Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
08 Jan 2009 bruno F**K.... why would you wanna kill your self at such a young age. i. all i can say is have sum kids and grow the fuck up!!!!!
04 Jan 2009 lizzie tbh i do respect you as the owner for wanting to support people but the title isnt exactly a nice way to show wha ure trying to do. but tbh i think you are pretty fucked up in your head to pretend suicide is a game because its not. It something tht should be taken serious because if suicide isnt taken serious what is? i think life is a pretty shit thing sometimes and sometimes gd but lets be honest it is one of the things tht you control on the basis, and someone who wants to take their OWN LIFE, SHOULD be treated with serious help. you are taking advantage of people who at the moment arent in their right mind. sick bastard.
04 Jan 2009 Sarah Right MOCHETTE you are fucked up, really whats with the fucking emails? leave me alone, don't you have anything else to do with your sad life? whoever you are.. GO GET SOME FUCKING HELP, YOUR THE ONE THAT NEEDS IT THE MOST HERE. GO GET A YEAR SUPPLY OF PROVAC AND BLOODY TAKE IT OR BOOK YOUR SELF INTO A MENTAL HOSPITAL YOU NEED HELP.
If your sad enough to make a suicide kit. When people think of suicide its a really important and serious feeling you don't go and start this bloody site. WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU. YOU SICK MINDED BASTARD. GO GET A DOCTOR AND THINK YOUR FUCKING LIFE THROUGH. YOU SICK DISGUSTING FUCK.
05 Dec 2008   all u lil fuckers that wanna kill urself do the world a favour and do it!!!! seriously get over it ur under 13. u dnt even kno wat its like out in the real world. i kno that there are some kids that really hav problems but really there are too many kids that think they hav life so hard wen really they havnt gone through shit!!!!
16 Nov 2008 Ruth Why would you want to suggest suicide to a young teenager?
Suicide should be the furthest thing from their mind. They have their whole life ahead of them, not to mention the loved ones they would leave behind.
09 Nov 2008 Smiley Art in the form of the passionate and compassionate, playing upon the collective emotions of humanity. A cheap form of entertainment even if only a glance. Ingenious mouchette, quite ingenious.
Side note: Really though, there is no pain in death. When you die, all aspects of the physical are left behind and your "soul", the fine line between what separates you as a human and animal, dissipates into the unknown. Who knows, you might end up as another person or nothing at all.
07 Nov 2008 Kuborion Tell me why do you want to kill yourself and I'll tell you why you're stupid.

Seriously - I wanted make up some more inteligent way of telling you this, but I don't think there is one. So here goes:

Most of you, at least.
22 Oct 2008 mummabear Are you people out of your mind.If you want to kill yourself thats fine but leave inosent little children alone.
Did your parents raise you to hate the world and everything in it?
Cause if thats the case then you should leave it in the home and quit trying to kill off the population of babies under 13.
I have a ten month old and there is no way that he would ever be brought up to hate as much as you people do.
so my advice to you is if life is so bad for you quit wasting your time on this stupid screwed up website and the go commit suicide then parents wont have to worry about what there children are reading from you half wits.
14 Oct 2008 rezz im 12... im sorry, this is the dumbest site i have ever seen in my life. The answers that others put up to this questions are good but this question it self is very, very, stupid - I can't take this, I'm tired, sad and there's only one way out - People who try to die don't realize how corny and crappy this sounds. The whole point is that you want to feel better. Not die. People commit suicide cuz they think they'll have a better life. Now let me tell you reality for athiests. If you die for someone to make them happy, it's not gonna be a great touching story of how you'll be in hevean watching over them. You die, you done existing in this world. You're not there. You want to feel better. Not screw play with life and die. Now for god believers - It makes me so mad to think of you bastards. You go to hell for giving up in hope. not hevean. I get mad cuz god made you for a reason. Look at africa or iran and places like that. Kids don't kill them selves cuz of their hopeless lives. They live. Live cuz they want more. And here you guys are probably on this site cuz ur boyfriend turned gay and broke up with you or something. We have a lot to learn from kids like that. My little sister died when she was 6. She caught an amonia. SHE didn't die. She tried to live. She was the bravest smartest girl in the world. She new that she was going to die before i even did. But she would smile in front of me with what ever I did. My friend in Kenya didn't kill her self when she caught malaria. I couldn't go near her for 5 weeks. She eventually died but she tried to live. My friends mom died two months ago from breast cancer. But when she died, my friend didn't cry or tried to kill her self. She wants to become a great doctor and now she's in the best middle school of tokyo cuz she knows theres hope. Thats why all you sons are stupid. It's your choice if you want to die but go ahead. I hope you go to hell and Satan rips out your eye sockets out. Hope you learned.
09 Oct 2008 dead stop being a bitch and do it you sorry pieces of shits
26 Sep 2008 don't post, to many typo's God damnit mouchette, give me admninistrative privlages because your fucking up. Your filling your posts under the wrong catagorys, thats just in my unprofesional opinion though.
Oh, and to help out however this sudden majority of unpatient posters is:
You have to wait a slight amount of time before your posts show up, for god sakes what possible logic gave you the idea that the more posts you write about how your posts don't show up would acualy help them show up!?
It's always been like this get used to it.
24 Sep 2008 done none of my things never get posted plus this is the wrong thing to be doing when u dont feel like living. life's a gift use it. im done with this site!!!! mouchette is messed up in the head!! and so is everyone else who is on in the creation of this site!!!
21 Sep 2008   im going to do it becaus emouchette reaslly doesnt care since she never posts my stuiff
21 Sep 2008 oh where oh where ive written 4 things and still none of them have been posted!! where the eff are they!!!!!!!!!!!!!
10 Sep 2008   I don,t really know yet and nerver ask me that question ever again or else i will hurt you so much so watch out
04 Sep 2008 I hope all those do-gooders and positive thinkers will get the fuck out of this place.
07 Aug 2008 SAW I was actually trying to look up something that my son was telling me about when I ran across this wonderful website. What the fuck is the matter with you people? I am a mother of 2 and my son mentioned killing himself one time.....I kicked his ass all over the house. All of you self-righteous little punks out there that think this shit is cool need the living shit kicked out of you, to WITHIN an inch of your life! You may not like your parents, or school, or your siblings or what the fuck ever but killing yourself is just another way of being a selfish little prick, or bitch depending on your gender. All you little assholes need to quit cutting does it go?....."I wish my lawn was EMO, then it would cut itself." Everyone wonders why things are so fucked up?! Look at this website. I've seen people die and it ain't fuckin' funny!
02 Jul 2008 i want to see all my posts NOW they post my recent one but they dont post for the last 5 days. geez!! this site sucks!!
01 Jul 2008 hmmm nothing i fuckin write on this site is going up :(
fuck it. im gone <3
30 Jun 2008 wtf. why doesnt anything i tyep show up!

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