Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
25 Nov 2002 Roberto Jezus, where are your brains? How stupid are you. If you learn them that on such age, how many people will live a whole life?
20 Nov 2002   How sick!! Why kill yourself and go to hell? You think life on earth is bad thing of eternal damnation? Yeah have stress on earth in your short life then go burn in hell eternally!! That really makes a lot of sense!
17 Nov 2002   this is a ridiculous question. Perhaps, if you had any idea how many children under 13 actually do kill themselves you wouldn't propose this as an art project.
12 Nov 2002 nachtwandernde There are many ways to kill yourself. But you can not be proud of knowing this. You should feel ashamed to think about something like this. If you still want to live on and on, you're allowed to feel brave. Life is difficult and it´s a chance to learn and to make experiences. Don't lose it! Use it!
10 Nov 2002 lala That is absolutely ridiculous! I just came across this site because of school, we are debating on whether suicide is selfish, and I can tell you, it IS selfish! It's cruel and proves that you couldn't give a damn about all your friends and your family! I think everyone hear should realise that suicide is not the answer, and there is better things to do!
31 Oct 2002 Ron I had some ideas, but now that I've read some of the previous postings for this question I'm going with something different. All you have to do is send them a transcript of the bizarre comments you've received from people concerning this question and they will instantly believe that life is worthless and futile. I hope you enjoy this self-fulfilling prophecy that you've created. It's nice when so many disturbed people can get together and share ideas.
25 Oct 2002 life is good funny site btw, if this site was run by the government, that post would never have made it. most of you are just plain sick though
17 Oct 2002   You're are sick and fucked up... I ran across this doing a paper on suicide. It's not so funny when you come home to find your mother dead in her car in the garage, after committing suicide...
09 Oct 2002   Who would write a web page like this?
You sick sick, sick sick sick, sick sick sick sick sick fuck.
30 Sep 2002 drug addict your web page is fuckin gay and a waste of my time i'm looking for non painful affective methods of killing myself
14 Sep 2002   This is bullshit.. stupid kids.
13 Sep 2002 It was funny David, you are an idiot, not genious, not smart, just an idiot.

If you were as smart as you think you are you wouldn't say we are animated matter, tsk tsk, we are the BigBang, all our actions and thoughts are bio-electric following the laws of physics that were created when the BigBang, we are not a virus or all that shit a depressed idiot like you say, we are the reaction of an action much above of our perception.

If you want to call yourself a genious just to commit suicide then you are more stupid than the average people, stop shit talking and kill yourself if you like, but if you want to talk about human facts then start by reading the Relativity Theory by Albert Einstein.

I think you created a fake mask just to run out of the reality.
30 Aug 2002 Curtis You sick son of a bitch. What the fuck is wrong with you!!!!? How the fuck can you ask such a question!!!!? How!!!? Life is beautiful, a gift to treasure, not to throw away. Sure we all die some day but, you must make every effort to live a full and happy life. You sick fuck how can you promote this!!!? I'll tell you how. 'Cause, if the quality of life is more important than the length of life, then it is the sorry son of a bitch who tries to keep someone alive in pain and despair to satisfy their own selfish beliefs. Even if they are under 13.
26 Aug 2002 Kelly What kind of people are you? Sickos!! There is no good way to kill yourself. Life may suck at times but it is never so horrible that it's worth ending it all. What a horrible web site. Seriously you need help.
25 Aug 2002 Crazy biatch God damn it how come by response won't show up!
13 Aug 2002   If you really wanted to kill yourself, you would... I don't buy that "I tried suicide 3 times!". To me, that just says "help me!"... what can be so horrible at such a young age? I understand emotional issues, in reality, they have no idea of what true suffering is. I don't know what age has to do with it anyway, under 13? Who cares, is that supposed to be "shocking"? The best method would be something fast, like jumping in front of a train (the mess and totally freaking out the witnesses for life!) ...or painless, like drowning... although, I wouldn't want to look like a floater (hideous, not to mention the smell). Suicide is retarted, whether it's play acting or actually doing it. Life basically stinks most of the time, but you make the best of it. Besides, what makes people think that they are so special that they deserve a wonderful life, free of hassles anyway? Kids today, huh?
10 Aug 2002 An old regular Mouchette, I fear your site is going down the pan. Coming here was once a joy, now I get bored seeing the first entries. It's bad enough with their illiteracy and net lingo, but puh - leaze!!!
Sort it out.

(Ps - what do you gain from this site? Inspiration? Is it some sort of controlled government survey, to test todays teens? Will it end up on the news in ten years time or something? I'm surprised that no one in high authority has contacted you about this site and taking it down. Just shows what a fucked up world we have these days, dunnit?)
04 Aug 2002 If you kids had some good, clean, hobbies, you wouldn't be wasting your time fantasizing about childish "suicide" games. Mouchette will die of old age before she commits suicide. lol But she thinks she might get lucky and convince some other dumb kid into doing it, how pathetic is that.
03 Aug 2002 no one you know instead of killing your self why don't u get off your sorry asses and go get some help!!! When life gives u lemons... make lemonade.
31 Jul 2002   oh god, all of you are so pathetic, all of you guys are like "mom, dad, i love you, even though i don't, so anyways, i'm so fucking weak that i can't take it no more, everyone in high school are so fucking making fun of me"... well then bullshit, of course you can!!

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