Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
17 Mar 2005 scons all of you are sick people... hell is waiting for you... this website is fucking sadistic... trying to act hard, all u bitches should seriously kill yourself. stop being bitches by going on this site and just fuckin kill yourself....bitches.
15 Mar 2005 Dylan Summey The best way to commit SUICIDE.........
go into your basement (dont forget to grab your handgun) put a pillow over your face, and blow yourself to shit. Try to be loud about it, so Mommy hears and comes down to clean up your mess, LOL. You guys are pathetic losers. You blather on and on about how rough your soft little lifes are. WELL GET THE FUCK OVER IT. God gave you a gift when you were born into this world, so use it to your full potential. So things are going bad: GET THE FUCK OVER IT. If you are considering suicide, think about all the people around you and what you will be leaving behind. Think about all of the things you would miss out on if you went through with it. Please Email me if u wanna talk it over. or tha_d_man_04 on Yahoo.

Thanx and god bless D.S. XXXXXXXXX
11 Mar 2005 Flip702 Ya'll need to shut the fuck up about killing yourself, you're the type of people who just want to take the easy way out of everything, well guess what the easy way ain't always the easiest way, what about the people you hurt, you might say fuck em' now, but when you die and look down from heaven and realize the shit you put everyone through you'll then realize how stupid it shut the fuck up about killing yourself, and nut the fuck up, stop being such pussies, and most of the time you just put yourself in pain, you don't even kill yourself. so to who ever made this sight, fuck you, your giving mother fuckers the idea that suicide is the way to go. if you wanna releave stress drink, do sports, it doesn't fuckin matter, killing yourself just fucks it up for everyone else.
06 Mar 2005 uh oh...spaghetto uh oh.... I found a website where all the pathetic people go.
03 Mar 2005 mouchette is a fat ugly looser living off others suffering, she this site is stupid and sent me an email saying they will not take people entries off because she wants people to read forever and be embarrassed and hope they kill their selves. isn't that messed up. this site owner is a true mental case. these poor kids go to this site because they are suicidal and this person is trying to help them to kill their selves. they need help to live with their pain and emptiness not ideas.
24 Feb 2005 Gunner You know why you wanna commit suicide.

Cos you're all too fucking weak to face life, you litte pussies. WEAK! WEAK! Boo hoo, my barbie dolls are broken. Give me a break, you shits.

Have a wank! Make you freaks feel better.

At least join the fucking army, and get killed that way, doing something.

See how much you like it. You'll see how good you really got it.
23 Feb 2005 Marie Stop. Think. Is your life really THAT bad? Cummon now..... at 15, I know how you feel. I was there too! But for a second, stop being so self-absorbed and think about the fact that there are people in the world WAY worse off than you. People who starve to death, who die of AIDS at 10, who drink water that has paracites, who can't walk because their legs were blown off by a land mine. I could think of thousands of worse cases than this. I understand that your life is probably not easy, but instead of killing yourself (taking the easy way out), why dont you put yourself out there! Volunteer for something, motivate yourself to make a difference - you'll see!

What I suggest is that you go to your family doctor and tell them how you feel! Just do that once, and things will get better! I PROMISE. You need to let someone know what you are feeling - because the feeling of suicide is not a natural occuring feeling, you are suffereing from a chemical imbalance in your brain (probably decreased seratonin) and that can be regulated by medication. PLEASE go see your doctor.

Think about this, WHAT IS IT GOING TO MATTER IN 10 YEARS??? IT ISNT! This is JUST a STAGE in LIFE!
21 Feb 2005 Tinga G fuck you guys..if you wanna die so bad ill come and kill you all because you all are so pathetic. you just think that your life is sooo bad ..but its not really that just want fuckers to feel sorry for you. well FUCK YOU..when i was 12 i did every kind of drug out it,i did it. i fucked up my life ..and spent half of it in prison..and i still want to live. so just get off your ass and stop feeling sorry for yourselves..and go do something besides cutting.
11 Feb 2005   reading your list is enough to make any on commit suicide
11 Feb 2005 telly u wat all you whining ass kids shut up and just kill yourself.
if you would put half the effort into suicide as you did whining about your problems you would be dead. you are a spoiled brat child. prove me wrong by killing yourself.
03 Feb 2005 Jim Man you guys just suck at life... Cant' even kill yourselves right... Buy A Gun.. and shoot yourself in the head... if you can't figure how to end your sad pathetic life... you obviously don't want to kill yourself you want people to feel bad because your dad stuck his dick in your mouth when you were six... Wow again u guys suck at LIFE... and DEATH...
02 Feb 2005 Chantelle You all have serious isssues...if your 13 or under and you want to kill yourself...why? It's called get professional help and if you don't have the money talk to someone who cares..if no one cares about you well then hey deal with it and move on!! Life sucks but good shit does happen, you just have to get out at meet people that will change your life and make you see shit from a different angle!! Dumbasses
30 Jan 2005   cette page est odieuse
28 Jan 2005 krissy not to you fucking sick should be ashamed that you would tell ppl this stuff..i hope u burn in hell
28 Jan 2005 lynn yall people r fucked up big time. there's only like 2 good ways to kill yourself. slit your wrist(but it has to be up your arm a long way not acroos your wrists)or you can take alot of sleeping pills. i hear that works the best.
25 Jan 2005 TheCazz this site is just dumb, if u really hated life then you wouldnt be here... u wouldve done watever you could to die. maybe your too scared to die, which means you shouldnt die. all the young kids that are complaining about their sisters pulling there hair, go fuck off, life isnt that bad, your only 9! you havent LIVED your life yet. you have so much more to do. go stay with a friend for a while. and all the other people that are whinging about having a son/daughter and a wife or a girlfriend who left me, shut up.... they probably left you because you act this way. no-one finds negative people attractive, so stop your whining.... its fucked. and the people that LIE about being FUCKED by a guy and LIE about being suicidal, and put others names on here just to get them back, thats stupid... but haha also really funny.

you guys need to wake up and realise that you can change... and stop being so negative!!!

have a nice day xxx
25 Jan 2005 Wheee You guys just need to get laid.
25 Jan 2005 Tree You are all hopeless. Why? You think death is an answer, some kind of resolution. It isn't.

It is an EASY way to get out.

EASY. Just that, totally easy.

Is that how you want to be remembered? The person who took the easy way?
21 Jan 2005 jolie what tha fck is this all about you site is rong and it should not be on the net my brother commited suicide but i guess whoever made this site never lost anybody 2 suicide and think it is a joke its not its real there is no way 2 kill yourself when you are 13 so take this site and stick it up your ass
21 Jan 2005 nicnak this is fucking sick. but i'll admit you got me laughing at a few of them because i'm sure some sick ass has tried it. fucking gross. lmao.

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