, my job(now second for same reason) is basicly harrasing me yet not enough to go to corp. for,my mother is worse then ever now that shes collecting unemplyoment and staying home everyday for abount a monh and a half now(shes been with her company for 11 years and now all of assuden they "got rid" of her postion), my mother is bi polar and in denial and always blames me for things i havent done or for not getting straight A's and honor roll like her; My real father when i was an infent, had kidnapped me for about two months, (mom got me back, but weekend coustody with my father continued), he had basicly abandoned me for his girlfriend when i was 13. when my parents were together, it was an abusive relationship. Around 3 or so my mother was with my step-father. He is sometimes nice to me now. Hes angered easily, his cultural up bringing has brought him into believeing that women are low, bet their children and they tell the woman what to do. Although i have been around him since i was 3 i still feel uneasy and unconfertable with him. up until sixth grade i had no friends, literaly no one, my best friend was in eighth grade whilst i was in sixth. we're still friends. Ive been with my fiance about 1 year and four months now. i met him on xbox360 playing Phantasy Star. he lives in the uk as i had mentioned and i live in the us. I know what hes doing and where hes at pretty much all of the time. recently hes been kind of nitching at me, critising and useing fat jokes(ive told him not to on many occasions). Im also rather paranoid, to be honest i dont think anyone has acctualy read this far and im sorry if im have been annoying, and some what boring.

i had an episode that i have never encountered before a couple months ago, only my fiance and i know about it. he had started stating i was controling his life and that i was ruinging the night.aparently he didnt even relise what was happening until i had emailed him what he said a few nights later. I lost it i couldnt stop shaking all i could say was im sorry and rock back and forth. for maybe a hour to an hour and a half he had left video chat,thats when it all started to happen. i had gotten tremors which i couldnt tell if it was from stress or due to the complications from the ninth grade. i felt like i hurt him, i made him angery. after an hour and a half he had sent me a video chat invite, and then noticed what was happening, i started to be more responcive after he tried to help me. i couldnt stop saying sorry and i didint stop shaking until next day.

ever since i could rememeber i can here my mom yelling my name, its very clear, i would here it and then id ask her if she callled and she said no, theres been times where my ears would start ringing and id go blind for a moment. i dont understand anything anymore, ive just been getting more andmore depressed and i feel like i might do something.
30 May 2008 Tim Hi, I would like to tell you that suicide is not a good solution to resolve problems. I did feel like commiting suicide when I felt unloved, uncared for and its like nobody bothers to help me solve my problem, no one who cares to hear my sadness and burdens in my heart. I also tend to search for emo pictures to describe myself. But you see, the thing is that, if one keeps on telling himself/herself that he/she is no good, keep telling him/herself that is sick almost everyday, eventually, the person will become sick or emotional overtime.

As you know, we always think that no body cares or loves us, but we were wrong, there are people who does care for us and love us. But it is just that we refuse to believe that they care. I give you an example. Let's say a friend loves you alot and cares for you so much, but the problem is that we do not notice their love for us and take them for granted. Then you come to a point where you are upset and cannot find the meaning in life, the only thing you can think of is suicide. You try ways and means to make yourself happy but you end up in a much deeper pit and you will start to have stress accumulating. Then you will become depressed and the thing you can only think of is suicide. Well, let me tell you this. The people that you think do not care for you are actually the ones that care for you the most.

If you kill yourself, what do you think your friends and loved ones will feel? They will definately feel sad and will be feeling strange. They might ask, why did he/she die, was it my fault, so please think for others as well as think for yourself. Dont hurt yourself as it will definately hurt your loved ones ok?

Take care of yourself.
11 May 2008 wickedest ruler ever. i am finding everyday the world is a darker, greedy-er, more violent, coldd hearted place to live. especially america. president bush i just want to know, since you stated on telivision your deep concern for saudi arabia's freedom. however, genocide is much worse. and what aid did you send those people in africa? not enough oil in it mr. bush?
men like president bush make me want to kill myself. what kind of leader are you? selling out your own country men, sending them to fight a war for you and your peoples bank accounts to grow. do you realize mr. bush you have sold your nation out as whores?
i used to work in a homeless shelter mr. bush. you had a letter sent that was hanging on the wall. it said what an outstanding job this orginization was doing, yet you had never been there, and the signature that was yours was actually done by a printer. no money was given by you or your government agencies or in fact any government agencys. you send a letter you didnt even write or read or touch and many go hungry and homeless. yet you mr. bush own a company selling petrol prouducts to japan where it is then redistributed thru the world. i wonder where all that is originating from.
oh and you forgot to tell the world the truth about osama and sadam. that they wherent really close buddies like you made them out to be.
mr. bush i have heard countless lies spew from your mouth while you are in office. martha stewart went to prison for being a liar TO THE GOVERNMENT.
you lie to the people mr. bush. we the people. remember that?

you are the worst president the united states has ever seen mr. bush.
10 May 2008 tired of diapers I am in my mid20s an I have to wear diapers because of a injury that happened but not in a clinical way. because everything goes down bad in my life i am going to kill myself. i have had enough diaperwearing, and enough crap. bye
04 May 2008 notspookypenguin Do not listen to any song written by Connor Oberst! In the last week it is all I've been listening to. Needless to to say all I've done in the last week is abuse prescription pain killers and chain smoke...

I fucking miss her so much.
04 May 2008 rotting in hell u guys shouldnt kill is to valuable to waste time being depressed and killing urself is not the please dont kill urself

if u wanna talk email me at
30 Apr 2008 Rico I was there once, in that dark horrible lonely place, wishing every day was my last. I fantasied for years about how to kill my self from the age of about 8-13. I was bullied, teased, victimised and generally a figure of fun. I was in a school full of toffs where it was the norm to be good at everything and try your hardest. I however could not. I wanted to sometimes just to fit in a bit better, I was made to do some stuff to another kid in my first year aged 7 and this hauted me for the rest of my school life. I not only wanted to kill myself but also the S**T who was 13 who made me do it. I then went to another school aged 13 and life was better, I was still misbehaved but fitted in much better. I suppose what I'm trying to say is no matter how lonely you are feeling there is always some good just round the corner, so never give up because you will miss out on alot of good stuff ahead.
17 Apr 2008 never u mind lol this is pathetic !! ive had people in my family who killed themsalves and i know wat its like to loose a loved one!!!people who kill themselves are sad because they dont think about their freinds or family and how much pain ure gonna put them through !!
i aint long lost a close one who killed himself and seeing the state of his mother was really bad !!
and not long ago his baby was born u lot r sad and pathetic imagine wat ure family and mates will be going through just talk to some one trust me it helps alot just take care of ure lifes at the end ov the day u r only young and ure life is only now starting TALK TO SUM1 AN THINK ABOUT THE PEOPLE U LOVE AND WHO LOVE U !!!
take care xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
16 Apr 2008 cant say my girlfriend killed herself a few years ago there isnt a day i dont think of her it has ruined my life to the point of being suicidal myself i canot go on anymore i have tryed not to feel like this but i cant help myself i been to the doctors he said get over it . ive spoke to the samaratans and that didnt help ive tried no one can help me no one ime gona do it tonight
16 Apr 2008 jeni lou (18) I wudnt no i tried at 14 and my way was a boz of asprin it wud have killed me but my mate fwd me and rushed me in to hopsical i was so dtermined i ran out and fwd my way home from thr eventaully i dont no how but i must have been fwd i woke up back in hospical but ive tried so many time when u can drive best way i no which ive planned and my sucide is set out readi date and notes and place ect is carbon monxide poisionising i had it as a child at bout 4 and well i choose that after years of planning and trying its my perfect and definate sucide so wait!!!!! enjoy teh next few eyars and plan it why u waiting so u get it rite when u do then get ur licence ect set it up date readi
tehn on teh day if u wnat to
do it if not
leave teh stuff in ur bott u can always do it tmz
10 Apr 2008 dep Best way to commit suicide? I wish I knew. Most of the time I try not to think about it, other times it overwhelms and I really wish I had the answer. Like today, when it seems to hard to manage alone but anyone I talk to doesn't make me feel better.

But there doesn't seem to be a best way. There isn't an easy way. Wouldn't it be nice if we could just choose to go to sleep and not wake up the next day, if that's what we really wanted?
08 Apr 2008 hat HOLD ON!!!!
I have been a teenager, I still Am (19) and i know how hard it can be growing up... NO ONE can understand you because you are young and do NOT understand YOURSELF YET...YET...YET !!!! Life is a discovery of this!!!!!!
i am still figuring it out... with many ups and downs but focusing on the ups when im down and KNOWING that an up will come around eventually!!!!
ALSO that someONE loves you... you may not even be aware of this because you feel so TERRIBLE about yourself....
but they do!

so hang in there in those delicate teenage years!

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