Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
22 Jul 2003 Katie Your website is fucking bullshit.
That shit disturbs a lot of people!
How to kill yourself?? that is fucking pathetic, this world is fucked up, and so is your damn site .
07 Jul 2003 Brad Quit whining!!! All of y'all!!! My life is worse than any of you! I am in debt about 3000 dollars, the only girl I have ever truly loved left me for her ex, I'm stuck in a shitty job, I can't find a love as deep as before, MY ex-ex is all over me for attention (but I care for her) so I can't kick her to the curb but I don't want to be with her, my grandpa died, my parents want the money I owe them, my ex-gf is still on a lease with me for 2 more years so I can't move into a new place, I'm stuck living with my parents, I feel like killing myself with the guns my dead grandpa left me, I have little money left, my friends all betrayed me because they hated my ex and I lived with her, and finally, I work 10 hours a day five days a week because my grades suck and I NEED out of debt!!!! This is a reason to kill yourself! Not because of your stupid internet girlfriend won't respond back to you!!!! GROW UP!!!! Am I dead yet??? Well, not yet! And I have worse problems then all of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
03 Jul 2003 Juliette C'est une idée stupide. Il faut le prendre au second degré non ? Comment peut on avoir de telles idées à cet âge. Manger des gateaux... toute la journée.
28 Jun 2003 vivien Mais qu'est ce que c'est que ce site de merde!!!?? , et ces personnes à la con qui trouvent le moyen de répondre, vous me dégoutez tous, j'espère que cette page de merde va disparaître!
14 Jun 2003 Bimmer The reason people think people who want to kill themselves are sick is because they don't know how it feels. it's virtually impossible to explain without sounding like a fucking retard. so until you know what you're talking about shut up and freaking out at people with mental issues, because if you are so perfect then why are you visiting such a fucked up site like this
13 Jun 2003 christine what is the best way to kill yourself when your under 13, who gives a fuck! this a ridiculous and stupid thing to ask. The fucking site was made by sick fuckers! absolutely sick!!! who ever you are you have no fucking idea about life. life is never that bad, i have been in that position, thinking its all bad, but i know that no matter what i wouldn't do that to my family.
my god bless anyone who read this
13 Jun 2003 Jessica You are all fuckin sick... My boyfriend, best friend, and mother have all killed themselves.. none of you have obviously ever fuckin felt the pain that leads to suicide and to fuckin joke about it like you do is sick. I'm fuckin 15 and I obviously know more about this fuckin shit than any of you.
11 Jun 2003 KissMyAss Grow up!
10 Jun 2003 christine why would you want an under 13year old to kill themself, they are too young
31 May 2003 Nicole First of all, aren't you at all worried that one of these insane children will "accidentally" actually kill themselves?! You would be responsible, be sent to prison for 10 years per kid and get had by a whole bunch of old ex cons... this is the WORST way to go... so i really hope you start thinking about things. And if this is some sick way of getting ideas to kill yourself (which might just be likely) don't give up on life yet. But if you do, we will miss you and i hear shooting yourself in the temple is quick and only takes about .1 second. We will all miss sick people like you.
28 May 2003 Danny Life's a battle kiddies the sooner you realise that the better. Who ever told you life was easy or fair was lying to you. You all need to wake the fuck up get angry, and move forward instead of whining like little bitches about how hard life is. You can live in self defeat about how this happened to you or that or whatever. But no one really gives a shit about your problems except you, and only YOU can make yourself feel better so take responsibility for your emotional health instead of blaming everyone. If you've got two arms, two legs, a brain and you're healthy you got no excuse to feel bad.
So get up stand up, grab life by the balls, say fuck everyone else no one really cares about me so i'm going to make a success of my life or fucking die trying.
28 May 2003 Kelly dont do it seriously someone has it worse than u and dont do it !!!! if u do than ur selfish!!!!
27 May 2003 shlib Yo are all a bunch of sick twisted fucks who need theropy. Get a fuckin life you queer weird bastards... Seriously think of theropy cause your sick
21 May 2003   You are fucking sick!!!!!!!! What the hell is your problem! You could be responsible for people dieing! I hope you burn in Hell!!!!!!!!!!
19 May 2003 carly if you really wanted to kill yourself you wouldn't be on a computer talking about it, you would just jump off of a bridge or shoot yourself, it's not very hard to do it, there is nothing worth killing yourself over you faggots, especiall when you are a teenager, so grow up and get some counselling, or just do it, one or the other, cuz reading this bullshit is ridiculous
16 May 2003 Julien Pourquoi parler de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans? Rigolo l'idée d'un kit de suicide, mais je crois que le suicide est un problème chez les adolescents et que par votre kit de suicide vous montrez comment le suicide chez les jeunes peut être banalisé, chose à ne pas faire.
14 May 2003 nobody Jesus is the only way out and he will help you. This website should not be here. But may God Bless all you guys.
12 May 2003 Karen i know a really good way!! not to kill yourself at all!! no ofense to u but that is really stupid!
06 May 2003   i think this is a dumb website. whoever created this shame on you. specially for 13 years and younger. you should teaching that suicide is not good and prevent it not trying to show them to do it. if you are thinking of committing suicide the only way out is God and his is the only way out. May bless everyone.

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