Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
12 Apr 2001 Arcane_Demon How in the world can you be telling little kids to kill themselves? They have a future ahead and they need to be alive to live it. Even if life is bad it will get better. God tells us that in the bible. YOU SICK PEOPLE NEED TO TAKE THIS WEB SITE OFF THE INTERNET. SO FUCK YOU ALL AND I HOPE YOU ALL GO TO HELL. Well you will along with the many people that kill themselves. Isn't that just sad? I hope your Soul dies. :)
24 Mar 2001 ron i really don't have the words to tell u how much of a sick twisted and dangerous site this is! I'm 16 and thought about killing myself and if i would have came across this site i would of probably been dead. So u need to grow the fuck up, be a responsibly person and stop giving children bullshit advise like this. U sick pricks if I'm being rude then good cause. This is full of filth and ignorance. I really hope some one sues the fuck out of your ass.
05 Jan 2001 mike <sighs> Look, guys... This page doesn't amuse me in the slightest. I'm under 13, suicidal and this page is just a waste of my fucking time. Suicide isn't a dirty joke, it's very real and scares the shit outta me. So i'm telling YOU guys to "fucking grow up", for a change.
17 Nov 2000   First, I don't believe you are 13. Second, if you are, seek help. There are people out there who will explain to you that suicide is not something to joke about. I have had loved ones who have killed themselves before the age of 14 - and let me tell you, this isn't funny, or something to "play" out.
17 Nov 2000 Christopher Cohen Haffly You're a complete lunatic if you think I'm going to potentially incriminate by 1) contributing the deliquency of a minor and 2) assisting in suicide. Freedom of speech does not extend to the transmission of criminal data and, fortunately or unfortunately depending on how you look at it, attempting suicide is illegal.
11 Nov 2000 mélanie thibodeau Désolée mais ton kit de suicide est une vraie plaie ! Moi je tiens à ma vie et je ne souhaite pas que d'autres de mes amis meurent encore par suicide et je trouve ça dégoutant de voir des personnes comme toi qui donnent même des trucs aux jeunes pour se suicider. Tu est vraiment un branleur de gosse de première! Je n'ai peut-être que 17 ans mais tu est un criss d'innocent, j'espère que tu vas te pendre bientôt !
Une anthipatique a tes idées !
10 Nov 2000 Lacy Nicole You FUCKING idiots!!!
Do any of you have a clue how serious suicide is? I guess not.
Have some respect for those of us who are not ignorant, you stupid fucks. don't put ideas into a child's mind. because each one of them has future, and there is at least 1 damn reason to live, i found mine, now find yours. and leave 13yr old CHILDREN alone...
05 Nov 2000 this is a cool site if ur fucked up... all of u ppl are sick muther fuckers that aren't succesful in life and are freaks with no frends. It's pretty pethetic how u guys are so sick in the head ta the point that u have ta make a site that suggest ways to commit suicide and by the way, this site sucks balls
06 Oct 2000 winter I'm not offended. I find your site neither shocking nor thought provoking; this is old. I find pokemon more offending than this. Honestly, you are all a bunch of loosers.
02 Oct 2000   OH MY GOD!!!!!! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU? Why in the world would you put this web page on the internet?? There are young kids out there who are seriously thinking about killing themselves, so why would you put a site like this on the web where they can read it and get suggestions on how to kill themselves? You must be one sick twisted person to do that!!! I think you need some SERIOUS HELP!!!!!!!!!
30 Sep 2000 Strix Devi essere pazza... o avere un gran sense of humor! Conosco bene il suicidio, é la più elevata forma d'egoismo che si possa concepire!
29 Sep 2000 nadyla Je ne sais pas trop c'est quoi votre but, mais je trouve ça stupide. Des jeunes de tous âges possèdent la vie devant eux. Des problèmes on en a tous!!!!!
26 Sep 2000 camille Il n'existe aucune forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans à part si tu te bourres de bonbons jusqu'à explosion. Le suicide n'est pas un jeu!
21 Sep 2000 tolo Oh my dear author of this page,
This is not funny or interesting. I have friends who have died this young or younger, and as I have grown older, I have become sadder because of how much they have missed in this complex, layered and beautiful world of ours.
31 Aug 2000 Hope OH MY GOD!!

What in the world are you doing? I work with troubled teens everyday at a treatment center. We have many teens that are trying to hurt themselves or threaten suicide. Many times they have to be hospitalized. What you are doing here is WRONG!!! I wonder what is going on with you. People that are looking for attention in this negative even maybe deadly way (if not to you, but maybe someone else) are actually crying out for help themselves. If you care about anyone please take this web site off. I will pray for all the kids that really need help and they come here looking for some reason to live. If they do commit suicide ... how would you like to live with that guilt for the rest of your life??
08 Jul 2000   This is bizarre? What happened to climbing trees and flying kites and driving around on your bmx.... These days the best way to "have fun" seems to have archives of answers to the question "how the best way to kill yourself is if you're under 13?" please... get outside, get some friends and GET A LIFE!
27 Jun 2000 sam little children shouldn't be bothered by such things. your suicide kit is a bad idea...
you are a bAAAAd little girl!
13 Apr 2000 Dingdongwongbong this is sick, I lost someone to suicide and it is a really sad bastard that would run the site.Rot in hell fuckers!
02 Feb 2000 erik Are you crazy to show this on the internet? Why don't you play games on the www for example tic-tac-toe stupid pig... I'm 37 years old from the netherlands and I don't like people who do those stupid things =suicide= EAT-AN-APPLE
08 Dec 1999 soufian celi Se tirer une balle dans la tempe ou se jeter du haut d'un building ou prendre du tranxene 10 miligramme ou encore faire une over dose d'heroine. Tout simplement se passer à la guillotine, se taper contre les murs. Mais laisser moi vous dire que tout ce je viens de dire ne devrait etre dit à des enfants de 13 ans. Et je trouve très inconscient de votre part de mettre ceci dans votre site, sachez aussi que je n'ai aucune honte a vous dire ceci et que je vous laisse mëme mon address e-mail au cas ou vous auriez la brillante idée de me répondre.
Excusez mon impertinance et aussi les faute d'orthographes.

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