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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
11 Dec 2003 Jonio To me getting to the point of killing yourself is thinking you're better than everyone else (at least it can happen that way) i.e. thinking you are unique. It happens to people who have no feelings for material things. You start thinking about ethereal matters, and you may kill yourself. You feel like you don't belong in this world. But as for me, I'll never kill myself.
11 Dec 2003 MEEEEEE It really annoys me the fact that everyone thinks their life is worse than anyone else's. Stop being so bloody ignorant eveyone has problems and reasons why they might like to kill themselves you can't know what another person is going through exactly. Why is how shitty you feel a competition? Everything is a competition these days no one can just offer congratulations and actually mean it, you have to be better. Everyone I know argues that their parents are better then later they'll turn around and argue that they're more hard done by. Just because you've got problems doesn't mean that no one else could compare. Once you all start listening and understanding each other then maybe the suicide rate will go down and that would be better for all of us!
11 Dec 2003 natasha grace This web-site is the most absurd and disgusting thing I have ever seen. Life is precious no matter how bad it is- and I know it can be very, very bad. You all need to go see a therapist and GET ON SOME PROZAC!!!!
10 Dec 2003 joseph chu This site is very disturbing, talking about suicide under the age of 13 is a very sick thought. Snowboarding off a mountain, drinking poisonous substances, shooting yourself, jumping off a building! I have never seen such a graphic display of sick people in my entire life. All of you people waste too much time talking about suicide when you could be doing something else and be doing something productive with your life. Sick bastards...
07 Dec 2003 Duane if u are fool enough to believe in suicide then u do not deserve to be called human. suicide only hurts urself ur family and ur friends. it is a pathetic waste of life and if u feel so desperate as to take such a drastic step then u should remember 1 GOLDEN RULE: TELL SOMEONE YOUR PROBLEM. i myself have wanted to commit sucide due to bullying but i talked it through with friends and family and i feel stronger for it!
04 Dec 2003 Kristen Kaminski What is wrong with this website? Aren't you trying to stop the teen suicide rate down? But promoting suicide with different ways to kill your self is immoral. I think the creator of this web site should take their own advice and "get some help".
26 Nov 2003 Sasha Beddall this is a sick website and i think you are the most disgusting person in the world!! if anyone should be dead it should be you!!! you're sick in your body and mind. why do u think u have the right to tell people how to kill themselves? people should die naturally not buy your stupid little pathetic ideas. WANKER!!!!!
26 Nov 2003 Hope THATS WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You can get help, I've been there.
21 Nov 2003 root Tu n'as rien créé... to answer to your question, the best way to kill yourself is to own and to refuse to take down a site.
19 Nov 2003 asshole *Chris* ---for all to see---
If you only knew what it was like to actually fucking hate yourself from the inside out... you may actually have feelings, understanding, intelligence and all that other blah blah blah... I think you should off yourself and save mankind since you're so fucking full of yourself. Here's a psychology lesson, so take note: a man who thinks he knows everything, knows nothing. A man that realizes that he can't ever grasp all there is to know, knows much. When someone pats your back and tells you how smart you are, think about who that person is, references count. About suicide, the main topic, your take on it is, to me, blatantly narrow/shallow and naive. Grow up (the # of years you have been alive does not count). Just for reference:

"We want to die. But on the other hand we are the only people who know the secret for living forever and remaining young forever. If you commit suicide at 18, you will remain 18 forever, sexy and oh so lovely as I am sure you all are! So hail to our eternal youth, life, death and suicide! Let's keep our little beauty secret for ourselves and tell all the others to fuck off."
13 Nov 2003 Lucy Ok, no offence, but you must be wacked in the head for making a website like this. Giving little kids stupid ways to kill themselves like shove a toothbrush in your belly button. Anyway, I would say that the best way to kill yourself when your under 13 is to find dad's hunting guns and blow your brains out!
06 Nov 2003 REALITY YOU GUYS DONT REALLY WANT TO DIE BECAUSE IF YOU "REALLY" WANTED TO YOU COULD OF. SO, ALL OF YOU WHO HAVE TRIED, you Suck cuz You cant even do that right. Oh i tried 3 times oh, i tried 5 times what is that.... Get over it and do someting with your life.(you guys are soooooo dramatic ..... SNAP OUT OF IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
16 Oct 2003 Phyl Get Courtney Love to kill you and then say it was a suicide.;;or take drugs
GIRLS ATTTEMPT SUICIDE, BOYS COMMIT SUICIDE. If you want to kill yourself stop fuckin moaningggggggggggg about it and fucking do it, get a shotgun!!!!!!!!! It's not that hard these days and get some shells for your shotgun and blow your fucking head off! It doesn't take a genius, I hate all you fucking attention seekers trying to kill yourself, do it properly for fuck's sake and stop wasting hospital space and people's time.
Thank you Mouchette,
Love Phyl X
09 Sep 2003 the gay punk WHO THE FUCK ARE YOu!!!!!!!

you have no fucking right to say that. what did i ever say to you or to anyone? nothing exactly. if you're one of those snots who'd talk around about killing themselves and not getting around there. well FUCK YOU. i don't know who you are, you don't go around telling that i feel like Just A Girl or Lucy or Mouchette and Emily (hi, i haven't met you yet) and don't you dare forget Felicia. no one forgets Felicia you motherfucker! FUCK YOU, i'm gonna shoot you in the head and take out all your body parts from up your ass. gggggggggggggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

i never dis anyone here expect for the anti suicide people who goes here ranting about suicide even though it's my and your democratic choice. FUCK YOU ALL

you nomad have no respect. fuck you i didn't do anything to you which is kinda like this new kid in my school who asked me if i'm gay and he's all just like "gay pride's gonna be cut yo." you are not 50 cent. i know that you hate us faggots but you only have to say "i hate your lifestyle" don't threaten us or put us down. be polite you motherfucker.

fuck you nomad
05 Sep 2003   You are a sick fuck! That is just completely wrong. Teaching kids the best way to end their own lives at that age?! Are you asking for a lawsuit here? Look, i'm 16 and i live in colorado. I lost my best friend to suicide and it's horrible. Both me and my friend have tried to commit suicide b/c we have both been diagnosed with severe depression. Suicide is not something to be 'played' with. It's not something to teach little kids how to do either!
19 Aug 2003 someone who is positive towards life no one should be at this site it is very negative towards children and teens that view it. help me shut this site down permanently. i think this will promote horrible things in the world and depress who ever reads this garbage. this is a very large amount of trash and no one should think or write or do these kinds of things. life can be rough but life is not fair but think you were out here for a reason not to take your own life god decides that. be smart dont go to this kind of garbage. my father comitted suicide and my whole family is feeling guilty. so just answer this: how would you feel if your mother or father or some one you loved so much did this? so why would you?
17 Aug 2003 skippy Ya'll are some sick mother-fuckers. GO get a life. You buncha' dumb bitches. Fuck all of ya'll fuckin' fuckers.
06 Aug 2003 v why would you want to at 13? you haven't experienced half the problems an older person has. why don't you get on? things do get better. i don't care if you say they don't live life to the full, don't let anything get in your way, you're you for a reason so if life's shit live your life as shit. if it's you then live with it, things do get better... unless you do do it that's when nothing changes
05 Aug 2003   Go fuck yourselves. You don't know anything about the world. You're just brat kids who are looking for attention. Go home to mommy you fucks.

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