Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
31 May 2006 sasha this site is ridiculous. type in google how to kill myself and your helping them. use your fucking brains man.
29 May 2006 The Muffin Man Kill yourself when you're under 13? Jesus Christ, why would you do that? Just play Super Mario or something, that always cheers me up.
29 May 2006 Queer American suicide is for angry retards... YOUR ALL RETARDS
29 May 2006 13 dude... YOUR FREAKS ALL FREAKS... What you all dont realise is that people do love you... they dont realise what they have done to you.. and only the few minority who cause you this pain are the proper Sadists... You have no idea how much you mean to people... and killing yourself would be killing everyone you know in one way or another
28 May 2006 dizzi you sound like a funny person with some of your ideas but you sound like the stupidist person i have ever heard of!
you act like its all a joke
do you know how many ppl who probly are suicidal look at this and listen just cuz your making a joke out of it?
28 May 2006 whats the point Oh come on hardly any of you really want to die you just want someone to talk you out of it. if you really felt that bad then you would have done it by now and stop moaning to others about your petty childish problems half of you silly little girls have no idea what real pain is and want an easy painles way to kill yourself - NEWS FLASH you wont find one there will always be some kind of pain but so what if you wanted to die badly enough then you wouldent care about how painful the death is you would just be glad that you will die soon. So stop moaning about it and accept your not going to kill yourself stop feeling sorry for your sorry self and either do it or shup up threatening to do it
25 May 2006 Badass You ppl are sick u fuckin' loosers get a life or try to get over what u fuckin' call it is. Everybody has problems and ur only a bunch of loosers trying to find the answer out from nowhere like the fuckin' creeps that u are if u wanna kill urself doit without trying to get noticed like the assliking poor bastards that u where born like u ppl really make me sick damn pathetic motherfuckers
25 May 2006   however you are you are very sad you're ment to help suicidal people not give them ways to kill themself and most of them are stupid anyway but for some of them you could be held responsible for their deaths.
23 May 2006 Mia YOU ARE A SICK SLIMEY LOWLIFE F**K. How dare you suggest sh*t like this? You know what loser? why dont you go to google imgaes and search "Uganda" or "sudan" or "South bronx" Then talk to me about how bad your life is, mother fu*ker.
23 May 2006 James You people and this site are all fucked up.. What the hell is wrong with you? Oh BooHoo things are not perfect with me.....I should kill myself!! You are all week and pathetic. Bunch of fucking cry babies. You should stay off the drugs if you think the only way to make things better is to kill yourself.
22 May 2006 Laura Maybe im just blind to some of the things that go on in the world but i really don't understand why these kids wanna kill themselves. i mean, whatever is wrong in your life isn't there a way out? a way to fix a problem? why not look at your problems in a positive way and see your life as a challenge waiting to be addressed? are they suicidal because they don't understand life? do they think its a game? ive been through hell over the past few years with anorexia but im still here, why don't you guys understand that life is a gift? people looking for ways to kill themselves, to me, appear to be seeking attention, if you want ed to die THAT much then why don't you throw yourself in front of a car, jump off a bridge, slit your throat? or even better, tell someone and seek help for fucks sake, thats what people are here for so talk to someone! committing suicide isnt about you, its about the people you leave behind so if you do have people who you know love you then think of someone else other than yourself.
20 May 2006 Not Emo shut the fuck up you emo bitch. get some friends and a life.
18 May 2006   You people are fucked in the head!
16 May 2006 The Bitter End Here's a thought. All you bullshitters who come here and tell people not to kill themselves because it's "not worth it" - when exactly was the last time you killed yourself? Oh, that's right. You have no way of knowing if killing yourself is worth it, you just make the sounds and don't actually hear what you say.

Killing yourself, if your life sucks enough to do so, probably IS worth it. But I guess we'll never know either way.

That being said, please do not jump in front of a train. I hate being late.
14 May 2006 Weston take a shotgun and blow your head off.

im sick of all these losers saying crap about 'oo my life sucks, everyone take pity on me' good god, shut the hell up already. if you are going to kill yourself, dont take pills, dont hang yourself, just SHOOT YOURSELF IN THE HEAD! DO IT YOU PUSSY! be a man and just kill yourself. the world will be a better place without you!
09 May 2006 fuck yoiu you dirty slut i hate you i want to kill you so dont w how about you go die you peice of shit no wonder why you want to kill yourself you are encourageing other people to do it aswell you are a lowlife botom feeder and you should "breaka a mirror and shouve it in your eyes" go die and drink some acid
09 May 2006 WORLD COUNCIL OF THE PREVENTION OF SUICIDE What a sick, person/otganisation it was that vreated this site, I suppose they had a bad upbringing, like did they get dropped on the head or something everyday, since they were born. Maybe they thought that life is something that comes off tree's, (well think again) is it because, they just want to seek attention, just like the users that come here to fill in these blogs, I really cannot tell you what to do! it's your life, but what has gotten into you. Kill yourself and get it over with than.... and stop posting your thoughts around the world for others too read, If you want help! get professional help from a therapist or a hitman but I really do feel sorry for what you's have become, as of now you's are classed as outsiders in our world.

I will do my best, to shut these kind of sites down, so right now I am looking for hackers to take these sites down.

I have almost come to an agreement with kevin mitnick - world's best computer hacker and he thinks it is a great case and must be done, so right now as he gathers coders and programmers to spread through the world wide web shutting down such sites, and filtering out exstensive content relating to these sites.

Have fun because this site is soon to be taken out.
04 May 2006 amy surely if you're helping 13 year old kids to kill themselves then you're sub-human, dead already. well you are to all us normal functioning people out here. if you were any kind of human being you'd have set up a site that supports these kids, gives them access to help and an understanding ear. do something productive for a change or you'll end up regretting starting this site when some innocent, troubled kid dies after taking your so called 'advice'
04 May 2006   that is fucking sick there is enough weirdos in the world and your just getting children to play with toys to make them think there killing themselves

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