Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
18 Feb 2004 Bryan boo hoo caz, didnt you get the new thinkpad for christmas and taking it out on us? Or was it the ski vacation to vail that isn't happening?
13 Feb 2004 cdm if you really want to kill yourself then don't follow the bsic commandments that God has set fourth for us. You basiclly are already dead, dammed, and living 25% of yur hell. The other 75% can be found in the book of revolation, or as you may be destend the firey pits of hell. Ask God for joy in your heart and spirit, I sure he will give it to you. He has me. If not consider yoursel already dead, from dust were we made back to dust shall we go. Ohh, by the way if you killed yourself before you turned 13 you will still make it into the kingdom of Heaven, anythig after that you are judged, and every one knows (if you read the bible) commitig killing yoursel is a sin and automatic address in hell
02 Feb 2004 Sanor what happened to this site? jeez... got all serious all of a sudden. I think suicide is fun, go ahead do it you wimpy bastards... more O2 for me I say. quit being pitiful little, narcissistic punks and do it. I know, by the way, that 95% of these posts are from nit-wit little ego-maniacs like paris hilton and nicle richie. would you please just lose enough weight that your body goes into shock from malnutrition? and do the world a favor, toughen up people, not all were meant to roam this earth. and for you jesus frieks leave the suicidal people alone, giving them false hope in an imaginary deity doesn't help. It's like saying "Santa doesn't want you to commit suicide, because you won't get any presents then". Also "commit" is too far a stretch for these people, these kids say "i almost" or " i tried to.." blah blah blah they can't commit. it takes dedication, so try and buckle down, youth of the world and try to focus for more than fifteen seconds on something other than yourself!
25 Jan 2004 xxxx I cant believe that this is even here on the net. I do understand because when I was under 13 there was one time i thought about it for about 10 seconds. I was never really serious. I helped lots of my friends who thought it was the way out and helped save one friend who wouldnt talk to me after that. Life is a precious thing and I dont blame you kids. I blame your parents! I dont understand how a parent can let a child get depressed.
24 Jan 2004 Michael Fannon WHAT IN THE HELL IS THIS?
23 Jan 2004 hi your a rude bitch u really are bc u hold the power to convince ppl to kill themselves and that aintright its only right to kill urself whne YOU want ot
15 Jan 2004 ------- what kind of question is that? i mean god put us on the planet to kill ourselves or live life!.... if ur not having a good day or maybe a couple of bad days then shut urself in a room and scream it off, don't take a blade to your wrist so everyone misses u and wonders if it was them that made u come to the conclusion.... And under 13? what the heck is the whole point of being born if ur gonna kill yourself as baby pretty much, i mean 13 is just turning into a teenager. U haven't got the experience of college yet, u don't know what your wedding will be like all u know is ur stupid and u do anything to get in trouble... junior high and highschool should be the best years of your life not the years when u hate the world and all u want to do is go home and blow your brains out so u can be missed...
11 Jan 2004 READ THIS POSTING!!! Hey, I've read about every thing on this web site and I have got a lot to say. First of all, suicide is the wimp's way out. If you're dealing with tons of crap, then seek help from a doctor. If you're over the age of 18 and you are thinking about commiting suicide, don't! Join the military, that will fix you up! If you are under 18, then find help at school. I'm sure there has got to be someone that can and will help you get through the hard times in your life. Suicide is no joke. Look at Kurt Cobain. He had everything. He was world wide famous, he had tons and tons of money, he had a wife and a daughter, he had trillions and trillions of fans that loved him and would have done anything for him. Why doesn't he have most of that any more? Because he commited suicide. Let me explain my thoughts.
Suicide is not funny at all. It is one of the most serious things in the entire world. It is actually someone taking their own life away. They will never live ever again. They will never see any of their friends and loved ones again. They will never have another chance at life unless God gives them one. Which is very doubtful because you actually took the life he all ready gave to you and you chose to throw it away. If you kill yourself, you will end up in a very bad place we humans call Hell. It is horrible. This is my thought: Hell is a place were a soul goes after he/she has killed someone, or him/herself. You feel pain in every part of your body nonstop. Now just imagine feeling pain for a week straight. Then amagine feeling pain for the world's time of existence. The world has been going on for Billions and Billions of years, and there is still billions and billions of years to come. Hell, I also think it is like this: O.K. God knows what you fear most. If you go to Hell, then God turns your soul over to the Devil. The Devil also knows what you fear most. If the Devil has possesion of your soul, then he will make you go through the rest of the world's time of existence with the thing you fear most. Whether it is losing your sight, losing your taste, anything you fear he will give you. So please people, before you pull the trigger, swallow that poison, before you commit suicide, think to yourself, "Is it really worth it? Is it really worth feeling pain all the time?" And for those of you who are over the age of 18 and are thinking about killing yourself, remember, JOIN THE MILITARY! That choice will straighten out your life 100% garanteed. So remember every one, think before you act. Life will get better, wether it is today, tomorrow, or next year, it will get better.
11 Jan 2004 rhiannon why are you all getting so stressed about this?! if you think people finding a cure for an unbearable life they can't handle anymore is so wrong, why are you even on this site?! shouldn't you all be outside an abortion clinic? preaching about your fucking unwanted opinions there?
if you all think life is so great then why don't you go and do something with your own instead of wasting your time here?!
11 Jan 2004 Your parent What is the boundary between art and psychotic breakdown? You fuckers are sick... After reading some of this shit, I think I will go to church this Sunday. Just a thought, probably sleep my ass until dawn. Yes, you fuckers are evil. This mouchette bitch is the grand whore sitting on a pile of feces and 13 year old fuck heads. Go to hell. At first i thought some artistical thoughts are not too bad. But it just getting strange. Damn... May the Holy Mother of Jesus cleanse your soul with her innocent vagina. So you can taste the fruit of life and the body of the lord.
05 Jan 2004 LeyAnn I think you are all selfish and inconsiderate. Not one of you have thought about the people you will leave behind or the people you may injure during your suicide. There is plenty of free help in the world because everyone needs help at some time in their lives. Please consider your friends, family or even getting help before doing something totally selfish. No one asks to be born but your life is what you make it and only you can improve it. I considered suicide due to being severely bullied at school, i'm very happy I didn't. I love my family and my life is now what I made it.
02 Jan 2004 Antinewyear "Society is a joint-stock company... for better securing of his bread to each shareholder, to surrender the liberty and culture of the eater" - Emerson's bullshit

So I've realized... for those who celebrate, they are bond to disappointments and feeling of emptiness.
The drug "holiday" provided by society is addicting. You are forced to take it in order to feel depressed afterwards. The souls wish to be released from mundane with celebrations...
But please don't forget, more than 300 days per year, you are living under social control and rules. System of reward and punishment...
For if you don't want to feel pain and suffering, you have to give up all your pleasures in life. How could anyone be a saint if the whole world is filled with criminals or vice versa?
Why the fuck am I saying this to you morons? 13 year old cock suckers? Go rock climbing with the rope attached to your dick for all I care! None of you bastards will ever kill yourself... Why the fuck do you need to check some web site if you're really going to do it? Any retard can think of ways of suicide without the lame suggestions from the lamers. 13 years old masturbators... I hate masturbators, it's a sign of mental weakness. You are weak. Too weak to live, too weak to die. Illogical stupid little shits that don't deserve to eat, but be the feast of my honest arachnid. Look at yourselves in the mirror, ugly monkeys of moral defeat! What suprises me more is not that you didn't kill yourself already, but your half-ape brain is making up reasons to live another day. I will piss on your corpse after setting fire on your coffin. All you idiots deserve no respect in life or in death.
30 Dec 2003 ... You seriously need some LOVE !! How can you have this on your site! From Belinda in Australia
14 Dec 2003 scarymonster try thinking about what other people think of you!!!
13 Dec 2003 Justin *laughing* Chris, my dear fellow, a tad bit defensive there are we? My my. My apologies for not being a "regular" at "how to kill yourself when youre under 13". I am utterly heartbroken at not being included in this elite forum. Please, accept my most humble apologies for besmearing your name to all the loyal minions beneath you. Get a life, my friend. Stop taking yourself so fucking seriously.
11 Dec 2003 Jonio To me getting to the point of killing yourself is thinking you're better than everyone else (at least it can happen that way) i.e. thinking you are unique. It happens to people who have no feelings for material things. You start thinking about ethereal matters, and you may kill yourself. You feel like you don't belong in this world. But as for me, I'll never kill myself.
11 Dec 2003 MEEEEEE It really annoys me the fact that everyone thinks their life is worse than anyone else's. Stop being so bloody ignorant eveyone has problems and reasons why they might like to kill themselves you can't know what another person is going through exactly. Why is how shitty you feel a competition? Everything is a competition these days no one can just offer congratulations and actually mean it, you have to be better. Everyone I know argues that their parents are better then later they'll turn around and argue that they're more hard done by. Just because you've got problems doesn't mean that no one else could compare. Once you all start listening and understanding each other then maybe the suicide rate will go down and that would be better for all of us!
11 Dec 2003 natasha grace This web-site is the most absurd and disgusting thing I have ever seen. Life is precious no matter how bad it is- and I know it can be very, very bad. You all need to go see a therapist and GET ON SOME PROZAC!!!!
10 Dec 2003 joseph chu This site is very disturbing, talking about suicide under the age of 13 is a very sick thought. Snowboarding off a mountain, drinking poisonous substances, shooting yourself, jumping off a building! I have never seen such a graphic display of sick people in my entire life. All of you people waste too much time talking about suicide when you could be doing something else and be doing something productive with your life. Sick bastards...

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