Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
02 Sep 2005   That's really low, to make up something to end other peoples lives. You may hate yourself but leave other people alone. I have depression too, doesn't mean im going to drag everyone else down with me, thats just so selfish!!! Why dont u get a useful hobby, or if u cant find one, why not use ur invention, but for real, kill yourself and stop dragging everyone else down with you! you selfish pig
29 Aug 2005 Creepy What the fuck kind of website is this. Suicide kit? For kids? Are you fucking serious? You are fucking brilliant. It would be much easier to just say "I'm a fucken idiot with no life and a sorry excuse for a mind." Why don't you fucking kill YOURself so those of us with the decency to notice how fucking stupid you are can browse the internet without stumbling upon this fucking bullshit. Go cry and feel sorry for your pathetic self. Then slit your wrists for attention. Note: it's much more effective if you cut vertically instead of horizontally. Hope you succeed. Fucking moron.
28 Aug 2005 Jesus I can't believe that mouchette didn't post my post in her favourite section! We need to spread the word of God, you Communist, towel-head, nigger, Arab lesbian slut.
Anyway, the point being that the violins are still playing and Courtney Love is still singing in the background, her voice rising and falling to the harmonises of you sick sad little world....
26 Aug 2005 Kate Well well. I'm not going to bother with my own story. That you dont need. I'm assuming that people who read this site are like all the afore mentioned people. And since suicide is an incredibly selfish act, I'm assuming you dont need to hear another sally-sob story. In no way am I trying to be insulting, but I must point out. I know people who have commited suicide, and they got it right the first time. They were fuck-ups their ENTIRE LIVES and they got this right the first time. So why arent you? Is it for attention. I bet you all still really want to live, just without the pain. That might help.

Some of your situtations are really unfortunate. They really are. And I really feel badly. But you get one life. Good or bad. Why do you want to rush into nothingness, it's half of what your feeling right now: empty, alone, dark.

You get one chance every day to see the sun rise. Sounds corny, I know. I wont get up that early. But it's the point I'm trying to make.

If you really felt that bad, then you would have gone through with it long ago. You cant call it suicide if you didnt die. So, this is just another form of hurting yourself, much like cutting. But cutting is a cry for help, not a way to end things. I know I state the obvious, but it's obvious fact.

p.s- I think the suicide kit is a sick idea. It's not a game, it's not fun, and your just being....well...pathetic.
23 Aug 2005 Jesus I just want to take the time to say to everyone here..... BOO-FUCKING-HOO!!! Oh so my dad raped me in the arse! Oh gee whizz who gives a shit?? Oh so you were beaten and molested as a child! Waa-waa-waa! Seriously, if you listen really closely you'll be able to hear the violins playing in the background. Seriously, listen. I can hear them. They are playing the saddest song in the world just for you. And it goes Waa-waa-waa.
This is how God wanted the world. He made it this way for a purpose. Everything was done by his design, every insect, every movement of every strand of the hairs on your head is watched by him (including when you masterbate in the shower, you sick fuck) so all this whinning is just like giving two fingers to God's plans. And let me tell you, God doesn't take kindly to people giving two fingers to his brilliantly designed plans. He'll be like Cartman and be like *GODDAMNIT, I'M SO PISSED OFF!!!*. And gee whizz, you don't want to piss off God. You will have 2 million right-wing redneck Christian American's coming down on you like... two million right-wing redneck Seppos. Heh.
Anyway, the point is, this is what God wanted, AND DON'T FUCK WITH GOD!! He ain't no bitch. He ain't take shit from a slut like you. And let's face it, you ARE a slut, because otherwise why the hell did you let yourself get molested?? It's your fucking fault that it happened, you slut!! I bet you liked it!! It's people like you who give the world a bad name, and let me tell you God knows this.
So stop getting yourself molested all the time and listen. Just listen as I play you the saddest song in the world, just for you.
Just for you.
And how does it go?
22 Aug 2005 jean le bon Mais il faut vraiment être con ou inconscient pour poser ce genre de surtout essayer d'y répondre !!!!!!!!
18 Aug 2005 Pathetic Why would you waste your time with such a pathetic question?
01 Aug 2005 Nathan I'm sick of reading about whiny little twelve-year-olds who want to die. Why is it they think it's they who have the biggest problems in life. Remind me someone what it is twelve-year-olds do...Oh yeah, FUCK ALL.
If you annoying shits actually wanted to kill yourself, and you weren't just saying it on a website because you're a bunch of pretentious oiks, then it wouldn't be hard to do. Here's my advice to the wannabe-martyrs of the youth of today: JUMP OFF A FUCKING HIGH BRIDGE ONTO THE MOTORWAY, AND WAIT FOR A SIXTY-TON TRUCK TO SPREAD YOU OVER THE TARMAC. Stop whining like you're worse-off than anyone else ever who ever existed, you're not. Someone actually listed the fact that they missed a pony they were lending as a reason they wanted to die. People like you deserve to die, and I'm sure everyone else would approve if you got your snivelly little arse mutilated.
28 Jul 2005 sagesse Mourir a 13 ans! c'est quoi 13 ans? C'est le début de l'adolescence et la fin de l'enfance. C'est le début de la recherche de soi, de son identité. La vie, c'est ta vie, ton choix. Rien n'est plus précieux qu'une vie. Vous avez de la chance d'être en vie! Un malêtre passager, n'est pas la fin. La vie doit se respecter! La vie est la vie.Nul n'a le droit d'en décider autrement.
22 Jul 2005 dfadfa this sight is filled with freaks... why do people come here? introspection... reveals that we are fucked and the reasons that we come to this sight are fucking morbid.... fuck... I feel sorry as shit for all such people, especially those... ah FUCK IT! What the fuck is the point of trying to say anything???
18 Jul 2005 Ben C quoi cette merde? C vraiment merdique comme site.
17 Jul 2005 mm.o Hey- listen-
you people are obviously very hurt i know- but trying to commit suiside is the easy way out- show some pride!!!! If your just gonna waste your life like that, and "escape" then your all a big bunch of cowards. listen, take your anger- and blast it out on the world- dont give up- coz us kids are the ones who know what really goes on...
you lot should know your all fukin ridiculous if you think your life is bad- take a look at Africa- there are girls at the age of 8 being raped, abused , just so they can have one meal of you see them commiting suicide???NO. You all fukin give up too easily- live strong.
15 Jul 2005 mal well i think ur all sick and anyone who would think of killing themself is fucking selfish! whoever made this site is sick..and sites like this shouldnt be here..ur only making ur so called"horrible world" worse...nice going!
07 Jul 2005   ok this is a horrible website , everybody has one chance at life we can do amazzing things please do not do any of these sick twisted things kids hav everything to live for
27 Jun 2005 john this is pathetic coaxing young children to kill themlselves and having this forum , if any child who is depressed reads this , ul get over it, no matter how shit life seems at the minute in a year it will be better, suicide if for the weak your all survivers.. dont kill youself an poeple who arnt depressed but are telling how to kill hope to fucking god i dont meet u or i will put ur teeth in..
23 Jun 2005 elenyil It's no wonder some people consider suicide to be a capital sin.

Suicide is the EPITOME of stupidity, and the expression of cowardice.

Stop thinking you're so high and mighty on your pedestal of pain.

Don't even think about hurting those around you, if you're selfish enough to think about suicide.

Learn to suck it up like the rest of us.
23 Jun 2005 Burnt Out Damn last time I was here this site used to be somethin, now, it's turned out to be a piece of shit. Looks more like a poetry site to me, like that's gonna help end your sorrowless pain. Why don't you all go and drown in your own spit!
22 Jun 2005 Lord Jhon Crapper HEEEELLLLOOO my favourite bunch of freaks!! Now let's take a quizz, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls! Tonight, our quizz will be about the people who come to this sight! Okay now! I'd like everyone to raise there hand if they are a pedophile who arrived at this sight because of the words "under thirteen" that they put in the search engine! Great! That's great! Now, keep you're hands up if you're a pedophile who came here because of that, but who has since developed a fetish for suicide?! Oh golly gee, that's wonderful! No, keep you're hands up people, you're doing just great! Now I want you to raise you hand if, when you consider it deeply enough, there seems to be a strange correlation between your period and your "suicide" attempts? Is there? Wowowow! It's looks like there is!!
Man, this sight is fucking raw!! IT IS SO FUCKING WRONG TO HAVE SOMETHING LIKE THIS ON THE NET!! I feel sorry as hell for anyone who is depressed, but the only way you are going to change shit is by helping yourself, which there are friggin' plenty of ways to do. Jesus, I bet there are hundreds of sick freaks who get off on this sight; who actually become horny from reading about your misfortunes and you being abused and beaten and all that. Fucking think about that before you write it down. Some sick fuck is beating off to that shit. THAT IS FUCKING RANCID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, anyway, I'm sorry to say that in human nature there is nothing that is going to rescue you. You have to rescue yourself.............................................
To put it in the words of Muse:
damnit... i can't remember what those words are... lol.

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