Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
20 Mar 2006 someone who cares This site is wrong for kids to be looking at wat kind of person invents a game for little kids about suicide, suicide is a big issue and should be taken seriously. Mouchette is a complete frodd also. Believe me i know.
20 Mar 2006 someone Mouchette is a really successful online persona: a sad, creepy little girl based on the 1967 film by Robert Bresson. The website has been around for years and years and as far as I can tell the identity of the people behind the persona is still unknown.
The page I was taken to was incredibly disconcerting.
I'm not comfortable with the suicide, sexuality and violence. But being comfortable is not what Mouchette is about, she's provocative and she knows it. There's a forum for sending Mouchette hate mail that is also unnerving in it's brutality. But panning through the random painful angry posts, made me think about the genuine challenges of free communication in public space. People ain't always pretty.
I think mouchette is a sick person and not just an artist.
17 Mar 2006 ........ u kids need serouis help and honestly y kill ur self its a small part in ur life and u go crazy o please! by the way i am reporting this web site to the police and maybe this idea will not influence u to commite sucide.(spelling not great but i am not the one thinking to kill myself)
16 Mar 2006 Dr. Phil Seriously, whats wrong with ya ppl? My life aint good either, u fucking overemotial's kid, suicide wont help ya, wont help your friends/relatives either, so why in the fuck woulda ya do it? I mean, gimme a brake, sucide.. ? Sheesh. If you'r guy, and ur fat, instead of spending time whining, go out run or go to gym. If ur girl, just loose it, put some make-up and go out. At the End of the Rainbow, theres the treasure, u just have to endure the pooring rain. :S
14 Mar 2006 Jamie seriously you all make me sick (the one wanting to commit suicide). If you obviously want to commit suicide cause your life is so bad then why the hell are you on some crappy website talking about it.. if you really are at ''the last straw'' then why are you here? should you not be dead? or are you obviously just an attention seeking prick, cause lets face it why else would anyone display there ''emotions'' for everyone in the world to see other than for attention so the next time you say im not saying this to get attention think ..... wait if i dont want attention then i mayaswell not say anything and go and kill yourself, because if you think killing yourself is some sort of solution your a prick and thus for being so fucking stupid you deserve to die, you must all feel so much better as you ''poor your hearts out'' on the internet .... theres nothing worse and as for the one who said '' i have tried 87 different ways of suicide'' its people like you that are the worst. look at me i tried 87 times, is it suppose to impress people, and another thing lets say its true 87 times ... you must be dumb why are you alive.
if your all so fuckin sad then quit moaning and go die as it seems to be what you all want... but please dont piss people off when they stumble across sites saying ''What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13 ?'' you know how wrong that is because think about when someone who really has problem see's it, think if they hadnt wanted to commit suicide but this shitty webiste gave them the idea and they end there life because trash like you who think its cool to be ''depressed'' you have barbed wire and blood backgrounds cause there ''cool'' and you all seem to try and come up with the worst stories so people will feel sorry for you, yet you say you dont want attention, you should either kill yourselfs or get on with fucking life, it makes me feel sorry for the people who really have issues and end up finding assholes like this when they look for support.
I hope there is life after death, so all you pricks will have died in vain.
14 Mar 2006 a concerned citizen None cuz your fucking stupid get this site of the internet before i kill you then you wont even need a way to kill your self cuz you will already be dead
13 Mar 2006 dead boi wtf close this web page down its shit!!mouchette u fucking whore stop sending me shitty emails Eeeeerrrrrr
11 Mar 2006 qwerty Horrific!! absolutely horrific!! your site should be made illegal and shut down
10 Mar 2006 thomas Si tu as reellement 13 ans, ce dont je doute, il est normal de t'interroger sur ce qui peut inciter certaines personnes à tenter de se suicider ou à mettre réellement un terme à leur existence.
Les cas de suicide d'enfants non pré-pubères sont heureusement extremement rares, en tout cas en France.

Mais demander à donner des conseils "techniques" à des enfants pour se suicider me semble relever du plus grand mauvais goût si tu as 13 ans. D'autant que tu ne peux savoir comment des enfants de ton age pourrait appréhender ce débat, qui se situe à la limite de l'incitation au suicide; illégal en France mais certainement "toléré" dans ton pays.

Si tu es bien plus agée ou que des adultes qui se proclament certainement tolérants et permissifs soutiennent ta démarche, cela releve à mon avis de la bétise la plus consternante.Je ne tiens pas être grossier.

D'ailleurs le contenu de ce site entièrement dédié à une fillette (virtuelle?) est caractéristique d'une pathologie narcissique avancée.
Dommage que ce site si esthétique ait un contenu aussi glauque.

NB: merci de ne plus m'envoyer de photo de fesses nues par mail. En France, les enfants n'ont pas non plus légalement accès à la pornographie mais que les Néerlandais sont ouverts d'esprit...
08 Mar 2006 stop&think u kids r idiots
i dont care if ur like catholic or not, but take advantage of ur life cuz kids are slaughtered every day in africa and other places- so stop wanting attention u ass faces and do something with ur talent if u want it that badchrist u kids are real bitches
07 Mar 2006 wiseman fuckin grow up and get on with it if youre so unhappy try to achieve something good or bad but an achievement. like robbing a bank for example. if you fail then decide on suicide at that point if you succeed your rich and you can do what the fuck you want. for all those attention seekers fucking welcome to the real world
07 Mar 2006 dead boi u fucking nutter make a porno site or something instead of talkin bout suicide fuckin hell ur wrong!!
07 Mar 2006 READ IT COZ ITS TRU i think ure all fukin pathic ! ure jus attention seeking fukers stop thinkin bout ure selfs and think bout how u cud use ure tlives to luk afta oves ders dying pple in africa tht would love to have the treatment u selfish priks evry single one of u and wt about the pple tht do care they have to suffer ! get ova it alot pf pple get bullied and no body thinks der perfect bt u dnt see them complaing lyk u nob heds do u now ! honeslty u need to have a hard luk in the mirror all of u stop wasting doctors tyms and strt sorting ure lives out i dnt feel the slitest bit sorri for any single one of u priks u all deserve wt u get and i hope u no tht ! ! so stop wf the attention seekin
07 Mar 2006 Jordan If you want to do it, go ahead. If you were serious, you wouldnt be writing about it would be dead! Duh! You all just want attention. The serious ones are found in the desert with a gunshot wound to the head.
06 Mar 2006 dead boi re-lived oi! wtf is this webpage about??i doiny get it are u like telling people the best way to top themselves?and i hope ur happy i nearly died o well mite get lucky next time (fingers crossed)
05 Mar 2006 Fuck you your a sick fuck,i'll take my own life but dont ruin kids lifes~!
05 Mar 2006 -x-DamagedSoul-x- You know what? I just dont understand so many people here. "Go die, you little emo shits?" Where the fuck does that come from? The site is wrong to have to ask about "the best way to kill yourself" but this is not a way to talk to the fragile souls. (Yes i know how cheesy that sounds...) And most of you? SHAME! All you're worried about is how many people we'd be hurting? What the fuck? We have a good oceanful of kids here who want to KILL themselves. They want to DIE. And all you can think about is everyone but them? What is wrong with you people? Really? And those of you who encourage it, lemme tell you youguys are no better than we are. We outnumber you anyways.
05 Mar 2006 dead boi i think you lot are sick encouragiing suicide,i have tryed over 10 times and reading this web page has made me just to go to it again see you hell biatch
04 Mar 2006 The Bitter End. Out of curiosity, why is that the vast majority of people who post on this site are barely literate?

I can understand a few typos, the best of us mess up at times. But fucking Hell, I've never seen such abuse of the English language.

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