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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
24 Mar 2009 Joseph There is no "Best Way " to kill yourself.
It might end for you , but for other it just keeps going, they're hurt, everyone else is hurt, Hell I wanna kill myself right now too, but Im here for my family and friends.

You Kill More Souls Than People when you commit suicide.
23 Mar 2009 FantasyChica Ive been reading a lot of the things on this site, I found it while looking for the bets way to kill myself on Google. To start, I am 13 though to some I seem older. I have thought about suicide many times, and I have cut myself before. Both my parents are alcoholics, though theyd hide it well if you ever met them. My dad abuses me, verbally and physically. My mother sits by and watches. Im not depressed... but im hurt. I write poetry and thought the audiences reading this would enjoy it... so here it goes
Im dieing here in this spot at this moment Im falling apart and ripping my hair out and spinning in circles and falling to the floor. I cant think anymore I cant write and I cant see the tears are blinding me I want to give up but some wont let go Theyre holding my hand and begging me please theyre saying no. I try to scream but no sound comes out No one would miss me I dont really count I cant hold onto anything Im tied with ropes they wont let me float its likes im in jail handcuffs and all they point and laugh they push me I fall theres no getting up theyre keeping me down My entire life, a smile, turned into a frown.
I hope anybody reading this enjoyed it, and if you wish to contact me and talk, id enjoy it.
23 Mar 2009 Soph I don't want to sound preachy by saying i know how you must be feeling but i do. Over the last year i myself have tried to kill myself about 7 times. Trust me it's not the best way to deal with whatever problems you might be having, it makes them 10 times worse. Its the same with self harming, that doesn't help the issues although it might seem so at the time.
22 Mar 2009 jj I dont know,when I was 13 ,I tried soap thinking it will kill.
I think another way to put it is that we are tired of living-living is tough,demanding and stressful and often does not work out well.
We look back and we look like fools,most of our life we made fools of ourselves.
How do we end this life as we lose interest in living?
My father said he wants to die,he is old and his friends are either dead or sick or senile,younger folks dont want to be with him and he is lonely and he is tired,same old same old thing every day,try reading?he has read so much he does not want to know anything anymore,he has lived thru it all,so why is he still alive?as he is healthy.and thats a punishment if you are healthy and last man left standing.
21 Mar 2009 diana I had a friend who saved my life.
When I was 13 I tried stabbing myself.
I was lucky enough to have this friend stop me.
He made my life worthy of living.
I was happy.
This friend is now gone.
19 Mar 2009 dan Isnt it funny that i would discourage you to find an alternative to suicide , find something to live for , yet i spend most of my time wishing it for myself. im 34
14 Mar 2009 Hunter this is an amazing site. I knew there were a lot of those out there with these feelings, but to see it up close and personal is an eye opener. I had feelings about suicide when i was about 13, and now at 40 I'm truly haunted by the "what if's". I owed it to a broken family, drug use, and hormonal teen angst I guess. I breathe a big sigh now with 3 kids, a great wife, and a nice life, but it breaks my heart to read these passages. There are a lot of cries for help out there that go unheard. I'm afraid some of these people will follow through with what they are saying. Living's a good thing- and YES, life keeps getting better as you continue down the road. It's getting over the teen hump, though, where there is often no light at the end of the tunnel.
08 Mar 2009 Macen Look, your 13 and have hardly lived, maybe your going through some undeniable pain, im not sure i can tell just yet, but killing your self is not going to make your situation better, when i was 15 my grandfather died of cancer, i was his caretaker, he was like my father, when he passed away i was shattered because he was the ONLY one who ever treated me like i was important, the rest of my family always found a way to put me down, and it worked, i started cutting when i found he only had three months left to live the day he died i was a complete mess, i dont think i spoke a word. after a few weeks of feeling nothing but utter pain from the loss, i went into his room and grabbed the hydro and oxcy, took what was left and slit my wrist, my best friend found me. after some hard talking and seeing that someone else truely cared i realized my grandfather would be angry if i showed up where ever it is he may be. im 19 now, and when i think back on this i wonder how i could have been so blind. all im saying is that your young and just because something seems so horrible so unbearable, its no means to end your life, because im sure weather you know it or not someone, wants you alive. if you ever need to talk you can call hotlines or contact me
06 Mar 2009 Hal Hey, i had bin here b4, nw after several yrs am posting bak. Itz rilly gud 2 see that people are advising, telling their stories, and discouraging those who want to commit suicide. Suicide is the end of all hopes.

I've jus cried, talkin 2 God abt wotz hapenin in my life- coz derz no1 2 listen 2 me. oh, am 21, going for my post-graduate studies. Yea, after all the hell i've bin fru, i hav bin able 2 study. I wud stay in my room, cry for hours and sleep in my wet bed-not coz of pee, but my own tears.. :) Well, I've encouraged myself, helped manyyyy people 2 overcome their probs throughout my life... I know wot it is 2feel left out. Yet, now I want to achieve somefin in my life, and some more sadness popping in.

I dunt want to giv up. I wunt list down the probs I've bin fru, but I can say wotever post i've read so far remind me bits and pieces of wot I've lived since early age.

WOT DID I DO? : I withdrew from my family, from people I dont trust, made friends, but kept my mouth shut on criticisms, secrets, and dint reveal anyfin on me. I study hard, and want to work 2 help more people..basically, am a professional social worker- I chose this profession coz I want 2 help people as far as I can. I dont want people to die, to b in probs, 2 b abused.. I no wot itz abt.

So my msg is: ur in shit, use ur experiences for good purpose. am helping, living for my self, ignoring barking dogs..

Suicide sux..lie down or take a bath, watch a nice comedy movie, let ur tears flow, pray by lookin at the sky, without mentionin any name..jus address urself to God..fings will change, God will help u. dunt let Satan make victory on u, he sux.

Hope it helps,
do contact me if u want.
cheers, be alive!!
17 Feb 2009 B Think of someone you know and how it will affect that person. Go for a run - a long long run so that you can't think about anything except your breathing. Write a few paragraphs on a page about how you feel. Take every opportunity you get to be around people acting and living normal happy lives - it is contagious. Do NOT isolate yourself from those around you. Don't give up on anything going on in your life (like, learning an instrument, a project for school, a job, or a relationship). I know I've thought of suicide so much lately it's crazy (many times daily, now). Not in the dark emotional way, but in a cold and calculated rational way. What's saving me right now is someone who recently came into my life, about 6 months ago. I think if it weren't for her, I wouldn't have a reason to go on right now. I can't advise someone to "find" that person. I feel really lucky to have found her. What's bad is that I can't tell her all that. That's another thing: you can't hold someone hostage with your thoughts of suicide. It is not a tool of leverage. But knowing that someone out there sees things the way you do, no matter how bizarre and crazy you think you are, someone out there is your match.
12 Feb 2009 Sasha a girl in my school hanged herself just last week. her little sister found her. it was unbelievable. i just couldnt believe she would do that. no one knows why she did it, but of course everyone is blaming her mum. i think suicide really leaves parents and family feeling guilty. but then again who gives a flying fuck about them. i wish i had the guts to do what she did.
01 Feb 2009 Mike Hey, Ok this hard for me to read this.Oh ok i am 14 i try to kill myself about 2 times a year.I started at age 8.Yea my life is that fucked up i havnt tryed for 2008 you know why,cuz ONE girl i never known found out i tryed to kill myself.She ran upto me crying,she yelled "Please... stop... i need you with me!Stop hurting your self... I love you mike... I Love you" I stop and looked at her... i asked her to stand.I seen her tears... I know she ment it i huged her kissed her and told her stay with me
21 Jan 2009 Lennie Melvin I always wanted to kill myself - that's ambition for you. But now I've changed my mind.
Why run from the gits that made my life hell? Why let them finish me off without lifting a finger?
No. I'm gonna live.
But not the way they wanted me to.
In fear and in pain.
No, I'm taking control.
I'm going to do what I want.
Not what they want.
I'll kill them if I have to, but I AM NOT GOING TO DIE.
I'm leaving this place and going to the one place I can be happy. It may be forbidden but that makes it so much SWEETER.
What I want.
Not what they want.
18 Jan 2009 Her Space Holiday My life is delicately balanced. Everyday I wake, not knowing how shitty I'll feel. Every motherfucking day. I'm scared to lay in bed for fear that I might not be able to sleep. Not be able to get you off my mind. I feel like a masochist just by being alive. Like the only way out is to let myself out. Let the earth consume my pain, let it consume my scarred and dead soul. Do we realize that we are extreme sadists? But nobody cares enough. Enough to do anything; I am no different. Tonight will be like every other night, sleepless and long.
17 Jan 2009 Steve Ya know this site is genius, that and music. I had the suicide feeling pop into my head again yest arvo now, i was really low this time. Anyway i found this site whilst i was in the process of researching "using inert gases with different drugs" as a way of dying (i really wish i didn't get like that) and have been reading bits and pieces of it since. At first it was just a normal like minded read but after several hours of off and on reading i'm feeling sooooo much better. Not sure i'm totally happy with myself for feeling better cause i'm not as unhappy or depressed maybe as others but whatever works hey! Usually these days i'll put music on and depending how i feel i'll switch decades and genre's. sometimes it only takes a hour, sometimes a day or two to feel better but thats what has saved me countless times now. Never being a person thats watched much tv, i tend to listen ta music as much as i can and search the net for whatnot but even that isn't always enough sometimes these days. It's a strange one cause i'm 30 now and was totally happy when i was young and growin up, my parents did get divorsed when i was 12 and our house burnt to the ground at 14 (lost everything), but that didn't phase me, was happy in school to i left for no reason really at 15, luckily i got a apprentiship and started trade school and was qualified at 19. The world was mine until something clicked? Still can't really put my finger on it. Maybe to much happiness? cause that was when everything seemed to plateau, i went downhill, is one line of thought. Maybe the realisation i was a adult that had moved outa home 6 months before and didn't have money for shit no more and had to be fully independent; with all the shit life brings with it to? but it got worse when i met a old school buddy that was into speed(meth) and smack and after a period of 3 yars using mostly heroin constanly i was unemployed, had a small but decent criminal record that i didn't have before (nothing bad, bad) and was at the lowest point i'd ever been, i mean i was so depressed and fucked up you'd have heard a pin drop. I wouldn't have even bothered to get outa bed to kill myself if i only had to walk next door! I've clinicially died 3 times which i'm still not 100% sure what that means but somehow they got me back is the drift, i'm here still. My mother somehow had a preminition something wasn't right, drove over and broke in and found me unconsious, she knows what to do having worked in a emergency hospital ward before i was born (i was extremly lucky). They were accidents both times and the third time i had 6 different drugs in my system of a fair quantity and on a binge that got outa control and dropped in a reserve and was there for sometime before anyone helped me i found out later. Was in hospital 4 days. Something or someone out there must have been lookin over me in them times is the only explaination i've got for that period! Towards the end and part of the reason i got clean enough to stop altogether was i went for broke and sold everything i had left, took what loans i could still get and scrapped all that money into a final fatal result which when i went ahead i got really, really smashed from one syringe cocktail (4+ grams heroin, with the rest of a 5ml barrel fit filled with real strong liquid valium/ normison/ from footy's- now real hard ta get!) and i'd had 1 or 2 beers for atmosphere, plus had a little setup goin by a country lake, no way anyone would've found me there. I remember thinkin FUCK!!! It didn't work in the minutes after i had it, but it was a turning point back that i've never really talked about. I'm just lucky my tollerence was still up even though it was down because i pretty much had a demented daydream goin on by then that i was a/ok. Since then i've started to think my fate is real, well as real as i can percieve it cause i'm the luckist ex user alive i reakon or at least up there in the top percentage's. It just wasn't supposed to end that way. So to sum it up ten years on from where i started, i feel exactly the same way as before all the drug drama's and have the same thoughts as 10 years ago, i've been 100% CLEAN for roughly 5 years. Thats my biggest hurdle still now though cause most of my good friends have either died, are in jail or i've lost touch with em over the years so i don't really talk to people as much that arn't family and straight these days, found relationships hard to hold down to, i still miss my former longtime girlfriend of 7 years, from when i was 17, she OD' when i was 24 which screwed me up to the very limit at the time and still does in different ways to a certain extent. I find a little bit of personal time now days helps there but i am still workin on it. Nowa days i get the most vivid dreams roughly every second or third night seein i still don't really sleep to well, sometimes when there good it really is a spin cause i don't wake up as easily so it goes on for longer. Add flashbacks here and there to that and its tryin all the time to wear me down, i've learn't to deal with all that fairly well though, not the ideal spot but its ok, so far so good but part of them mind fucks is depression for no reason that seems to be getting worse when it does hit. Oh yeh, its a lonely road post drug use. Just try my best to keep at it. Hell i'm still here so have ta be doin something right i guess! Just sucks when you go through hell (self inflicted the drug part of it yes) and then somehow against all odds pull outa it, that i now know it'll never go away, maybe anti depression drugs would work but thats not my answer, at least for the time being. Whatever it is in mi head, sometimes it friggin sucks......... Best wish's to anyone feelin screwed up. My advice, there probably is a way for you to move on and live a good life but it ain't gona happen tomoro, work at it and ya never know. Don't make my mistake though if you can help it. You'll really know how it feels to be alive while your dead!
16 Jan 2009 if you knew, My friend killed herself once, she was my best friend. And she is gone now, forever and it's the "forever" part that kill's me. Everyone says " oh dont cry she is in a happier place now, there no pain in heaven." Well if I can't cry for her and be sad, why cant I die and be happier? I want to die, I want to leave this place. but I cant and I know I wont not until i'm taken by destiny. everyone who wants to take that leap into the next world, dont i cant put into words how hurt i am how much confusion and sufuring she has made me feel, im lost without her. she had to put up with a lot of bad, horrible things in her life, and so have i we were friends bc we could talk to each other about the bad things. Her funeral was to far away i couldnt attend, i feel like i didnt get to say goodbye either.

thanks for listening, i just need to talk to someone who i know wont answer.
16 Jan 2009 Lothar Why do you want to kill yourself at all?

Because you are in unbearable pain.

Pain is not confined to your physical being - to your physical body alone.
When one feels suicidal, there is a heck of a lot of EMOTIONAL pain involved. There are no drugs for emotional pain.

Maybe, just MAYBE - if people were more skilled at LISTENING, there would have been less suicides. And listening is a skill that most of us neglect. Including me.

Thanx for this site, it serves its purpose.

(I lost the best person that ever dwelled this earth - because I didn't listen to him. He is still alive, I wont be for much too long. I cannot live without him.)
15 Jan 2009 Ree i could say soooooooooo much.
guess how i stumbled upon this? looking up fatal drug combos...but that is another story, for another audience of not so tender an age...
you really should not bother with the topic you have so chosen.
honestly under 13...your choices are slim.
but i was suicidal at (failed) attempts were pills, slit wrists...i am now 28. I struggle as of right now with acute despair.
but life gets better.
a lot of shit has happened since then, i have lost friends and family to the grim reaper, burned many bridges, suffered many broken hearts, been cheated on, lied to, assaulted, abused... but i am not broken and there were so many moments in those years that made all the negative at least worth it. so i guess what i am saying is this:
while the morbid side of me finds the topic amusing (i WAS that suicidal teenager) the ethical side wanted to point out that many will find it in poor taste. and that you may be encouraging suicidal ideations.
i noticed there were a lot of comments; however i am too lazy to read them all.
12 Jan 2009 S.S. Don't do it. My 12 year old nephew killed himself last April. The hurt from it never stops. Never. I will find myself feeling good, then I remember Jacob. It sickens me that he did this. What a quitter. My first thought was "putz", but I couldn't voice that to anyone. I have thought about suicide since I was 11 and cut myself all through high school. I believe in reincarnation. Living here SUCKS, but if you kill yourself, you're showing up to heaven without an invite, without finishing your task here on earth (which, IMO, is to help & spread love, even in the smallest things, like holding doors open, for example). If you end your life now, you'll just have to come back & finish what you stopped doing here. I did love Jacob very much. He had a hell of a time & he wasn't thinking straight. People at that age don't think straight for the most part. You're lucky to get through your teen years alive. I consider myself lucky. He wasn't a putz. But he's dead. That's it. You can't improve on that. You can't move forward. You can't look at yourself with pride and say, "I made it through the dark times." You're in a pool of blood - dead. Oh, and allowing yourself to be found by someone who you thought didn't love you. His mom found him. I saw the blood splatter on the fence where he did it. Sickening. To this day, it haunts me. I didn't envy the paramedics. See, the people who dealt with Jacob's death have to live with this for the rest of their lives. He's scarred people for life. Our lives will never be the same. He burdened us with this pain. Don't do it. Don't burden others. You can get out of any mess. I did. Bring the light in. Don't wait for it to come to you. WILL it!
07 Jan 2009   Man, I'm torn here...I can understand both points of view. I'm in my 30's...I first contemplated suicide at 13...only later did my mom tell me I was abused by a neighborhood kid and by a babysitter. I've tried sex, drugs, alcohol, God, Buddha, philosophy, prescription medication, counseling...nothing has worked. I've held on over 20 years thinking things can get better, but they haven't...when people tell you how others have it worse, that is really patronizing and does NOT help. All that does is invalidate your feelings and make you feel like an even bigger loser. However, someone commented earlier that it seems like all it could take is just one person to love them and I agree. But how long do you hafta drag yourself out of bed EVERY SINGLE DAY before you can say that you honestly tried. It's true...a lotta people have no clue what it's like to be a punching bag your entire life, so it's easy to sound like a Hallmark card (hang in there, things will get better,...). All of that said, I made up my mind (or do day to day) that if I can't live for myself, maybe I can help others...sounds cheesy, but maybe living for others can bring some small measure of happiness...

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