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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
12 Mar 2003 MeGz This site is sad, why would you want to post up something that a young mind is gonna read and get ideas from? Like seriously if a 13 year old kid reads some of these responses its gonna show him/her that this world is truly fucked up and encourage them to kill themselves.
11 Mar 2003 Naomi Why does the fact that you're under thirteen have anything to do with it? A forty year old can slit their throat just as well as a twelve year old can, and even more, a twelve year old might be able to jump in front of a train faster than an old person. And really, if you truly wanted to die, you'd be dead by now. If you really really desperately wanted a glass of water, you'd go downstairs and pour yourself some, you wouldn't sit in your room like a moron trying to decide. You mean convenient for people under thirteen? Well you've got your window and the ground below, your car in your garage, kitchen knives downstairs, a hammer in the tool shed, removable razor blades in the bathroom, medicines in the cabinet, the curtains on your window (to tie around your neck), the cars in the street outside, the train, and... well I'm sure there's more but that seems like enough. So if you really want to kill yourself I doubt you're reading this now. However, if you just think you want to die, you probably just want people to love you more. So go ahead, try to kill yourself - you won't succeed if you truly don't want to but it will attract the attention of your family and friends and although it may fuck up the rest of your life and cause people to watch over you and care for you constantly, that may be exactly what you want. Good luck either way.
04 Mar 2003 sonia je trouve votre site vraiment decevant et contre nature vous devriez vous faire soigner avant tout
24 Feb 2003   You are all sick people who send this kind of information. Maybe someone is death now because of you. you don't understand people who want commit suicide.
16 Feb 2003 Your Fat Momma Get A Fucking Life! LOSER!
01 Jan 2003 digusted_pyscho mouchette, Im disgusted that 30 % of this site belongs to miscellaneous americans, 50% to a european hottie called Lucy, and 10% to some loony french people. I have no idea what the remaining 10% belongs to.
why oh why?
25 Dec 2002 jacki lire les archives de ton site à la con, sa coute pa cher, c radical, garantie cent pour cent,
23 Dec 2002 unhealthy There's only one reason to die and that's if your health is really messed up. All the rest of you should go home and live.
21 Dec 2002 Carl If you're thinking of committing suicide then your life must be pretty darn shit. If that's the case, then GET A LIFE. Take some chances, what have you got to loose. If everything goes wrong, so what, you would've been dead anyway. And stop being so selfish. Think about how your friends and family are gonna feel when you die - and if they don't care about you anyway, why give them the satisfaction. You got nothing to loose so GO GET A NEW LIFE - and enjoy the rest of it.
10 Dec 2002 un garçon intelligent connard (connasse), inciter les petits à faire ça, il n'y a rien de plus médiocre et de plus nain que de faire ça ! t'es vraiment un ou une salope !!!
25 Nov 2002 Roberto Jezus, where are your brains? How stupid are you. If you learn them that on such age, how many people will live a whole life?
20 Nov 2002   How sick!! Why kill yourself and go to hell? You think life on earth is bad thing of eternal damnation? Yeah have stress on earth in your short life then go burn in hell eternally!! That really makes a lot of sense!
17 Nov 2002   this is a ridiculous question. Perhaps, if you had any idea how many children under 13 actually do kill themselves you wouldn't propose this as an art project.
12 Nov 2002 nachtwandernde There are many ways to kill yourself. But you can not be proud of knowing this. You should feel ashamed to think about something like this. If you still want to live on and on, you're allowed to feel brave. Life is difficult and it´s a chance to learn and to make experiences. Don't lose it! Use it!
10 Nov 2002 lala That is absolutely ridiculous! I just came across this site because of school, we are debating on whether suicide is selfish, and I can tell you, it IS selfish! It's cruel and proves that you couldn't give a damn about all your friends and your family! I think everyone hear should realise that suicide is not the answer, and there is better things to do!
31 Oct 2002 Ron I had some ideas, but now that I've read some of the previous postings for this question I'm going with something different. All you have to do is send them a transcript of the bizarre comments you've received from people concerning this question and they will instantly believe that life is worthless and futile. I hope you enjoy this self-fulfilling prophecy that you've created. It's nice when so many disturbed people can get together and share ideas.
25 Oct 2002 life is good funny site btw, if this site was run by the government, that post would never have made it. most of you are just plain sick though
17 Oct 2002   You're are sick and fucked up... I ran across this doing a paper on suicide. It's not so funny when you come home to find your mother dead in her car in the garage, after committing suicide...
09 Oct 2002   Who would write a web page like this?
You sick sick, sick sick sick, sick sick sick sick sick fuck.
30 Sep 2002 drug addict your web page is fuckin gay and a waste of my time i'm looking for non painful affective methods of killing myself

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