Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
08 Oct 2004 Justin I'm with Jessica just shut up and do it already!!
06 Oct 2004 heartsbleedblue What's the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?.... Are you fucking serious? No really? Because im finding it very frickin hard to believe that a kid under 13 would want to kill themselves?
I mean really, come on! how much does a 13 year old kid know about the world? How much can they know about themselves? How much can they know a bout LIFE!?
If you're under 13 and you are thinking of killing yourself, sit down and ask yourself why.
Fucking hell! How SELFISH can a person be? What about the people around you. If you think this is a game it's NOT. Once it's done, that's it. There's no fucking reset button.
So you think about that for a little bit, before you make a decision....
24 Sep 2004 Deadlypudding Okay why is my name being brought up as some impersonator. I got some thing in my email from Mouchette telling me to see some "private page" so I thought that while I'm here I'll look in on the kit. What do I find? People think I'm some impersonator. That's stupid. This whole Flamer situation is stupid. He left, that's a good thing so try tyo be happy he did since he won't fuck your shit up anymore. One minute everyone's saying he should go then the next they're provoking him back. What the fuck do you people want?

Anyway, I would just like everyone to forget my name and move on. You're all acting really childish about this Flamer thing. Just let him go. There's no sense in bringing him back. And Flamer I must say you're doing the smart thing by leaving, this whole place is stupid and brings no good.

So everyone can stop accusing me of stuff and get over Flamer. okay?
22 Sep 2004 Flamer Disregard that last post I'm not gone at all. I was having a moment where I actually believed the bullshit that's coming out of my mouth. I also forgot that the stuff I posted earlier is actually true(like being gay and suicidal). I just like to be hypocritical at times. Also I like to put up a big bullshit show for everyone on this site. The only thing I said that's true is DON'T COME HERE LOOKING FOR HELP!!! YOU WON'T FIND IT!!! Oh I'll never really leave here either. I'll come back after some takes a stab at me, just because of my pride.

Oh and Flamer, You have been flamed. Now who's the bitch that's running away crying? Certainly must be you with your anger insecurities. You thought you were real comin here with your shit-talk and Fuck you attitude, well I'd say your a bitch... 'specially since you seemed so determined to stay and Flame. Now you're gone. wow you really got worked up didn't you? Did we hurt you that bad? What was all that shit you said about not listening to people on the internet and that stuff about "IT's NOT REAL!! IT'S ALL FAKE YOU FUCKING RETARDS!!!". You remember that? It was just yesterday that you said it. I hope you stay gone because you're only full of contradictions and bullshit.

So do me a favor, get some ice cause you'll need it for that burn. Flamer II out.
21 Sep 2004 The Real Flamer So, I guess there's a Flamer in all of us. Still, you just might be the next best thing, but you're not quite me.

The Flamer haters have overestimated me. Phil, you have overestimated me. I should not be compared to any medical professional because I definitely not. I am a dude who does whatever the fuck he wants, and I don't need any training for that. The lessons that I sometimes try to teach aren't usually taught in hospitals and shit. They have to be all professional and all this bull shit, and that's fine, people need that I guess. But I think people could also use a dose of reality too. There's fucked up people out there (like me apparently) and they will try to get to you.... and fucked up things happen and they will try to get to you.

So when some fucking cunt in a can like me tries to push your buttons and play with your insecurities, you can't let it get to you because then you lose. That's the way it is. Most people naturally want to have power over you, even your friends. What I wanted Phil to see was the obsurdity of my attacks, and that's why I said you should laugh at me (as opposed to getting all pissed and trying to analyze me and get me back and all this bull shit). You shouldn't give a screw what anyone thinks. And to the Flamer impersonaters, congratulations, you have been Flamed!

By the way, why would I want to kill myself and act the way I do if I were gay? So you're saying gays are suicidal freaks? Hmmmm, I don't think I'm the one who hates gays.

Anyway, now that I spilled everything, Flamer is retiring, and shall not return. Fuck you all, you all suck. You're all losers. I hate you. You're FUCKING FUCKED IN THE FUCKING HEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DIE YOU BASTARDS!!!!!!!!!!! WHY DON'T YOU JUST DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm sorry to anyone who comes to Mouchette's site thinking this is actually a place to get help. You have come to the wrong place. THIS SITE ISN'T REAL YOU MORONS!!!!! GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE!!!!! Call your hospital and ask for the suicide hotline if you want someone to talk to. FUCK MOUCHETTE!!!!!!
21 Sep 2004 Kati You are soooo fucking stupid!! You're only 13!! How can your life be that bad already?? Yeah, you might fight w. your family or shit like that but it gets better!! It doesn't stay like that forever. Killing yourself is a permanant solution to a temp. problem. You people who are thinking of killing yourselves need to go to a counsoler or something...
20 Sep 2004 Flamer Also I have no idea what I'm even FUCKING talking about sometimes. I don't know shit about psychology or mental health because I dropped out of school when everyone found out I was gay. You see I was to busy getting dicks rammed up my ass to know anything about social phobia or suicide. I think you're all fucked up in the head because I'm not. My suicidal reasons are justified because my homosexuality has ruined my life. You all are pussies, afraid of life.

20 Sep 2004 Flamer Well guys I can't help the way I act because I'm secretly gay and I want to kill myself too just like the rest of you. I hate myself. I used to burn cats and kill small animals for fun. Now I like to slit my wrists and rub the blood on my face. Then I get my lover to let me lick nut out of his asshole. I hate people like me and I wish I had the guts to kill myself I really do. I make fun of all of you because as you can tell I'm insecure in myself. I just want my daddy. Why did you leave daddy I just want an ass-raping like I used to get, that would keep me in line. PLease don't think bad of me I'm only trying to help by calling you a pathetic fucking loser who should've never been born. I mean why else would I say it unless you're completely FUCKED in the first place. I hate you all but I think suicide is for ass-rapers and cocksmokers. You all fucking suck.
19 Sep 2004 Candice WOW ok all of you guys are seirously fuckin dumb.... if you all are too wimpy not to live life and kill yourselves then fuckin go for it but it is so fucking stupid... you are putting your fuckinselves out of pain when u wil jst be putting a whole shit load of people who care about u in more pain then u are... happy now good i hope u are... wahtever life is worth it...if u honestly have that bad of a life go get help! AND above all this site is for girls/boys who want to kill themselves when they are under 13 years of age, so all you pussy 28 year olds in here and shit need to either not post Ne thing about u wanting to kill yourself or at least say something helpful like umm dont do it .... you are 28 fuckin years old u are on your own do wahtever u fuckin want but dont encourage 13 and unders to kill themselvs honesly get some fuckin sence....i am just saying al you 13 year olds need to stop thinking all this shit and live your life like a kid...HAVE FUN!!! if it means getting help then so be it but dont fuckin be a whimp about the world and kill yourself
18 Sep 2004 Flamer Phil, you are incorrect about social anxiety disorder, as very much is known about it. In fact, I happen to be an expert on social phobia, and I can explain it to you for your benefit, and to everyone else. Phil, you have social phobia because you are a fucking loser who has no confidence in himself. People scare you because you know that everyone is better than you. You don't know what to say around people because you know that anything you have to say is stupid. And it bothers you that other people will think you are stupid because you need their approval. Basically, having social anxiety means that you have absolutely no confidence in anything you do, you are a loser, a freak, an outcast, you think that everything you do is wrong and stupid and you worry that no one loves you, and no one can love you because you suck ass. Nothing you do is right, everything about you is wrong, you are one fucked up mother fucker.

If you were in front of people at a party or something, your balls would shrink to the size of a grape seed, and you would cower in a corner and not know what the fuck to do. And then I'd walk up to you and punch you in the face, and you wouldn't know what the fuck to do because you'd be scared shitless, and you wouldn't even be able to defend yourself you fucking pussy!! You're scared of people, and you want them to like you, but you secretly hate them..... A LOT!!!! You bastard, fuck you, you hateful son of a bitch!!! Who would want to be around such a hateful mother fucker like you!?!?!? Fucking retard. You're lucky that you're gay because no woman would ever want such a pussy, but you might have some luck with a gay loser who's just as fucked up as you. What the hell is wrong with you? Why do you hate people you bastard? Because they understand social dynamics and you don't? Because they can be happy and you can't? FUCK YOU!!!!!!

So the next time you go to your lame ass therapist, tell them Flamer sent you and they'll know what to do for you. They'll tell you to laugh at me, and laugh at yourself too, you fucking moron.
16 Sep 2004 Steaming Pile of Shit Dear Max, I can help you. Why the fuck don't you just set your alarm clock for later, ya douche!??! Really, what school starts so early that you have to get up at 6? Set it for seven, and rush out the door. That will solve all of your problems, ya fucking idiot.
15 Sep 2004 Flamer Hello Deadlypudding, you stupid shit face! I was laughing my ass off reading your last posts. If any of you want a lesson on how to make an ass of yourself, go read Deadlypudding’s last two posts. You’ll find it interesting that after he tried to bash me, he got so frustrated and confused that he cried and said he’s never coming back, and then he went to suck on his mother’s teet. Fucking Hi-Larious!!!! And that there, is the wrath of Flamer. Congratulations, Deadlypudding, you have been Flamed! I burned you up good.

I sometimes swear at suicidal people for two reasons. 1) it's funny. 2) I don't beleive that I will have any negative impact on them, if anything it will help them. You see, suicidal people are FUCKED in the head. They don't interpret shit the same as regular folk. They're used to hearing life is worth living and all this bullshit, it's all the same, and it doesn't get through to them. I know because I was suicidal and talk like that pissed me off because I didn't understand it. So maybe just getting in their face and saying "FUCK YOU!!! You're fucked in the head!!!" maybe that will get through to them, and I wish someone would have had the nads to do that to me during my fucked phase. So if my friend came to this site, and read me swear at him, I am positive that it wouldn't make him kill himself. I'm sure that people don't care that much what some random fuck face says on the net. And if my friend did kill himself for the "reason" that he read my shit, then I'm sure he would have done it anyway for some other stupid reason, whatever stupid little thing pissed him off at the time. But I will never have to worry about it because it will never happen. Besides, I mainly swear at stupid people, not suicidal peeps.

Anyway, Scott, the reason why you think you know what happens after death is because you are a dumb fish fucking moron who uses his toothbrush as a dildo. You don't know shit about life after death, so FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!
15 Sep 2004 Pav Suicide is taking the easy way out ! It's being a coward! Jeez... Suicide for people under 13 ?!?! That's sick !
13 Sep 2004 Deadlypudding You know something I just realized? Why the fuck are people posting about their own damn run-ins with suicide and suicidal thoughts if this page is just for the sick pleasure of somebody in Europe who has a hard-on for suicide. Why am I even posting here? You know you are right I am stupid, stupid for posting on this piece-of-shit Mouchette's site. Well I will leave with this final post and if you want to be stupid like I was then you can feel free to keep posting about how much Mouchette sucks or about how much you wanna die or even be some sick fuck that likes to cuss at people who wanna commit suicide. Me, well if I post again it'll be on-topic about What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under thirteen? So let me do that real quick.

The best way to do it under thirteen is to drink that stuff under the sink that your parents tell you not to drink.
11 Sep 2004 WiErDo this is my fav sight, people dieng have fun! ^_^, swallow razerblades,overdose,sufficate, if your going to slash your wrists then go somewhere where its like deserted and slash em there where nobody can find you ^_^
09 Sep 2004   you are all way too young too make such decisions. Give life a fucking chance you little brats. Once all of your options are gone, and you have no other choice, then maybe you can take the easy way out.
08 Sep 2004 Flamer MOUCHETTE!!! You dumb ass mother fucker! Why the fuck are my comments posted in the "angry people" section!?!?!! I should be in the "offering help" section you FUCKING PIECE OF ELAPHANT SHIT!!!!!!!!!
07 Sep 2004 Flamer HI!!!!!

Today I would like to say a friendly hello to "Sad" and "Deadlypudding". Hey guys!! How's it going!? Now, Mr. Sad, the reason your wife wants to leave you is because you are a pathetic fucking pussy piece of shit who can't even live his own life. What woman would want to be with a man who is such a pussy, and so dependant that he can't even go on and live his own got dang life without depending on someone? The answer is no woman in the right mind would want that. Now before you go do something fucked up and kill yourself, I'm actually trying to help you, you fucking pathetic loser. Don't be a fucking chump ass and go through with it because if you do, then you really are a pathetic son of a bitch, and your wife is right for leaving you. Instead, MOVE ON!!!!! Get over the bitch, you don't need that cunt! Go find some other bitch and doink her in the ass. Then tell her to get the fuck out of your house because you don't need nothin from nobody!!! You have a good life all on your own. Oh, the doinking of women is optional..... but you definitely need to get over your ex. You don't need her. Move on. Be happy with yourself, dependent on no one but YOU!!!!! Your life is worth more than anything your ex could give you.

And now, Mr. Deadlypudding, if you were serious with what you wrote, you are fucking stupid. If you were joking, you are a fucking comic genius! I can't even tell if you're serious, so you just might be the greatest comic genius of all time. You wrote,

"Everyone and I mean everyone at one point has wanted to die or kill themselves"

No I am afraid you are incorrect. Not everyone thinks about killing themselves, just fucked up mother fuckers like you.

"Now hurting yourself isn't being suicidal it's being sadomasochistic and that boils down to being sexually aroused by pain."

Oh really, is that what hurting yourself means? How about this.... FUCK YOU!!!!! I'm not going to try to make some joke about you because I don't feel like putting in the effort, so I'll just say FUCK YOU!!!! Sadomasochism has nothing to do with suicidal people you dumb shit face, and nothing to do with self mutilators, or self destructive people. Fuck, there's some amazing burn somewhere out there for you, but I couldn't come up with it fast enough so fuck yoU!! Well, I'll just let you make fun of yourself...

"I admit I like to be spanked or tied up sometimes when I do it but I don't slit my wrists and use the blood for lube."

COMIC GENIUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
06 Sep 2004 aneglgurl oh mouchette you think this is a joke, putting my post in your favourite section. it fucking well isnt you know, I am only 15 and imagine the horror and embarasment of what you did caused to me. what next, will you put farting sound effects onto your site for unsuspecting suicidal people? I had to get here via google this time as I did not dare enter the main area of your site.

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