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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
23 Oct 2009 Maxwell Whomever felt the need to make such a site. I would love for you to contact myself. You need an education. This is one of the worst sites I have viewed, and to joke of such a terrible activity is ignorant, and makes you look like a joke within our society. If you do not contact you are a coward.
23 Oct 2009 kelly I'm sorry but this website is disrespectful to those who are survivors to losing someone to suicide. Its not something to joke about and nor should it ever. Its not a toy that when it breaks can be fixed. There are probably people who are looking for ways to kill themselves and even if this website is a joke, someone who wants to kill themselves may get the idea of how to do it from this website. And you would be responsible in that. How would you feel about it? This is not very derespectful and you should be ashamed of yourself for even thinking about putting something up here like this.
17 Sep 2009 Ray You fucking people piss me off. I'm athiest and to tell you the fucking truth, if you think you need suicide to answer your problems you're probably right. But if you commit suicide you're a fucking pussy that will never get laid. Stupid panzy ass motherfuckers.
17 Sep 2009 Melvin grow up you fucking loser
11 Sep 2009 jacklyn How can you persuade this? I'm revolted. I think there should be something like a medium to talk about the thoughts about it, but this, this is, awful. I don't even know how it can be legal. I hope you are making money off of it you sick people. Good for you, take advantage of people's pain. And there should be something helping these people...., I mean.. REALLY??? This is sick. I Don't get it, I feel so sorry for you all. Makes me so sad. Your website will make it seem ok to think this way, are you insane?? I want to take all of you and do something soothing or helpful, and I think you website makers should be ashamed of yourselves. Call it something else, help people for godsakes.
09 Sep 2009 Stewie Griffin Whats sader than sad.
America. They knew they had terrorists lurking about in thier country and did nothing. The terroists flew planes into buildings, and now the government is using that as an excuse to spy on everyone on the internet and international phone calls. Even using "privately operated" "super secret" "companies" to tap your phones because its illeagle for they to "do it".
Ask yourself why do they need to know about everyone. They already know who the terroists are.
Besides America is all washed up anyway. Everything they have is made in China or some other foriegn country. Just a nation of services. yeah.
The Super Rich Americans sold out thier own country man so they could make more money. No industry really. No jobs. economic crash and getting worse.
America leads the world in abortion rates, homicide rates, drug traffic, and many other decays of socioty.
America, what a little piece of filth.
07 Sep 2009 Kim You are crazy, take this off the computer. This can give kids ideas that killing yourself is a good idea I don't even know how you were to come about putting it site on the computer
17 Aug 2009 julia Did you seriously start this?
Wow. I couldn't imagine being as small minded as you.
25 Jul 2009 sammy this websit is fucked up. and the wierd girl who runs this site sends you mean and shitty messages laughing at all ur problems. i know who they are. they are very fat and ugly
20 Jul 2009 bitch get a life U guys r fucking crazy. ive always wanted to die im 14 n my life still sucks. but im not so dumb to actually sit there n wanna die over something DUMB. Get a life ight. stop writeing on here bout ur sad storys god no one cares! do something
09 Jul 2009 laura What the fuck do you think your playing at?
08 May 2009   oh, so this is a "blog" now, huh? how trendy ahaha.

27 Apr 2009 Code 199863689278 Are you stupid or what?
This is against the law, did you know this psycho!
You will be hearing from us!
16 Apr 2009 sandra I think you are fucken crazy to put all these ideas on the net you must be all fucken real sick'os
31 Mar 2009 Papa Smurf Stupid fucking arsehole. Fucking hate her, stupid cow, she's so bloody immature. What the fuck?
Don't fucking respect my privacy and fucking ask me to watch it, fucking cow, bloody fucking HATE HER.
Fuck it
16 Mar 2009 Aretha Franklin Why dont u quit being a little bitch and get off ur ass and do something about it! If uv got problems, sort them out - dont sit complaining about it nd take the cowards way out!
28 Feb 2009 just do it why hasnt this been updated in 3 1/2 weeks? stop slacking and update this suicide forum!!!!!!!! NOW
23 Feb 2009   Are you fucking retarded?
13 Feb 2009 Roz This is an absolutely cracked out web sight. First of all If your an adult, you know how to kill yourself, and any sensible individual regardless of age can figure out how to do this. This whole web sight makes you come off as a whiny 13 year old emo brat in which case you should kill your stuck up "the world hates me" attitude and do something more constructive with your time. Thirdly, wasn't there an idea like this in the 70s or 80s? That's how I got here in the first place, I was trying to look it up because of an argument I was having with someone over the topic. Suicide is a waste of thought unless you are really suffering from physical agonizing pain with no hope of recovery. I that case I would say have fun doing it. Over does on a really high dose of some crazy drug like Peyote, or jump off a cliff or something. Just don't jump off a building cause you'll hit someones car and make a big mess and just piss everyone off even more.
04 Feb 2009 maniac it isn't very artistic to call yourself by the name of a movie character.

in fact it shows the lack of creativity.

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