Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
28 Jan 2005 krissy not to you fucking sick should be ashamed that you would tell ppl this stuff..i hope u burn in hell
28 Jan 2005 lynn yall people r fucked up big time. there's only like 2 good ways to kill yourself. slit your wrist(but it has to be up your arm a long way not acroos your wrists)or you can take alot of sleeping pills. i hear that works the best.
25 Jan 2005 TheCazz this site is just dumb, if u really hated life then you wouldnt be here... u wouldve done watever you could to die. maybe your too scared to die, which means you shouldnt die. all the young kids that are complaining about their sisters pulling there hair, go fuck off, life isnt that bad, your only 9! you havent LIVED your life yet. you have so much more to do. go stay with a friend for a while. and all the other people that are whinging about having a son/daughter and a wife or a girlfriend who left me, shut up.... they probably left you because you act this way. no-one finds negative people attractive, so stop your whining.... its fucked. and the people that LIE about being FUCKED by a guy and LIE about being suicidal, and put others names on here just to get them back, thats stupid... but haha also really funny.

you guys need to wake up and realise that you can change... and stop being so negative!!!

have a nice day xxx
25 Jan 2005 Wheee You guys just need to get laid.
25 Jan 2005 Tree You are all hopeless. Why? You think death is an answer, some kind of resolution. It isn't.

It is an EASY way to get out.

EASY. Just that, totally easy.

Is that how you want to be remembered? The person who took the easy way?
21 Jan 2005 jolie what tha fck is this all about you site is rong and it should not be on the net my brother commited suicide but i guess whoever made this site never lost anybody 2 suicide and think it is a joke its not its real there is no way 2 kill yourself when you are 13 so take this site and stick it up your ass
21 Jan 2005 nicnak this is fucking sick. but i'll admit you got me laughing at a few of them because i'm sure some sick ass has tried it. fucking gross. lmao.
21 Jan 2005 NONE You all need mental help and all need to be locked up in a home with padded walls. People like you all kill others, and I believe you need meds to controll the off balance in those sick little heads.
18 Jan 2005 sum slut mouchette is creepy. not to mention shese a fucken nigger nigger nigger with no life. lmao did u c wat she wrote she "Do you think it might encourage people to kill themselves, or do you think it might keep suicidal people so busy reading that they will
forget about actually committing the act?" shese so stupid omgg!! all she does is fuck herself n her niggaz. *im not races* but jeeez.
15 Jan 2005 Doink The Brown Hey whipping boy, what you gotta do is stop believing in that dumb ass God of yours that doesn't exist. One reason you experience so much pain is because you seem to believe that when you asked God something, he actually answered.

You have to stop sounding like such a whiney bitch. So you think you're a victim eh? Well lah dee dah, look at poor whipping boy, he's had it worse than everyone else in the world. Let us all look and marvel at the pain he has gone through. Oh why was God so mean to him? Why God? WHY!?!!?!!??

However bad you think you have it, millions have it a million times worse..... but it doesn't matter. It's not a contest of who has had it the worst. The point is, stop believing in your stupid non existent God and stop thinking of yourself as a victim. You're not a victim. You are lucky to have had your friends and your bizach wife in the first place.
13 Jan 2005 soumia Bonjour.
En lisant vos quelques mots je suis resteé choquée!!! pourquoi voulez-vous inventer un jouet destiné aux enfants de moins de 13 ans leur montrant les diverses manières de se suicider!!!!
Voulez-vous que ce mal de la société qui épargne jusqu'alors quelques innocents les atteigne?!!!!!
Répondez moi svp, rassurez moi!!!!
12 Jan 2005 The Soul Collector Hey you guys are pathetic. You don't really wanna die your a bunch a pussies. That want attention. Someone fuckin said they tried to kill themselves 7 times. Dude you suck so much at life that you even suck at killing your self. How hard could it be? Put a gun in your mouth, Take pills and booz, Hang yourself, Find some fickin way so we don't have to hear your sob stories. Man, you guys and girls are pathetic, maybe if you need the attention so much ust keep pretending like your trying to kill yourself. Pansies. Can't do anything right, you might as well wait and grow up til you develope some abstract thought and maybe you will get good at something besides killing yourself. So go ahead and wait and if you need fuckin attention learn to break dance, but if you plan to have kids and fuck them up like your fucked up, just do everyone a favor and kill your self. Thank You
11 Jan 2005 toxic shock syndrome wait before you kill yourselfs... we all must unite to kill mouchette. the stupid whore who sends child porno in the emails she sends us. i hope you die of toxic shock syndrome mouchette. a very rotten poosy death. and it will be suicide because you stuck that extra large tampon up your bum and it rotted thru into your vaginal cancer.
07 Jan 2005 Lenora whoever wrote the last post under my name, you should be ashamed. I have people that want to commmit suicide and are trying to reach out for help and here you are trying to encourage them to do it under my honest name. I hope you realize what you are doing and are ashamed for it. I forgive you but you really aren't doing anyone a favor by telling them to commit suicidal acts. I hope God blesses you anyway.
06 Jan 2005 lemony snicket i'm sick of all these people saying 'oh well your lifes not bad your just a stupid fuck! people have it worse then you" well who gives a fuck if people have it worse, that doesn't erase the pain. people are still suffering whether people have it worse or not.
05 Jan 2005 Hayley I wouldnt help you ever. This Is disgraceful and you should be locked up you mental loon.
31 Dec 2004 brittany this is so not funny!
not funny!
this site is sick. cruel. dumb. how r u even aloud to have a site like this?!
31 Dec 2004 big mack the best way to kill yourself when under thirteen is a suicide kit. what is a suicide kit? it is a web site that allows people from all over the world to post on the best way to kill yourself. for years you study the posts until you finnally come accross one that is right for you. and then oohh boo hoo mooshit kills herself. c'mon already mooseshit... fuck slitin ur wrists, cut your hands off. then we wont have to deal with a wak hoe who has a web site that is stupid sayin things like dont try to find out more than i want to tell. who gives a shit? all i want you to tell is when and where we can hook up for some anal action you fuckin 13 year old whore.
30 Dec 2004 Whatever You Want To Call Us This is sick and horrable. Im discusted to know there are actually human beings out there that think this shit is ok. ESPACIALLY under 13! Your life must suckass, and It must be horrible for you to think up this crap telling kids how to kill themselves. I dispise your existance, go to hell.
20 Dec 2004 emmy i dont understand the purpose of this website. its sick. your encouraging people to kill themselves. you dont know their situation at all and you assume everyone is the same.

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