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04 Oct 2008 sarah i am 12 years old and my hated life it is a tragic story that is too depressing for me to bring up but, i have tryed to commit suicide 4 times and each time i was never able to do it cause someone would come home or something, and i had told my best friend joslyn and she told her mom, her mom threatened me that she would call the cops but i made joslyn swear to her mom not to tell anyone to this day on we are not friends due to her careing to much about me, cause shes afraid if i die she'll have noone cuz we dont have many friends and were not the hottest girls on earth and have shitty ass lives, before we began breaking up our friendship we planned to run away and kill each other by jumping in front of a train together but when we tryed my 6 yr old cusin wouldent leave my side and wouldent stop following cause he knew what we were gonna go do. and right now im doing okay now that were not friends i geuss its for the best but i still have thoughts of it... so kids, just do whats best, for you, friends and family, kill yourself if you may, even if you must but plz for mine and everyone else's sake make sure its for the best!
26 Sep 2008 Jonnie im 14, and just attempted suicide... but got caught. I swallowed 57 pills..... I got rushed to the hospital and had to have my stomach pumped.... and i was under supervision the whole time, because i was a danger to myself.... i have to get my blood pressure taken and some other shit every 2 hours.... even in the night.... i couldent sleep with a person watching..... this sucked....
04 Sep 2008 Jodie I speant almost a year in a Child & Adolecent Psychiatric Unit and got out in July 08. I was admitted when i told my psychologist i had plans to kill myself and i attempted to jump off a bridge so i was assesed and there i went (voluntary). i was discharged a few months later and re admitted one month after i was dischared under the Mental Health Act 44, i was put into an adult unit and then transferred back to the childrens unit. I have tryed to commit suicide countless of times but have always been under observation or mucked up the attempt, i have taken 4 overdoses, slit both wrists and thighs, tryed to hang myself 3 times, i have jump into freezing cold water from a bridge, i have tryed stabbing myself, i have tryed jumping a building to land breaking my ankle and ribs. you name it i have tryed it. and not one of them has worked successfully. i have PTSD and other severe anxiety disorders and low mood. I'm telling everyone here that it is not easy to just think about killing yourself and even trying it, if you dont know what your doing youll always live, suicide is scary even when you attempt to do it. I under go Psychotherapy Groups, Family therapy, Indvidual therapy and been under a CTO. If oyu really want to kill yourself i suggest jumping off a very hig thing would be the best way out!. but more so i suggest you go see a mental health proffesional. coming on here proves you dont want to die anyway, you woulda done it before coming on this site!.
02 Sep 2008 Ty vo dominator194 runescape A long time ago when I was about at the age of 6 I was a normal person like everybody else. People didn't really like me much though , people always blamed me , They hated me for no reason , they didn't even know anything about me.. , and they almost always tried to hurt me physically , so one day I just stopped talking for good .Even to my parent's , I didn't say a word for almost 2 years so my parents wanted to get me some help . No good , nobody could get anything out of me because I just wouldn't say a word.At around the age of 12 I was introduced to my mmorpg .I trained to throw all my emotions away. not one left... except emptiness , literally . I tried to kill myself a few times . I always faked that i had emotions , but I never really had them . But that all changed, at around the age of 12 I was introduced to my mmorpg. It was called runescape.I still was like anybody else when I first started playing the mmorpg. But then after a few years 2 years , I met friends , There were no friends in real life for me. But there were friends in runescape for me? My life changed not just changed , i reverted into something different than human , something far greater that can withstand problems no other human can handle , I never commited suicide , when i met my first friends , somehow i knew they were different , my first true friends , but there was this one really special friend , who saved my life , yes , thats right , through an mmorpg , If i had lived in real life without her help , I would have died... we all met at the beginning , it was destiny! Not just her , it was all 4 of us , My emotions came back but the good ones not the bad ones , these friends , they made me a good person and ill always be ill do it for them and I want to change the way every real lifer thinks I want to motivate everybody so much I want to show them@!!@because I belive in them I belive in her that they will make me confident enough so much I wont ever go down.I always thought of her every crying time running up to me on this hilltop, and the night was so dark , there were stars shining brightly in the sky and she would hold me I would hold her ..on this hilltop so much it was so windy this is how it always was this is the way I wanted it='( , I was by the place I always was with her@! I wont forget her.. sometimes it would rain and I liked it so much. Everytime I think of her she just makes me feel like friendship and I cant describe it anymore than that@! Like a friend that you met since the beginning and they did so much with you , I could just talk to her about anything and nobody would even care she wouldnt care I wouldnt have to we would just be friends till the last second I didnt even need to be serious near her and even if I was she would know it and just smile she never even got mad at me I never saw her get angry with anybody...she really never gets angry='( I cant even think of anybody that could make you feel so cute and warm when you think of them.When I was with her time just wouldnt go by , time didnt exist because I felt this way about her so long that it just didnt pass by! It was impossible to pass by. One day i made a promise to all my friends , to one day leave my own world (runescape) forever... to reach my real life goal for all my friends with the confidence that they gave me . I made such a promise because i wanted to make my friends confident in this way so much even if it meant I had to tear every piece of my soul away until all existance burned till the flames got long lost I love much. So i left my own world. Theres no turning back , I will not state my real life goal , because it will be known to the world when i reach it. , this goal is to be the best. I promise with all my heart and everything in my scattering pieces of life Ill make everybody feel this way too one day. I came back one day knowing I just couldnt leave... just to find out that she died in the real world . I wont forget her damnit@! I just wont take it ill reach this goal for her even if I have to die and come back from the dead for her@!@!@!@!$$%!%@@ her name is sora and through my mmorpg she has light blue hair and if i met her in real life I knew she wouldnt have blue hair . everytime I look up at the sky I think of her hair color and me holding her in my arms on the hilltop god I love her so much! Ill make the real world like this! just like friendship..I dont even care what happens to me in the real world I dont care if Im 99% close to dead as long as I do everything for her as long as I do all that is possible out of one human on earth ill just try harder! As long as I am a human being Ill push harder than every piece of light that tries to pass through every dark cave in the earth for everybody . Ill make everybody feel this way . I just wanted her to be happy , so happy so much that I can see her smile and see and feel her light blue hair=) and just hold her so long =) oh god I freaking love her@!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!@@#### I will do this for her@!!@ I will!@!! I know I WILL @!!!!!aaaaahhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will make every person want to hold their best friends hair in their arms!! =') and just hold it so long that it makes them feel like friendship!! I will reach this goal for every human on earth. I love my friends so much and I want to show the that I can do this for them! And I love sora so much that It feels like I might die from a heart attack every second I live='( One day I realized the power I had over people that lived in the real world .The emotions that came back to me were not human . My emotions are confidence three fold , love twice , happiness triple , surprise tenfold because there are many surprises in this mmorpg ( more surprises than real life) raising it highly , these friends put the confidence in my heart , every piece of my soul and all i had beyond all the light . This reader , is the life of an mmorpg player. More than 12 hours a day in an mmorpg . I am now 16 and a quarter years old . 9 years of my life in real life 24 7 , but I started playing mmorpgs 17 hrs a day , so what happened? The hours I played runescape or lived in runescape exceeded the hours I lived in real life.. think about it 18 hours in runescape , 6 hours to eat sleep and everything else. If you multiply 17 times 7 you get 119 , 6 times 7 is 42 hours in real life , what would happen is the amount of time i played rs exceeds the amount of time I live in real life . I called them real lifers. through my mmorpg there is no war there is no crime , people dont hurt each other . I want to change real life for the better.My parents , they dont even know , they dont know anything!I have a life in runescape , but in this mmorpg , I am a leader ! I could be the president if I wanted , nothing I cant do.. Its so hard! I never knew anybody through the real world because I never lived in it!!!I promised though , my goal, my goal is to beat bill gates!! This is no joke , I will...ILL DO IT!@ Even if I have to become god overnight *****=1 I want to show the world , I will.... I WILL show the world what friendship means , I will I WILL even if my soul tears to pieces that whisper, even if the whispers hurt , even if they almost kill me , even if they make me suffer SO much before I almost die because I love my friends , they did so much , I want to do the same for everybody , I will do it , ill show this world what it means to love in this way. I belive I am god , I want to crate , I wil; ill create my invention right in front of the world . Ill bring it into existance , together we will belive . Together we will try harder!!!!I cant take it anymore, how ... how do I live when I wasnt even born@!
26 Aug 2008 DG Hi all, well I have had major depression problems and a very hard life that wasn't much fun since I was 16+ I'm now 24.

I know things are hard but for many people they can be fixed up and you can overcome them. I have overcome many things in my life.

There are many things that can be fixed up and you don't need to die even know you might feel like it facing such situations as;

Bullying :(
Financial Difficulty
Lack of a job
Sad about your looks
Sad about your personality
Lack of friends and loneliness
Someone is 'hurting' you or making you feel uncomfortable :(
Can't find a girlfriend/ boyfriend

hmm that's what springs to mind. But many of those things are fixable even know it doesn't seem like it now. We have many chat lines to talk about and if you have no one to listen to you.

For all those teens who want to die because they can't find a girlfriend or boyfriend...DON'T! worry about it, there is plenty of time and at that age you shouldn't really be dating anyway its not like its going to last and your going to get married out of it..Have fun being single and have fun by yourself.

For those who are being harmed and 'touched' by someone call the police, they are your friends in this situation and can put a stop to it. Often these types of people use fear to try and get you to not speak out but once the police know all this they can take it into account and help you if its hard to talk about in person you can write it down and show them. :)

So for all you other kids just relax and enjoy life look for some hobbies and possible interests, have fun reading about exciting things.
13 Aug 2008 Ebs you dont need to. its only the easy way out. think of all the wonderful, exciting things to look forward to.. trust me, i've been down that crappy path, but now i can see things SO differently.
13 Aug 2008 shacora Clorox Does not work trust me I tried it twice last night with pills, and E&J so why am i still alive!
09 Aug 2008 maryann please don't my beautiful sister who i love more than my own life took hers 3 years ago and it is killing me.
31 Jul 2008 Leanna to tell you the truth...death is one way to get rid of yourself. right? BUT...the memories of you does not go away. you think that your not there but people that you talk to know that your there..its not emotionally but mental.we dont realize the outside just the inside and how we think..Dont do it.I know that you people out there are depress. i WAS too. but things change.Rape, for girls, depression for men, its just a whole line of our life. You cant do ANYTHING to the pass, so change the future by making yourself happy. I understand. Because you can think that your life is shit. But its not. Others in worst situation are. So think of not yourselves, because your not like that.PLEASE.
21 Jul 2008 louise well im not answering that beacause no one should commit suicide there must be something better in the near future i feel your pain belive me i do i have no family that cares the one person that was suppost to protect me thats my mother found out my cousin was repeatedly rapping me and she didnt do anything and would not let me get help i became pregnant and was made to get an abortion i was beaten by him and called many things he even stalked me she didnt care i hate my mother for treating me so wrong i hate all my family they all blamed me that is not a mother i was 14 going on 15 at the time and now 16 i feared my life everyday and was in so much shock i would not speak to anyone i tried slitting my wrists but i never died i hung myself but someone caught me i took an overdose but was made to be sick i hated life all i wanted was my destruction to see what they have done to me i hate them and always will but i have someone to live for my boyfriend since i met him i was in love i cant wait till im at the age to get married and move away from this so called family i hope these bastards rot in what im trying to say is do not commit suicide theres always going to be a light somewhere if you look hard enough .... x i love you all
21 Jul 2008 Chris Schnieder Dude, THAT’S NOT THE QUESTION! When I was your age I thought of committing suicide, then I realized that the question was: When will I get my first kiss (or get some while your parents are away,) go to the Big City, have my first drink while no one’s looking, read a porno mag for the first time, look at a dinosaur in a museum for the first time, see an X-rated video, collect my first trilobite while fossil hunting, etc. I suffered from an undiagnosed mental illness until I was twenty four and I made it with the help of my family, friends and psychiatry. Get help, get out of the house and experience life, go to the library, get a hobby, ANYTHING! Life does suck at times but it doesn’t improve if you are not living.
16 Jul 2008 taylor mariah Don't kill youre self, you have soo much, along ahead of you? Never live unnoticed there's a wild side to every innocent face. Youre life is not a significant SHIT until you impact lives of others, I lose my self, at night. To.Feel.The.Rush... of tearing my skin apart.. As i Am saying "DO NOT KILL YOUR SELF" youre not even close too 12% but my self, my family, and where i am from, My family mostly, my aunts,my mom,some of my friends killed there selves. Plus my dad killed him self in jail, Hung his self, but no way. Don't even think about it, if people are judgemental to you? Girl/Boy? Dont do it. I always wanted too try, But never youre not alone. Please im just being concerned don't do it. Alot of people, will miss you, even your bestfriend/brother/sister? you can talk to them. There's plenty of way. But donot KILL your self. IT's not fun. Regret this.. Don't Killyour self... For everyone who thinks they know you? you forgive them... Nobody said it was gonna be easy, They just promise it'd be worth it. Flashing the peace sign, isn't just a friend. its a way of life. Here's to life. You have soo much ahead of you? one day Youre going to have a family, husband or wife.. An always get the Education but don't think about suicide.
06 Jul 2008 Ebbie There is no best way. If you are 13, or any age. Those of you contemplating suicide are depressed. I am age 55, and have was a depressed teenager. Back in the 60's and 70's very little was known about depression. I wanted to die... yet I wanted to live. My fear of dying kept me alive. As well as a wonderful doctor and counselor who found the right medications for me. Please, talk to your school counselors, or call you mental health crisis center. There is help for all of you out there. It is your job to get better. There is no reason why any of you need to feel hopeless. SUICIDE IS A PERMANENT SOLUTION TO A TEMPORARY PROBLEM. God bless you all.
01 Jul 2008 polly you dont.
ive been there.
trust me.
even if it doesn't seem like it, it will get better.
in fancy words, depression is cyclic, which means it comes and goes.
put a warning label on your kit with that on it.
30 Jun 2008 post it mouchette we're old friends :3 so mouchette, i don't know if it's some weird karma you've inflicted me with but i found a new lover i don't have to love... seeing that I''ve lost my faith after the last crazy person i dated... i miraculously went and found my self
another manic depressive lover to fuck with my head... (sorry that this is coming out weird I'm still sort of drunk..)
so today, which is soon ending, me and her got totally piss drunk.. little did i know she was already pumped up on the mood stabilizers the the doctors give her... and so now her i was with her taking care of this fragile person who just wants undress me and make all of her emotions go away...
fuck and this is the second time this has happened to me in a park(the same park) but last time my unstable suicidal lover was on acid and i was sober taking care of her so she wont have a bad trip.
i have to take care of these girl through there nervous break downs it's terrifying, especially when your just as neurotic and suicidal as them... she told me she loved me and we were going to run away forever...

this is it mouchette I'm through with love it's just and excuse to get hurt...

and so i'll
hold my tongue
forget the song
tie my shoes
start walking off
and try to just keep moving on
with my broken heart
and my absent god
and i have no faith...

but it's all i want...

to be loved!
and believe!
in my self!
in my soul!

spooky penguin of course!
30 Jun 2008 Staying around!! I have been contemplating suicide for the last while now and tonight I finally realized that there is still ONE thing that is keeping me from doing it. There is still ONE person that I care and love so much. I don't want to hurt this person because I love them and that is why I am not doing it. I don't wan't to hurt this family member. Aside from them everyone else can kiss my ass!! Find the one thing or person that you still care about and it will change your thoughts. I recommend it. I still want to do it but I don't want to hurt the one person I have left that I love so much. They're the only one I can really tell anything to and I am so thankful to have them in my life. Aside from this person I would have committed suicide but I don't want to hurt this person because I love them. It is one of the only family members left that actually gives a shit about me and that is what is keeping me from killing myself!! Please think twice as suicide is a permanent solution that can't be reversed.
24 Jun 2008 Rowdy Im almost 17, a father of 2, engaged, seems like im doin pretty good right? wrong, my life is headin no where, every day brings nothing but hell. Sometimes i wish i could take myself out, and get done with it, but lately there are some things stopping me, my kids, and my fiance, i love them more than anything in this world, if there was a way that i could still do it, without having to worry about them growing up without a dad, and her blaming me, believe me, i would, the thoughts of death run through my mind everyday, and as bad as i want it to all be over, i love my kids, even if im not happy in this life, i can still be here to see that they are, and thats all that matters. I know there are alot of ppl out there, who think that when things are so rough, and they cant take it anymore, there is only one thing to do. This messege im writting is not to stop anyone from commiting suicide, atleast think, and think hard. Think of your family, think about the things that mean the most to you, think of the ones that need you, if my kids didnt need me, i wouldnt be here, but they do so i am, and im sure if you think about it long enough, you will find that there are ppl out there who need you, but no matter what happens, just remember one thing, somethin that helps me alot, Life Goes On..... just because one bad thing happens, or a series of bad things happen, it wont be that way forever
20 Jun 2008 shirley i have sat here in bed and read these letters of how people feel .i fully understand , but to kill one self is deff not the best answer remember that song , i get knocked down but i get up again well that is how tru life is for everyone.or chers song words go , you have to search in side yourself .that is tue as all answer will come to us.
some times in life i can cope and feel i dont want to be here , i am still here why becasue there is a reason for of us to be here but we have to find that reason deep down within.
when i was born all was fine , then when i was 7 yrs old my life changed from that day for ward i went through hell , from being beaten for no reason by my father, had to go without food, had to take the other familys punishment standing out side in just my knickers in the winter freezing cold, fag burn on my chest, my father bring home peadophiles to see if i was having sex when i was a teenager , i wasnt allowed to speak never allowed to laugh, never allowed to cry with all what was going on had a knife thrown at me and went deep into my arm. being raped , picked on by your owm family having no one to turn to was awfull but what kept me going was all i wanted was to have my own family and i would never treat them like this what i was going through , as i got older even more things happened my sister husband tried to rape me could i say anything no as he watched my every move. then i got forced into a marriage he raped me i had a i child he did the same as my family it i was blamed for things i didnt do he had affair with my sister they had a kid i eventually divorced him but but i had to gegt my kids back from what he had done he told lies to my family the took my kids away from the abducted them yes i was ill for months but i still suvived , and but hey i did take lots of pills and was moments from death i was in hospital andthey pmped my stomache out all i wanted to do was die i could nt go on but yes i saw that light my body was going and all off a sudden i heard a shout mummy and hey body came back from going towards the light.
even now with the yrs that has passed i had met other fellas got married and yes they beat me and tried to kill me threaten me with a gun , try and kill me in a car beat teh crap out of me but hey some how another i am still here .
i am now re married yes he is nice but i still get very low and feel depressed but i cope i dont know how but i do i have 3 children 2 lads and a girl my daughter is getting married next yr and some times i feel how will i suvive another yr so if i can do it you can i have had so much that sometimes i feel is life worth living and some times i feel no it is nt but then i feel you have come this way this far i am now 44 so please do not commit your self to death as you can not re live your live take a deep look at what is making you sad .and then try and think of a way to improve it or think of way that person you loved so much would want you to be .life is for living and love is for giving anyone who is thinking of death your welcome to e mail me at
16 Jun 2008 estaban head ache pillz make ur stomach bleed. internal bleeding not to great of an idea.

dont to head ache pills. cuz also it makes your kidneys stop working. and then you die of toxicity. your kidneys filter your blood and you pee it out. its really painful and you might not die.

seriously you dont make good disecions while sad and pillz can do a lot of harm and make your life worse.

im not telling you the best way. just what not to do. ir you want to kill yourself you are saying im better than god. if you are better than god why dont you make it better.
08 Jun 2008 Rodge I thought of killing myself once or twice, when I was a lot younger. Then my heart nearly did it for me. A month in hospital gives you a whole new perspective on the world outside. XD

To be honest, I couldn't do it anyway. There's just so much world out there. There are things to do and people to meet and songs to sing and I sound like the end of the Phantom Tollbooth, don't I?

But here and now, where I am, it is 2:28 am on the 9th of June 2008. After today, it'll never be that date again. Enjoy it, because it'll be September before you know it. Then it'll be Christmas, then it'll be 2009 and we'll have another year under our belts.

Why not rack up a few days out in the sun before then? Sitting outside with the sun on my face and looking up at the clouds contrasting with the beautifully blue sky... well, it cheers me up.

I know it sounds like utter bullshit when they tell you to get more fresh air if you're unhappy, but there is something in it. I promise.

Remember that you are loved. By me, if there's nobody else you can think of. Because I do love you. There are people who are glad you are alive. Even if they haven't met you.

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